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Surry County Marriages

Jenkins Marriages

Surry Co., NC Marriages 1779-1868 by Holcomb
Submitted by Alan and Pat Hartman

The dates are usually the license date, unless specified otherwise “bm”=bondsman “CH”= the bond or license in one remaining in the courthouse in the office of the Registrar of Deeds


Henry H. p. 99: Henry H. Jenkins, bm for Henry Horton and Rachel A. Edmond, 1864
Hiram, p. 107 (three on the page)
1.Hiram Jenkins, son of Wm. And Lucinda Jenkins m. Sarah L. Lancaster, dau of Geo. Lancaster, m. 24 Dec 1867
2.Hiram Jenkins, son of Hiram and Nancy Jenkins m. Delila Stanley, dau of L.J. and Eliz. Stanley, m. 30 Mar 1868
3.Hiram Jenkins m. Nancy Marsh 17 May 1826; Isaac Winfrey, bm
J. J., p. 69: bm for m. of James K. Franklin and Lydia Melton, Aug 1866
J.M., p. 135: bm for m. of William Marsh and Sarah A. Phillips, Dec 1866
John A., p. 178: bm for m. of John R. Sanders and Hannah A. Walton, Jun 1825
John J., p. 224: bm for m. of Silas Wood and Mary Strange, Feb 1866
Lucinda, p. 107: mother of Hiram #1
Lucy An, p. 16: m. Johnathan Bledsoe, 5 Feb 1856
Mary, p. 9: m. Ransom Baity, 5 Mar 1829; William Baity Jr., bm
Mary, p. 189: m. Alfred Snow, 15 Oct 1844; Wm. Stepp, bm (CH)
Nancy, p. 107: mother of Hiram #2
Nancy, p. 195: m. Nathan A. Stanly, 22 Dec 1851; Lemuel J. Stanly, bm; m. 23 Dec 1851 by A.H. Dobson J.P.
William A., p. 115: bm for m. of Thomas D. Jones and Martha E. Axsom, Aug 1866
Wm., p. 107: father of Hiram #1
Wm. A., p. 109: bm for m. of A.M. Johnson and Sallie Hopper, Oct 1863


Delight, p. 15: m. Jacob Black, 30 Oct 1822; Vallentine Jenkings bm
Elisabeth, p. 139: m. Jesse May, 27 May 1855; Henry Jinkins, bm
Henry, p. 45: bm for m. of Isaac Cranfield and Polly Jindkins, 25 Nov 1838
Henry, p. 139: bm. For Jesse May and Elisabeth Jinkins, 27 May 1855
Henry, p. 169: bm for m. of Anderson Reavis and Eliz. Frost, Jan 1850
Hugh, p. 212: bm for m. of Jonston Warden and Sarah Patterson, 3 Jun 1852
Jesse, p. 139: bm for m. of Henry Maynard and Jane Holcomb, July 1846
Nancy, p. 48: opps, missed this one


Vallentine, p. 15: see Delight Jinkins

Some on p. 107-108, not in index:

Jenkins, David m. Peggy Adams, 30 July 1833; Henry G. Foster, bm
Jenkins, David F. m. Martha E. Etcheson, 1 Sept 1866; Henry Bass, bm
Jenkins, Elhanan m. Anne Miller, 8 Apr 1810; James Hudspeth, bm
Jenkins, Francis m. Susannah Morrison, 31 Mar 1819; Barnebus Vinzant, bm
Jenkins, Jesse m. Eliz. Langly, 2 Dec 1831; Thomas Dinkins, bm
Jenkins, John m. Sarah Underwood, 23 Jun 1828; Benjamin Rose, bm
Jenkins, R.M. m. Sallie Lovel, 15 Sept 1865; m. 18 Sept 1865
Jenkins, William m. Charity M. Jones, 6 Oct 1866; Daniel J. Cockerham, bm
Jinkins, David m. Anna Bitticks, 21 Oct 1819; Strangeman Hutchens, bm
Jinkins, Joel m. Katharine Smith, 29 Mar 1855; C.C. Smith, bm m. by Marshall, J.P. 29 Mar 1855
Jinkins, Miner m. Nancy Stoutz, 20 Jan 1851; Jo. Dobson, bm


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