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Henry Hensley Cemetery of Bee Log

Yancey Co., North Carolina

Documented by Beth Bradford-Pytel

updated on 09/20/15


PHOTOS:  macro views facing west with Henry "Harry" Hensley's grave as the centerpiece with the Continental flag --bbpytel Feb 2012

The Hensley Cemetery of Bee Log  is named after the descendants of  Revolutionary War Veteran Sgt. Henry "Harry" Hensley Sr.  His marker indicates he would be the first person interred here*.  According to historical land / plat records, Henry Hensley's 200 acres was located on Bald Mountain Creek which parallels Rt. 19 (go to his plot below for more info / commentary).  The cemetery is located at the top of a cleared off hill, fenced in and well taken care of.  There are over 30 unmarked graves with head/foot field stones, all of which appear to face eastward.  I have been told that several years ago many of field/foot stones were pulled up for the ease of mowing and it is apparent with the confusing layout.  Therefore, the field stones that you currently see positioned are not necessarily in the same order as originally placed at the time the person was buried.


According to the Historical Records Survey of North Carolina, in 1939, the cemetery was surveyed by Mary L. Butner and noted 7 marked graves as follows: Elizabeth Berry, Amos Hensley, Braskey Hensley, J.W. Hensley, Martha Hensley, Oskey Hensley, Barbara J. Higgins-Pate.   In 1940, Joe W. Letterman surveyed the cemetery and noted the following marked graves: Elizabeth Berry, Amos Hensley, Every Hensley, J.W. Hensley, Martha Hensley, Oksey Hensley, Barbara J. Higgins.      1939 AND 1940 SURVEYS  


On October 14, 2007, a commemoration ceremony was held at the cemetery to honor Sgt. Henry Harry Hensley with the installation of his Veteran headstone.         See Article    


DIRECTIONS:  Proceed on 19W east towards Burnsville.  At the stop sign (Bee Log junction) make a right and cross the Cane River.  From Guys General Store/Gas Station, make a left onto Bald Mountain Road.  Proceed for about 1.2 miles to the small village of Bee Log and make a left onto Bee Log Road.  There is a church on the right and the Bee Log Elementary School on the left when you turn.  Proceed for another 8/10 of a mile at the top of the hill.  You will see a metal gate and logging road on the right.  To access the cemetery, it's recommended to park the car outside the metal gate and walk up the logging road for about 10 minutes to the clearing.  There are two cemeteries - Henry Hensley's is on the left.


NOTE: This project is in partnership with Julian Fender and Mike Shelton and we are descendants of Henry Harry Hensley and Barbara Angel.  Julian and I surveyed the cemetery on February 17, 2011.  There are 14 rows with marked and unmarked graves.  The enumeration started at the left back corner working towards the front gate.  Unless otherwise noted, all photos are taken by bbpytel -Feb 2012.



ROW #1:  10 graves, 8 of which are marked with fieldstones and headstones


1.  BERRY, Luther Chester

b. November 2, 1904 - d. March 14, 1961

[s/o John S. Berry and Lucretia Adkins]


2.  BERRY, Annie Mae MILLER

b.  August 6, 1905 - d. January 5, 2002

[w/o Luther #1]


3.  BERRY, Eulyssess

b. July 30, 1940 - d. September 2, 1956

[s/o Luther Berry and Annie Mae Miller]

NOTE:  The funeral placard was glued onto a old tombstone; also there is another matching stone with no marking at the foot of this grave and unclear of this is a headstone or another grave.


4.   Unmarked - head/foot fieldstones


5.   Unmarked - head fieldstone


6-7  Unmarked


8.  Unmarked - head fieldstone


9.  WALDRUP, Eli

b. May 22, 1844 - d. August 23, 1916

[s/o James Lowery Waldrup and Nancy Rice]

"Gone but Not Forgotten"



b. June 2(2), 1856 - d. June 28, 1916

[d/o Wallace Hensley and Emeline Bennett; w/o Eli; children: Sam Ervin.

