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Surry County Surnames

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Absher/Abshire Brent H. Williams
Adams Dee March
Stephen R Dinkins
Stephany Smith Gonser

Mary Heckert
Cindy S Munson

Allen Eleanor Colson
Alsobrook Roslyn Alsobrook Roslyn's Web Site
Armstrong Edwina Williams
Marcene Oxford

Ashburn Tracy Anderson  &  Joan Jurenka  (co-researchers)



Badgett David W. Marshall, Sr. David's Web Site
Bagby Susan Gall Avery  
Bailey/Baily Frances Hall
Sylvia Cook
Banner Ada Finley 
Tom Hill

Barber Thomas M. Harper
Barrow Julia Russu
Bass Anne Whitaker McCracken
Beall/Beals Joseph Luther Bell Joseph's Web Site
Bell Joseph Luther Bell Joseph's Web Site
Bittick/Biddick/Biddix Mary Bittick Gallano Mary's Web Site
Boaz James Boaz
Bott Donna Bott
Bottom Sherry Griggs
Bowen Shirley Owen Mahan
Bramblett/Bramlett Mike Bramblett Mike's Web Site
Brewer Kathy Koepp
Diane L Burris

Brindle Sherri McGlothern
Brinegar Elizabeth Harris Elizabeth's Web Site
Brinkley Ada Finley
Brintle Joanna Wood
Brissell Anne Whitaker McCracken
Brown Cindy Schroeder
Bryant Edwina Williams  
Burress/Burris/Burrows/Burroughs Gale Hervey
Diane L Burris



Cain Linda B Reams
Calahan/Callahan Joe Callahan
Call Thomas Stafford
Marilyn Finer-Collins

Canadey/Kennedy/Cannady Linda D Smyth
Carpenter Sherri McGlothern
Carr Pat Kennedy
Carrico Anne Whitaker McCracken
Carter Norman Spurling
Annette Spaulding

Cave Glennis Webb Horn
Chandler Cyndi Bennett  
Chappell/Chappelle Len Chapel
John Noble

Cheek/Cheeke Thomas W.Cheek
Chinn Elizabeth Harris Elizabeth's Web Site
Cochran Allice Reynolds
Cockerham Allice Reynolds
Coe Becky Wright
Coleman Julia Coleman Lindquist
Collins Linda B Reams
Gary H. Morrison
Linda Mondy

Combs   Combs Family Information
Cowan Danny A. McBee
Coyne Gale Judkins
Craver/Graber Susan Gall Avery  
Creed Nyla Creed DePauk
Julia Kodak

Creson Susan Gall Avery
Rosalyn Alsobrook

Cunningham Sandra Westbrooks
Curry Tom Cheek



Early Karst Postma
East Alvin Wells
Marilyn Finer-Collins

Eaton Susan Gall Avery  
Eddleman/Eddelmann Susan Gall Avery  
Edmonds Reoma Edmonds McGinnis
Edwards Catherine Cook Sepko
Barbara (Manley) Hernden
Elliott Anne Whitaker McCracken
Endsley Pat Kennedy
Evans Donna Bott
Faircloth Tom Cheek
Felts Cindy Schroeder
Fender Len Chapel
Finney Linda Mondy
Fitzgerald Wiley Alston Jarrell
Fleming Dee March
Anita Bodman

Foster Thomas Stafford
Franklin Pam Stone
Lisa Franklin

Freeman Marty Martin
Karst Postma

Frick Kathy Snow
Fry/Frey/Frye Catherine Cook Sepko
Barbara Blizzard

Fulk/Vulk/Faulk Bob Carter
Tracy Anderson  &  Joan Jurenka  (co-researchers)

Fulton Dottie Smith


G - H

Gammons Harold W Higgins
Garner Trish Brown
Garrison Robert L. Garrison
Gentry Cathie Meek
Len Chapel
Annette Spaulding

Golding/Golden Tom Hill
Goodson Julia Kodak
Gough/Goff Susan Gall Avery
Graber/Craver Susan Gall Avery  
Graves Kathy Snow
Gray Cathie Meek
Green/Greene Reoma Edmonds McGinnis
Greenwood Thomas C Greenwood III
Gregory Harold W Higgins
Groce/Grose/Gross Tom Cheek
Susan Gall Avery

