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Surry County Cemeteries

Sutphin/Midkiff Cemetery
Transcribed by Mary Ann Sutphin

Flatte Rock NC

This cemetery was started when John Sutphin, s/o William and Alsey was buried here. John, Rebecca, Abner and two of Abners wives buried under an old Pine tree.

Consie B Sutphin 1883-1945 s/o William Owen Sutphin and Martha Atkins
Maude southern Sutphin 1885-1981 w/o Consie
William Rosco Sutphin 1915-1957 s/o Consie and Maude Southern
William Abner Sutphin 1863-1932 s/o Abner and Martha Taylor
Debbie a MidkiffSutphin 1864-1935 w/o William Abner
George Lee Sutphin 1891-1952 s/0 William and Debbie Midkiff Sutphin
Sarah Elsie Sutphin 1890-1971 d/o John and Maggie Boys Hicks. w/o George
Roy Woodrow Sutphin 1919-1925 s/o George and Elsie
Katherine Suphin b&d 1927 d/o George and Elsie
Bobbe M Sutphin b&d 1928 s/o George and Elsie
William Abner Sutphin 1874-1940 s/o Irwin and Elizabrth Midkiff Sutphin
Clarence Sutphin 1903-1935 s/o Consie and Cora Kirkman
Kathleen C Sutphin 1929-1944 d/o Clarence and Eva Hicks Sutphin
Herbert Sutphin 1906-1941 s/o Nick H and Susie Haymore Sutphin
Nick H Sutphin 1877-1945 s/o Abner and Mary J Taylor Sutphin
Susie E Sutphin 1882-1945 w/o Nick, d/o Jack and Lizzie Haymore
Grady F Sutphin 1901-1948 s/o Nick and Susie Grady m. 1922 to Thelma Midkiff
Albert W Sutphin 1898-1949 s/o Walter and Jettie
Lizzie Sutphin 1900-1947 w/o Albert, d/o Sam and Emma Hooker Joyce
Coy Sutphin 1920-21 child of Albert and Lizzie
Vera 1921-22 child of Albert and Lizzie
Lottie 1918-1928 child of Albert and Lizzie
Edd 1922 child of Albert and Lizzie
Irwin Sutphin 1842-1906 s/o John and Rebecca Montgomery Sutphin
Elizabeth Sutphin 1848-1924 w/o Irwin, d/o Midkiff
James C Sutphin 1872-1899
Manuel Sutphin 1905-1974
John L Sutphin 1862-1947 s/o Abner and Mary Jane
Mary Jane Sutphin 1872-1913 w/o John L, d/o Love
Elijah I Sutphin 1870-1963 s/o Abner and Mary Jane
Sarah M Sutphin 1861-1945 w/o Elijah Irwin Sutphin, d/o Will and Eliza Deathridge Belton
George E Goad 1881-1946
Dora Sutphin Goad 1895-1973
Charles Lee Reynolds 1894-
Martha Jane Sutphin 1893-1980 w/o Charles Reynolds
Grady Parks Gentle 1899-1964
Aura Sutphn Gentle 1900-
Walter Owen Sutphin 1872-1944 s/o William Owen and Martha Atkins Sutphin
Mary J Sutphin 1875-1936 (Jettie) w/o Will O Sutphin, d/o Virgil Kirkman and Laura Golding
William Abner Sutphin 1895 s/o Elijah and Sarah
Elizabeth Sutphin 1898-99 d/o Elijah and Sarah
Dock SUtphin 1884-1905 s/o Abner and Mary Jane
Inf of Dock and Ann Sutphin (Dock m. 1904 to Anne Shelton)
Inf of W A and Ann (William A m 1883 to Ann Midkiff
C C Midkiff 1853-1934 s/o Ephriam and Lucy Forkner Midkiff
M J Midkiff 1859-1935 Martha Jane Taylor, d/o Edmund & Leanna Sutphin Taylor.
Alie Sutphin Norman 1874-1896
Martha J Sutphin 1843-1903 w/o William Owen Sutphin. W O buried in Patrick Co.
Phillip Deathrage 1863-1954
Rebecca S Deathrage 1866-1909 d/o Abner and Martha Taylor Sutphin
Martha Deathrage 1885-1886
Ruth Deatherage d Jan 1876 d/o John and Rebecca Montgomery Sutphin
Abbie Sutphin 1903-1925 s/o Nick and Susie Haymore Sutphin


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