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Mount Airy, Surry County, NC -
A General Directory, 1913-1914




Wilson Special Collections Library,
UNC-Chapel Hill / /
(919) 962-3765

Directory of the Six Rural Free Delivery Routes
Going Out from Mount Airy
Note.—The names and box numbers are given in the order in
which they appear on Following the routes. Those names marked
thus * are colored persons. The irregularity in the numbering is
the result of boxes having been moved since they were first

RURAL ROUTE, No. 1—Carrier, B. E. Edwards.
(21 miles.)
Beginning at Hamburg bridge, going by Mr. John Brower's and
the Old Jackson Place up the New Hollow Road to S. A. Taylor's,
and back down the Old Hollow Road to Banner Bridge.
Wilson, Eugene, box 1.
Shelton, J. A., box lb.
Brower, T. M., box 5.
Willard, R. G., box la.
Cook, W. S., box 4.
Myers, J. W., box 4.
Norman, C. F., box 5.
Davenport, G. F., box 6.
Atwood, G. W., box 2.
Atwood, Jennie, box 2.
Jackson, Mrs. J. W., box 8.
Jackson, T. G., box 18.
Inman, Curtis, box 18.
Wall, C. F., box 10.
Jackson, Walter, mail carrier, box 9.
Combs, J. W., box 11.
Combs, Mrs. Laura, box 11.
Edwards, R. E., mail carrier.
Armfield, Lote, box 15.
Scott, Sam, box 13.
Oak Grove M. E. Church, South.
Simmons, J. W., box 15.
Gunter, Jim, box 14.
Riddle, Harvey, box 14.
Saunders, Frank, box 16.
Kirkman, Joe, box 16.
Forkner, Mrs. J. A., box 17.
Edwards, H. T., box 17.
Parries, John, box 18.
Kirkman, Will, box 19.
Short, Ella, box 20.
Short, Jim, box 20a.
Short, Coy, box 21.
Short, Ed, box 21.
Short, J. H., box 22.
Saunders, Mrs. E. J., box 23.
Hull, Conce, box 23.
Haymore, Luther, box 24.
Reeves, Charlie, box 25.
Reeves, Dixie, Box 25.
kGallaway, Led, box 25.
Tucker, J. A., box 25a.
Mills, J. I., box 26.
Haymore, Frank, box 26.
Mills, Alvie, box 26.
Mills, Clavin, box 26.
Amburn, W. W. \\\, box 82a.
Amburn, W. W., box 82a.
Williams, J. T., box 82a.
Potts, George, box 27.
Taylor, Phil, box 27.
Angel, Will, box 28.
Barker, J. M., box 30.
Nelson, J. C, box 30a.
Owens, M. L., box 33.
Richardson, K. M., box 33.
(Five miles from town.)
Simmons, Zear, box 34.
Cook, Mrs. W. S., box 34.
Simmons, A. D., box 34.
Haymore, J. M., box 34a.
Haymore, L. E., box 34a.
Shinalt, Ed, box 34a.
Williams, A. F., box 34a.
Gwyn, J. P., box 37.
Joyce, J. F., box 38.
Redman, J. F., box 68a.
Xeedham, C. G., box 68b.
Hudson, W. J., box 65.
Stone. A. P., box 68.
Stone, S. M., box 68.
Ashburn, Frank, box 71.
Chilton, J. W„ box 72.
Beck, John, box 71.
Chilton, J. B., box 7::.
Chilton, J. P., box 73.
Secrist, Willie, box 73a.
Bryant, J. W., box 74.
Moss, A. D., box 75.
Jones, J. W., box 76.
Linnin, D. E., box 76.
Francis, H. R.. box 77.
Barnes, J. H., box 78.
Stone, J. W.. box 79.
Reddic, H. A., box 79.
Lowe, Perdita, box 80.
Lowe, .!. A., box 80.
Key. Ransom, box 80.
Samuels, R. C. box 110.
Samuels, J. H., box SI.
Taylor, Eli F., box 82.
Morrison, J. S.. box 82.
Morrison, J. W., box 82.
Ilayniore, R. E., box 83.
France, Tom. box 83.
1 la.\ more, D. C, box 86.
Riddle, J. T., box 84.
Barker, T. T., box 87.
Simmons, W. W., box 88.
Simmons, S. H., box 79.
Riddle, Floyd, box 90.
Richardson. Joseph, box 32.
Richardson. Chas., box 32.
McGee, .lobe, box 100.
Hiatt. .1. S.. box :::..
Terrell, W. A., box 92.
