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Roster of Confederate Soldiers
Wilson County, North Carolina

NC Flag

Company A, 55th Regiment NC Troops

CSA Infantry Insignia


Please note that not all of the Confederate Soldiers that are listed here were residents of Wilson County. However, the majority were living in Wilson County at the time of enlistment.


Bullock, William J.
Upchurch, Albert E.
Briggs, Benjamin Franklin


Barnes, James H., 1st Lieutenant
Bass, Thomas R., 2nd Lieutenant
Blount, George Washington, 1st Lieutenant
Briggs, Peter M., 3rd Lieutenant
Hadley, Thomas Jefferson, 1st Lieutenant

Noncommissioned Officers and Privates

Adams, Amos C., Private
Adams, Duncan L., Private
Adams, John W., Private
Arquir, George W., Private
Arquir, Louis D., Private
Aycock, Isaac, Private
Aycock, Jesse, Private
Banks, Richard H., Private
Bardin, John T., Private
Bardin, Simon B., Private
Barnes, Augustus, Sergeant
Barnes, Caswell Hines, Private
Barnes, Enos, Sergeant
Barnes, John T., Corporal
Barnes, Larry, Private
Barnes, Stephen, Private
Barnes, William N., Private
Barnes, William Warren, Private
Bass, Bennett, Private
Bass, Bryant, Private
Bass, Larry B., Private
Beaman, Jesse R., Private
Bell, James H., Private
Best, William C., Private
Boswell, Henry W., Corporal
Boswell, Jethro, Private
Boyett, Amos, Private
Boyett, Enos B., Private
Boyett, Stephen, Private
Campbell, Daniel, Private
Cook, Andrew J., Private
Cook, Jethro, Private
Daniel, James H., Private
Daniel, James H., Private
Davis, Henry C., Private
Davis, Henry R., Private
Davis, Jonathan B., Private
Dew, David, 1st Sergeant
Dickerson, Benjamin, Private
Dickinson, Leonard, Private
Eatman, Edwin, Private
Edmundson, Edwin G., Private
Edwards, William P., Private
Etheridge, Edwin G., Private
Etheridge, Granberry, Private
Etheridge, James, Private
Etheridge, Justice, Private
Farrell, Gabriel, Private
Farrell, Granberry, Private
Ferrell, James W., Private
Findell, J., Private
Gardner, Calvin, Private
Grant, James J., Private
Hadley, John C. R., Sergeant
Hales, Thomas, Private
Harrison, Jethro, Corporal
Hayles, John, Sergeant
Hays, Nathan Thomas, Private
Holland, William H., Private
Holt, William N., Private
Hunt, John W., Sergeant
Jones, Columbus, Private
Jones, Lewellyn, Sergeant
Jones, Reddick J., Private
Lamb, H., Private
Lamm, Edwin, Private
Lamm, Isham, Private
Lamm, Jacob, Private
Lamm, Tobias, Private
Lamm, William, Private
Lane, George H., Private
Lodge, Redman, Private
Love, Henderson H., Private
Lucas, David, Private
Lucas, Henry, Private
Marshbourn, Joseph J., Corporal
Mays, N. H., Private
Mercer, James M., Private
Mercer, John J., Private
Mercer, Willie B., Private
Moore, John W., Private
Moye, Francis M., Sergeant
Narron, James H., _______
Newsom, Ezekiel, Private
Newsom, James M., Private
Newsom, William R., Private
Pate, James J., Private
Pearson, Jacob C., Musician
Pearson, William H., Sergeant
Peel, Jesse H., Private
Peel, Matthew, Private
Pelle, Nathan, Private
Pender, Wright Edwin, Private
Perry, Augustus K., Private
Pippin, Epenetus G., Private
Pittman, Robert M., Corporal
Price, Jackson, Private
Proctor, James G., Private
Raper, Calvin, Private
Renfrow, Braswell, Private
Renfrow, Burkett, Private
Rose, Ruffin, Private
Rountree, Gordon, Private
Rufin, John D., ______
Scott, Blany, Private
Scott, Elisha, Private
Scott, Haywood, Corporal
Scott, Henry, Private
Short, Richard, Private
Simpson, John T., Private
Simpson, William, Private
Smith, Alexander, Private
Stancill, Jacob, Private
Stancill, James H., Private
Stancill, Josiah, Private
Stone, A. J., Private
Sullivan, Jesse P., Private
Talton, R., Private
Thomas, Woodard, Private
Thorn, Josiah, Private
Tilly, John M., Private
Tindall, John, Private
Tindall, William B., Private
Tomkins, J., Private
Tomlinson, Barnes, Private
Tomlinson, Eason T., Private
Tomlinson, Gary, Private
Tomlinson, Jonathan, Private
Tomlinson, Lewis D. W., Private
Tomlinson, Nathan, Private
Tomlinson, Willie W., Private
Trevathan, Sanders M., Private
Upchurch, Sion M., Corporal
Watson, Joseph, Private
Watson, Noah, Private
Watson, Willis, Private
Wester, Berry, Private
Williamson, Eli, Private
Williamson, Levi T., Private
Williamson, Willie S., Private
Woodard, George Washington, Private
Woodard, Gray Wilson, Private
Word, Haywood, Private
Yelverton, Robert W., Private

Crossed Flags

"Those Who Wore the Gray"

There is a band whose ranks are thinning rapidly,
Who in war and strife have fought side by side;
And many were the braves who fell
Of whom we hear their comrades tell,
And of gallant scenes in the battle where they died.

There is a band whose ranks are thinning rapidly,
For they've travelled the greater distances of life's highway;
And in war time by day or night
Fought for a cause they deemed right,
And tribute to them forever let us pay.

There is a band whose ranks are thinning rapidly.
They are sinking from the weight of many years;
And they are in their greatest strife
Now they fight the battle of life,
And must lose, but may they trust in God-
He'll calm their fears.

There is a band whose ranks are thinning rapidly,
It's the band that so gallantly wore the gray;
And as they are praised in word and song
May they rest assured the time is long
Before the memory of their deeds will fade away.

Clayton Farmer

Sons of Confederate Veterans

NC Division SCV

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