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Mount Airy, Surry County, NC -
A General Directory, 1913-1914



J. EDWIN CARTER and A. KYLE SYDNOR              
Wilson Special Collections Library,
UNC-Chapel Hill / /
(919) 962-3765

Mount Airy Street Directory
Note—A blank before name denotes that the house is not numbered.
Names marked with a star (*) are colored.
Elm Street, from Junction Street to Main:
247 Helton, Elijah
249 Spencer, Matt
255 Coe, W. W.
257 Hooker, Tom
264 Morton, W. A.
266 Goings, J. H.
272 Weddle, W. D.
276 Crist, Lee
279 Vacant
280 Whitt, Cora
282 Gardner, Weight
285 Starling, A. H.
293 Starling, E. J.
299 McWilliams, John
300 Tilley, James
338 Owens, William
Factory Street, beginning at Depot with 100:
112 Lineback, Sandy
116 Nat. Furniture Co., office
122 Marshall, R. M.
128 Thomas, S. L.
134 Vacant
140 Riggan, R. H.
148 Gravely, R. E.
150 Johnson, R. H.
152 Roberson, G. C.
163 Mantel & Table Co., office
177 Mt. Airy Furnit'e Co., office
Fair View Heights, near Mt. Airy Furniture Factory:
Wagoner, Miles
Tickle, Budd
Johnson, W. P.
Webster, B. P.
Brooks, Calvin
Shelor, Henry
Moser, E. T.
McNight, S. A.
Bowman, D. W.
Franklin Street, beginning at Main with 100:
104 Moore, O. R., Studio
106 Marshall, C. L., Store
108 Mt. Airy Bakery
110 D. M. Hodge Grocery Store
112 Vacant
114 Johnson's Meat Market
116 Scott & Wright, Gro. Store
118 Starling, E. J., Shoe Shop
119 Samuel's Livery Stable
Pace's Livery Stable
124 Pace's Hotel
125 Warehouse, Farmers' Union
132 Stuart, S. C.
Everett, T. M.
138 Central M. E. Church
146 Willis, Rev. W. H.
149 McCollum, J. D.
152 Hanks, C. S.
Sparger, M. H.
158 Clarke, John
163 Sparger, B. F.
168 Smith, A. E.
174 Poore, R. C.
177 Schafer, H.
180 Leonard, R. H.
184 Murphy, Mrs. Bettie
186 Yokley, J. A.
190 Preston, P. R.
196 Barber, I. W.
197 Patterson, E. D.
203 Yokley, O. H.
204 Callaway, W. P.
209 Trotter, A. G.
210 Albright, J. E. .
214 Sparger, Mrs. (1. W.
215 Robinson, II. L.
218 Bostic, J. D.
223 Ashby, Whitt
229 Wyrick, Charlie
239 Shelton, Mrs. W. B.
242 Lineback, Mrs. J. W.
245 Scott. P. M.
249 Bowman, D. C.
256 McCargo, T. B. & Son, Mfg.
257 Shaub, J. W.
Qallaway Street, beginning at Main with 100:
130 Quesinbery, George
136 McMillon, A. C.
139 Hall, Tom
Fulton. B.
Ilines Street, beginning at Main with 100:
Stuart, H. P.
Young, Bettie
Thomas. W. W.
Woodruff, John
143 Morefield, M. M.
146 Vacant
147 Lowry, J. W.
Lebanon Street, beginning at Main with 100:
112 Monday, J. E.
124 Short, W. W.
125 Jeffries, J. B.
134 Seal, W. F.
135 Taylor, Mrs. C. F.
Merritt, Haywood
143 Short, A. M.
154 Newton, R. H.
197 Williamson, Barnett
Leys, John
East Lebanon:
Mighiore, Raffoele
Seewald, E. C.
Ewing, J. M.
North Main Street, beginning with Oak:
102 Smith, J. D., Store
156 Scales, Tobe
157 "Crawford, Dave
*Allen, Gus, Store
158 *Jarvis, W.
Barber Shop
Grocery Store
172 Baptist Church
173 Prather, Jesse
174 Johnson, J. S.
175 Conrad, A. M.
177 Smith, Minnie
179 Albright, Charlie
181 Reeves, Lucy
185 Boleon, Delia
186 Stuart, Susan
191 Willis, Ed
192 Johnson, Tildy
197 Lewis, John
198 *Odd Fellows Hall
Methodist Church
205 Clark, Nick
Tucker, C. A.
213 Williams, Ed
214 Johnson, Sidney
219 Gwyn, Mariah
221 McCollum, Percy
222 Reynolds, Tom
223 Gwyn, Dock
229 Stuart, Salem
232 Lamkin, Henry
238 Moore, Jim
244 Smith, Ellen
250 Moore, J. H.
251 Mitchell, Laura
255 McNeal, James
257 Scales, George
261 Easter, Rufe
265 Franklin, Steve
275 Sides' Mill and Ice Factory
Newsom Street, beginning1 at Worth with 100:
133 Key, John
135 Goins, R. F.
137 Gordon, R. L.
157 Wilkinson, Andrew
East Oak Street, beginning at Main with 100:
102 Reece, Dr. R. W., Office
113 Hodge, Wilson
115 Watson, R. W., Leaf House
132 Belton, Robt.
139 Moore, W. H.
169 Brannock, James
171 Meyers, Fannie
237 Spaugh, Mrs. Sarah
238 Shoemaker, A. C.
247 Minick's Mill & Iron Works
West Oak Street, beginning at Main with 100:
109 Merritt, W. E., Storage House
119 Planters Warehouse
122 Samet, M.
126 Sparger, Mrs. J. L.
135 American Tob. Co., Office
Orchard Street, beginning at Main with 100:
Short, N. P.