Terrell, J. S., box 92.
Welch, C. X.. box 93.
Hiatt. J. L., box 94.
Hiatt, J. L., Jr., box 94.
Hiatt, Ephraim, box 94.
Filie, F. (R).
D'Amico, P. D. (R).
Burton, Alex (R).
Gwyn, Charlie (R).
Leitch, John (R).
McKenzie, John (R).
Gibson, Charlie (R).
Xew, R. F. (R).
Beck, D. H. (R).
Hemmings, Jim (Ri.
Gwyn, J. R., (R).
Gates, Tyler (R).
Motsinger, R. E. (R).
Mitchell, Jas. (R).
Davis, Will.
Wells, Tom.
Johnson, J. W.
Bowman, Penn.
Hicks, Arthur.
Hlizzard. Dallas.
Roberts, Elvin.
Tolbert, Will.
Bowman, Ray.
Duncan, Dick.
Tucker. .Mrs. Al. C.
Gravely, Walter.
Griffin, Jacob.
Herring, Frank.
Crichton, Andrew.
Harryman, Willie (R).
Brooks, Wm. J. (R).
Mcintosh, W. G. (R).
Wells, Geo. C. (R).
Mitchell, D. F. (R).
DePalma, C. (R).
DePalma, Louis (R).
Baughn, H. C. (R).
Monroe, H. D. (R).
Hollow, W. D. (R).
Hancock, Chas. (R).
Dobey, Mrs. (R).
*Williams, John.
Kleiii, J. S.. store (R).
Hill, Joe.
Bishop, W. H. (R).
Mitchell, John (R).
Gwyn, John H. (R).
Walker, Frank (R).
Walker, Mrs. Ada (R).
Walker, Jim (R).
Brooks, Jim (R).
Blizzard's Store, Jeff (R).
McHone, W. A. (R).
Thompson's Board'g House (R).
Williams, Charlie (R).
Johnson, R. J. (R).
Harris, Robert (R).
Stuart, Christian (R).
Harris, J. C. (R).
McKellar, John (R).
Lowry, Frank (R).
Thomas, H. F. (R).
McKenzie, Murdoch (R).
Parris, John (R).
Simmons, Dick (R).
Campbell, W. J. (R).
Jones, Pete (R)
Beginning at Mahone's Store, beyond the Quarry:
Mahone, AValter, Store, box 42.
Crews, John, box 42.
Campbell, Jesse, box 42.
Shelton, H. M.. box 42.
Childress, J. s.. box iuu.
Midkiff, D. J.. I».,\ i:;.
Pruitt, William, box J:;.
Midkiff, E. A., box 46.
Belton, Charlie, box 46.
Parker, Ed, box 46.
Timmons. Walter, box 46.
Smith, Cleve, box 46.
Smith. Jim, box 1(1.
Midkiff, R. D., box 17.
.Midkiff, C. C, box 48.
Into the Quaker Road.
Midkiff, E. C, box 44.
Childress, Abe, box 36.
Childress, Dolf, box 36.
Snody, Mrs. box 49.
Snody, Ed, box 49.
Snody, Robert, box 49.
Corn, Matt, box 49.
Detheridge, Jim, box 50.
Midkiff, Geo., box 50a.
Midkiff, Jim, box 51.
Midkiff, John, box 51.
Childress, Will, box 38.
Mahone, Jim, box 51a.
Into the Patrick Road.
Ray, R. M., box 52.
Ray, Clyde, box 52.
Ray, Earl, box 52.
Sutphin, W. A., box 53.
Sutphin, E. I., box 53.
Reynolds, Charlie, box 53.
Sutphin, Edgar, box 53.
Hicks, Dan, box 53.
Hicks, J. A., box 54.
Hicks, J. E., box 54.
Hicks, Wm., box 54.
Stephens, John, box 59.
Shelton, E. C, box 55.
Vaughn, Mary, box 55.
Detheridge, Pete, box 56.
Detheridge, S. I., box 56.
Detheridge, Walter, box 56.
Detheridge, Abner, box 56.
Midkiff, J. W., box 57.
Hicks, Joe, box 57.
Serratt, Gray, box 57.
Sutphin, W. A., St., box 57.
Sutphin, Leonard, box 57a.
Midkiff, Will, box 58.
Vaughn, Mrs. Bertie, box 60.
Rakes, J. F., box 60a.
*McKenzie, Tom, box 61.
*Payne, Babel, box 61.
*Payne, Pleas., box 61.
Valentine, Tom, box 61.
Watson, Harvey, box 62.