NOTE: Appears Lovina and brother Samuel #21 are twins born June 2nd or 22nd 1856


ROW #2:   11 graves all unmarked with field / foot stones.  (11-21)

ROW #3:  10 graves, marked with fieldstones and headstones



b.  July 9, 1868 - d. August 29, 1918

"The Lord is My Shepherd - At Rest"

[d/o Jesse Radford and Sarah McIntosh; w/o Samuel Hensley]



b. June 22, 1856 - d. March 21, 1916

"Gone Rest"

[s/o Wallace Hensley and Emaline Bennett; wife Martha Radford]

NOTE: Appears Samuel and sister Lovina #8 are twins born June 2nd or 22nd 1856


24.  unmarked with fieldstone


HENSLEY, Sgt. Henry "Harry"    CENOTAPH*

b.  abt. 1755 - d. after August 1822*

[s/o Benjamin Hensley (b. 1730 in VA) and Elizabeth (b. 1732 in VA); Henry settled in the Bald Mountain area; he married Barbara Angel on July 17, 1773 in Surry Co., VA; she is d/o Charles Angel and Sibella Cummings of Danbury, NC;  Barbary is suspected to be buried at Hensley Cem. #3 on Spivey, plot #102.  Their children:

1)  Washington b. 1774 (md. Lucinda; moved to TN)

2)  Nancy b. 1776 (md. William Jesse Lewis; moved to Madison Co., NC)

3)  James b. Feb. 15, 1779 (md. Nancy Anderson; moved to Clay Co., KY); buried Hensley Cem. Red Bird River.;

4)  Henry Halen b. 1781 (md. Mary Howard; remained in Egypt Twp);  suspected to be buried in this cemetery

5)  Lewis b. 1784 (md. Nancy Howard, sister to Mary Howard; moved to Harlan Co., KY); at age 62, he was killed by his brother-in-law (Mary's brother) Samuel Howard Jr. --stabbed to death in 1844.  Jury acquitted Sam on the grounds of self defense.  SEE info about his killing

6)  Benjamin b. 1791 (md. Louisa Shelton; 1824 acquired 62 acres in the Flag Pond area, Unicoi Co., TN);

7)  Barbara b. Dec. 27, 1792  (md. Holland Higgins; moved to Flag Pond, TN; buried Higgins Chapel Cem.);

8)  Zania b. 1794  (never married; moved w/brother & mother to Spivey, TN; buried Hensley #3 Cem);

9)  William Allison b. 1798 (md. Lucinda Higgins d/o Holland; moved to Spivey, TN); buried Hensley #3 Cem]