Dean, Robert
Short, R. B.
Stanley, Hiram
Johnson, W. M.
Smith, R. H.
Webb, A. G.
Sawyers, E. R.
Webb, C. B.
Monday, W. I.
Inman, B. H.
Price, Rev. D. V.
Dean, M. L.
George, T. M.
Haymore, J. O.
Midkiff, John
Blalock, J. T.
Quesinberry, A.
Gregory, J. R.
Caudle, J. F.
Reid, James
Norman, J. H.
McCoin, H. B.
Jones, B. H.
Keufro Street, beginning at Cherry with 100:
115 Goings, J. A.
122 Jarrell, A. F.
128 Davis, A. N.
132 Moore, J. R.
135 Flowers, G. E.
138 Norman, W. C.
141 Davis, J. F.
143 Mt. Airy Steam Laundry
155 Hatcher, W. C.
163 Cox, J. W.
169 Shoemaker, Gus
175 Stratton, James
Roberts Street, beginning at Marshall with 100:
102 Gunter, C. G.
103 Greenwood, R. H.
112 Wright, B. W.
120 King, S. H.
121 Williams, C.
128 King, W. G.
129 Wood, R. H.
Roekford Street, beginning at Main with 100:
Joyce, R. T.
Turlington, I. T.
124 Graves, S. P.
133 Watson, R. W.
Folger, J. H.
148 Somers, Mrs. Sallie
156 Powell, J. G.
160 Hines, Rhoten
161 City Graded School
168 Mclntire, M. H.
177 Sparger, J. B.
184 Creveling, C. C.
185 Smith, F. L.
195 Moore, W. C.
198 Haynes, C. H.
199 Tucker, G. G.
210 Gentry, W. S.
218 Fulk, Joe
224 Rierson, Mrs. Florence
227 Briggs, H. M.
234 Bowman, R. W.
235 Dowry, T. J.
239 Hodge, D. M.
Badgett, J. W.
Davis, C. W.
Riddle, F. F.
Bird, C. C.
Marshall, C. L.
267 *Gallaway, W. M.
271 Bowman, W. T.
Marshall, S. O.
Marshall's Store
Brooks, Martin
283 *Reynolds, Blanche
286 *Roberts, A. E.
290 McCollum, Sam
296 Creed, J. W.
297 *Scales, Sid
301 *Jarvis, S. W.
302 Vaughn, J. Z.
312 Creed, Anderson
Lineback, V. W.
Warren, S. H.
343 Moore, J. A.
370 *Gallaway, Andrew
375 *Ingram, Dave
382 *Dalton, Pleas
383 *Abrams, Walker
390 *McClenon, Joe
399 *Coble, William
400 *Valentine, Susan
401 *Ingram, Jack
413 *Walker, Tom
414 *Pinnix, Taylor
420 *Leak, Will
421 *Allen, Chas.
430 *Grover, Leak
450 *Allen, Noah
562 Stack, G. A.
Triplett, W. A.
Schafer Street, beginning at Rockford with 100:
123 Bowman, Jasper
124 Bennett, Riley
131 Tickle, W. F.
136 *Helton, Buck
General Merchandise
Mount Airy Jeweler
Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Silverware, Eye Glasses
Repairing a Specialty
Eyes Tested Free and Glasses Filled Everything Guaranteed
Wilson Street) beginning at South Main with 100:
112 Seal, Mrs. Lizzie
1  Valentine, John
l19 Dlckerson, W. D.
Lamb, Vermont
126 Walton, C. w.
129 Collins, A. F.
132 Callaway, Fletcher
133 Langford, R. L.
139 Taylor, E. M.
1 11' IN .ore, F. M.
152 Hennls, W. T.
166 Belton, G. F.
167 Howard, Frank
Worth Street, beginning at Main with 100:
116 Poore, Jim
117 * Jones, Iky
125 Owens, Sandy
127 Midkifl, W. H.
i::i Herrell, M. J.
i in Jones, .Mrs. M. A.
Parker, G. B.
1 16 Davis, Tom
i:,i Beasley, W. S.
154 Smith, A. M.
180 Smitli. I). C.
181 Griffith, Mart
185 Davis. William
:•:::: York. Ivan
 Snow, Iredell
::•;:, Wood. Emmett
253 Poore, Mrs. Sallie
264 Goin, J. A.
268 James, Mrs. T. H.
272 Ferrell, J. M.
273 Lineback, Harvey
276 Ferrell, E. G.
281 Hull, Mrs. Martha
284 Thacker, Jim
309 Davis, Mai
Cooper, John
321 McMillon, William
326 *Brower, Frank
327 *Morrison, Joe
337 *Sawyers, Budd
342 *Edwards, Lizzie
343 *Xorman, William
352 *Doss, Gabe
353 *Titline, Lula
358 *McClenon, Joe, Jr.
364 *Dabney, George
368 *Davis, Henry
369 Lawrence, Lum
374 Oneal's Grocery Store
375 *Masscy, Wiley
Banner Suburb:
Enscore, J. B., lab
Taylor, Lindsey, lab
Montgomery, G. E., lab
Lawson, Allen, lab
Southern, D. T., lab
Holder, Joe, lab
Samuels, Mrs. Mary, wid
Byrd, Jesse, lab
Love, R. L., lab
Banner, Mrs. Delia, wid
Manner, E. C, farmer
Banner, James, farmer
trav slsmn—traveling salesman,
vet sur—veterinary surgeon.
Names marked thus * colored.
