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Surry County Marriages

Reavis Marriages
Submitted by Barbara Lucas

Reaves, Abel Garner, Polly October 1818
Reavis, Abigail Combs, Charles Dec 1819
Reaves, Edward Reaves, Sarah Feb 1793
Reavis, Edward Haddocks, Mary Oct 1795
Reavis, Eliza G. Lovell, William Aug 1837
Reavis, Elizabeth Patrick, Elisha July 1811
Reavis, Elizabeth Garner, Henry Atchison 1810
Reavis, Elizabeth Roberts, George Apr 1831
Reavis, James Gibbins, Mary Dec 1845
Reavis, Jesse Gibbons, Mary Oct 1806
Reavis, Jesse Franklin Hutchins, Emelin Jan 1869
Jesse, Jr Garman, Mary Apr 1830
Reavis, John Macy, Catherine May 1827
Reavis, Joseph Powell, Nancy May 1848
Reavis, Joseph Kelly, Eleanor 1807
Reavis, Nanceay Powell, John Apr 1798
Reaves, William Steelmon, Jane Feb 1813
(I eliminate day in my dates, on most stats..easier and less mistakes :-))


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