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Deaths,  Births, Marriages and other items from the Portal International  1904 - 1936      Note: complete from 1904 to Dec 1921

Notes:  The first date is when the item appeared in the newspaper.  It is assumed that the towns that are named in the articles, without a state, are located in North Dakota.


Jan 1, 1904    Annie Graves was shot and killed by her husband, William Graves on Monday, 28 Dec 1903.  Couple has contemplated divorce.  She was killed in front of her children ages 2, 3, and 5.  Husband sent to Minot.  Children cared for by Mr. And Mrs. James Mitchell.  Service in school house, burial in cemetery south of town.

Jan 1, 1904  Emma Gladness Finzel  Born 23 Dec and died 25 Dec, aged 2 days.  Parents Mr. And Mrs. Mike Finzel.  Service by Rev George Roddick.

Jan 8, 1904  W. C. Putnam,  Farms and Merchants Bank  Died Monday 4 Jan 1904.  Age about 50.  Wife and one son.  Burial site not noted.

Jan 15, 1904  Alfred Offord, 22  died in fire in building owned by LaFlame Brothers.  He had two sisters at Oxbow.

Jan 22, 1904  Alfred Offord buried 21 Jan , relatives could not be found.

Feb 5, 1904  Reed,  only child of Editor of Flaxton Eagle and his wife, died 24 Jan 1904 at age 6 months , born about 28 July 1903. and one week.  Service at home by Rev Brandser, burial delayed because ground was frozen.  Burial on Wednesday.

Feb 12, 1904   Marriage:  Frank Giesen and Miss Elva Wood 10 Feb at St. Agnes Catholic, in Kenmare.

Feb 12 1904   Mrs. Carl Tetzlaff (Emma Pasche)  died 5 Feb of Consumption.  Born 5 Dec 1874 in German.  At age 7, her parents, August and Ernestine Pasche moved to Mayville, Wisconsin.  In 1892 they moved to Good Thunder, Minnesota.  She married Carl Tetzlaff there in 1899.  Lived Elkton, S.D. for 2 years.  In 1902 moved to farm 15 miles west of Portal.  Husband, 2 small children, 5 brothers and 2 sisters survive.  Rev Stolt officiated.  Burial at home.  Note:  reburial in 1908 at St. John Lutheran, Larson N.D.

Feb 19, 1904  (copy of paper blurred)  John Culon (?) “Pat Murphy” died 12 Feb (/) of stroke.  Age 71.  Burial in cemetery south of town yesterday.  Service by Father Wagner, Kemare.

March 4, 1904  Kenneth Ingle, only child of Mr. And Mrs. Ingle, died 26 Feb 1904.  Child was born about Jan 2, 1904. Service and burial North side.  By Rev Mr. Clark.

April 1, 1904  Body of Mrs. Graves  (see Jan 1, 1904)  exhumed and autopsy done to prove she was shot in face or in breast.  She was shot in breast.

April 15, 1904  Tim Looney found dead near Farmers Elevator on April 9.  Coroner ruled death due to whiskey and exposure.  Friends Pat Mahoney and Chris Keller provided a burial at their expense.

May 13, 1904  Otto Stibbs, 3 miles west of Flaxton,  died last Sunday evening, May 9, 1904.

Jan 6, 1905   Viria Viola Crandall, 5 miles west of Portal, died 2 Jan 1905 of pneumonia.  Child of Mrs. C. Crandall.  Child was 2 years old.  Niece of Wallace R. Crandall of Portal.

Feb 10, 1905   Marriage:  Bridget Green and Amrose Daley, both of Portal, at Kenmare Catholic Feb 7 1905.

Mar 3,1905  Marriage:  Anthony Chezik and Gertrude Wood at bride’s home 6 miles east of Portal on March 1, 1905, by Father Wagner.  Daughter of Thomas Wood.

Mar 3, 1905  Marriage  Mina F. more and Albert Shinoe, Columbus, by Justice of Peace John Mathews, March 1,  1905 at Portal.

May 12, 1905  Female Bechard, age 9, 8 miles south of Portal, poisoned accidentally on 10 May.  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bechard.  Services and burial not cited..

May 26, 1905  Mrs. Rose Aiken, 87, died at home in Portal 18 May 1905.  Husband and three sons survive.  Services and burial not cited.

