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Surry County Birth Records

Surry County, North Carolina Birth Index, 1800-2000


Source Information: North Carolina Birth Index, 1800-2000 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2005.

Original data: Register of Deeds. North Carolina Birth Indexes. Raleigh, North Carolina: North Carolina State Archives. Microfilm.

Description: This database is an index to over 7 million births occurring in the State of North Carolina, USA, between 1913 and 2000. Information contained in this index includes: child's full name, gender, race or color, birth date, birthplace, and occasionally one or both of the parents' names.


Surry County, NC Births for 1920
G - M

Name -- DOB -- Birth County -- Parent1 -- Parent2
 Eddie Galloway 20 Oct 1920 Surry   Hattie Morrison 
 Ella May Galyean 2 Dec 1920 Surry   Clennie Galyean 
 Faye Galyean 30 Aug 1920 Surry John Galyean Ester Goodson 
 Olevia Galyean 28 Jul 1920 Surry Toliver Galyean Alice Lowe 
 Ervin Washington Gammons 20 Jan 1920 Surry Wm Gammons Zilphey A Hiatt 
 James Andrew Gammons 3 Apr 1920 Surry Joseph Gammons Nancy Jane Willard 
 James Oakley Gammons 19 Dec 1920 Surry G A Gammons Effie Flippin 
 Keith Gant 25 Jul 1920 Surry John T Gant Laura A Lineback 
 Gardiner 30 Dec 1920 Surry Henry L Gardiner Ruth Johnson 
 Robt Ray Gardner 9 Oct 1920 Surry Geo B Gardner Susan A Norman 
 Roscoe Barney Garress 26 Apr 1920 Surry Alonzo B Garress Mattie Ashburn 
 Verlie Nellie Gates 17 Apr 1920 Surry Charlie Gates Bertha Utt 
 Gates 12 Jan 1920 Surry Isaac Gates Mary Fleming 
 Robt Allen George 29 Sep 1920 Surry Roscoe A George Mattie Yokley 
 Raymond Lee Gibbons 10 Sep 1920 Surry James Robt Gibbons Mary Ann Mccraw 
 Audrey Madeline Gibson 2 Mar 1920 Surry John Irvin Gibson Annie Meyers 
 Gilbert 6 Apr 1920 Surry Tom Westley Gilbert Nora Strickland 
 Gilbert 19 May 1920 Surry   Lucy Gilbert 
 Cassie Lee Gilbert 7 Sep 1920 Surry Walter R Gilbert Mellie L A Smith 
 Geo Bernard Gilbert 16 Jun 1920 Surry Monroe M Gilbert Daisy L Strickland 
 James F Gilbert 13 Oct 1920 Surry Luther Gilbert Rosella Davis 
 Katherine Gillem 28 Mar 1920 Surry Bill Gillem Maggie Gillem 
 Gillespie 9 Jul 1920 Surry Henry Jacob Gillespie Annie Adeline Marsh 
 Ruby May Gillespie 15 Mar 1920 Surry Chas W Gillespie Lee Anna Needham 
 Thelma I Gilley 4 Apr 1920 Surry James A Gilley Sarah F Nixon 
 Gleen 14 Mar 1920 Surry Peet Gleen Francis Carter 
 Glidwell 31 Dec 1920 Surry Joseph W Glidwell Pearl Blackburn 
 Goad 26 Feb 1920 Surry Geo B Goad Dora Sutphin 
 Clarence Junior Goad 10 Aug 1920 Surry W A Goad Myrtle Wilson 
 Wm Zachary Godley Jr. 16 Dec 1920 Surry Wm Zachary Godley Annie Laureina Ford 
 Verlie N Going 15 Sep 1920 Surry Saun Going Bettie Jessup 
 Mary E Goings 27 Feb 1920 Surry J F Goings Mary Bumgartener
 Jessie Katherine Goins 9 Feb 1920 Surry Jesse Goins Della Wall 
 Goins 17 May 1920 Surry John A Goins Martha E Goins 
 Buddy Issac Goins 6 Aug 1920 Surry R F Goins Bertha Goins 
 Harvey H Golden 19 Mar 1920 Surry Shaderick Golden Bertha E Welborn 
 Walter Golden 10 Mar 1920 Surry Richard P Golden Nora Etta Welborn 
 Tomey Robbert Golding 26 Dec 1920 Surry Ed Golding Sallie France 
 Good 26 Feb 1920 Surry Geo B Good Dora Sutphin 
 Mary Gean Gordon  6 Jun 1920 Surry R C Gordan Nannie Norman 
 Richard Eugene Gordon 27 Jun 1920 Surry Eugene M Gordon Hannah M Taylor 
 Welborn Gordon 6 Dec 1920 Surry Scales Gordon Eva L Norman 
 Elocia Graham 12 Sep 1920 Surry H P Graham Katharine Bryant 