Angel, -I. A., farmer, b 1 18 Welch.
Angel, J. T.. farmer, b 1 18 Welch.
Angel, I. A., lab, b 1 Is Welch.
Angel, Franklin, lab, li 127 Haymore.
Ashburn, W. W.. barber, n h Durham.
Ashburn, J. I. W.. lab, b 187 Badley.
Ashburn, S. A., lab, b 187 Badley.
Ashburn, T. M.. lab, b L87 Badley.
Ashburn, R. 0., lab, b L87 Eadley.
Ashburn, B. X.. m rent, h 2 12 Pine.
Ashburn, Sam, lab, n h Durham.
Ashburn, J. R., lab, b L97 Granite.
Ashby, Mrs. J. L, wid, h 131 S. Main
Phone LIS Residence Phone 194
Barber, I. W.. Bupl of lights and water, 196 Franklin.
Barker, J. E., m rcht, h 204 Willow.
Barker, J. W.. elk, h 211 Spring.
Barker, Edgar, trav slsmn, h i'<>l Willow.
Beasley, Baualey, miller, n h nr 211 Spring.
Beasley, W. S., lab, h l.M Worth.
Beasley, W. M.. elk, b l.M Worth.
Beaslej, S. M.. carpet, 1 L8 Mines.
Beasley, Ada. elk. h L18 llines.
Beasley, AJphia, elk, h 11* Eines.
Beasley, E. T., elk, li L76 I lines.
Beaver, II. A., a c, L02 Kibler.
Bedsaul, Mrs., wid, h i".»l S. Main.
Belton, W. F.. farmer, h 317 S. Main.
Belton, Mrs. ('. E., wid. h 321 S. Main.
Helton, [da, seamstress, h 321 S. Main.
Belton, Robert, farmer, h L33 E. Oak.
Helton. Arthur, janitor, h 14!> Spring.
Belton, Hurley, lab, h 149 Spring.
Belton, F. C, lineman, b 132 Aivli.
Helton. Grady, lab, b 1l".i X. Main.
Belton, K. C, lab, b L28 Welch.
Belton, Ed, lab, b 1 t5 Welch.
Belton, (!. I-'., lab, h 166 Wilson.
Belton. W. A., carpt, h 305 Arch.
Belton, J. I., contr, li 31 1 Arch.
Belton. Joe, -i ad, h •"> Arch.
Belton, Spurgeon, elk. h L33 E. Oak.
Bennett, I'. T.. lab, h 1 -".7 Haymore.
Bennett, Peter, lab, h 145 1 [aymore.
Bennett, Riley, lab, h 1 ."»1 Schafer.
Bergron, < >. II.. s c, h 1 88 Taylor.
Bermel, John, s <•. bds 17 s S. Main
Bernard, W. F... mercht, b 229 Orchard.
Bird, J. A., lab, h L30 Price.
Bird, I.. O. lab, b L30 Price.
Bowman, Lowrv, s c. bda, h 140 Worth.
Bowman, D. C, bkkpr, h 249 Franklin.
Bowman, G. A., s c, h 143 Korner.
Bowman, Jack, s c, h 143 Korner.
Bowman, R. W., foreman, h 234 Rockford.
*Bowman, W. T., lab, h 271 Rockford.
Bowman, Jasper, lab, h 123 Schafer.
Bowman, Walter, lab, h 249 Taylor.
Bowman, D. W.. lab. h F. V. H.
Boyles, Henry, lab, h 182 Gallaway.
Boyd, H. S., policeman, h 152 Taylor.
Boyd. W. E.. lab, h 299 X. Main.
Brannock, P. C, drayman, h 239 S. Main.
Brooks, A. M.. lab, d b Marshall.
Brooks, <'alvi„. lab, b V. V. II.
"Brower, Frank, lab, h 326 Worth.
Brown, X. W.. tob, h 307 X. Main.
Brown, -I. P., earpt, h L92 South.
*Bryant, Ruben, lab, b -V, I South.
*Bryant, John, lab, b .". I'.i South.
Bumgardner, I.. !•'.. mercht, h 117 South.
Bumgardner, .1. \\'.. lab, h 417 South.
Bunker, R. .1.. lab., I t2 Rockford.
Burgess, A. I .. theater mngr, h 132 Cherry.
Burke, W. \\'.. mercht, b L67 Pine.
Burke, Jim, elk, b 1 15 Pine.
Burke, Katie, elk, b 1 2 1 Pender.
Burrus, Lee, lab, h i l:; Hadley.
Castle, Ernest, lab, h 143 Hay.
Castle W. A. B., night watchman, h 143 Hay.
Caudle, J. M., s c h 222 Callaway.
Caudle, J. F., s e, h 203 Orchard.'
Chandler, , draftsman, lids h 100 S. Main.
Chandler. Mrs. Mary, wid, h 144 Dobson.
Chandler, Willie lab, h 144 Dobson.
Chandler, Charlie, lab, h 144 Dobson.
Childress, G. IF, lab, h nr 134 Arch.
Chilton, Mrs. Ada, wid. h L36 Welch.
Christian. W. W.. hank elk. bds 180 Willow.
Clarke. John, engr, h 158 Franklin.
*Clarke, Nick, lab, h 205 Needmore.
Cox. Albert, lab, h Marshall.
*Cox, Mandy, cook, h 2<»i Needmore.
. J. W., lab, h If,:; Renfro.
Crawford, Dave, drayman, h K>7 Needmore.
Crawford, Patsy, cook, h 118 Mill.
Creasy, Mix Walter, wid, b 150 X. Main.
< ivvclin. C. C. bkkpr, h is I Rockford.
