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Surry County Birth Records

Surry County, North Carolina Birth Index, 1800-2000


Source Information: North Carolina Birth Index, 1800-2000 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2005.

Original data: Register of Deeds. North Carolina Birth Indexes. Raleigh, North Carolina: North Carolina State Archives. Microfilm.

Description: This database is an index to over 7 million births occurring in the State of North Carolina, USA, between 1913 and 2000. Information contained in this index includes: child's full name, gender, race or color, birth date, birthplace, and occasionally one or both of the parents' names.


Surry County, NC Births for 1920
N - S

Name -- DOB -- Birth County -- Parent1 -- Parent2
 Lilan Louise Napier 13 Mar 1920 Surry Pery Napier Mafy Simmons 
 Oletta Belle Nations 31 Mar 1920 Surry John T Nations Sarah Etta Mayes 
 Chas Mitchel Neaves 23 Apr 1920 Surry W A Neaves Mary E Cox 
 Lois Opal Needham 18 Sep 1920 Surry Claud E Needham Stella R Adams 
 Martha J Needham 17 Feb 1920 Surry Joseph S Needham Martha J Allen 
 Ruth Josie Needham 11 Sep 1920 Surry Bartley R Needham Melia A Needham 
 Needham 22 Jul 1920 Surry E C Needham Leona Simmons 
 Egbert Lee Needham 2 Jan 1920 Surry Charlie L Needham Adeline Linville 
 Nelson 19 Aug 1920 Surry R Lesper Nelson Hulda Simmons 
 Annie Nelson 15 Jan 1920 Surry James Nelson Ella Graham 
 Nelson 22 Apr 1920 Surry P Boyd Nelson Naoma J Parks 
 Elanor Newgeant 18 Aug 1920 Surry W F Newgeant Mary Combs 
 Pauline Newman 16 Apr 1920 Surry John Newman Mary Wood 
 Winoa Newman 10 Dec 1920 Surry Wm H Newman Louise S Bolen 
 Miles Franklin Newman 24 Jan 1920 Surry R Clarence Newman Ina Smith 
 Paul Newman 16 Apr 1920 Surry John Newman Mary Wood 
 Nichols 11 Oct 1920 Surry Walter E Nichols Ella Davis 
 Annie Josephine Nichols 20 Oct 1920 Surry James A Nichols Nancy C Johnson 
 Mary Elise Nichols 3 Nov 1920 Surry Henry G Nichols Irene J Lewellyn 
 Viola Pauline Nichols 11 Oct 1920 Surry Charley L Nichols Minnie V Payne 
 Nichols 21 Oct 1920 Surry Bright Nichols Lettie Williams 
 Joe S Nichols Jr. 22 Sep 1920 Surry Joe S Nichols Celia Hancock 
 Nixon 24 Mar 1920 Surry Nathaniel E Nixon Bertha E Denny 
 Mary Nixon 12 Oct 1920 Surry Wm L Nixon Nannie F Atkins 
 Nixon 28 Jan 1920 Surry C Sherman Nixon Cora S Calloway 
 Nixon 1 Oct 1920 Surry Drewry S Nixon Mary E Cockerham 
 Vance Nixon 14 Oct 1920 Surry Emry Nixon Littie E Coe 
 Versa Lee Noah 23 Dec 1920 Surry Franklin Noah Nervie Goin 
 Norman 8 Mar 1920 Surry Joe T Norman Jennie Poore 
 Ada Lillian Norman 13 Mar 1920 Surry Wm Norman Ada Brooks 
 Irwin Virginia Norman 5 Feb 1920 Surry John F Norman Nettie E Wagoner 
 Mallie Sarah Norman 24 May 1920 Surry Isaac B Norman Eliza Norman 
 Odessea May Norman 10 Mar 1920 Surry Ellis Norman Gracy Choate 
 Olion Lavernia Norman 6 Jul 1920 Surry Faley N Norman Jessie Alexander 
 Norman 7 Feb 1920 Surry B F Norman Cora Cheek 
 Norman 28 Dec 1920 Surry Fred W Norman Lena B Woodle 
 David Robert Norman 24 Jul 1920 Surry James S Norman Myrtle Wright 