 Ruby Ella Gravley 28 Feb 1920 Surry J A Gravley Mary Hausemea 
 Gray 13 Jan 1920 Surry S C Gray Francis Pruitt 
 Green 21 Jan 1920 Surry Walter Green Alice Dobson 
 Alice May Greenwood 19 Nov 1920 Surry S W Greenwood Hessie Caudle 
 Ruby Gene Greenwood 6 Aug 1920 Surry W F Greenwood Alma Davis 
 Geo Greenwood Grier 26 Oct 1920 Surry E C Grier Bessie Greenwood 
 Dorothy Gray Griffin  28 Mar 1920 Surry James Griffith Zula Simmons 
 Dorothy Gray Griffin  28 Mar 1920 Surry James Griffith Zula Simmons 
 Elsie Marie Griffin 2 Jun 1920 Surry Sam Griffin Rosella Childres 
 Vester Ardena Griffin 11 Feb 1920 Surry Charlie Griffin Lilia Stanley 
 Judah A Griffith 8 Aug 1920 Surry C S Griffith Martha E Hill 
 Griffith 11 Aug 1920 Surry S W Griffith Ada Cooke 
 Gunnell 20 Feb 1920 Surry Floyd C Gunnell Nancy Norntucker 
 Thomas Gunnell 30 May 1920 Surry Rufus G Gunnell Nannie E Beasley 
 Madge Gunter 20 May 1920 Surry Charlie James Gunter Jennie B Southern 
 Ella Manie Guyer 2 Oct 1920 Surry Robt Settle Guyer Gertrude Isaacs 
 Mary Jean Gwyn 24 Dec 1920 Surry Joe H Gwyn Blanch Holt 
 Gwyn 10 Feb 1920 Surry A J Gwyn Annie Jones 
 Gwyn 24 Oct 1920 Surry Earnest Gwyn Fannie Hawton 
 Allen Holt Gwyn 24 Dec 1920 Surry Joe H Gwyn Blanch Holt 
 Raymond H Gwyn 25 Sep 1920 Surry John H Gwyn Mary E Williams 
Name -- DOB -- Birth County -- Parent1 -- Parent2
 Charles Read Hale 8 May 1920 Surry Charles W Hale Maurine E Gravely 
 Haley 8 Aug 1920 Surry W L Haley Nellie Coleman 
 Hall 29 May 1920 Surry David C Hall Flora Ayers 
 Gladys Hall 18 Nov 1920 Surry Sherman Hall Savannah Turner 
 Ida May Hall 8 Dec 1920 Surry Chas G Hall Pearl Anthony 
 Hall 28 Dec 1920 Surry Paul R Hall Edna Brown 
 Hall 29 Dec 1920 Surry Paul Hall Edna Brown 
 Charles R Hall 8 May 1920 Surry Charles W Hall Maurine E Gravely 
 Howard M Hall 25 Aug 1920 Surry J M Hall Mary F White 
 William D Hall 29 Aug 1920 Surry Grover Hall Bulah Stanley 
 William M Hall 11 Aug 1920 Surry Jim Hall Bertha Childress 
 Magie May Hamby 9 Oct 1920 Surry Thomas T Hamby Gistie Barlow 
 Don Columbus Hamby 8 Dec 1920 Surry John E Hamby Collie B Hudspeth 
 Hameric 7 Sep 1920 Surry J W Hameric Dianah Sparks 
 Vertie Geniva Hamlin 17 Apr 1920 Surry Coley Hamlin Rosella Coe 
 Hamlin 6 Aug 1920 Surry Claud Hamlin Minnie F Poindexter 
 Hamlin 9 Sep 1920 Surry Sidney W Hamlin Eva M Sanford 
 Hester Viola Hamm 20 Mar 1920 Surry Samuel E Hamm Rena A H Boyles
 Jennie Ruth Hancock 4 Apr 1920 Surry Gurnie J Hancock Minnie Mcdowel 
 Grover E Hanes 16 Oct 1920 Surry Grover W Hanes Nancy E Fields 
 Martha Hanks 5 Jun 1920 Surry Robert C Hanks Martha M Adams 
 Jesse Hannock 30 Dec 1920 Surry Jesse Hannock Sena Mcarthur 
 Marion Elizabeth Harbour 12 Nov 1920 Surry S R Harbour Eliz Ellen Riddle 
 Hardy 23 Jan 1920 Surry Charles G Hardy Ester May Oneal 
 Helen Louise Hardy 5 Sep 1920 Surry Romie H Hardy Nellie L Bronneck 
 Mattie Hardy 12 Aug 1920 Surry Dallas Hardy Lillie Brown 
 Mildred Emma Hardy 12 Nov 1920 Surry J Ethard Hardy Annie B Ausborn 
 Hardy 2 Oct 1920 Surry Jesie Hardy Myrtle Marion 
 Joe Hardy 12 Sep 1920 Surry J T Hardy Arlie Rachel Fulp 
 Fannie Mae Harris 12 May 1920 Surry John H Harris Mary E Mays 
 Mary E Harris 26 Mar 1920 Surry Major G Harris Rose E Todd 
 Carlie Richard Harris 31 Oct 1920 Surry Sam L Harris Addie Orander 
 Howell D Harris 19 Aug 1920 Surry George T Harris Maude Nail 
 Ruben Bud Harris 5 Dec 1920 Surry Calvin Harris Mary Bell Goins 
 Laura Elizabeth Harrison 28 May 1920 Surry Wm H Harrison Virly M Fowler 
 Sarah Eliz Harrison 31 Aug 1920 Surry James G Harrison Kate Kendrick 