Crews, Will, lab, li 1 <'>.-> Spaugh.
Creed, Mr-. Martha, wid, h L36 Price.
Creed, ('. C, lab, h 136 Price.
Creed, .1. W.. mercht, h 296 Rockford.
Creed, Anderson, farmer, li 312 Rockford.
Creed, <>.(.. farmer, h 3 1 2 Rockford.
\Dean, Charlie, lab, h 128 Factory.
Dean, M. L., carpt, h 171 Orchard.
Dickerson, W. D., wood car\7er, h 119 Wilson.
Diverio, B. D., s c, h 349 X. Main.
Dix, J. M., mercht, h 136 Taylor.
Dix, W. H., mercht, h 141 Taylor.
Dobbins, X. W., mnfr, h 223 Spring.
Donald, Mrs. Jane, laund, h 132 Welch.
Doss, A. L., mercht, h 181 Hadley.
Doss Jim, farmer, h 140 Junction.
*Doss, Gabe, lab, h 352 Worth.
Drauo-hn, J. J., lab, h 470 South.
Driscoll, T. J., s c, h 157 Rawley.
Edwards, Jennie, drmkr, li 316 Arch.
Ellis, Marvin, depol agt, li 219 Spring.
*Ellis, Albert, farmer, h 16 I Granite.
Everitt, T. M.. tinner, h L37 Franklin.
E^ in. John, s c, li 1 52 ( 'herry.
Fawcett, Thomas, banker, li 259 X. Main.
Fawcett, T. G., bank* r, h L95 X. Main.
Fawcett, <!. I>.. banker, cor Main and Rawley.
Fergerson, John I*'... porter, h I s " Granite.
*Fergerson, Agnes, cook, li I s " Granite.
^Fergerson, Flossie, < k, li L80 Granite.
Ferrell, J. M.. fanner, b 272 Worth.
*Franee, John, lab, b 53(3 South.
' Franklin, Steve, lab, li 205 Xeedmore.
^Franklin, Ella.' cook, b 265 Needmore.
"Franklin, Leithy, laund, b 544 South.
*Franklin, Troy, lab, b 132 Johnson.
Freeman. J. H., carpt, b 187 Granite.
Fry, Joe, blksmith, b 125 Needmore.
Fulcher, R. H., brkman, bds 242 Franklin.
Fulk, S. A., blksmith, h 169 Hadley.
Fulk, A., lab, b 104 Depot.
Fulk. Joe. supt., b 218 Rockford.
Fulton, J. M., fertl dlr. h 186 S. Main.
Fulton, ('has., tob, h 186 S. Main.
Fulton. J. II.. h 200 S. Main.
George, I. M.. editor, h nr 152 Orchard.
George, Critz, instructor, li nr 152 Orchard.
George, W. F., editor, b nr 137 Taylor,
Gilbert, W. II.. blksmth, b 132 Bines.
Gilbert, II. A., blksmth, b 1 is Maple.
Gilbert, J. R., blksmth, h 183 Taylor.
"Gilbert, Leota, cook, b 125 Mill.
Gillespie, Arthur, lab, b 520 South.
Gillespie, I . W., a c, b nr L99 Taylor.
Gilmer, J. A.. | reacher, h L32 S. Main.
Gilmer, Mr-. M. ('.. wid, h 121 Pine.
Goard, G. J., lab, h 158 Spaugh.
Goard, -I. M.. carpt, h 1 63 Spaugh.
Goard, W. 11.. farmer, b 1">7 Spaugh.
Griffith. Martin, lab. h 182 Worth. .
Gunter. C. G.. lab, h 102 Roberts.
Griffith, E. D., lab, h 167 Mill.
Gwvn, C. F., farmer, h nr 422 X. Main.
Gwyn, C. W.. lab. h 340 South.
"Gwvn, Dock, lab, h 22:] Needmore.
*Gwyn, Moriah, cook, h 21!) Needmore.
*Gwyn, Macon, lab, h 110 Mill.
Gwyn, Joe H. prop of White Sulphur Springs.
Hadley, J. A., mnfr, h 221 Pine.
Hale. S. M.. mercht. h 132 Pender.
Hale, J. D., elk, h 132 Pender.
Hale J. G., lab, h 340 South.
Hale, W. B., elk, h L36 Pender.
Hall, Jim, lab, h L37 Kibli r.
^Hammock, Walter, Lab, h 609 South.
^Hammock, George, lab, h 597 South.
^Hammock, Mandy, Laund, h 597 South.
Hampton, Mrs. Jane, wid, h 148 Rockford.
^Hampton, George, lab, b 424 South.
Handy, Robt., h 147 South.
Hanks. W. G., lab, h L52 Church.
Hanks, Robt., lab, h L82 Church.
Hanks, G. X.. lab, h 192 Church.
Hanks. C. S., h 152 Franklin.
Hanks, Olen, elk, h 152 Franklin.
Hanks. Howard, stud, h 152 Franklin.
Hannah. E. A., undertaker, h 143 X. Main.
^Harbor, Sarah, laund. h 152 Xeedmore.
Hardie, T. G.. s c, h nr 422 X. Main.
Hardy, E. E., lab, h 242 Pine.
Harris, Alice. Penn.
Harris, 4. W., blksmith, h 120 X. Main.
Harris, R. D., blksmith, h 120 X. Main.
Harris, F. M., lab, n h Marshall.
Harris. W. IT., lab, h 153 Spaugh.
Harris. 4. Wes, lab h 277 South.
Harris. J. F.. lab, li 277 South.
Harris, G. T.. mail carrer, h 188 Willow.
^Harris, L. A., teacher, h 1st; Granite.