Hall. Willis, box 110.
Gammons, A. .1., box 1 10a.
Sutphin, X. II.. box ill.
Collins, W. B., box 111.
Watson, .Mrs. R. K., box 112.
Watson, Mrs. Nancy, box iil\
Hiatt, Wash, box 113.
Kirkman, Rolie, box 11:5.
Bennett, Reid, box 1 13.
Kirkman, Romeo, box L13.
Innian, Luther, box 113.
Bennett, Melton, box 113.
Hiatt, J. M.. box 114.
Hiatt, W. 11.. box 114.
Bunker, Fred, box 11.
1 togan, Gray, box 11.
Wagoner, J. S., box 12.
Edwards, Jesse, box 12.
Jones, Mrs. Mag, box 12a.
Nichols, C. E., box 12b.
McGhee, B. M.. box 14.
McGhee, Frank, box 1 I.
Fleming, J. W., box 1 I.
Alderman, Cabell, box 15.
Nichols, Jim, box 15.
Jarrell, H. (i.. Grocerj Store.
Nichols, Peter, box 17.
Herring, W. J., box 20a.
Crivt, W. A., box 22.
Anthony, Lewis, box 22.
Laurel Bluff Cot Mills, box 23.
Brown, J. L., box 23.
Payne, Eli, box 23.
Nichols, Tom, box 23.
Phillips, Shade, box 23.
Chappel, Ed, box 23.
Martin, John, box 23.
Walls, Adam, box 23.
Nichols, John, box 23.
Phillips, Cager, box 23.
Laurel Bluff Methodist Church.
Herring, Mrs. Mildred, box 24.
Odell, D. H., box 24a.
Barber, J. W., box 24a.
Allied, A. B., box 25.
Allred, H. V., box 25.
Holder, J. M., box 26a.
Reece, I. W., box 26.
Jones, T. A., box 26b.
Beamer, P. R., box 28.
Seal, Alonzo, box 28.
Vernon, Scales, box 84.
Johnson, J. W., box 29.
Sparger, E. B., box 29.
Gordon, W. R., box 29a.
Autioeh Church (4 1/2 miles).
Davis, R. W., box 30.
Gwyn, Will, box 31.
Gwyn, M. B., box 31.
*Hopper, Alice, box 31a.
Beamer, J. C., box 32.
*Mitchell, Bud, box 32.
Flippin, S. N., box 32a.
Beamer, Logan, box 65.
Beamer, M., box 33a.
Beamer, L. D., box 33a.
Beamer, Richard, box 33a.
Beamer, Philip, box 33a.
Beamer, W. W., box 33b.
Beamer, C. L., box 36.
Beamer, L. W., box 37.
Dawson, R. F., box 37a.
Young, G. W., box 37b.
Flemming, T. W., box 38.
Fleming, J. M., box 38.
Fleming, W. R., box 38.
Beamer, J. W., box 38.
McGee, E. L., box 39.
Woodruff, Mack, box 40.
6—Mt. Airy 81
Fleming, C. E., box 40.
Davis, Jefferson, box 10a
Beamer, W. !•".. box 1 1.
McCraw, n. i;.. box 11.
Booker, Forest, box 42.
Anderson, 10. <;.. box i_.
Oneal, C. W.. box 12.
Payne. 1 1., box 43.
Barker, W. A., box 43a.
Johnson, Van, box 47a.
Puckett, Dock, box 43a.
Puckett, Jess, box 43a.
Puckett, Posey, box 43a.
Hatcher, J. M., box 43a.
Golder, Parley, box I 1.
Carson, D. C., box 45.
McNight, M. T., box 45a.
Smith, J. E., box 46.
Marshall, R. W., box 46.
Thomas, Mrs. S. E., box 47.
Johnson, W. A., box 48.
Jones, Bob, box. 48.
Gardner, R. L., box 49.
McCraw, B. D., box 49.
Golding, W. R., box 50.
Jarrell, S. F., box 50a.
Lakey, C. W., box 51.
Turn to left into Pine Ridge Road,
11% miles from Mt. Airy. Crooked Oak Church.
Center, Philip, box 52.
Collins, J. A., box 52.
York, W. B., box 53.
York, T. A., box 54.
Lovill, W. W., box 55.
Lovill, W. S., box 55.
Hawks, Silas, box 55.
Beamer, Currie, box 55.
Whitaker, Bob, box 55.
Amburn, J. P., box 58.
Bennett, Norah, box 58.
Haymore, R. F., box 58.
Marshall, S. J., box 56a.