June 2, 1905  Male Erdman, 9 months, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frd Erdman, died on 31 May 1905.  Service held last Thursday. Private burial in Portal Twp.

June 9, 1905  Mrs. Samuel Paulson (Andrea)  died 31 May 1905.  Husband and three children survive. Burial at Underwood, Minnesota.

August 11, 1905  Peter Bilstad, section 13, 162 N, 97 W, died last Wednesday of bowel inflammation at home.  Wife and 9 children survive,  Burial site not noted.

August 18, 1905  Marriage:  Gustaf Fossen and Christine Tollefson, both of Columbus, 10 August 1905, by Rev Hjelmeland.

Mrs. E. B Moses (Bertha) died 10 August 1905 at Kenmare hospital.  Husband and one child survive.

Sept. 15, 1905  Herman H. Burgeson, 35, died as result of well gas accident on Mike Coughlin farm, 1 1/2 miles south of Portal on 11 September 1905.  Wife and three children survive as do six brothers and one sister, Mrs. Judson Marley, Portal.. Burial in Portal Cemetery..  Born 10 Dec 1877.

Sept. 15, 1905  Hans Hatlelid, farmer near Columbus, died last Wednesday  11 Sept. 1905.  Burial site not noted.

Sept. 21, 1905  William Benjamin Peterson, five years old, died 12 Sept. 1905 after short illness. Burial in Short Creek Cemetery on 14 Sept. 1905.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Peterson.  Born 8 Jan 1900.

Sept. 21, 1905  Alve E. Gamble, seven months, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Gamble, Portal, died 15 Sept. 1905, born 3 May 1905.

Sept. 21, 1905  Herman H. Burgeson  died 11 Sept. 1905 at age 27 years, 9 months and one day.  service and burial Portal Presbyterian.  Born 11 Dec 1877 in Renville Co, Minnesota.  Came to Portal after Marriage,  Wife Albertina.  Wife, two girls and one boy survive.

Sept. 28, 1905  Betress Spooner, 9 months, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Spooner, died 25 Sept. 1905.  Services and burial not cited.

Oct. 19, 1905   Marriage:  Leila B. Lawyer and James Alter, both of Columbus, in Minot 19 Oct. 1905.

Nov. 9, 1905  Boy, Ole Hatlelid, 9 October

Nov. 16, 1905  Marriage:  Lewis Brown and Louise Eayrs, both of Columbus, 15 November 1905,  at Minot.

Nov. 23 1905  John L. Green, Portal, died 24 Nov. 1905 of diabetes. (see Dec 7, 1905 issue below)

Nov. 30, 1905  Marriage License:  Ernest G. Wood and Francis Vandergrint, both of Portal
                        Marriage License:  Wencil Hierath and Vedee Gilbert, both of Portal.
Male Alberts, son of George, died after being kicked by a horse last week.  Burial not cited.

Dec 7, 1905   John L. Green, 63, Portal, Chinese Inspector, died Nov. 24, 1905.  Services and burial St. John's Catholic Church.  burial in NW corner of James Green's farm, one mile east of Portal.  Born 22 Dec 1843 at St. Johns, New Brunswick, married Ellen McGrwin in 1869.  Wife and 13 children survive, oldest 36 and youngest 11, 7 boys and 6 girls.

Dec 21, 1905  Nels Nelson placed in State hospital last week but died after two days at the hospital.  Burial possibly State hospital.     


Jan 4, 1906  Mrs.  Annie Irving, mother of Mrs. A. C. Paterson & Mrs. R. H. Douglas died 1 Jan oldest resident of North Portal.  Age 72 years 9 months.

Feb 15, 1906   Birth  To Paul Schumann  Girl born 7 Feb.    Birth To Ed Baumann Girl born 10 Feb  

March 8, 1906  Verne E. Abbott, 14, died 3 March after surgery.  Service and burial at Portal Presbyterian.  Son of M/M F. B. Abbott.  Born 3 Oct. 1891.  Parents and a brother Merie, survive.

March 15, 1906  Ingebrigt Negarrd Jr.,  died at home of parents, Short Creek Twp, on 8 March.  He was 23 years old. Had lung problems for the last 4 years.  Born about 22  June 1882, buried in Short Creek Cemetery..
March 29, 1906  Birth to Seth Aagard  Girl  and Birth to P. J. Thune 25 March no sex noted.