Harrison, 4. L., mercht, h 225 X. Main.
Harrison, 4. G., stud, h 226 X. Main.
Harvey, A. D., s c, bds, h L78 S. Main.
Hatcher, T. 4).. fanner, h L58 Welch.
Hatcher, W. ('..
Hatcher, 155 Renfro.
Hatcher, Mrs. Charlie, wid. h 155 Renfro.
Haughton, Mrs. Lula, wid. h 156 X. Main.
llines, W. I>., rniv salesman, h ISO Pine.
Ilines, H. E., stud, h L80 Pine.
llines, R E., h 180 Pine.
Ilines, R., foreman, li 160 Rockfard.
Hill. J. .M.. who mercht, h 180 Willow.
Hill, Carroll, elk. li ISO Willow,
Hicks. G. ('.. lab, h 316 Arch.
Hicks, Sarah, drnikr, h 316 Arch.
Hodge, Wilson, carpt, h 113 E. Oak.
Hodge, D. M., mercht, h 239 Roekford.
Hodge, D. S., pool room, h 114 Moore.
Hodge, Chas., electr, h 136 Dixie.
Hodge, T. J., nt watchman, h 114 Dobson.
Hodge, J. 1)., nt watchman, h 199 Tavlor.
Hoffman, 1). E., manfr, h 192 S. Main.
Holcomb, F. D., mercht, h 131 Pine.
Holcomb, B. V.. farmer, h 166 Pine.
Hollingsworth, J. C, lumber dlr, h 142 S. Main.
Hollingsworth, Warren, stud, h 142 S. Main.
Hollingsworth, Will, stud, h 142 S. Main.
Hollingsworth, Mrs. Cora, wid, h 143 S. Main.
Hollingsworth, Jesse, stud, b 143 S. Main.
Hollingsworth, W., dentist, h 143 S. Main.
Hollingsworth, Dr. R. E., h 1(30 S. Main.
Hollingsworth. Mrs. J. M.. wid, h 107 X. Main.
Hollingsworth. Mary, stngr, h 167 X. Main.
Hollingsworth, Joe, stud, b 107 X. Main.
Hollingsworth, Dr. E. M., h 168 S. Main.
Hollingsworth, Mrs. Susan, wid, h 100 S. Main.
Hooker, J. T., engr. h 4i» S. Main.
Hooker. Thomas, nt watchman, h 257 E. Elm.
Howard, Erank, mercht, h 107 Wilson.
Howard, Hubert, elk. h 107 Wilson.
Howard, Lillian, elk, h 167 Wilson.
Hudson, J. II.. lab, b 8G0 Sonth.
Hundley, Grace, tele opr, h 124 Welch.
Husband, T. E., mercht, li 207 Willow.
Husband, Dudley, h 207 Willow.
. Hutchins, Isaac elk, bds h 231 Pine.
*Ingram, Dave, lab, h 375 Rockford.
*Ingram, Jack, lab, h LOl Rockford.
Tnman. R. E., mercht, h 201 X. Main.
Imnan. B. IT., s c. h 153 Orchard.
*Ivey, Sam. lab, h 122 Johnson.
Jackson. J. B., foreman, h 022 X. Main.
Jackson. AY. E.. mercht. h 220 X. Main.
Jackson. W. A., mercht. li 170 Pine.
Jackson. J. A., farmer, li 181 S. Spring.
Jackson. Reid, elk. rms over 11 S. Main.
James. Charlie, eondt, h 257 S. Main.
James. Mrs. T. H.. wid, h 268 Worth.
Jarrell. H. G.. elk, h nr 17:> Church.
Jarrell. J. B.. blksmith, li 2<>7 Church.
Jarrell. A. F.. lab, h 122 Renfro.
Jarvis. A. M.. canner, h 123 Depot.
Jarvis, R. A., lab. n h Durham.
*Jarvis, W., lab. h 158 Needmore.
*Jarvis, S. W., lab. h 301 Rockford.
*Jarvis, Buck, lab. h 120 Spring.
*Jarvis, Florence, conk, h 301 Rockford.
Jeffries. J. B.. s c. h 125 Lebanon.
Jeffries, Jesse, elk. h 125 Lebanon.
Jeffries. J. L., s c, h 145 Taylor.
Jenkins. J. A., lab, h 405 South.
Jenkins. H. T.. lab. li 405 South.
Jenkins Mi-. .1. 1).. wid, h Hit; S. Main.
Jessup, Georce. lab. h 291 S. Main.
Jessup, Florence, tel opr. h 201 S. Main.
Jones, D. A., lab, b 221 Orchard.
Jones, J. !>.. lab, b 221 Orchard.
Jones, W. J., blksmith, li 1 t5 Price.
Jones, < '.
Jones, Mrs. M. A., h 1 t0 Worth.
Jones, Ernest, lab, h 1 l<» Worth.
Jones, II. E., lab, h 160 Eines,
Jones, -I . F., engr, h 1 7"'> Sines.
Jones, Robt., lab, h 1
Jones, Jesse, lab, h 17<> Sines.
Jones, Charlie, lab, h 141 Hamburg.
Jones, -I. '1'.. hih. b 1
Jones, Badley.
Jones, W. M. I... lab, h l 1". Korner.
Jones, -I. II.. drayman, h :!»M \. Main.
Jones, John, drayman, h L32 Needmore.
Jones, K. I... carpt, h 230 ( Orchard.
Lawson, J. W., lab, L 142 Welch.
Leach, Clarke, moving; picture opr, rais over 45 S. Main.
Leach, Mrs. E. M.. wid. h 193 Sonth.