Nail, J. D., box 57.
Freeman, Jane, box 58.
Hill, A. J., box 59.
Thomas, G. C, box 60.
Beamer, Rev. W. H., box 60a.
Allred, S., box 61.
Fnlk, N. L., box 61.
Fulk, Floyd, box 61.
Pine Ridge (11 miles to Mt. Airy
by R. F. D.)
Johnson, J. A., box 18.
Hodges, W. J., box 63.
Edwards, C. E., box 63.
Crews, J. R., box 63.
Thore, G. R., box 63a.
Sechrist, Joe, box 88.
Davenport, T. E., box 88a.
Patterson, S. C, box 88a.
Brown, Worth, box 88a.
Jackson, S. W., box 88b.
Sopshire, Guy, box 89.
Bennett, A. J., box 89.
Badgett, J. C.
White, Will.
Taylor, Vestal.
Jenkins, H. T.
Marshall, J. S.
Hicks, Redge.
Green, Dave.
Disher, A. E.
Creed, J. A.
Hammings, J. W.
Doss, C. H.
Moser, Henry.
Mahone, Joe.
Mahone, William.
Mali one, Jim.
Mahone, Jess.
Mahone, Claude.
Creed, J. W.
Parker, Cleve.
Creed, Zan
Marsh, John.
Taylor, Bud
Creed, Johnny.
Creed, Ed.
Creed, Mrs. America.
Jones, Albert.
Atkins, Will, R.F.D.
Atkins. Tom, R.F.D.
Atkins, Sam, R.F.D.
Atkins, Jim, R.F.D.
Atkins. S. W., R.F.D.
Livengood, Bob, R.F.D.
Atkins, Geo., R.F.D.
Eades, Abe, R.F.D.
Eades, Sanford, R.F.D.
Eades, Conse, R.F.D.
Brown, Peter, R.F.I >
Brown, Sam, R.F.D.
Greenwood, Alex, R.F.D.
Nichols, W. T., R.F.D.
Falestein, Frank, R.F.D.
Badgett, Geo., R.F.D.
Badgett, Joe, R.F.D.
Badgett, Tom, R.F.D.
Joyce, John, R.F.D.
Joyce, Albert, R.F.D.
Joyce, Dick, R.F.D.
Joyce, Neil, R.F.D.
Haynes, Neil, R.F.D.
Marion, Riley, R.F.D.
Riggs, Geo., R.F.D.
Badgett, Quinton, R.F.D.
Slayton, John, R.F.D.
Slayton, Geo., R.F.D.
Slavton, Jim, R.F.D.
Slayton, Ike, R.F.D.
Slayton, Henry, R.F.D.
Slayton, Richard, R.F.D.
Slayton, Robert, R.F.D.
Callaham, Charlie, R.F.D.
White, J. W., box 16 (Eldora).
Nichols, W. A., box 17 (Eldora).
Jackson, Job, box 18 (Dobson).
Key, Mart, box 18 (Dobson).
Key, Stoneman, box IS (Dobs'n).
Key, John, box 18 (Dobson).
Key, Walter, box 19 (Dobson).
Jackson, J. L., box 20 (Dobson).
Badgett, Samuel, box 21.
Goings, Jess, box 21.
Marion. Abe, box 22.
Davis, Jess (sawmill and flour mill), box 13.
Key, S. E., box 11.
Key, F. E., box 44.
Moore, H. T., box 45.
Moore, Lester, box 45.
McCraw, Mis. Leila, box 45.
Venable, L. P., box 45a.
Carlile, J. L., box 45b.
Wbitaker, Charlie, box 45d.
Union Church and Schoolhouse.
Stewart, Rawley, box 17.
Bowman, Marion, box 47.
McCraw, Jake, box 48.
McCraw, Ed, box 48.
Reed, Joe, box 49.
Johnson, Sot, box 50.
Johnson, Dixie, box 50.
Johnson, Dock, box 50.
Johnson, Brady, box 50.
Campbell, J. S., box 53.
Hayes, Isaac, box 54.
Johnson, W. Y., box 58.
Shelton, Matt, box 58.
Johnson, H. P., box 58.
Venable, W. Y., box 56.
Venable, Charlie, box 56.
Keaton, J. J., box 57.
Hill Road below Epworth Church, into Fancy Gap Road at Sampson
Jones's store, ami down the Old Fancy Gap Road to Mount Airy.
Nelson, Ed, box lb.
Nelson, Jim, box lb.
Spenser, Walter, box lb.
Pruitt, Will, box i.