Gunter Catherine Cook Sepko
Haggard Steve Carson
Hair/Hare Danny A McBee
Hall Charles Kearney Hall III
Hammett/Hammitt Kay Raithel
Hanes/Haynes Norman Hanes
Hankins Julia Russu
Harper Thomas M Harper
Harris Sherry Griggs
Pam Stone

Harrison Susan Holman
Harvey Cynthia H. Adams
Sherry Fleischer

Harvick/Harwick Frances Willess
Harville Kenneth Writtenhouse
Hauser Marilyn Finer-Collins
Hayes/Hays Sherri McGlothern
Haymore Bob Carter
Heath Linda D Smyth
Hedgepath/Hudspeth Donna Waggoner Carter
Helsabeck/Hilsabeck Joseph Kirk Hilsabeck
Heriman Gary H Morrison
Hester Carl Hester
Hickman Sherri McGlothern
Hicks/Hix Edwina Williams
Hill David Hill
Tom Hill
Deborah Kerr
Dottie Smith

Hines/Hine/Hein Darlene J Shawn
Hipkins/Hopkins Rich Nallenweg
Hodge/Hodges Ben Zitomer
Holder Bill Holder
Holt Joan DeVour
Holyfield/Holifield/Hollyfield Sandra H Cook
Hoots/Hutts/Huth Susan Gall Avery
Howell Marilyn Finer-Collins
Susan Gall Avery

Hudspeth see Hedgepath
Hutchings/Hutchens/Hutchins Ken Hutchins
Pam Stone


I - J


K - L

Kanaday Jean Mitchell
Kelly/Kelley Barb Kelley
Kerr Pat Kennedy
Key/Kee/Keys David W.Marshall,Sr. David's Web Site
King William Brian King
Knighten Joye Giroux
Laffoon Lanita Sconce Smith
Lamm/Lamb Kathy Koepp
Lambert/Lambeth Linda Smyth
Lawrance/Lawrence/Lowrance Gale Hervey
Lewis Judy Goldbaum
Rich Nallenweg

Lisby/Lusby Phyllis Norman Brandon
Logan Bob Carter
Long Chuck Long
Kathy Snow
Gary Long

Longino Gay Dasher
Lovell/Lovill Anne Whitaker McCracken
Joye Giroux

Lowry/Lowery Pat Kennedy
Luffman Annette Spaulding
Lyon/Lyons Carl Hester



Marion Kathy Snow
Linda Thomas
Shirley Owen Mahan

Marsh Sandra Westbrooks
Marshall David W. Marshall, Sr. David's Web Site
Martin Edwina Williams
Dee March
Gale Judkins
Nancy Turnage 
Tom Hill

Mason Tom Cheek
Mathews/Matthews/Mathis Dee March
Sherry Griggs

Mathis Linda Mondy
Maudry Gale Judkins
Mays/Mayes Sherri McGlothern
McBride Edwina Williams
McCuistion/McQuistion Pat Kennedy  
McDowell Teresa Bruner
McGee Pat Kennedy  
McGlothern (McLawhorn) Sherri McGlothern
McMurray/McMurry Pat Kennedy
McPherson Carole M Barger  (Wm. McP. b. 1823)  
McQueen Annette Spaulding  
Melton Barbara (Manley) Hernden
Messick Nancy Turnage
Midkiff Rachel Grace
Miller Susan Kendall
Danny A McBee

Moncus/Muncus/Munkus Joseph Boren  
Money Tom Cheek
Monroe Thomas Stafford
Moore/Moor Paul Moore
Judy Goldbaum
Thomas C Greenwood III
Charles L Moore
Dan Moore 
Tom Hill

Moran Gale Hervey
Morefield/Moorefield Dottie Smith  
Moser Jesse W Moser
Muncy/Munsey Wanda Muncy Gant
Munkus, etc. -- see Moncus    
Myers Tom Cheek




O - P - Q



Rangeley Jane Farlow
Rayburn/Rayborn/Rabourn Jenny Oldham
Reavis/Revis/Rives Sharon Warnock
Redman Bob Carter
Susan Gall Avery