-Leak. Will. lab. h 420 Rockford.
*Leak. Grover. janitor, h 430 Rockford.
*Leak, Anna, lannd, h 430 Rockford.
Ledford, I). ().. lab. h lie. 1 1 ay more.
Ledford, J. W.. lab. h 128 Haymore.
Lemmerman, J. A., stone mnfr, h nr tank X. Main.
*Lennon, Sam. lab, h 589 South.
Leonard, R. H., jeweler, h 180 Franklin.
Lewis. W. M.. tob, h 320 Cherry.
Lewis, John. lab. h 242 Franklin.
Lineback, V. \\\. lab, n h, nr 301 Rockford.
Lineback, Harvey, mach, h 273 Worth.
*Long, Stephen, lab, b 565 South.
Lowe. T. P., farmer, li L45 NTeedmore.
Lovill, G. C. mercht, bds 1 S. Main.
Lovill, J. \V.. mercht, bds 1 S. .Main.
Lowe. R. F., lab, h 303 South.
Lowe. J. L., lab, li 193 Granite.
Lowry, A. F., bkkpr, li 142 Korner.
Lowry, J. D., printer, li 142 Korner.
Lowry, T. J., lab, h 235 Rockford.
Lowry, T. J., bkkpr. h 341 South.
Lowry, J. E.. lab, h 341 South.
Lowry, J. W., lab, h 147 Korner.
Lowry, Tom, lab, h 277 South.
*Lucus, Jim, brkmn, li 174 Granite.
Lundy, C. E., mercht, h 123 Rawley.
Maleik, Carl, s c, h 307 X. Main.
Marion, John, druggist, h 225 X. .Main.
Marion, ('. R., lab, h nr 332 South.
.Marshall, John, painter, h 302 Pine.
Marshall, ('. L., mercht, h 266 Rockford.
Marshall, S. ().. mercht. h 274 Rockford.
Marshall, W. M., lab, h 425 South.
Marshall, T. M., mechanic, h 341 South.
Marshall, R. M., elk, h 222 Factory.
.Marshall. S. E., mnl'r. li L55 Tine.
Marshall. G. F., auto agt, h L55 Pine.
Marshall, R. K.. carpt, h 261 Pine.
Massey, G. T., blksmith, h 182 Taylor.
Massey, O. T.. mach. h nr 188 Taylor.
Massey, Carl, mach. h nr 188 Taylor.
Massey, Roy, chauf, h nr 188 Taylor.
Massey, J. T.. blksmith. h
McMillon, A. C., lab, h L36 Gallaway.
McMillan. I.. K.. bkkpr, hill Maple.
•'McXalK . Ann. bouse maid, h 528 South.
McNight, s. A., lab, h F. V. II.
McWilliams, John, - c, b 299 E. Elm.
McNeill, .lain.-, lab, b 255 Needmore.
Melton, Carden, lab, b 228 Taylor.
Melton, Mrs. AJbert, wid, h 288 Taylor.
Merritt, W. F.. mercht, h 206 X. Main.
Merritt, A. IF. h L98 X. Main.
Merritt, < Iscar, stud, b 206 X. Main.
Merritt. C. R., mnfr, h L03 Maple.
Merritt. Haywood, mercht. h nr 1 ."»1 Lebanon.
Meyers, Fannie, h 171 F. ( )ak
Meyers, Aisbery, mail carrier, h 1 36 X. Main.
Moore, W. II.. s c, h 139 E. Oak.
Moore, M. D.. trav salesman, h L81 Fine.
Moore, R. L., lab, h m- Southern depot.
Moore, J. R.. lab, h 132 Renfro.
Moore. J. A., lab, h 343 Rockford.
Moore. O. EL, photographer, h 104 Franklin.
Moore, Jim, lab, h 238 Needmore.
* Moore, J. H., lab, h 250 Needmore.
Morefield, M. M., lab, h 143 Korner.
Morrison, Joe, lab, h 327 Worth.
Moser. John, lab, h 125 Iladlev.
Moser, E. T., lab, h F. V. IT.
Motley, William, plumber, h 126 W. Oak.
Norman, Ernest, carpt, h 296 Pine.
Norman, J. F., lab, h 411 South.
Norman, John, lab, h 277 Spring.
Norman, J. II., mail carrier, h 216 Orchard.
Norman, \Y. A., mnfr, h 240 Pine.
Norman, W. ('.. barber, h 138 Renfro.
Norman, W. M., carpt. h 873 South.
Norman, Joe barber, h 170 Welch.
Norman, William, lab, h 343 Worth.
Nutt, J. B., bkkpr, h nr Tank. N. Main.
Oakley, J. R., lab, h 517 South.
Okennor, W. T., s c, h 136 Korner.
Oneal, W. D., brkman, h 184 Franklin.
Oneal, L. J., lab, h 135 Hay.
Overby, H. S., lab, h 155 Junction.
Overby, Dock, lab, h 126 Marshall.
Overby, J. A., lab. h 122 Marshall.
Owens, William, blksmith, h 338 N. Main.
Owen, P. A., foreman, b 195 Broad.
Owens, Mrs. Mary, wid, 303 S. Main.
Owens, Sevellin, elk, h 303 S. Main.
Owens, Will, lab, h 156 Welch.
Owen-, Sandy, lab, h L25 Worth.
Owens, Jesse, lab, b L25 Worth.
Pace, S. G.. liveryman, h L24 Franklin.
Pace, S. W., h 124 Franklin.
*Pace, Burt, laund, h 150 Xceclmore.
Paddison, J. P.. h 173 Pine.
*Palmer, John, lab, h 114 Hadley.