Pruitt, Fred, box I.
Gwyn, Miss Sallie, box 3.
Roberts, .less, box 3d.
Taylor, E. W.. box la.
Duplies, .1. K., box 1.
•Dison, Bob, box 29.
Bowles, Winston, box uft.
Graham. Miles, box 29.
Allred, John, box 25.
Allred, Mose, box 25.
Allred, William, box 25.
Ward's Gap Road to Squirrel Spur Road.
Helton, Budd, box 2a.
Helton. G. W., box 2a.
Inman. S. M.. box 3b.
Dean, Alfred, box 3b.
Poore, William, box 2.
Squirrel Spur Road.
Jones, J. A., box 5.
Jones, W. A., box 5.
Gwyn. Albert, box 5a.
*Fulton. Winston, box 6.
Martin, J. F., box 23a.
Martin, Lewis, box 23a.
Bowman, Marshall, box 24.
*Bowman, Walter, box 24
Cox, Jim, box 34a.
Green Hill Church.
Jackson, W. 0., Flour and Saw-mill.
Greenwood, J. A., box 39.
Wilson, Alice, box 38.
Warden, Milton, box 42.
Dobson, Jim, box 42.
Scott, Jim, box 42.
Branch, J. W., box 40.
Virginia State Line.
Worrell, J. S., box 41.
Harris, Mrs. R. J., box 44.
Fleming, J. M., box 44.
Fleming, R. W., box 44.
Westmoreland, C. C, box 4.">.
Westmoreland, ('. C, Sawmill.
Hines, Mrs. M. E. V., box 46.
Hines, Matt, box 46.
Hines, Frank, box 46.
Turn to right at crossing of roads.
Lineback, A. L., box 47.
Lineback, Wiley, box 47.
Lineback, Charley, box 47.
Webb, Alex, box 48.
Webb. Isaac, box IS.
Lineberry, L. A., box 49.
Martin. John, Floor Mill.
Mart in. John, box 50.
Martin. Hllis, box 50.
.Mart in, Luther, box 50.
into Fancy Cap Road. Epworth Church.
Into < ; reen 1 [ill Road.
Matt he ws. I'M, box 52.
Matthews, Roy, box 52.
Atkins. L. W., box 53.
Into Fancy Cap Road at Samson Jones's Store.
Into Old Fancy Gap Road, 4 miles from Mt. Airy.
Hall. I). T., box 56.
Greenwood, J. T., box 56.
Segraves, J. C, box 57.
McMillon, Anderson, box 57.
Segraves, J. H., box 57.
Segraves, J. T., box 57.
•Whitlock, Short, box Ola.
•Whitlock, Ben, box 61a.
•Whitlock, J. B., box 61b.
Creasy, Xanie, box 62.
Creasy, Flora, box 63.
Creasy, Clint, box 63.
Ward, C. E., box 64.
•Gilmer, Martha, box 66.
Holland, Willie, box 66.
Gilmer, James, box 66.
Caesar, Robert, box 67.
Csesar, Sylvania, box 67.
Livengood, J. J., box 68.
-Gilbert, John, box 68a.
•Gilbert, Gabe, box 68a.
( ritz, W. F., Grocery Store,
box 69.
Banner, Alex, box 70.
•Rawley, Alfred, box 70.
•Rawley, Luther, box 80.
Cook, H. F., box 15.
Easter, J. K., box 85.
Cook, Y. S., box 15a.
Harrison, J. W., box 15b.
Jones, J. A., box 17.
Easter, Dave, box 17.
Martin, Mrs. Roberta, box 16.
from Mt. Airy). A. M. Payne, Postmaster.
Edwards, J. J., Cana, Va.
Cagle, E. C., box 41.
Cagle, I. M., box 40.
Akers, J. S., box 40.
Jones, Mrs. Eliza, box 42.
Edwards, W. C., box 43.
Seratt, W. I., box 64.
Linvill, D. L., box 64a.
Golding, R. C, box 64b.
Into Piper Gap Road, 11 miles from Mt. Airy.
Vernon, I. J., Store, box 65a.
.Monday, J. P., box 65a.
Vernon, Ewel, box 66.
Berrier, William, box 17.
Berrier, Thomas, box 68.
Hooker, J. T., box 90a.
Eades, J. R., box 91.
Busick, D: R., box 92.
Felts, J. C, box 92.
Martin, J. A., box 91a.
Gwyn, R. L., box 94.
Gwyn, Hugh, box 94.
Gwyn, Richard, box 94.
Phillips, W. B., box 94.


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