Reece/Reese/Ries Dudley Anderson
Nancy Sween
Nancy's Web Site
Reeves Sharon Warnock
Rennegar/Renninger Trish Brown
Revels Alvin Wells
Ring Bob Carter
Roark Cindy Schroeder  
Roberts Len Chapel
Sandra Westbrooks

Rose Thornton W Rose
Royal Tom Cheek
Rutledge Roslyn Alsobrook Roslyn's Web Site
Ryan Nancy Harvey



Safley Anne Whitaker McCracken
Sale/Sales Edwina Williams
Salmon/Sammons John R.Sammons
Samuels Mary Jane Leenstra
Savage Gale Judkins
Schwartzlander Stephany Smith Gonser
Scott Franklin Scott
Sherry Griggs
Dona Cole
Shirley Owen Mahan

Setliff Carol Setliff
Shaw Peggy Fisher  
Sheets Thomas Stafford
Shoemaker Tom Cheek
Shore/Shores/Schorr John R.Sammons
Judith Shores Ruch
Danny A McBee
Kenneth Writtenhouse
Tom Cheek
Marilyn Finer-Collins
Susan Gall Avery

Shouse/Schuss Joseph Hilsabeck
Shoults/Shulse/Shults/Shultz Michael D Shulse
Simmons Pam Stone
Simpson Reoma Edmonds McGinnis
Sisk Eva Hall
Kenneth Writtenhouse

Smith Gale Judkins
Sherri McGlothern
Susan Gall Avery  (Andrew Smith line)
Pam Stone (Bennett, James, Thomas)

Snow Marjorie M Medley
Dana Pope
Pam Stone

Southard Sherri McGlothern
Sparger David W. Marshall, Sr. David's Web Site
Spratlen/Spratlin/Spratten Judy Ryden Judy's Spratlen Site
Spurlin/Spurling Len Chapel
Norman Spurling

Spurlock Eleanor Colson
Stafford Thomas L.Stafford
Steelman Susan Gall Avery  
Stevens/Stephens Darlene J Shawn
Stewart/Stuart Bob Carter
Stonecipher Marilyn Finer-Collins  
Stout Robert L. Garrison
Stover Marcene Oxford
Summers, Sumner(s) Roberta Summers
Sutliff Carol Setliff
Swaim Edwina Williams
Gary H Morrison
Linda Mondy
Marcene Oxford


T - U - V

Taylor Bart Taylor Popowski
John Laird
Susan Holman

Thompson Sherri McGlothern
L. Foreman
Kay Raithel
Thornton Thornton W Rose
Tidwell/Twidwell Linda D Smyth
Tilley/Tilly Catherine Cook Sepko
Karen Worley

Todd Len Chapel
Danny A McBee

Tolbert Glennis Webb Horn
Toliver (also see Taliaferro) Len Chapel
Tull Dee March
Uptegrove Judy Goldbaum
Vance Brent Williams
Pat Kennedy

Vanderpool Robert D Binzer
Venable Lanita Sconce Smith
Vestal Linda Mondy


W - X - Y - Z

Waddell/Waddle Edward N Waddell
Waggoner/Wagoner Len Chapel 
Donna Waggoner Carter

Wall/Walls/Wales Tracie Wall
Welch Susan Kendall
Dottie Smith

West Michael J West Michael's Site
Whitaker/Whiteaker Anne Whitaker McCracken
Tom Stafford
Nancy Money Turnage
Bob Carter

Whitt/Witt Wayne Witt Bates
Wilbourn/Wilburn/Wilborn/Wellborn Margo Nielsen
Wildman Reita Jones Burress Reita's Web Site
Wiley/Willey/Willy Carole M Barger  (Nancy J. b. 1822)
Williams Marty Martin
Brent H Williams
Margo Nielsen 
Susan Gall Avery
Wilson Linda D Smyth
Wood/Woods Rita Maberry
Becky Wright

Woodruff Kevin W Woodruff
Susan Gall Avery

Wooten Anne Whitaker McCracken
Wayne P Wooten

Wray David W.Marshall,Sr. David's Web Site
Zachary Danny A McBee


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