NOTES:  Harry was born about 1755 in Albemarle Co., Virginia and was the son of Benjamin Hensley (b. 1737) and Elizabeth --- of Albemarle/ Louisa/ Henry Co., VA and the grandson of Benjamin Hensley (b. 1706)  and Elizabeth Hickman of King George / Hanover / Louisa Co., VA.  In the 1760’s, Henry and his parents and siblings moved from Virginia into Northwestern NC and settled in Rowan Co. which became Surry then Stokes.  This is where the Hensley family met the Angel Family and three of the Angel daughters married Hensley sons (Harry’s brothers).  About 1773, Harry married Barbara Angel in Surry Co., NC [b. abt. 1775 - d. 1852; d/o Charles Angel and Sybella Cummings of Rowan Co., NC proven by his Will of 1773].  The family moved back across the state line into neighboring Henry Co. VA (proven by 1778 tax list) at which time Harry served as Sgt. in the 14th Regiment of the Continental Line.  A 1781 list from Henry Co., VA shows that he and his brothers, Benjamin and Hickman, are noted on the "Muster roll of Colonel Penn" marching to the aid of General Nathaniel Green in Captain Jonathan Hanby's Co. [Hanby's Pension #W4687] under Col. Abram Penn's command to take part in the Battle of Guilford Court House ("History of Henry County, Virginia", p. 13, also cited in" Families of Yancey County", Vol. V, No. 1, p.6).  In exchange for his service, Harry was given a land grant of 200 acres on the American Frontier by the Commonwealth of Virginia, warrant #3363.  The warrant is made out to "Henry Henly” and notes that he was a Sergeant in the Virginia Continental Line Militia.  When the War was over, the family continued to live in Henry Co. VA as proven by the 1783/1784 tax lists.  Around 1787 (per the Burke Co., NC State Census), the family moved back to NC and settled in the Caney Branch area of now Yancey Co., NC.  In the 1790’s, Henry and his brothers Hickman, James, John and Colbert participated as jurors marking off roads in Burke (which became Buncombe (now Yancey and Madison) into the wilderness of that area for settlement.  On June 22, 1791, Burke Co., NC land entry #31 shows Henry "Hinsley" entering 200 acres on the "Ball Mountain Creek."  Entry #32 was for his brother James "Hinsley" and Entry #36 for brother Hickman.  Brothers Henry, Jno, James and Hickman Hensley appear in the 12th Company of Burke Co., NC for the 1790 Census.  This area became Buncombe Co., NC in 1792.  Buncombe Co., Record Book #2, Section 1, shows Henry Hensley receiving 200 acres from the State of NC on May 12, 1794 and filed with the court on December 22, 1796 on Bald Mountain Creek near the waters of the Caney River beginning near the mouth of Sang Fork.  Henry appears on page 172 of the 1800 Buncombe Co. Census; pg. 253 of the 1810 Buncombe census as Harry Hensley; and page 100 of the 1820 Buncombe Co., NC Census.   There is no death record for Harry but it is believed he died sometime shortly after sale of “Dice” a young female slave sold to William Hensley (I believe this is his son) for $500 and signed on August 23, 1822.  After the death of Harry, during the 1830 Buncombe Co. census (now Yancey Co.), youngest son William A. took over the household taking care of his mother Barbara, sister Zania , Dice and his children.  During the 1850 Wash. Co., TN census, Barbara Angel-Hensley age 95 and Zania Hensley age 57 were living with William A. Hensley and family.  Barbara died sometime before 1860 and is suspected to be buried at the Old Hensley Cem #3 (Plot #102) in an unmarked grave.


*CENOTAPH COMMENTARY: Per his deed, Henry acquires "200 acres on the Bald Mountain Creek, the waters of the Caney River beginning near the mouth Sang Fork." According to the Northeast Early Buncombe Co. Land Records, Plat #3563, his parcel of land was located on Bald Creek which paralleled US Highway 19.   It is evident that the names of rivers changed over time.  Historical maps show that the headwaters of current Lickskillet Branch use to be called Sang Branch / Radford Creek which flowed into Bald Mountain Creek. In the 1780's, road systems were being established into the interior of the wilderness of Yancey / Madison off the main routes (one of which is the Buncombe Turnpike) and settlements relied on a roads to transport goods.  The marker that is placed in this cemetery for Henry may not be the actual location of his land or burial based on historical maps and the Plat of his property.  Part of the confusion is that there are two Bald Mountain creeks which changed names over time.  Currently there is a Bald Mountain Creek which parallels Route 1395 from Wolf Laurel to Bee Log and the other is (Big) Bald Creek which parallels US Hwy 19 into Burnsville.


    MORE INFO               LAND GRANT #3363 - July 28, 1784             DEED 200 ACRES 1796                BILL OF SALE- Dice Aug 1822  


   PLAT #3563 - May 12, 1794 location of 200 acres  




HENSLEY, Nancy [WHITSON]   fieldstone

b.   1819 - d. 1911

[d/o Isaac Whitson and Drusilla Bennett; w/o A.J. Hensley; children: Wallace, Cornelius, Lorenzo, Sarah L., Phoebe C., Enos, Mary Jane, Martha Ann]


27.  HENSLEY, Andrew Jackson "AJ"

b. August 17, 1817 - d. May 14, 1904

[s/o Henry Halen Hensley and Mary W. Howard; married Nancy Whitson]

NOTE:  on the side of the stone it reads "August 17, 1817"


