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Surry County Birth Records

Surry County, North Carolina Birth Index, 1800-2000


Source Information: North Carolina Birth Index, 1800-2000 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2005.

Original data: Register of Deeds. North Carolina Birth Indexes. Raleigh, North Carolina: North Carolina State Archives. Microfilm.

Description: This database is an index to over 7 million births occurring in the State of North Carolina, USA, between 1913 and 2000. Information contained in this index includes: child's full name, gender, race or color, birth date, birthplace, and occasionally one or both of the parents' names.


Surry County, NC Births for 1920
T - Z

Name -- DOB -- Birth County -- Parent1 -- Parent2
 Cathleen Tally 8 Jul 1920 Surry Sanford Tally Bertie Griffith 
 Taylor 4 Jul 1920 Surry Germa C Taylor Daisy B Shelton 
 Adlina Taylor 17 Sep 1920 Surry Allen J Taylor Georgia Hill 
 Margie E Taylor 16 May 1920 Surry Carl E Taylor Mary E Stanley 
 Hardin C Taylor 18 Sep 1920 Surry Walter A Taylor Candis M Cobler 
 Robert D Taylor 11 Nov 1920 Surry Wm E Taylor Mandy J Stephens 
 Teague 12 Mar 1920 Surry Virgle M Teague Jettie Shores 
 Teague 2 Jul 1920 Surry Lewis Teague Ruth Minish 
 Doris Odessa Terrell 10 Jul 1920 Surry W W Terrell Mallie B Johnson 
 Wm Harman Terry 5 Nov 1920 Surry J T Terry Liddie E Webb 
 Thomas 25 May 1920 Surry Flensy Thomas Nora Rakes 
 Estell Thomas 25 Jul 1920 Surry G Hugh Thomas Bertie Combs 
 Frances L Thomas 23 Mar 1920 Surry Robert Thomas May Lowery 
 Lola Mae Thomas 9 Aug 1920 Surry Thos D Thomas Frances L Holloway 
 Mary Catherine Thomas 4 Feb 1920 Surry Rufus Thomas Allie Marshall 
 Churchill Thomas 20 Jun 1920 Surry Malory V Thomas Margaret Boyd 
 Robert O Thomas 18 Sep 1920 Surry Robert L Thomas Colie Snow 
 Thompson 12 Sep 1920 Surry Alex Thompson Luana Moore 
 Elsie Mae Thompson 23 Jun 1920 Surry Connie Martin Jefferson Thompson Lydia Stella Thompson
 Lester Levine Blanche Thompson 4 Sep 1920 Surry Millard Thompson Mallie Mathews 
 Lucy Ava Thompson 20 Dec 1920 Surry Wm F Thompson Mary B Thompson 
 Lydia Alice Thompson 14 Feb 1920 Surry Early Thompson Nana Tatum 
 Benjaman T Thompson 17 Apr 1920 Surry Wm B Thompson Lula Mitchell 
 Tete Andrew Thore 29 Apr 1920 Surry Robt Thore Charity Hall 
 Tickle 29 Dec 1920 Surry Ed Tickle Laura E Vallenstine 
 Floyd Franklin Tickle 14 Aug 1920 Surry Norma L Tickle Mary L Wall 
 Hampton Thurman Tickle 25 Mar 1920 Surry T B Tickle Jennie Creed 
 Tilley 13 Dec 1920 Surry Will M Tilley Verda Fry 
 Alta Irene Tilley 8 Nov 1920 Surry John R Tilley Lilla Jessup 
 Dora Lois Tilley 17 Dec 1920 Surry Rosie Tilley Annie V Smith 
 Hope Tilley 10 Oct 1920 Surry Foley G Tilley Lena C Seal 