April 26, 1906  Florence Bergeson 5 year old daughter of Mrs. Herman Bergeson (Albertina Johnson) died 24 April of Scarlet Fever.  Her father died a short time ago.  Florence born about 1901.

May 10. 1906  Sarah G. Crosby )Sarah G. Bradway). 40 died 5 May of heart difficulty.  Service Presbyterian; burial Menomenee, Wisconsin..  Born 8 Jan 1866 in Dunn Co. Wisconsin, married Seth O. Crosby. Survived by husband, mother (Mrs. Margaret Bradway) and siblings, Arthur, Edmond, Albert and Willima and by nephew, Stanley Arnold.

June 7, 1906  James Taylor, 60, died last week at home.  Wife, two girls  and one boy survive.  He was an old soldier born 1 Sept. 1884., burial in the Portal Cemetery

June 28, 1906  Marriage:  James V. Davidson and Esther Elizabeth Vahl at North Portal Presbyterian on 26 June 1906

July 26, 1906  Birth:  Boy born   to Herman DeVilliers, Columbus, 17 July 1906 of last week  

Aug. 2, 1906  Marriage:  Frank Witty, Garfield Post Office and Mathilda Kleijnschmidt, by Rev M. Stolt.

Aug. 23, 1906  Birth  a girl to William D. Campbell on August 18, 1906

Aug. 30, 1906  MaryEdna Skinner, North Portal, 2 1/2months, daughter of M/M William Skinner, died .  Service Methodist: burial at North Portal Cemetery.

Sept 13, 1906  Mrs. Catherine Maus, mother of Mrs. Jerry Daly, died 7 Dept. of stomach cancer.  Burial Casselton, N.D.

Sept 20, 1906  Birth  Girl to Bert Piercy,  Sept 19, 1906.

Oct 4, 1906  William Gilmore, son of George and  Helen Gilmore of Williston, formerly of Portal, died Sept 27, 1906. Child was three years  and three months old..

Oct 4, 1906  Mabel Mary Johnston, child of A. E. Johnston, died Oct 1, 1906.  Service M.E. Church.  Child was 1 year, 1 month, and 8 days old.  Born about August 26, 1905.

Oct 18, 1906   Gladys Genevive Hill, daughter of M/M J. Hill, 5 miles west on Canadian side, 9 months, died last Sunday night.  Rev. Clark of Church of England, Estevan and North Portal, presided.  Burial in North Portal.  Child was  9 months and 10 days old.

Nov 1, 1906  Marriage:   Amy Charlotte Evenson, daughter of Emil Evenson, married Alfred George Crate on Oct 31, 1906.

Nov 22, 1906  Marriage:  William Finn, Portal and Fannie Hall, Ambrose, at Bowbells Catholic.


17 Jan 1907  Mrs Olaf Boen  (Probably Laura Boen), 3 miles NW of columbus, died  13 January enroute to home from Columbus after  securing medical care, she delivered a child.  She died the following moring.  Burial Pleasant Prairie, Forthum Twp (Burke County)

31 Jan 1907  Mrs Oscar Clukey died last Saturday afternoon, on 26 January at home.  Service Monday and burial at Portal Cemetery.

31 jan 1907  Mrs L. O. Arshuse, near Imperial, died last Friday 25 Jan 1907.  Burial Portal Cemetery.  Husband and three children survive, including Mrs. M. LaFlame.

2 May 1907  James A. Rovlan died 19 April a907.  Came to Portal 7 years ago.  Burial not cited.

11 June 1907   Marriage:  Nels G. Nelson ("Kansas" Nelson) and Lena Larson, in Salina, Kansas

15 August 1907  Robert Thompson Lyall, son of Peter Lyall, died last Wednesday, 7 August 1907, burial not cited.

29 August 1907  Marriage:  Charles M. Nelson and E. Genevieve Finn, both of Portal, at Minot.  She is a daughter of Mike Finn of Kermit.

31 Oct 1907  Editor Neil, 26, accidentally killed in Columbus by Mrs Raspenson.

14 Nov 1907  Marriage:  William Tams and Mildred Potter at home of bride's brother.  This item reprinted from the Columbus Reporter.