 Annie May Hatcher 18 Jan 1920 Surry Adam S Hatcher Rosa I Dearman 
 Dovie Lee Hatcher 25 Oct 1920 Surry Hubert Hatcher Josevine Strickland 
 Hatcher 24 Jul 1920 Surry G Moseley Hatcher Nannie E Hill 
 George M Hatcher 3 Mar 1920 Surry Thomas G Hatcher Mary M King 
 Gideon Clay Hauser Jr. 25 Mar 1920 Surry G C Hauser Levinia Saunders 
 Hayford Hawks 29 Feb 1920 Surry Ed Hawks Maud Hawks 
 Jackson Hawks 27 Jun 1920 Surry Lester Hawks Rosa Martin 
 Poter Lee Hawks 15 Apr 1920 Surry W H Hawks Mary E Puckett 
 Rayford Hawks 29 Feb 1920 Surry Ed Hawks Maud Hawks 
 Beulah Mae Hayes 11 Apr 1920 Surry Mackey Hayes Bertha Thomas 
 Myrtle Elizabeth Hayes 28 Feb 1920 Surry Charlie J Hayes Elizabeth L Lail 
 Hayes 29 Apr 1920 Surry Wm H Hayes Matitia E Laster 
 Haymore 6 Jun 1920 Surry Luther E Haymore Martha L Arrington
 Dorothy Ellen Haymore 10 Aug 1920 Surry Jessie F Haymore Eliza N Snow 
 Haynes 17 Jan 1920 Surry C J Haynes Mary Gwyn 
 Curtis Luther Haynes 15 Jun 1920 Surry James T Haynes Julina Draughn 
 Phillips Haynes 14 Mar 1920 Surry John W Haynes Alice Phillips 
 Hays 8 Jun 1920 Surry Daniel W Hays Mira B Simmons 
 Dorothy P Hays 25 Oct 1920 Surry Ellis D Hays Parily L Wilmoth 
 Ray Wilson Hays 12 Jun 1920 Surry John H Hays Sallie J Cooper 
 Hayzellwood 8 Dec 1920 Surry Mose Hayzellwood Jane Snow 
 Heath 6 Oct 1920 Surry Wm H Heath Gracie Shelton 
 Lucy Ellen Heath 5 Mar 1920 Surry Squire J Heath Teena Eliz Fulk 
 Elwood F Hemmings 24 Oct 1920 Surry W C Hemmings Beatrice Nichols 
 Robert C Henderson 18 Oct 1920 Surry Crafford Henderson Lonie E Joyce 
 Hennis 24 Oct 1920 Surry N C Hennis Beatrice Nichols 
 Margie Alice Hensley 4 Aug 1920 Surry Walter Hensley Martha R Valentine 
 Robert Arthur Herrell 27 Sep 1920 Surry Arthur Herrell Fannie Vernon 
 Hiatt 19 Jul 1920 Surry Alvin L Hiatt Martha A Cook 
 Gracie Etta Hiatt 4 Mar 1920 Surry Walter C Hiatt Ruth A Simmons 
 Hallie May Hiatt 5 Jul 1920 Surry Thomas P Hiatt Mary I Matthews 
 Stella Hiatt 24 Sep 1920 Surry Sam Hiatt Ila Robertson
 Hiatt 13 Mar 1920 Surry Benjiman F Hiatt Ruth E Inman 
 Hiatt 20 Nov 1920 Surry James G Hiatt Dilcy Long 
 Roy Harvey Hiatt 20 Nov 1920 Surry J G Hiatt Cleo Long 
 Hicks 6 May 1920 Surry Jno A Hicks Kate Jones 
 Hicks 25 Jun 1920 Surry Robert Hicks Gladis Davis 
 Hicks 21 Aug 1920 Surry Pete Hicks Mary Bransom 
 Coney E Hicks 23 Apr 1920 Surry W L Hicks Lula M Watson 
 Robert Glenn Hicks 11 Sep 1920 Surry Chas E Hicks Lola A Collins
 Walter Dillard Hicks 5 Oct 1920 Surry James A Hicks Laura V Mooney 
 Warren Hicks 23 Nov 1920 Surry Chas B Hicks Mamie Sutphin 
 Texas L E Hill 17 Nov 1920 Surry Joseph D Hill Mary L I Booth 
 Hill 27 Dec 1920 Surry Wm Preston Hill Maggie A Jessup 
 Patti Marie Hill 3 Mar 1920 Surry Jessie C Hill Grace H Hill 
 Hill 10 Jan 1920 Surry Charly H Hill Minie M Atkins 
 Floyd Hill 12 Nov 1920 Surry Floyd Hill Ida Davis 
 James E Hill 17 Jul 1920 Surry J E Hill Minnie M Southern 
 Hodge 22 Jun 1920 Surry Charles W Hodge Lillie Critz 
 Garvie Jacob Hodge 20 Jan 1920 Surry James A Hodge Dora M Cook 
 James Silas Hodge 17 Apr 1920 Surry Batie T Hodge Lucy E Hutson 
 Hodges 12 Dec 1920 Surry Robert E Hodges Nora C Marsh 
 Mary Stella Hodges 3 Jun 1920 Surry Daniel I Hodges Ella Parker 
 Raymond Warren Hodges 11 Jul 1920 Surry Wm D Hodges Mary O Johnson 
 Lee Holcomb 3 May 1920 Surry C W Holcomb D Simmons 
 Oscar W T Holcomb 4 Sep 1920 Surry Weaver Holcomb Zillie Tucker 
 Wilber Reece Holcomb 5 Jun 1920 Surry Clarence M Holcomb Mary A Brown 