28.  unmarked

ROW #4:  8 graves, some with field/foot stones and head stones


HENSLEY, Henry Halen  [unmarked - suspected]

b. 1871 - d. aft 1850

[s/o Henry Harry Hensley and Barbara Angel; married Mary W. Howard about 1803 in either Buncombe Co., NC or Knox Co., Kentucky]

NOTES:  On 4 Oct 1836, Henry Hensley (spelled "Hensly") and Wililam McKiney witnessed a Yancey Co. deed between Thomas H. Blount and William A. Blount, Executors of John G. Blount, deceased, (all of Beaufort County) to James Renfrow of Yancey County, for land on Caney Branch of Toe River. Yancey Co, NC Deed Book, 1 page 120 from "Index and Abstract of Deeds of Yancey Co., NC Deed Book 1" by Sally Williams, 1985).   On 26 Dec 1838, "Henry Hensly" received a State Land Grant for 50 acres in Yancey Co, adjoining his own land.  This was entered 16 Jan 1835. Yancey Co, NC Deed Book 1 page 277 from "Index and Abstract of Deeds of Yancey Co., NC Deed Book 1" by Sally Williams, 1985).  On 3 Jan 1839, "Washington Hensly" (probably George W. Hensley, Henry Halen's suspected son), received a 100 acre land grant in Yancey County, adjoining the land of Henry Hensley. --Yancey Co, NC Deed Book 1 page 375 from "Index and Abstract of Deeds of Yancey Co., NC Deed Book 1" by Sally Williams, 1985.


HENSLEY, Mary W. [HOWARD / HOARD]  [unmarked - suspected]

b. abt. 1785 - d. aft. 1870

[d/o Rev. War Veteran (Pension #S30491), Samuel Hoard/Howard and Chloe Langley Osborne of Virginia and later moved to Harlan Co., KY; their children:

1)  Samuel L., b. Feb. 6, 1804 (md. Martha Evelyn Tipton; moved to Harlan Co., KY)

2)  Barbara. b. abt. 1805

3)  George Washington, b. Oct. 22, 1809 (md. Ruth Edwards (d/o James Edwards and Elizabeth Wilson); moved to Harlan Co., KY)

4)  Bannister, b. abt 1811 (md. Mary Jane Briggs (d/o Big Ed Wilson and Nancy Dolly Briggs); remained in Yancey Co.)

5)  Fieldon, b. 1813 (md. Nicey Phillips; remained in Yancey Co.)

6)  Nancy Verlin, b. (md. David Shelton; moved over to Flag Pond area of Unicoi Co.)

7)  Enos b. 1816 (md. Caroline Gilbert; moved to Harlan Co., KY)

8)  Andrew Jackson (md. Nancy Whitson, remained in Yancey Co. - interred here)

9)  Wallace C. b. abt. 1818 (md. 1. Mariah Whitson and 2. Emaline Bennett;  remained in Yancey Co. -  interred here)

10) Henry Halen. Jr., b.  (md. Louisa Jane of TN; remained in Yancey Co.)

NOTES: Mary's sister Nancy Howard, married Henry Halen Hensley's brother Lewis Hensley in 1803 in Knox Co, KY per the marriage bond dated 1 Sept. 1803, then moved back to Buncombe Co, NC.  I am inclined to believe that both Hensley brothers married the Howard sisters in Knox Co., KY at the same time.  Lewis remained in Knox/Harlan, KY and was eventually killed at the hand of his brother-in-law; Henry Halen and Mary moved back to Yancey Co.  The 1820 Deed filed in Harlan Co. mentions both Henry and Lewis Hensley of "Buncombe" receiving parcel land near the Cumberland River on the northeast side of Martins Fork.



HENSLEY, Wallace C.  [unmarked - suspected]

b.  abt. 1818 - d. after 1871

[s/o Henry Halen Hensley and Mary W. Howard; married 1st Mariah Whitson; children: Isabelle, Amos, Erwin H., Cordelia, married 2nd Emaline Bennett on Aug 20, 1854 in Yancey Co. (she first married Joseph Hughes and he died); children: Lavina, Samuel, Morris Ellis, McDaniel.