 Maxine Leone Tilley 13 Feb 1920 Surry Sam Tilley Edna A Wall 
 Rose Foster Tilley 16 Apr 1920 Surry Arthur E Tilley Bessie Tucker 
 Hassell A Tilley 4 Apr 1920 Surry Flent Tilley Minnie Hicks 
 John Thomas Tilley 29 Mar 1920 Surry John A Tilley Sally E Jessup 
 William Reeves Tilley 13 May 1920 Surry Millard F Tilley Daisy Seal 
 Mattie Marie Tillotson 20 Dec 1920 Surry S F Dr. Tillotson Mattie F Reynolds 
 Rex Fount Tillotson 20 Dec 1920 Surry S F Dr. Tillotson Mattie F Reynolds 
 Timmons 15 Jun 1920 Surry M G Timmons Hessie Deatherage 
 Franklin Henry Tolbert 17 Oct 1920 Surry Wm H Tolbert Mary H Johnson 
 Viola May Traynham 28 Jun 1920 Surry T H Traynham Ida M Daniel 
 Lawson Trotter Jr. 18 Jun 1920 Surry P L Trotter Mattie R Fulk 
 Bryant Tucker 18 Aug 1920 Surry Edgar W Tucker Susan L Bryant 
 Davie P Tucker 9 May 1920 Surry Willie P Tucker Cloa J Starling 
 Leibra Tucker 17 Aug 1920 Surry Zebulon Tucker Nester T Hicks 
 Martha E Tucker 14 Apr 1920 Surry John T Tucker Amand A Cain 
 Oscar Willis Tucker 4 Sep 1920 Surry   Zillie Tucker 
 James S Turner 23 May 1920 Surry Walter C Turner Finton Sayers 
 Lannis Clinton Turner 9 Dec 1920 Surry Lannis C Turner Mallie A Thacker 
 Lois Lorene Turpin 14 Apr 1920 Surry Chas M Turpin Mollie Mcgee 
 Bell Gerlrude Tuttle 9 Oct 1920 Surry Roy Tuttle Pearl A Gillispie 
Name -- DOB -- Birth County -- Parent1 -- Parent2
 Vaughn Apr 1920 Surry Vance Vaughn Ella Robinson 
 James Gideon Vaughn 11 Dec 1920 Surry David B Vaughn Martha I Stephens 
 Lola Venable 8 Dec 1920 Surry Sherman R Venable Sarah Keaton 
 Mary F Venable 11 Jun 1920 Surry W C Venable Sallie E Stone 
 Jerry Vance Venable 29 Nov 1920 Surry Jerry P Venable Sarah Catherine Bowman 
 John W Venable 25 Oct 1920 Surry J A Venable Minnie L E Simpson 
 Vernon 2 Jul 1920 Surry Wm M Vernon Blanch E Simpson 
 Flora M Vernon 1920 Surry Abner J Vernon Mary E Durham 
 Mattie Annie Lee Vestal 20 Dec 1920 Surry C W Vestal Myrtle Brendle 
Name -- DOB -- Birth County -- Parent1 -- Parent2
 Wagoner 28 Apr 1920 Surry Brady Wagoner Bertie E Childress 
 John Walker 1 Apr 1920 Surry Frank E Walker Essie Beamer 
 Wall 8 Jan 1920 Surry Jasper R Wall Bertha Ayers 
 Wall 14 Jan 1920 Surry Robert Wall Esther Flippin 
 France Mardell Wall 10 Jun 1920 Surry John Harrison Wall Dossia A Martin 
 Helen L Wall 28 Oct 1920 Surry Gurtherie B Wall Hattie F Key 
 Jocie Mae Wall 31 May 1920 Surry Joseph W Wall Eunice E Danley 
 Wall 23 May 1920 Surry M F Wall Gertie Norman 
 Willis Howard Wall 15 Apr 1920 Surry R W Wall Dora Riddle
 Oliver Richard Walters 3 Jan 1920 Surry Charlie R Walters Emma E Key 
 Bertha Ward 9 Dec 1920 Surry Clifford Ward Bettie George 
 Ward 17 Apr 1920 Surry Irvin Ward Irene Marshall 
