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Surry County Family Genealogies

Dotson Family

Source:  Book - 'The Heritage of Surry County, NC'

Source Information:
Volume 1 - Published 1983 by the Surry County
Genealogical Association, Dobson, North Carolina;
Hester Bartlett Jackson, Editor

Books may be ordered from
The Heritage of Surry County, NC
Post Office Box 707
Dobson, North Carolina 27107


Sandy Dotson, born 6 July 1830, died 6 March 1893, was married to Lula Dora Jones, 4 September 1881.  Sandy is buried on a farm near Mulberry Primitive Baptist Church.  His wife is buried at Little Richmond Church cemetery.
They owned a large farm on Snow Creek and had five children:
(1)  Inez Dotson, born 2 October 1884, died 31 December 1965, married Winfield Snow, 8 November 1904.  They lived near Dobson where Mr. Snow was prison camp foreman.  They are buried at Double Creek Friends Church cemetery.
(2)  Sally Dotson, born 21 December 1886, died 22 October 1944, married Cleve Dobbins, 6 January 1906.  Mr. Dobbins was a miller, and operated two water mills during his lifetime -- Dobbins Mill on Snow Creek and G. Wallace Mill on Mitchell River.  He and his wife are both buried at Union Cross Baptist Church cemetery.
(3)  Porter Dotson, born 21 January 1889, died 28 December 1974, married a German girl named Agnes Mossey who lived in Montana, 4 February 1921.  After they married they homesteaded and built a home.  His wife was born 18 January 1891, and died 21 December 1975.  This couple farmed their land in Montana for twenty-five years, after which they retired and came back to North Carolina in 1946 where they both died.  When Mr. Dotson died he was 86 years old.  He and his wife are both buried at Little Richmond Baptist Church cemetery.
(4)  Bessie Dotson, born 6 September 1881, died 4 January 1968, never married.  She is buried at Little Richmond Baptist Church cemetery.
(5)  Gaston Dotson, born 30 January 1893, died 10 December 1931, never married. He was known as a water tank jack, having traveled all over the U.S. helping build and erect large water tanks.  He is buried at Little Richmond Baptist Church cemetery.
-----C. Hilton Jones


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