NOTE:  Wallace and family lived in the Bee Log area all his life and according to Mike Shelton's GG aunt Verlon, she attests he is buried here with his parents and children.  During the Civil War, Wallace served in Co. C, 58th NC Rangers Infantry - CSA.  His son, Ervin's, discharge papers show "Distinguished Service" for substituting for his father who became ill and was forced to return home.


HENSLEY, Mariah Whitson   [unmarked - suspected]

b. abt . 1823 - d. abt. 1851?

NOTE:  it's suspected that she died after giving birth to Cordelia; not much is known about her; she could be the sister to Nancy Whitson who married Wallace's brother?

ROW #5:  10 graves, some with field/foot stones and head stones

ROW #6:  11 graves, 2 of which are unmarked; 9 of which have field/foot stones and head stones


PATE, Colleen

b.  August 5, 1934 - d. September 16, 1934


HENSLEY, J. W.   [unmarked]

b.  February 15, 1875 - d. September 22, 1900

NOTE:  during the 1939 and 1940 surveys, this use to be a marked grave and noted in the logs


PATE, Barbara Jane HIGGINS

b.  1841 - d. November 21, 1911

"Gone Before - Wife of MS Pate"

[d/o John Holland Higgins and 1st wife Mary Lucinda Arwood of Coffee Ridge, TN;

2nd w/o M.S. Pate - married April 7, 1870; children: John (buried Sams Creek Unicoi), Doctor Franklin buried Watts Cem, Martha Melissa buried Watts Cem, Barbara "Dollie"  buried Watts Cem,

NOTE:  Barbara's sister, Malinda Jane married Doctor A. Pate - brother to Marcellus.


PATE, Marcellus S.

b. December 23, 1839 - d. January 20, 1926

"Safe in the Arms of Jesus"

[s/o Thomas Pate and Sylvia "Lille" Hensley; married 1st Iona Shelton; children: Eliphus, Reuben, Robert Ethridge;

2nd wife - Barbara Jane Higgins, married April 7, 1870; children: John (buried Sams Creek Unicoi), Doctor Franklin buried Watts Cem, Martha Melissa buried Watts Cem, Barbara "Dollie"  buried Watts Cem.


NOTE: "M.S." served in the Civil War-CSA; enlisted on July 3, 1861 at age 22 as Private for Co. B., 29th Infantry Reg., Unit #193.  He was transferred on September 16, 1861 from Co. B to Co. K and promoted to full Corporal but  later reduced in rank back to Private after which time he deserted on September 6, 1863.  His record states he had a "Distinguished Service."   His brothers, Doctor A., John Oliver, and George Washington Pate also served in Co. B of the 29th Regiment.   --Portrait of MS Pate courtesy of Dwight Edwards.



b.  July 29, 1857 - d. December 27, 1919

[d/o Fredrick Ledford and Elizabeth White; w/o Enos Hensley - married Sept. 16, 1877; children: Jeremiah, Mary Jane, Margaret, Elizabeth E.]


HENSLEY   _____

b.  October 17, 1884 - d. January 25, 1901


HENSLEY, Infant Son

"Our Darling"

b/d November 15, 1935

[s/o Vance Hensley and Ersie]


HENSLEY, William Baxter

"Peace in the Valley"

b.  May 21, 1876 - d.  January 27, 1955

[s/o Erwin H. Hensley and Martha Taylor]


HENSLEY, Robert W.

b.  October 4, 1871 - d. January 13, 1949

[s/o Erwin H. Hensley and Martha Taylor]



b.  March 7, 1873 - November 7, 1931

[d/o Doctor A. Pate and Malinda Higgins buried Sams Creek Cem. Unicoi Co. TN

NOTE:  Photo of Sarah Pate and Robert W. Hensley courtesy of Doyle Adkins/Mike Shelton.



b. August 30, 1850 - d. July 18, 1908

"She is an Affectionate Wife and Faithful Friend"