 Harley E Norman 29 Jul 1920 Surry James Wm Norman Sarah C Mccreary 
 Paul Gilmer Norman 8 Jan 1920 Surry John A Norman Maggie Mcknight 
 William E Norman 24 Jul 1920 Surry Mac Norman Nora Edwards 
 Eleanor Nugent  18 Aug 1920 Surry W F Newgeant Mary Combs 
 Hazel May Nunn 18 Feb 1920 Surry Charles R Nunn Bessie M Chilton 
Name -- DOB -- Birth County -- Parent1 -- Parent2
 Oneal 30 Apr 1920 Surry Benjamin H Oneal Mae Ring 
 Chester Franklin Oneal 26 Aug 1920 Surry James B Oneal Mandy Cagle 
 Paul Adkison Oneal 26 Dec 1920 Surry Charlie W Oneal Mattie May Poore 
 May Overby 16 May 1920 Surry Marshall Overby Lola Lewis 
 Claud Overby 30 Apr 1920 Surry James A Overby Jno Henery Harris 
 Florence B Owen 18 Nov 1920 Surry Murphy S Owen Emily L Key 
 Mary Catherina Owen 26 Dec 1920 Surry Dallas M Owen Ivy M Brown 
 Owens 14 Jan 1920 Surry George F Owens Creola Stimpson
 Irene Stacy Owens 4 May 1920 Surry Meigs Owens Mary E Golden 
 Sarah Marie Owens 6 Jun 1920 Surry James G Owens Cora Brown 
 Owens 14 Jan 1920 Surry George F Owens Creola Stimpson 
Name -- DOB -- Birth County -- Parent1 -- Parent2
 Emma M Palmer 10 Apr 1920 Surry Owen Palmer Hattie Cook 
 Addie Irene Parker 9 Dec 1920 Surry Joseph S Parker Sallie L Hodges 
 Ethel Mae Parker 5 Aug 1920 Surry James H Parker Nannie Slate 
 Hazel Kathryn Parker 23 Jun 1920 Surry J W Parker Bettie Creed 
 Warren G Parker 7 Dec 1920 Surry James E Parker Levata Mathews 
 Willis Parks 1 Apr 1920 Surry Grover Park Nellie Mckiney 
 Parries 11 Jul 1920 Surry Henry L Parries Mary Combs 
 Parries 10 Nov 1920 Surry Wm R Parries Carrie Kirkman 
 Parries 26 Mar 1920 Surry Harvey Parries Juline Childress 
 Alene Patterson 15 Sep 1920 Surry E Floyd Patterson Julila Whitaker 
 Irene Patterson 15 Sep 1920 Surry E Floyd Patterson Julila Whitaker 
 Margaret Peggy Patterson 15 Nov 1920 Surry Dewitt Patterson Garnite Linney 
 Pauline Effie Patterson 3 Feb 1920 Surry Jasper Patterson Emma Jones 
 Roger L Patterson 7 Feb 1920 Surry Samuel C Patterson Minnie P Riggs 
 Mary Payne 30 Jul 1920 Surry Wm J Payne Lula Combs 
 Malicia Jane Payne 22 May 1920 Surry   Martha Payne 
 Mary L Payne 22 Mar 1920 Surry Walter Payne Bertha Hawks 
 Payne 23 Nov 1920 Surry Robert W Payne Eufus E Watson 
 James G Payne 29 Feb 1920 Surry Martin Payne Louisa Callaham 
 Winoney Payne 1 Sep 1920 Surry Babe Payne Eler Payne 
 Annie Peele 3 Aug 1920 Surry Robt Peele Ollie White 
 Peele 20 May 1920 Surry J B Peele Valeria Dalton 
 Peele 18 Aug 1920 Surry John H Peele Lula Donithan 
 Charles Junior Peele 14 Jan 1920 Surry Charlie Peele Mollie Ashburn 
 Paul Peele 1 May 1920 Surry Willie Peele Rosa Loville 
 Nannie Elmer Penn 8 May 1920 Surry Wm L Penn Flora A King 
 John Robert Penn 21 Feb 1920 Surry Ransie W Penn Fannie B Dodd 
 Regina June Perkins 15 Jun 1920 Surry Chas T Perkins Lillie B Hemings 
 Mayes Perry 28 Mar 1920 Surry Jesse H Perry Inez L Norman 
 Ruth Catherine Pettitt 3 Feb 1920 Surry Benjiman Pettitt Sarah M Key 
 Phillips 22 May 1920 Surry L G Phillips Pearl Martin 
 Dora Bell Phillips 26 Jul 1920 Surry Frank Phillips Julia Jones 