 Faye Frances Holder 30 Sep 1920 Surry Dallis M Holder Dessie E Holder 
 Lela Ruthy Holder 20 Mar 1920 Surry B F Holder Fannie Golding 
 Nancy Ella Holder 12 Jun 1920 Surry Web Holder Bessie Vaughn 
 Ramon V Holder 17 Jun 1920 Surry W Verlin Holder Martha E Tucker 
 Rufus Carl Holder 16 Sep 1920 Surry Carlie C Holder Russia Bobbitt 
 Berrell Eliy Holderfield  5 May 1920 Surry John E Holyfield Ellah Marion 
 Ray Hollingsworth 5 Jun 1920 Surry John Hollingsworth Carry Moser 
 Edna C Holloway 19 Dec 1920 Surry James M Holloway Mandy Fulk 
 Hollyfield 20 Dec 1920 Surry John W Hollyfield Ada Wood 
 Hollyfield 26 May 1920 Surry Charlie Hollyfield Ida F Wood 
 Hollyfield 11 Jul 1920 Surry James H Hollyfield Tishy Pilson 
 Floyd Hollyfield 22 Jun 1920 Surry Lacy J Hollyfield Florence R Cave 
 Annie Lee Holt 13 Jun 1920 Surry Moses H Holt Mary Tilley 
 Holt 12 Aug 1920 Surry Emory Holt Mary D Hurt 
 Bertha Lafavor Holyfield 27 Aug 1920 Surry Daniel Holyfield Eliza Elizabeth Harris 
 Henry Wade Holyfield 31 Aug 1920 Surry R E Holyfield Letha Logan 
 Honeycut 4 Mar 1920 Surry Arsville Honeycut Nora A Simmons 
 Edith Mae Hooker 19 May 1920 Surry Francis M Hooker Georgia Pruett 
 Guy Aubra Hooker 21 Nov 1920 Surry Wm U Hooker Pensie Collins 
 James Dillard Hooker 4 Apr 1920 Surry James P Hooker Jennie E Haymore 
 Virginia Pearl Horton 12 Jun 1920 Surry Wm Alex Horton Dora G Horton 
 James Hamlin Houck 31 Oct 1920 Surry Claud A Houck Lucy Hamlin 
 Bettie Deanna Hudson 5 Nov 1920 Surry Ed J Hudson Nora Creed 
 Margaret Lucille Hudson 6 May 1920 Surry Joseph A Hudson Chloia C Needham 
 Mollie Lorene Hudson 2 Jun 1920 Surry Ambrose Hudson Mollie Creed
 Edward Odell Hudson 2 Oct 1920 Surry Wm M Hudson Leeanna E Wood 
 John Monroe Hudson 10 Jun 1920 Surry James Wm Hudson Nancy E Mcgee 
 Hunter 31 Aug 1920 Surry J Monroe Hunter Roxy An Joyce 
 Hutchens 3 Dec 1920 Surry Isaac V Hutchens Lucy Flemming 
 Daisy Etta Hutchens 26 Dec 1920 Surry Calvin B Hutchens Ella J Mitchell 
 Verdia May Hutchens 28 Jul 1920 Surry   Nellie J Hutchens 
 Hutchens 22 May 1920 Surry Jessie Hutchens Liza Mckiney 
 Hutchins 6 May 1920 Surry Thomas J Hutchins Bertha F Atkins 
 Fairy Hutson 11 Mar 1920 Surry Leroy Hutson Rello Marion 
 Eula Julia Marie Hyatt 29 Apr 1920 Surry Jessie Cebron F Hyatt Laura Stone 
Name -- DOB -- Birth County -- Parent1 -- Parent2
 Ingould 17 Jul 1920 Surry Denver Ingould Ada Gentry 
 Bertha Lee Inman 27 Jul 1920 Surry Ira Z Inman Nancy C Love 
 Ethel Mae Inman 21 Apr 1920 Surry Wm Mc Kinley Inman Pearl E Tilley 
 Eula Mae Inman 20 May 1920 Surry James W Inman Lennie J Deatherage 
 Rosa Lee Inman 3 Jun 1920 Surry Samuel Inman Roena E Lynch 
 Inman 26 Jul 1920 Surry     
 Isaacs 23 Oct 1920 Surry   Eveline Isaacs 
 Joseph W Isaacs 6 Apr 1920 Surry Melvin Isaacs Lucinda Snow 
Name -- DOB -- Birth County -- Parent1 -- Parent2
 Jackson 5 Jul 1920 Surry J E Jackson Susie Simmons 
 Bettie J Jarrell 19 Sep 1920 Surry E G Jarrell Leoda Vernon 
 Laura Marie Jarrell 13 Apr 1920 Surry   Dozzie Jerrald 
 Minnie A Jarrell 1920 Surry C A Jarrell Susan Turner 
 Ellis Woodrow Jarrell 4 Feb 1920 Surry James W Jarrell Maggie Lowe 
 Pearly V S A Jarvis 26 Apr 1920 Surry James W E Jarvis Bertha C L Revels 
 Jarvis 11 Jan 1920 Surry Martin T Jarvis Ida Moore 
 Raymond Jarvis 20 Apr 1920 Surry Robt A Jarvis Cora M Lowry 
 Jenkins 5 Apr 1920 Surry R A Jenkins Margaret Smith 
 Dutoy May Jenkins 27 Mar 1920 Surry Geo A Jenkins Ola Iris Hill 
 Susie Sussie May Jenkins 21 May 1920 Surry Felix Jenkins Augusta Hall 
 Jenkins 5 Apr 1920 Surry R A Jenkins Margaret Smith 