 Wm S Ward 13 May 1920 Surry Ed Ward Grethel Duncan 
 Watson 26 Aug 1920 Surry Herman Watson Etta Flippin 
 Alma Irene Watson 23 Feb 1920 Surry Columbus F Watson Mary E Sawyers 
 Watson 26 Nov 1920 Surry Solomon L Watson Edna V Mills 
 Hessey Watson 26 Mar 1920 Surry Thos W Watson Larenla Goard 
 Pauline Watts 8 Aug 1920 Surry Richard Watts Mary Gunter 
 Weathermond 30 Sep 1920 Surry Miles Weathermond Mittie Pardue 
 Emma M Webb 13 Jan 1920 Surry Jno Webb Betty Bray 
 Mary F Webb 18 Jul 1920 Surry Anderson G Webb Lena M Crews 
 Ray Jefferson Webb 13 Dec 1920 Surry Wm L Webb Maud Sparger 
 Claud Joel Weddle 6 Feb 1920 Surry Leroy P Weddle Leonia Martin 
 Silas H Welborn 5 Oct 1920 Surry A Herbert Welborn Laura Peele 
 Westmoreland 25 Jun 1920 Surry Homer Westmoreland Media Adkins 
 Whitaker 28 Jul 1920 Surry W G Whitaker Rosa Long 
 Whitaker 29 Oct 1920 Surry Walter H Whitaker Bessie Needham 
 Estie Whitaker 1 May 1920 Surry James Whitaker Mamie C Woodle 
 Myrtle Lee Whitaker 1 Sep 1920 Surry Tandy S Whitaker Ada Craver 
 Rachel Hampton Whitaker 20 Sep 1920 Surry Dan W Whitaker Grace Hampton 
 Whitaker 26 Jan 1920 Surry Maners A Whitaker Josephine Dinkins 
 Curtis Henry Whitaker 19 Aug 1920 Surry Robt Whitaker Mollie Wood 
 White 9 Feb 1920 Surry Claud E White Lettie M Johnson 
 White 29 Jul 1920 Surry John E White Lucinda L Cave 
 White 3 Aug 1920 Surry Newton W White Hulda Freeman 
 Eleanor Mae White 24 Feb 1920 Surry Arthur B White Ila Christina Venable 
 Lola Mae White 21 Oct 1920 Surry J R White Carrie Culler 
 Lucille Violet White 18 Feb 1920 Surry James A White Stella F Hollyfield 
 Myrtle Mae White 14 Apr 1920 Surry Benton B White Mamie Creed 
 Nellie M White 22 Jan 1920 Surry Leon G White Lela E Jones 
 Nina Odessa White 22 Jan 1920 Surry Leon G White Lela E Jones 
 White 2 Apr 1920 Surry Thomas W White Lucy M Snow 
 Monroe White 24 May 1920 Surry Loid White Mannie Key 
 Spencer O Neal White 28 Feb 1920 Surry James E White Carrie E Ray 
 Evelyn P Whitlock 2 May 1920 Surry Coleman M Whitlock Gertrude B Turnbull 
 Benton Whitlock 18 Feb 1920 Surry Nelson Whitlock Della Harbor 
 Marguriett Winsdell Whitt 22 Dec 1920 Surry Charles W Whitt Minnie M Gravitt 
 Byron Franklin Willard 3 Jan 1920 Surry S E Willard Maggie Edwards 
 Chester F Willard 24 Jan 1920 Surry George F Willard Jennie Lawson 
 John P Willett 18 May 1920 Surry John T Willett Agnes E Gilbert 
 Bettie J Williams 12 May 1920 Surry A W Williams Bettie Douglas 
 Hazel Williams 15 Oct 1920 Surry Martin L Williams Lucy A Key 
 Helen Williams 15 Oct 1920 Surry Martin L Williams Lucy A Key 
 Minnie Etta Williams 29 Jul 1920 Surry Willie B Williams Cornelia J Bray 
 Williamson 21 Apr 1920 Surry Robt Williamson Mary Bumgardner 