[d/o Wesley Taylor and Sarah Phillips of Catawba Co., NC; w/o Erwin H. Hensley - married December 12, 1868 in Yancey Co.; children: Nancy Mariah, Robert W., Sallie C., William B, Bessie H., Sewell B., Rebecca, Samuel W., George G., Katherine]

NOTE:  Portrait of Erwin Hensley and Martha Taylor courtesy of Mike Shelton.



b.  October 24, 1848 - d. June 12, 1934

"Free Mason"

[s/o Wallace S. Hensley and Mariah Whitson;

married 1st Martha E. Taylor; 2nd Dora Jane Pate]

NOTE:  During the Civil War, Ervin served as Pvt. for Co. C, 58th NC Rangers Infantry - CSA.  His discharge papers show "Distinguished Service" for substituting for his father, Wallace C. Hensley, who became ill and was forced to return home.   PHOTO: (Left)  Ervin and 2nd wife, Dora Jane and son Vance courtesy Doyle Adkins.  (Right)  Ervin's birthday with two cakes and standing next to wife Dora courtesy Mike Shelton



b. July 26, 1909 - d. June 10, 1911

"Dau S.R. and Cordelia Hensley"



b.  April 17, 1924 - d. April 4, 1930

"Our Darling"

[d/o Mack Daniel Hensley and Sallie Phillips]


HENSLEY, Mack Daniel

b.  July 2, 1896 - d. June 8, 1992

[s/o Robert W. Hensley and Sarah Pate]



b.  April 18, 1896 - d. August 28, 1959

"I Shall Let Fall a Shower of Roses"

[d/o John Wesley Phillips and Laura Alice Edwards; w/o Mack D. Hensley; married June 1912 in Yancey Co.]

NOTE:  Wedding photo of Mack & Sarah courtesy Mike Shelton.


BYRD,  Josephine "Josie" BERRY

b.  March 8, 1908 - d. December 29, 1963

[d/o  John S. Berry and Lucretia Adkins]


HENSLEY, Georgia

b.  January 25, 1929 - d. April 1, 1929


WHEELER, Linda Lou - unmarked

b. February 19, 1942 - d. February 22, 1942


WHEELER, Clarence

b. September 5, 1916 - d. September 17, 1916



b. April 20, 1846 - d. February 28, 1915

"In God We Trust"

[w/o Loranzo Hensley]

NOTE:  inscription is etched into a soft stone


HENSLEY, Sarah "Sallie" C. ESTEP

b.  July 1, 1874 - d. June 1, 1948

"Her children arise up, and call her blessed; Her husband also, and he praiseth her. 

Proverbs 31:28"

[d/o Ervin Hensley and Martha Taylor; w/o William M. Estep]


ESTEP, William M.

b. June 6, 1863 - d. January 12, 1956

[s/o Samuel Estep of Wilkes Co., NC and Temperance L. Marlow]


Row 10:   9 graves, marked with fieldstones and headstones


BERRY, Cinthia Elizabeth ESTEP

b. August 6, 1861 - d. February 27, 1911

"She was an Affectionate Wife and a Faithful Friend"

[d/o Samuel Estep (b 1828- d. 1911) and Temperance Ann Marlow (b. 1829 - 1880) of Wilkes Co., NC; w/o Elkanah Berry; children:  John S., Abbie, Rose Ella

NOTE:  info courtesy of David Banks


BERRY, Elkanah "E. L."

b. February 9, 1858 - d. February 12, 1924

NOTE:  E. L. age 22 married Elizabeth Estep age 18 on November 15, 1879 witnessed by Henry H. Howard, Jacob Lewis and William Lewis


BERRY, John S.

b. June 9, 1883 - d. December 2, 1936

[s/o E. L. Berry and Elizabeth Estep; married Lucretia Adkins (d/o Henry Vincent Adkins and Ann Nellie Hughes); children: Luther Chester, Josie, Charles, Ruby Jane, Arnold, H.C.]



b. July 18, 1925 - d. September 26, 1944

"At Rest"

[s/o John S. Berry and Lucretia Adkins]


Row 11:   7 graves, marked with fieldstones and headstones



Co. K, 3rd NC MTD Infantry

b. November 9, 1846 - d. April 15, 1930

[s/o Wallace Hensley and Mariah Whitson; married 1st Harriett (Ledford) McIntosh on January 12, 1868; children: George Washington, Jesse Amos, Albert C., Laura Jane, Joseph C., Lillie Ann.  Married 2nd Naoma Estep; children  Minnie F, William Ervin, McKinley Mayfield, Walter Andrew (buried Evergreen Cem Erwin, TN), Harriett Ann, Braska, Avery.