 Jervis 11 Jan 1920 Surry Martin T Jervis Ida Moore 
 Bessie Jessup 27 Aug 1920 Surry Virgil Jessup Jennie Lynch 
 Mary Ida Jessup 10 Feb 1920 Surry Jacob Jessup Ella King 
 Wilma Ree Jessup 28 Dec 1920 Surry Nathan A Jessup Mollie M Simmons 
 Jessup 29 Oct 1920 Surry Jas E Jessup Laura J Dezern 
 E Monroe Jessup 24 Jan 1920 Surry Erastus Jessup Eller Gammons 
 Grady Thos Jessup 12 Mar 1920 Surry Joseph E Jessup Flora L Hill 
 Linwood Jessup 17 Jun 1920 Surry John F Jessup Sadie A D Martin 
 Palma Lee Jessup 28 Dec 1920 Surry Nathan A Jessup Mollie M Simmons 
 Robin Albert Jessup 21 Jan 1920 Surry Bandy Jessup Hollie A Ross 
 Margaret Louise Johnson 1920 Surry Oscar J Johnson Lucy M Whitaker 
 Johnson 6 Jan 1920 Surry Wm W Johnson Rozilla Sawyers 
 Johnson 15 Feb 1920 Surry John Johnson Lovzany Hayes 
 Benny Johnson 9 Jun 1920 Surry John B Johnson Mamie C Nichols 
 Edith Johnson 22 May 1920 Surry Guy H Johnson M Alice Stockner 
 Joyce Reginer Johnson 16 Nov 1920 Surry James Johnson Lurea O Chandler 
 Nancy Caroline Johnson 3 Jun 1920 Surry Coy Johnson Maggie Bartley 
 Ruth Virginia Johnson 23 Mar 1920 Surry Charlie Johnson Maggie Atkins 
 Vera Lucille Johnson 28 Mar 1920 Surry Wm Johnson Leola Halloway 
 Violet Odessa Johnson 18 Sep 1920 Surry Wesley R Johnson Mittie F Coe
Name -- DOB -- Birth County -- Parent1 -- Parent2
 Billy Byrd Key 2 Aug 1920 Surry John Key L Ida Norman 
 Charley B Key 10 Sep 1920 Surry Henry Key Mary Flippin 
 Gilmer King Key 22 Jan 1920 Surry Henry R Key Susan E Badgett 
 Melvin Key 16 Feb 1920 Surry Wilson Key Addie Jackson 
 Raymon W Key 8 Dec 1920 Surry Cooger Key Vernie G Ray 
 Willie Cornelus Key 10 Oct 1920 Surry Grover Cleverson Key Millie Ann Lawson 
 Kidd 11 Mar 1920 Surry Elwood A Kidd Mary B Brindle 
 Freer Gray Kieger 25 Aug 1920 Surry Luther Ke Keiger Nora Holyfield 
 John Thos Kilby 2 Jul 1920 Surry Elmore Kilby Laura Higgins 
 Wm Francis King 9 Sep 1920 Surry Francis J King Mary E Fowler 
 Anzle Sylvester King 20 Oct 1920 Surry Joseph King Sarah Cummings 
 James A King 9 Feb 1920 Surry James King Olive Hughes 
 Ora Green King 17 Apr 1920 Surry John W King Bessie Amburn 
 Raymon W King 1 Jan 1920 Surry Charley King Madeailen Billings 
 Cappie Lee Kingsburry 9 Mar 1920 Surry Thos G Kingsburry Susan C Creed 
 Kirkman 28 May 1920 Surry A W Kirkman Pearl Gammons 
 Kirkman 25 Dec 1920 Surry Rommie Kirkman Lillie Belton 
 Elbert Kirkman 25 May 1920 Surry Jno Wm Kirkman Dorsella Watson 
 Marvin Elgie Kirkman 15 Feb 1920 Surry Edd Kirkman Grace White 
Name -- DOB -- Birth County -- Parent1 -- Parent2
 Lail 25 Feb 1920 Surry Joseph Lail Clara Butcher 
 Victoria Lamb 22 Apr 1920 Surry J W Lamb E T Tinsley 
 Brady Arnold Lambert 23 May 1920 Surry Wm L Lambert Sallie Love 
 Vesta Curtis Lambert 14 Jul 1920 Surry James D Lambert Alice Reynolds 
 Onie Eattice Laster 26 Oct 1920 Surry John H H Laster Mary A Butcher 
 Quilla A Laster 22 May 1920 Surry Haston H Laster Mary E Laster 
 Roy Dalton Laster 1 Oct 1920 Surry Foley D Douglas Nelia E Laster 
 Ruth Virginia Lawrence 12 Jun 1920 Surry Wm Jesse Lawrence Katherine VA Shepherd 
 Albert Franklin Lawrence 13 Jan 1920 Surry Charley Lawrence Minnie Ring 
 Herbert Lawrence 30 Aug 1920 Surry J S Lawrence Charity A Hiatt 
 Robert Glenn Lawrence 20 May 1920 Surry Martin L Lawrence Pearl Shinault 
 Lucy M Lawson 3 May 1920 Surry George W Lawson Mary M Collins 
 Mary Alice Lawson 20 Jan 1920 Surry Alexander Lawson Finetta Lankford 
 Minnie A Lawson 8 Feb 1920 Surry Mc Kinley Lawson Pearl Gibbons 