Parker, G. B.. a c, h 141 Worth.
Parks, D. I)., mgr. commissary, b 1 1.'• Mines.
Poore Mrs. Sallie, wid. h l'.~>-'! Worth.
Po re. Fred, lab h li'<; W. Oak.
Poore, W. W.. lab, h L3] Junction.
Poore, -F A., lab, h 158 Broad.
Poore, Jim, lab, h 1 L6 Worth.
Poore, F. <
'.. mercht, h 1 7 I Franklin.
Poore, A. 'I'., lab, h L31 I [amburg.
Poore, Sam, lab, h 1•">1 Hamburg.
Po re, Frank, presser, h L58 Junction.
Poteat, C. C, lab, h L64 Spaugh.
Portiss, F. M., lab, h L76 W. Elm.
Powell, Thomas, a «•. bds 307 X. Main.
Powell, J. <;.. engr, b 156 Rockford.
Prather, Mrs. -I. IF. wid. b 1T."» X'. Main.
Prather, W. .1.. b 17:. X. Main.
Richardson. J. M., lab, h 132 Broad.
Riddle, F. F., s c, h 254 Rockford.
Puddle, Freelie, lab, 126 Kibler.
Rierson, Mrs. Florence, wid, h 224 Rockford.
Riggan, R. K, lab, h 140 Factory.
Roberson, Matt, lab, h 441 South.
Roberson, G. C, lab, h 152 Factory.
Roberson, W. G., lab, n h Durham.
Roberson, J. C, painter, h 201 Granite.
Roberson, J. 0., lab, h 165 Price.
Roberts. O. W., elk, h Durham.
Roberts. T. D., contr, h 13S Ilaymore.
Roberts, Howard, farmer, n h Poplar.
*Eoberts, John, lab, h 286 Rockford.
*Roberts, A. 1-:.. lab, h 286 Rockford.
Roberts, Dick, elk, h nr 1 fc5 ffaymore.
Robinson, I . I... engr, h 215 Franklin.
Robinson, Adrian, stud, h 2 1 5 Franklin.
Rogers, W. II., jeweler, h 296 Pine.
Rose, J. L., mail carrier, n li .Marshall.
Rose, John, lab, b 39 1 South.
Rosenthal, R., elk, h L96 Willow.
Rothrock, P. S.. marble carver, b L27 Pender.
S.i met. M., repairer, h L22 W. Oak.
Samuels, Tom G., liveryman, li 1 .">^ Franklin.
Sargeant, J. D., stone mnfr, h 114 Rawley.
Sargent, Raymond, s c, h 114 Rawley.
Saunders. Fletcher, elk. bds 231 Pine.
Saunders, VV. D., carpt, b 295 \. Alain.
Saunders, Martha, elk, h 295 X. Alain.
Saunders, W. R., assl p. m., h 201 Church.
Sawyers, E. R., elk. h 148 Orchard.
Sawvers. Budd, lab, h :;. >7 Worth.
*Sawyers, Belle, laund, h 200 Granite.
Satterfield, Mrs. Mary, wid, h 222 Orchard.
Satterfield, T. F., mercht, h 219 Spring.
"Scales, Annie, cook, h 257 Needmore.
*Scales. Sid, lab, h 297 Rockford.
^Scales, George, lab, h 257 Needmore.
*Scales, Tobe, lab, h V>i\ Needmore.
Schaub, Mrs., wid. h 118 S. Main.
Schaub, J. W.. wend shop, h 257 Franklin.
Schaub, Ashhv. blksmith, h 257 Franklin.
Schafer, EL, real estate agt, b 177 Franklin.
Scott, T. M., lab, h 245 Franklin.
Scott, E. S., foreman, b 1M Granite.
Seal. Fred, druggist, h L34 Lebanon.
Seal, Mrs. Lizzie, wid, h 112 Wilson.
S frerlen, C. K.. draftsman, bds 1 S. Main.
Sei wald, E. ( !., s c, h Lebanon.
Shelton, C. A., depot agt, h L50 S. Main.
Shelron. W. P.. S c h 1 l."» Mineral.
Shelton, L. S., carpt, h 17 1 Junction.
Smith. B. ('.. lab, h Durham.
Smith. A. E., mnt'r. h L68 Franklin.
Smith. Raymond, stud, b L68 Franklin.
Smith. /. 'I'., tob, h L39 Mines.
Smith. Eugene, bkkpr, h 1 ">'.• I line-.
Smith. .1. T.. elk, li I'itT X. Main.
Smith. Edgar, fireman, h 303 X. .Main.
Smith. Meek, 3 c, h 343 X. Main.
Smith. R. II.. elk. h l Ki Orchard.
Smith. Annie, laiiml. li 122 South.
"Smith. Ellen, laund, h 244 NTeedmore.
'Smith. Cora, cook, li 177 Needmore.
Smith. Martha, laund, h 177 Needmore.
'Smith. Mentola, laund, h 177 Needmore.
Smith. Minnie, laund, h 177 Needmore.
Smith. Tom. lab, h or 1•*'>•''( S-allaway.
Stemple, P. C, lumber dlr, h 123 S. Main.
Stone, Luther, elk, h nr 175 Church.
Stone, Ed, ins agt, bds, 231 Pine.
Stratton, James, s c, h 175 Eenfro.
Stronick, James, h 127 Mineral.
Stuart. A. F.. butcher, h 260 Pine.
Stuart, S. C. restaurant, h 132 Franklin.
Stuart, H. P.. butcher, h L04 Hines.
*Stuart, Salem, lab, h 229 Needmore.
*Stuart, H. H., carpt, h 133 Johnson.