 James A Williamson 17 Sep 1920 Surry D C Williamson Berta A Tucker 
 Willis 6 Jun 1920 Surry   Anna Willis 
 Charles Willis 21 Aug 1920 Surry Frank Willis Mary D Willis 
 Willmoth 10 May 1920 Surry Columbus J Willmoth Mary A White
 Oma Marie Wilmoth 7 Nov 1920 Surry Bailey Wilmoth Mamie Pardew 
 Eaker Lee Wilmoth 19 Jun 1920 Surry G D Wilmoth Letha M Hicks 
 Harold Joseph Wilmoth 15 Aug 1920 Surry L R Wilmoth Ada Smith 
 Wilson 3 May 1920 Surry G Robert Wilson Mallie M Mcdaniel 
 Annie B Wilson 7 Jan 1920 Surry Charley L Wilson Dora B Goin 
 Hiram T Wilson 11 Dec 1920 Surry Albert L Wilson Nelie S Duggins 
 Windsor 8 Jul 1920 Surry J R Windsor Laura E Hanks 
 George Cox Witt 15 Aug 1920 Surry Fred J Witt Annie G Bray 
 Wolfe 14 Mar 1920 Surry Willie Wolfe Hulda Davis 
 Mary E Wolfe 1920 Surry Romulas L Wolfe Francis E Williams 
 Carrie Wolff  2 Jun 1920 Surry Wm B Wolfe Mary E Jones 
 Wood 2 Jun 1920 Surry Gerry A Wood Stella M Chappell 
 Bulah A Wood 12 Aug 1920 Surry W Lester Wood L Emma Creed 
 Dorothy M Wood 6 Apr 1920 Surry Walter F Wood Virginia Coe 
 Julina Wood 20 Apr 1920 Surry Charlie H Wood Millie M Bates 
 Maggie Lou Wood  24 Jul 1920 Surry David Woods Maggie E Smith 
 Vera Delphia Wood 16 Jun 1920 Surry Joseph E Wood Lordie Cardell Caudle 
 Wood 6 May 1920 Surry Rance R Wood Lottie L Simpson 
 Wood 9 May 1920 Surry John R D Wood Vinie Melton 
 Wood 9 Aug 1920 Surry Richard C Wood Roxie L Ball 
 Bill Wood 13 Sep 1920 Surry George Wood Cora Coe 
 Richard W Wood 12 Jan 1920 Surry John R Wood Flossie Cook 
 Wm A Wood 12 Aug 1920 Surry Cleveland D Wood Mollie Hylton 
 Wm N Wood 12 Jan 1920 Surry John R Wood Flossie Cook 
 Pete Pete Wood Jr. 20 Feb 1920 Surry Pete Wood Letha J Slaydon 
 Helen Irene Woodruff 31 Aug 1920 Surry J Walter Woodruff Annie M Brown 
 Marshall Newton Woodruff 19 May 1920 Surry Emmett R Woodruff Fannie Roberts 
 Bertie M Worrel 14 Nov 1920 Surry F M Worrel Mary E Mcroberts 
 Worth 15 Jun 1920 Surry Robert C Worth Alma I Harris 
 Esta May Wright 22 Jun 1920 Surry Albert S Wright Ava E Bryant 
 Wright 30 Aug 1920 Surry Preston Wright Hattie M Wall 
 Cletis Wright 12 Oct 1920 Surry Grover Wright Roxy Ashburn 
 James Allen Wright 6 Jan 1920 Surry Moses Wright Sarah Emma Mccraw 
Name -- DOB -- Birth County -- Parent1 -- Parent2
 York 31 Mar 1920 Surry L M York Beatrice Scott 
 Geneva May York 23 Jul 1920 Surry Charls York Dette Stimpson 
 Claud S York 24 Jun 1920 Surry Corbet York Rose Surratt 
 Helen J Young 29 Jul 1920 Surry Mc Hobart Young Margaret Smith 
 Roberta May Young 25 Jun 1920 Surry Joe H Young Annie Newman 
Name -- DOB -- Birth County -- Parent1 -- Parent2
 Calvin Lee Ziglar 22 Oct 1920 Surry John Henry Ziglar Mary Alice Tilley

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