 Nelia Jane Lawson  19 Aug 1920 Surry Charlie Sawyers Savannah Lawson 
 Ruby Esther Lawson  11 Aug 1920 Surry Ellis E Slaughter Cora F Lawson 
 Joseph P Lawson 11 Jul 1920 Surry Joseph L Lawson Mary J A Palmer 
 Wesley L Lawson 11 Feb 1920 Surry Claborn Lawson Sarah Simmons 
 Wiley J Lawson 21 Jul 1920 Surry Thomas Lawson Mary Lee Key 
 Dennis Layne 29 Dec 1920 Surry J L Layne Sallie Greenwood 
 Billy Jackson Ledford 19 Dec 1920 Surry D Oscar Ledford Sallie Hill 
 Wm Vance Ledford 30 Oct 1920 Surry Edward F Ledford Sarah F Mitchell 
 Fannie O Leftwich 25 Jan 1920 Surry Homer Leftwich V Thomas 
 Shirley Eliza Lenorard 8 Dec 1920 Surry Thomas W Lenorard Sarah S King 
 Arthur Clarence Leonard 29 May 1920 Surry Robert E Leonard Mary E Hutchens 
 Mary Louise Lineback 26 Jul 1920 Surry Virgil W Lineback Jennie Creed 
 Robt H Linville 27 Apr 1920 Surry Robt Linville Sarah East 
 Connie Lee Livengood 25 Aug 1920 Surry C I Livengood Elizabeth Hall 
 Lester Albert Loflin 8 Oct 1920 Surry Dillard W Loflin Jettie Moody 
 Thomas Edgar Logan 5 Aug 1920 Surry Grover Cleve Logan Lucy Etta Wall 
 Etta May Long 23 Aug 1920 Surry Z E Long Bessie Mickel
 Ruth Elnora Long 10 Mar 1920 Surry Jno A Long Ester M Haymore 
 Long 14 May 1920 Surry Luther F Long Martha E Simmons 
 Ethel May Love 30 Sep 1920 Surry John M Love Mary L Deatherage 
 Maggie L Love 25 Oct 1920 Surry James L Love Jennie Blancette 
 Anzie Lee Love 27 Sep 1920 Surry Leo Lee Love Maggie Martin 
 Carlie E Love 21 Sep 1920 Surry L F Love Jettie B Haymore 
 Dalmer B Love 7 Dec 1920 Surry James D Love Nanie Hollingsworth 
 Roby Dee Love 20 Dec 1920 Surry Samuel L Love Annie E Hunter 
 James F Lovell 25 Jul 1920 Surry John S Lovell Zula M Joyce 
 Low 1 Aug 1920 Surry Charley Low Dona Snow 
 Alice Eva Low 12 Jul 1920 Surry John L Low Lucrettie Burcham 
 Dortha L Low 26 Feb 1920 Surry F A Low M Moore 
 Samuel D Low 8 Apr 1920 Surry Talmage P Lowe Lottie Vaughn 
 Hallie Lowe 4 Apr 1920 Surry Jimmie Lowe Donie Lowe 
 Jessie Vera Lowe 22 Apr 1920 Surry Walter Lowe Lula Gentry 
 Lizzie V Lowe 15 May 1920 Surry Mitchell Lowe Bessie Kirby 
 Lowe 21 Oct 1920 Surry James Lowe Mamie Mcarthur 
 Kirby Lowe 8 Dec 1920 Surry Burtie Low Rebecca Lowe 
 Lay Marvin Lowe 14 Oct 1920 Surry Lay S Lowe Nervie L Moncus 
 Wm Jackson Lowe 20 Jun 1920 Surry Chester Lowe Ines Carson 
 Robert T Lowery 13 Sep 1920 Surry Samuel T Lowery May D L Johnson 
 Florence L Lowry 22 May 1920 Surry James W Lowry Lola E White 
 James D Lowry 15 May 1920 Surry Arthur F Lowry Grace V Stewart 
 Juanita Virginia Luffman 28 Jan 1920 Surry Freely Eli Luffman Maude Viola Gentry 
 Leroy Martin Luffman 23 Jul 1920 Surry Lonnie Luffman Fannie Reeves 
 Lyon 25 Sep 1920 Surry W M Lyon Maud M Atkins 
Name -- DOB -- Birth County -- Parent1 -- Parent2
 Mahaffey 31 May 1920 Surry Hubbard O Mahaffey Emma P Pope 
 Stella Mahone 19 May 1920 Surry Joe Mahone Emma J Fletcher 
 Albert Aaron Mankins 10 Jan 1920 Surry Elbert Mankins Nan Dyson 
 Manuel 22 Aug 1920 Surry Wm W Manuel W Beatrice Sechrist 
 Marion 21 Apr 1920 Surry Christopher C Marion Lottie Short 
 Irene Marion 22 Nov 1920 Surry Wm H Marion Mary Z Nelson 
 June Marion 15 Sep 1920 Surry Sidnie S Marion Nora Ella Hunt 
 Lela March Marion 28 Mar 1920 Surry Jno W Marion Sallie A Hodge 
 Leona G Marion 15 Dec 1920 Surry Squire E Marion Minnie D Patterson 
 Ollie Mae Marion 22 Aug 1920 Surry Daniel Y Marion Elvina Johnson 
 Ruth Marion 23 Jul 1920 Surry C W Marion Mattie Holyfield 
 Stella Lucille Marion 21 Feb 1920 Surry Millard Marion Flora Key 