 Mary Bet Phillips 13 Sep 1920 Surry Fred Phillips Lillie Pardue 
 Phillips 27 Oct 1920 Surry Idle Phillips Ada Cane 
 Wade Joyce Phillips 10 May 1920 Surry Clem Phillips Mary Mccormick 
 Fred Clarence Pike 21 Jul 1920 Surry James R Pike Alice Thomas 
 Luther Warren Pike 11 Oct 1920 Surry Samuel Pike Doshie Henderson 
 Marvin E Poindexter 10 Jul 1920 Surry Banner Poindexter Mallie Creed 
 Mamie A Potts 31 Aug 1920 Surry Thomas Potts Dille Smith 
 Ida Marie Pratt 16 Oct 1920 Surry Wm A Pratt Lula M Key 
 Privitt 26 Oct 1920 Surry Carl Privett Mattie Wood 
 Pruitt 14 Dec 1920 Surry Granville T Pruitt Mary C Pruitt 
 Bryant Glen Pucket 9 Mar 1920 Surry W Edgar Puckett Zula Chappell 
 Virginia E Puckett 30 Sep 1920 Surry Jubele Puckett Dora Calloway 
 Claud Puckett 18 Jul 1920 Surry Hasten Puckett Lena Davis 
Name -- DOB -- Birth County -- Parent1 -- Parent2
 Roby Quesinberry 6 Apr 1920 Surry Fred B Quesinberry Lettie B Hall 
Name -- DOB -- Birth County -- Parent1 -- Parent2
 Rachel  20 Nov 1920 Surry Banner M Doss Mary L Hardy
Name -- DOB -- Birth County -- Parent1 -- Parent2
 Scott 2 Apr 1920 Surry Will W Scott Lilly M Knott 
 Scott 2 Apr 1920 Surry Will W Scott Lilly M Knott 
 Scott 8 May 1920 Surry Shade Scott Mary Tolbert 
 A Marie Scott 1 Sep 1920 Surry Luther N Scott Stella Smith 
 Eunice F Scott 18 Mar 1920 Surry Samuel G Scott Mattie B Noah 
 Mary Lou Scott 21 Mar 1920 Surry Walter F Scott Sallie Pike 
 Ruth Scott 8 Sep 1920 Surry Ernest Scott Ora Moser 
 Ionogene Scott 11 Nov 1920 Surry Arvil K Scott Nora I Samuels 
 Robert P Scott 24 Jul 1920 Surry J Pimpson Scott Bettie Reece 
 Oliver B Seal 28 Aug 1920 Surry W L Seal Ellar Haymore 
 Gladys Sechrest  11 Apr 1920 Surry Matt Sechriest Sis Mathews 
 Nillie Ruth Sewald  21 Jan 1920 Surry E C Sewall Maud Jones 
 Frouday Gray Shackleford 24 Feb 1920 Surry Frandie Shackleford Lucy E Canter 
 Gertrude Shaw 18 Jul 1920 Surry Rufus C Shaw Jennie Gordon 
 Claud Shaw 26 Aug 1920 Surry Charlie E Shaw Lumanda Coms Corn 
 Shelton 18 Apr 1920 Surry Walter Shelton Fannie Childress 
 Shelton 20 Apr 1920 Surry James C Shelton Hallie Hicks 
 Dorothy Mae Shelton 30 May 1920 Surry Wilford Shelton Hassie Joyce 
 Lena Shelton 5 Feb 1920 Surry Clarence B Shelton Lena Haymore 
 Lizzie G Shelton 7 Sep 1920 Surry Jesse T Shelton Dora Ella Wood 
 Shelton 10 Feb 1920 Surry Robt Shelton Florence Crissman 
 Shelton 10 Jul 1920 Surry Clyde C Shelton Gertie Estes 
 Charlie Martin Shelton 19 Apr 1920 Surry Richard Shelton Fannie Martin 
 Frank Shelton 21 Apr 1920 Surry Thomas H Shelton Rosa Simmons 
 Shinalt 16 Jul 1920 Surry Sam H Shinalt Murphey J Cain 
 Alma Blanche Shinault 11 May 1920 Surry Joe Shinault Metta Evans 
 Paul Wesley Shore 17 May 1920 Surry John W Shore Mary E Whitaker 
 Shores 10 Jan 1920 Surry Troy M Shores Bettie E White 
 Shores 8 Jun 1920 Surry Gordon Shores Etta Finney 
 Edna Shortt 15 Oct 1920 Surry   Ida B Short 
 James A Shouse 29 May 1920 Surry R L Shouse Mary Hutchins 
 Gracie Lillion Sidden 8 Jul 1920 Surry John A Sidden Annettie Golden 