*Stuart, S., cook, h 186 Haymore.
*Stuart, Joe, lab, h 555 South.
Stuart. Mary, laund, h East.
Talley, W. S., carpt, h 1 •; 1 Mill.
Taylor, E. F., mercht, h L68 Banner.
Taylor, J. R., stud, h L89 S. .Main.
Taylor, K. M.. preacher, h L89 S. .Main.
Taylor, Wesley, stud, h L89 S. Main.
Taylor, W. S., Doctor, h L32 Granite.
Taylor, Mrs. ('. F., wid, li L35 Lebanon.
Taylor, W. R.., carpt, li 135 Lebanon.
Taylor. Pearle, tele opr, li L35 Lebanon.
Taylor. J. S., mercht, li 277 South.
Taylor, E. M., chief police, li 139 Wilson.
Taylor, T. W., lab, h L86 Eines.
Taylor. W. M.. mason, h L92 I lines.
Taylor, G. L., liveryman, b 121 Maple.
Taylor, T. L.. drayman, h 323 Pine.
Taylor, Jim, lab, h 332 South.
Taylor. A. J., lab, h 532 South.
Thacker, Jim, s c, h 284 Worth.
Thacker, George, lab, h 161 Hadley.
Thacker, Will? lab. h 161 Hadley.
Thacker, Peter, lab, h 161 Hadley.
Thacker, Robt, lab, h 161 Hadley.
Thomas, R. L., cobbler, h 62 S. Main.
Thomas. W. W., mercht, h 109 Him s.
Thomas, S. L., lab, h 128 Factory.
Thompson, J. D., mercht, h 214 N. Main.
Thompson, T. J., foreman, h 166 Willow.
Tompson, Claude, transfer, bds h 131 Pine.
"Thompson, Eli, lab, h 675 South.
Throer, J. X.. lab, h 175 Granite.
Throer. W. L., lab, h 147 Mill.
Tickle, William, lab, h 177 Price.
Tickle. Budd, lab, F. V. H.
Ticklevs, W. F., carpt, h i:il Schafer.
Tilley, J. D.. lab, h 156 Broad.
Tilley, W. II.. lab, h 156 Broad.
Tilley, Walter, lab, h 130 Broad.
Tilley, A. E., civil service, h 129 W Elm.
Tilley, H.. h 129 W. Elm.
*Walker, Will, blksmith, b 560 South.
*Walker, Tom. drayman, h H3 Rockford.
*Walker, Tom Jr., lab, 1; U3 Rockford.
Wall, Walter, brkman, h 242 Franklin.
Warren, S. II.. lab, h nr 343 Rockford.
Watson, R. W., tob, h 133 Rockford.
Watson, John, elk, b 189 Willow.
Watson, C. W.. - c, h 125 Wilson.
Webb, Mi I ward, lab, n h, nr I >epot.
Webb, A. <;.. who mercht, li III Orchard.
Webb, ( !. I!., carpt, li 1 !!• Orchard.
Webb, E. J., carpt, h 225 Orchard.
Webster, P. D.. elk, h 297 S. Main.
Wilson. Eugene, farmer, h 4<>;> S. Main.
. Wilson, Cutler, barber, bds Central Hotel.
Wilson. R. J., lab. h 110 Hamburg.
Witt. 11. T., brkmason, h 133 Eini s.
Witr. J. F.. s c, h 133 Llines.
Wolf, Henry, p. o. elk, h 155 Pine
Wolfe, F. f.. bkkpr, h L27 W. Elm.
Woltz, Dr. J. L.. h 132 Rawley.
Wood. P. IL. lab, h 12!) Roberts.
Wood. W. W.. pro dlr, h L32 Wilson.
Wood, Emmett, blksmith, h 265 Worth.
Woodhonse, Ed, elk. rms over 13 S. Mail..
Woodruff. John, lab, h 114 Hines.
Woodruff. Thomas, stone innfr, h 249 X. Main.
Woodruff, George, stone mnfr. h 249 X. Main.
Woodruff, Frank, architect, b 249 X. Main.
Worrell, Curts, elk, h 153 Orchard.
Worth, .Mrs. J. L., wid, h 216 S. Spring.
Worth, W. Y., farmer, h 202 S. Spring.
Wrenn, E. II., who merchant, h 14-8 Rawley.
Wrenn, Lucian, stud, h 148 Rawley.
Wright, J. II. Lab, h 149 Hadley.
Wright, R E., lab, h 127 Depot.
Wright, I). W., lab, h 112 Roberts.
Wyrick, Chas., lab, h 229 Franklin.
Wyrick, D. V.. Lab, h 105 Junction.
Yokley, O. II., shp elk, h 203 Franklin.
Yokley, J. A., mnfr, h 185 Franklin.
Yokley, Jim, lumber dlr, h 185 Franklin.
York, Mrs. Emma, wid, h 129 Broad.
York, Frank, lab, h 129 Broad.
York, Clarke, Lab, h 129 Broad.
York. Grady, lab, h 129 Broad.
York, I. B.,' mach, h 327 South.
York, Marvin, carpt, li nr 180 Church.
York, Ivan, farmer, h 233 Worth.
Young, Bettie, laund, li 10G Ilines.
Young-. S. L., preacher, h nr 16 1 Granite.
Yow, J. C, lab, h 154 Broad.
W. F. Carter, office over 36 sMain.
.1. II. Folger, office over 6 s Main.
S.P.Graves, office over 43 s. Main.
It. La Haymore, office over 14 s Main.
To those desiring to come to a beautiful, progressive and
hospitable city, Mount Airy's people extend a cordial welcome.


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