 Verlie E Marion 12 Oct 1920 Surry Joseph R Marion Bertha M Walters 
 Marion 30 Aug 1920 Surry Colie Lee Marion Nancy L Atkins 
 Paul Ashby Marion 2 Dec 1920 Surry H Rosco Marion Anto Jane Carico 
 Robert G Marion 14 Mar 1920 Surry Jack Marion Maud Shore 
 Annie Mae Marrion 21 Feb 1920 Surry John E Marrion Rausie Poindexter 
 Ruth Marrion 28 Mar 1920 Surry Paul A Marrion May L Forster 
 Glenn Denny Marrion 30 Dec 1920 Surry Eddie E Marrion Sarah Nancy Denny 
 Harry O Marrion 6 Jun 1920 Surry Virgle Mathews Nonnie Marion 
 Marsh 27 Mar 1920 Surry James V Marsh Rosetta J Key 
 Alvn Odell Marsh 17 Sep 1920 Surry James W Marsh Virginia A Watson 
 Spencer W Marsh 4 Jan 1920 Surry   Laura Marsh 
 Thomas Edw Marsh 29 Jan 1920 Surry Millard W Marsh Jennie I Brindle
 Wm Roland Marsh 26 Jul 1920 Surry John W Marsh Mary F Freeman 
 Marshall 11 Mar 1920 Surry Ed Marshall Ella Jones 
 Marshall 21 Sep 1920 Surry John Marshall Lucie Loftis 
 Dorris Evelyn Marshall 7 Sep 1920 Surry John L Marshall Oddie L Bullington 
 Lucy Bell Marshall 23 Mar 1920 Surry Howard M Marshall Minnie N Lawrence 
 Sophonia Dell Marshall 20 Mar 1920 Surry Samuel D Marshall Hattie Jenkins 
 Marshall 2 Mar 1920 Surry T M Marshall Ada Lowry 
 James Wm Marshall 1 Jul 1920 Surry S J Marshall Mary Davis 
 Oliver Marshall 6 Dec 1920 Surry S O Marshall Alice K Fletcher 
 Martin 16 Aug 1920 Surry James F Martin Willie E Gwyn 
 Francis VA Martin 15 Oct 1920 Surry Curtis L Martin Pearlie A Hookes 
 Julina Irene Martin 16 Aug 1920 Surry Thos C Martin Jettie M Journey 
 Martha B Martin 29 Sep 1920 Surry James F Martin Polly J Bowman 
 Opal Martin 13 May 1920 Surry Climon Martin Lottie Wall 
 Martin 5 Feb 1920 Surry John A Martin Millie C Young 
 Martin 20 Jul 1920 Surry G Weaver Martin Flora Darnell 
 Clarence Robert Martin 21 Jul 1920 Surry Robt E Martin Viola P Reeves 
 Earl Gwyn Martin 9 Aug 1920 Surry J Clint Martin Carrie Sparks 
 Louis Avant Martin 3 Jan 1920 Surry J Louis Martin Mary Bowman 
 Raymond C Martin 12 Nov 1920 Surry Troy F Martin Eliza Money 
 Massey 14 Jan 1920 Surry Jim Massey Alice Bratcher 
 Masten 7 Aug 1920 Surry L M Masten Mary V Mchargue 
 Robert Fred Mastin 20 Jul 1920 Surry G Neaves Mastin Flora Darnell 
 Mathews 11 Jun 1920 Surry   Mattie Mathews 
 Richard B Mathis Jr. 29 Oct 1920 Surry R B Mathis Hattie A Simmons 
 Roland Lee Matthews 20 Apr 1920 Surry James E Matthews Hessie V Wilson 
 Mary Gladys Maulding 24 Jul 1920 Surry Will Maulding Callie Nichols 
 Elva Emma Mayes 20 Jan 1920 Surry William Mayes Maud Isaacs 
 Elva Emma Mayes 20 Jan 1920 Surry William Mayes Maud Isaacs 
 Inez Irene Mays 24 Aug 1920 Surry James B Mays Bessie Jarrell 
 Mary Opal Mays 7 Jun 1920 Surry Brady Mays Dora Payne 
 Ruby Etta Mays 5 Oct 1920 Surry Floyd G Mays Rose E Shaffner 
 Mays 1 Apr 1920 Surry Lace Mays Novella Stanley 
 Dorothy Mozelle Mccann 4 Aug 1920 Surry Claud V Mccann Etta L Sneed 
 Mary Ruth Mccann 17 Aug 1920 Surry Gwyn Mccann Nellie Osborn 
 Mccann 9 Jan 1920 Surry C Glenn Mccann Lura Mitchell 
 Mccommack 6 Apr 1920 Surry John Mccommack Mollie Miller 
 Carley Mccormick 28 Mar 1920 Surry E J Mccormick Pearl Moore 
 Mccraw 22 Feb 1920 Surry Roscoe Mccraw Texas Galloway 
 Eva Mccreary 18 Sep 1920 Surry T S Mccreary Ada Cook 
 Mcdaniel 6 Aug 1920 Surry Claud E Mcdaniel Myrtice I Simmons 
 Mchone 10 Sep 1920 Surry Marion Mchone Stella Hall 
 Mchone 20 Nov 1920 Surry Sam F Mchone Annie Joyce 
 Mchone 16 Dec 1920 Surry Walter H Mchone Alice Gunter 
 Helen Virginia Mchone 17 May 1920 Surry Jno H Mchone Mamie Lawrence 