 Simmons 4 May 1920 Surry Frank Simmons Margie E Cook 
 Simmons 18 May 1920 Surry W F Simmons Lelia Woodruff 
 Simmons 11 Sep 1920 Surry Thomas Simmons H Wilmoth 
 Elsie Simmons 14 Jun 1920 Surry Wesley Simmons Mamie Isaacs 
 Lucy Helen Simmons 23 Dec 1920 Surry Joseph W Simmons Alice Belton 
 Mary S Simmons 14 Mar 1920 Surry P E Simmons Mary E Swanson 
 Ruby Jane Simmons 27 Apr 1920 Surry Charlie W Simmons Nannie Inman 
 Ruby Jane Simmons 27 Apr 1920 Surry Charlie W Simmons Nannie Inman 
 Tessie Evelyn Simmons 9 Jun 1920 Surry S L Simmons Rosa Collins 
 Tresie Mae Simmons 11 Sep 1920 Surry David Haston Simmons Roxie Ann Owens 
 Vernie Elizabeth Simmons 26 Oct 1920 Surry Yancy Simmons Vergie Crews 
 Simmons 21 Apr 1920 Surry Charlie Simmons Lizzie Mcdaniel 
 Albert Truelin Simmons 21 Jul 1920 Surry Albert D Simmons Mary E Jones 
 Ronney Carl Simmons Jr. 15 Jun 1920 Surry R C Simmons Bettie B Christian 
 Martha Lorene Simpson 26 Jun 1920 Surry George S Simpson Mary C Hidd 
 N Simpson 15 Nov 1920 Surry Coley M Simpson Mecie E Reynolds 
 Simpson 15 Jan 1920 Surry John Simpson Dora O Nichols 
 Simpson 27 Apr 1920 Surry T Mc Kinley Simpson Roxie Badgett
 Simpson 15 Oct 1920 Surry James Simpson Lucy V Halloway 
 Herman Gilbert Simpson 2 Oct 1920 Surry Eugene Simpson Joseph Bingman 
 James Hillery Sizemore 10 Mar 1920 Surry Alison M Sizemore Lelo Isbel Sneed 
 Ruby Ether L Slawter 11 Aug 1920 Surry Ellis E Slawter Cora F Lawson 
 Slaydon 10 Jan 1920 Surry John Slaydon Alice E Draughn 
 Robert Lincoln Slaydon 4 Feb 1920 Surry J R Slaydon Edna M Hollyfield 
 Annie L Smith 13 Mar 1920 Surry John A Smith Mollie Smith 
 Smith 10 May 1920 Surry Jas H Smith Bettie Pardue 
 Lavina N Smith 19 Jul 1920 Surry James T Smith Bettie S George 
 Mammie C Smith 5 Aug 1920 Surry Ellis Smith Emma Anderson 
 Smith 16 Aug 1920 Surry   Alice Smith 
 Smith 16 Aug 1920 Surry   Alice Smith 
 Smith 28 Sep 1920 Surry Roy D Smith Daisy L Bowmon 
 Fred H Smith 18 Jul 1920 Surry Harrison Smith Hattie Sutphin 
 Harold Joseph Smith 15 Aug 1920 Surry Nat Stated Ada Smith 
 Harry C Smith 13 May 1920 Surry David Smith Annie Headen 
 John Erwin Smith 28 Oct 1920 Surry Pinkney Smith Rosie Smith 
 Robert G Smith 20 Aug 1920 Surry Carter Smith Myntie Wolfe 
 Roy H Smith 23 Feb 1920 Surry Henry Leroy Smith Hattie O Waggoner 
 Warren G Smith 24 Nov 1920 Surry Walter T Smith Ethel G Amburn 
 Bernie O Snody 9 Jun 1920 Surry Powell Snody Alice B Arrington 
 Snow 29 Apr 1920 Surry Eugene Snow Eliza Doss 
 Snow 24 Jul 1920 Surry John F Snow Ella M Whitaker 
 Snow 8 Dec 1920 Surry Abrey C Snow Ardella G Hardy 
 Snow 24 Dec 1920 Surry Elmer L Snow Lillie May Davis 
 Mattie Johnson Snow 20 Apr 1920 Surry   Mattie Snow 
 Snow 1 Feb 1920 Surry James P Snow Mollie Snow 
 Snow 24 Jul 1920 Surry Will R Snow Hattie P Harbour 
 Snow 20 Dec 1920 Surry Bird W Snow Ida V Holder 
 Alvis Otis Snow 11 Aug 1920 Surry Early Snow L Canise Claris Senter 
 Clyde C Snow 7 Sep 1920 Surry Pleas Snow Rose Ann Butcher 
 Mattie Johnson Snow 20 Apr 1920 Surry   Mattie Snow 
 Andrew J Snow Jr. 9 Oct 1920 Surry Andrew J Snow May Parker 