NOTE: Per the Unicoi Co. Death Record #9945-1930, died at age 83; cause of death "myocarditis"; informant Walter Hensley of Erwin; parents noted; buried in "North Carolina."  Photo of Amos on left and his brother Ervin Hensley on right seated; boy in the midde is Grant Hensley taken abt. 1928 courtesy of Mike Shelton.   At age 18, Amos was mustered into service on March 1, 1865 in Knoxville, TN serving as Private  for Co. K, 3rd NC Mounted Infantry. According to his enlistment papers he was described as 5 foot - 5 inches, hazel eyes, brown hair, fair complexion; occupation was a farmer. On March 19, 1865 he became sick and was sent to a hospital in Greenville, TN.  He married twice siring 7 children and living a long life to age 84.


CIVIL WAR DOCS:       Part I          Part II  


PHOTO:  The children of Wallace Hensley:  L-R  Amos, Melissa "Lis" (md. Tom Honeycutt buried at Edwards Cem #3), Marcellas (md. Catherine Berry), and Erwin. --courtesy of Mike Shelton



b. March 7, 1862 - d. September 7, 1947

[d/o Samuel Estep and Tema Lewis; w/o Amos Hensley



b. December 15, 1908 - d. December 13, 1915

"Son of Amos and Naomey Hensley"

[s/o Amos Hensley and Naomi Estep]


Row 12:   7 graves, 2 of which are unmarked; 5 of which are marked with fieldstones and headstones


SHELTON, Riley Erwin

b. August 8, 1887 - October 18, 1924

"Asleep with Jesus"

[s/o Andrew Johnson Shelton and Nancy Mariah Hensley; married Dora Melissa Edwards on March 18, 1914 in Yancey Co buried Turner-Pate Cem.

NOTE:  Riley's wife, Dorie, is the d/o Chedo Lumuel Edwards and Minnie Clyde Murphy and was from Catawba Co., NC. Photo of Dorie and Riley courtesy of Mike Shelton.


SHELTON, Sarah Rilda

b. 1887 - d. April 3, 1932

"Asleep with Jesus"

[d/o Andrew Johnson Shelton and Nancy Mariah Hensley]

NOTE:  photo on left is Verlon Hensley-Edwards and right Sarah Rilda Shelton courtesy Mike Shelton


SHELTON, Rev. Robert Harrison

b. April 28, 1890 - d. 1936

"Asleep with Jesus"

[s/o Andrew Johnson Shelton and Nancy Mariah Hensley; wife Laura Jane Stamper buried Dave Proffitt Cem Yancey Co.]

NOTE  On December 3, 1918, he became Justice of the Peace for Egypt Twp., Photos of Robert Shelton and Laura Jane Stamper courtesy Mike Shelton


Row 13:  5 graves marked with fieldstones and headstones

Row 14:   only one grave which sits next to the front gate



b.  September 22, 1947 - d. February 7, 1999


HENSLEY - private (alive)

NOTE:  This is the last tombstone near the entrance gate



PHOTOS:  Macro views of cemetery facing west towards the entrance gate; Henry "Harry" Hensley is my 4G grandfather through his youngest son, William Allison Hensley who is buried along with Harry's wife, Barbara Angel-Hensley, at the Old Hensley Cemetery #3 on Spivey, TN on the other side of Little Bald Mountain.

--photos bbpytel 2-2012


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Panoramic view of the cemetery with Rev. War Veteran Henry Harry Hensley's grave in the center with flag ---bbpytel Oct 2011


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