 Priscilla Mchone 10 Dec 1920 Surry Walter Mchone Lucy Corn 
 Guy Mchone 28 Jun 1920 Surry Wm Mahone Crissie M Marsh 
 Mckennzie 15 Mar 1920 Surry Chas Mckennzie Lee Anna Needham 
 Mckiney 3 Aug 1920 Surry Wm F Mckiney Bula E Reid 
 Mckinley 29 Mar 1920 Surry William Mckinley Sallie F Hooker
 Mckinney 24 Feb 1920 Surry Burt Mckinney Susie Hill 
 Boyd Mckinney 18 Aug 1920 Surry Grover Mckinney Lucindy Payne 
 Paul Edward Mckinney 13 Mar 1920 Surry Willis Edw Mckinney Annie M Mills 
 Darlington Cones Mcknight 13 Aug 1920 Surry Walter W Mcknight Annie J Dillon 
 Mckomack 26 Jan 1920 Surry Wm H Mckomack Amelia Hutchens 
 Mcmickle 26 Jan 1920 Surry Carl Mcmickle Betty J Butcher 
 Eugene Henry Mcmickle 27 Jan 1920 Surry Earl E Mcmickle Beatrice Mays 
 Edgar Mcmillan 12 Mar 1920 Surry J L Mcmillan Nancy O Kimp 
 Bettie Irene Mears 3 Jan 1920 Surry Joseph H Mears Annie Pruette 
 Harrison G Medley 20 Apr 1920 Surry Noah J Medley Lela F Crouse 
 Robert Cockerhin Medley 20 May 1920 Surry Martin E Medley Florence Cockerham 
 Bessie Leona Melton 17 Jun 1920 Surry Daniel J Melton Bertha E Whitaker 
 Nancy Ann Merritt 10 Mar 1920 Surry Wm Henry Merritt Kenner Mae Wall 
 Myrtle Moore Mickey 18 Sep 1920 Surry Edgar A Mickey VA Moore Speer 
 Dora Mildred Midkiff 5 Mar 1920 Surry John Henry Midkiff Lelia Alice Adams 
 Lema Luella Midkiff 2 Apr 1920 Surry Doctor J Midkiff Belle Mitchell 
 Midkiff 24 Aug 1920 Surry George Midkiffe Rosa Rakes 
 Ray Midkiff 24 Jan 1920 Surry Ephriam C Midkiff Ada Brinkley 
 Miller 12 Oct 1920 Surry J Frank Miller Rebecca Golden 
 Mills 4 Feb 1920 Surry Anderson Mills Lula Mann 
 Harley J Mills 16 Apr 1920 Surry Calvin Mills Mary B Gilley 
 Harvey Allen Mills 6 Jun 1920 Surry Wm T Mills Verda E Penn 
 Minton 13 Nov 1920 Surry Robert C Minton Rebecca Dowell 
 Mitchell 14 Jan 1920 Surry J H Mitchell Beatrice Dodd 
 Laura D Mitchell 19 Jul 1920 Surry Oscar Mitchell Bertie Moore 
 James Alexander Mitchell 22 Apr 1920 Surry Geo Mitchell Maggie Thompson 
 Warren Edw Mitchell 17 Nov 1920 Surry Wilson Mitchell Rozela Draughn 
 Ruby Mae Moncus 15 Oct 1920 Surry Willie Henry Moncus Bertha Goodson
 Monday 11 Oct 1920 Surry Jesse E Monday Scindy Summer 
 Stella May Money 26 Feb 1920 Surry Finley D Money Mary A Norman 
 Montgomery 23 Aug 1920 Surry Edd Montgomery Dora Leftwich 
 Ester Ruth Mooney 27 Apr 1920 Surry G L Mooney Maggie Woodruff 
 Hazel Virginia Mooney 26 Jan 1920 Surry Jesse J Mooney Etta Coe 
 Mattie May Mooney 7 Dec 1920 Surry John F Mooney Lucy Hardy 
 Edith Magdeline Moore 9 Jun 1920 Surry Wm H Moore Laura J Wilmoth 
 Evelyn Moore 17 Oct 1920 Surry John T Moore Hallie Patterson 
 Josie M Moore 11 Aug 1920 Surry Walter Moore Lula George 
 Leah M Moore 25 Feb 1920 Surry Colonel Moore Chesie R France 
 James W Moore 17 Feb 1920 Surry Willie W Moore Flora E L J Franklin 
 Josph D Moore 16 Feb 1920 Surry K J Moore Phoeba Sneed 
 Oscar Wm Morefield 27 Apr 1920 Surry O L Morefield Mattie F Johnson 
 Morrison 15 Aug 1920 Surry Wm T Morrison Senie Triplet 
 Eddie Morrison 20 Oct 1920 Surry   Hattie Morrison 
 Capitola May Moser 25 Dec 1920 Surry Robert Moser Ila Brown 
 Reba Peggy Moser 26 Mar 1920 Surry Grover Moser Rebeca Marion 
 Thomas Lee Moser 28 Nov 1920 Surry James Davis Moser Effie Marriah Haymore 
 Mosier 4 Feb 1920 Surry J Y Mosier Effie A Key 
 Opal Faye Mosley 27 Dec 1920 Surry Loranzo Mosley Ella Fulk 
 Mountz 4 Jun 1920 Surry John Wm Mountz Daisy Z Venable 
 Helen Marie Moxley 27 May 1920 Surry Wm Moxley Ida Lowe

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