 Alfred Southard 3 Apr 1920 Surry Chas B Southard Callie C Wall 
 Clarence L Southard 11 Mar 1920 Surry Mansie Southard Betty Key 
 Monroe Mc Cree Southard 29 Jan 1920 Surry Grover Southard Pearlie Osbies 
 Virginia E Southern 29 Nov 1920 Surry U S Southern Pearl L Hall 
 Gale Lee Spanne 28 Oct 1920 Surry Andrew C Spanne Vera Davis 
 Marvin P Sparger 24 May 1920 Surry Marvin H Sparger Lucy E Merritt 
 Sparks 18 Nov 1920 Surry Benj R Sparks Nancy Hawks 
 Wayne Truman Sparks 16 Mar 1920 Surry R E Sparks Minnie York 
 Edwin F Speas 22 Jun 1920 Surry Fred Speas Allie E Smith 
 Speeks 2 May 1920 Surry Wm E Speeks Huldah Marsh 
 Eliza Irene Spencer 12 Aug 1920 Surry J L Spencer Filena Hawks 
 Laura R Spencer 13 Apr 1920 Surry Henry J Spencer Annie R Inman 
 Richard P Spencer 5 Apr 1920 Surry Marvin P Spencer Ohna M Eidson 
 Wm Scain Spencer 23 May 1920 Surry P L Spencer Anna L Whitaker 
 Nannie Odessa Sprinkle 23 Jan 1920 Surry James H Sprinkle Nannie E Bryant 
 Susan Elizabeth Sprinkle 19 May 1920 Surry James Arthur Sprinkle Leslie Mae Hinson 
 John Samuel Sprinkle 11 Sep 1920 Surry E B Sprinkle M R Hampton
 Stanley 21 Feb 1920 Surry Earnest Stanley Lessie Harris 
 Stanley 21 Apr 1920 Surry Earley Stanley Nora Jones 
 Stanley 22 Aug 1920 Surry Hubert A Stanley Silbie J Mooney 
 Stanley 3 Dec 1920 Surry Floyd A Stanley Myrtle M Snow 
 Annie V Stanley 13 Oct 1920 Surry Henderson Stanley Sallie Burchett 
 Flora Stanley 25 Dec 1920 Surry Thomas W Stanley Emma White 
 Polly Louise Stanley 16 Jul 1920 Surry Raleigh Stanley Laura Seymore 
 Stanley 26 Oct 1920 Surry Charles W Stanley Myrtle E Gray 
 Albert Stanley 16 Aug 1920 Surry Wm R Stanley Minnie F Coe 
 Cletus Paul Stanley 9 May 1920 Surry G W Stanley M E Jones 
 Fred Jones Starling 29 Nov 1920 Surry A H Starling Mary E Jones 
 Stephens 18 May 1920 Surry John Stephens Alice Jones 
 Alfred Lee Stevens 14 Mar 1920 Surry Sandy Lee Stevens Laura E Baker 
 Arline Stewart 27 Jun 1920 Surry Curin C Stewart Marceline Creed 
 Doris Irene Stewart 29 Jan 1920 Surry Edgar Stewart Lettie Graham 
 Ruth N Stewart 20 Oct 1920 Surry W M Stewart Ahova William 
 Stewart 29 Aug 1920 Surry Nathaniel Stewart Augusta Sawyes 
 Stewart 6 Sep 1920 Surry Henry P Stewart Lillian Hardy 
 Charles William Stewart 12 Mar 1920 Surry James O Stewart Emma C Herden 
 Stoker 27 Aug 1920 Surry Foley A Stoker Sadie Fender 
 Stoltz 8 Jul 1920 Surry Carper A Stoltz Iantha J Cole 
 Stone 18 May 1920 Surry Walter H Stone Ada E Parks 
 Valma Hill Stonestreet 9 Aug 1920 Surry J H Stonestreet Mary C Hamby 
 Surratt 19 Oct 1920 Surry Wm L Surratt Amelia E Surratt 
 Sutphin 14 Feb 1920 Surry Mason Sutphin Etta Young 
 Betty Sutphin 23 Jul 1920 Surry Geo Lee Sutphin Elsie Hicks 
 Virginia Thelma Sutphin 31 Dec 1920 Surry Cone B Sutphin Maud Southern 
 Sutphin 21 Feb 1920 Surry Albert Sutphin Lizzie Joyce 
 Romey M Sutphin 12 Sep 1920 Surry G W Sutphin Rena Payne 
 Swift 17 Feb 1920 Surry John A Swift Bettie Cockerham 
 Swift 6 May 1920 Surry Pholia A Swift Ettie E Butcher 

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