21 Nov 1907  "Coffin Charley"  died last Wednesday.


23 Jan 1908 Percy Hogan, 15 months, son of M/M P. J. Hogan, died Sunday, 19 Jan 1907.  Service and burial Portal Catholic.  He was born Oct 1907.

18 June 1908  Marriage:  George G. Lawyer and Mary Raymond, near Columbus, at the Presbyterian Manse, North Portal, 16 June 1908.

13 August 1908  Armin Klitzke, 19 years, 4 months, died at home 6 August 1908.  Burial in Portal Cemetery, born 19 August 1889.


14 Jan 1909  Birth:  Girl to Robert Campbell, Rival

4 March 1909  Mrs. Mads Dahl (Anna) died Saturday, 28 Feb 1909 at home in Columbus as results of childbirth. Burial at Portal Cemetery.  She was born in 1873.

18 March 1909  Marriage:  John R. Bly and Tillie Kolbach on 22 Feb at Port Washington, Wisconsin.

18 March 1909  Ingeborg Western, Larson, N.D. enters State hospital after caring for ailing parents.

23 April1909  Vera Vigninia Rydell, 6 months, 11 days, daughter of M/M Rydell, 2 miles SW of Portal, died 17 April.  She was born 5 Oct 1908.

24 June 1909  Baby Mertes, 3 months, child of M/M Mathies Mertes, Bowbells, died last week.

1 July 1909  Birth:  Boy to Leonard Kurtz, Columbus.

1 July 1909  Marriage:  Edmund J. Retzlaff, Springbrook, and Ella Domrese, Columbus, married 30 June 1909 at Columbus.

29 July 1909  August Luckman,  (Mrs Joseph Luckman)  died at home 15 miles NE of Bowbells 17 July.  Husband, 5 sons and 1 daughter survive.  She was born 8 Dec 1839.  Burial at Bowbells Cemetery.

19 Aug  1909  Birth:  Boy to  M/M Gullickson, Columbus  on 7 August 1909.

19 Aug 1909  Infant Male Messinger, child of A. O. Messinger, Portal, died 13 August 1909.  Burial was on Sunday.  Burial site not listed.

26 Aug 1909  Marriage:   M.A. Maher, Larson, and Grace Finn, Noonan, Bowbells last Wednesday.

26 Aug 1909  George P. Herloz, 5 miles west of Bowbells, died Sunday, 22 August 1909, in farm accident.  Two sons and four brothers survive.  Burial site not listed.

2 Sept 1909   Mrs Lulu Melvin, wife of Hardie Melvin, Ambrose, died at her claim at Ambrose 2 September 1909 of typhoid.  See item on 7 September.

2 Sept 1909  Charles Metzger, 3 years, 7 months, 10 days, son of M/M William Metzger, died 29 August 1909 of spinal meningitis.  Service Catholic, burial in Harvey.  Mrs Metzger's parents are M/M C. N. Biesecker,   Child was born 19 Jan 1906.

7 Sept 1909  Birth:  Boy  to Charles Tyson, NW of Columbus, 31 August 1909.

7 Sept 1909  Male, James McKechney, son of M/M D. H. Mckeckney, born 6 Sept and died 8 Sept 1909.  Burial Portal Cemetery.

7 Sept 1909  Mrs John Hardie Melvin (Lulu Cartwright), 25, died 2 September 1909 at claim near Ambrose, of typhoid.
Burial Portal Cemetery, service Presbyterian,  Born 22 March 1884 to M/M James Cartwright, Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Married 1908.  One sister is Mrs. D. H. Mckeckney, Portal.

11 Nov 1909  Amada Rudh died at the home of her sister, Mrs. S. O. Crosby, on 10 Nov 1909. Service at S. O. Crosby home and burial at Battle Lake, Minn.  She was born at Battle Lake, Otter Tail Co., on 6 July 1884.

11 November 1909  Marriage:  Elveda Olsen and Howard Melvin, Portal, at North Portal 10 Nov 1909

11 Nov 1909  John Vien killed by train 30 Oct 1909.  Wife and 2 children and sister survive.  Lived 5 miles NE of Flaxton.  Burial Flaxton cemetery.  Born 11 March 1871, married Amanda Myhre.

11 Nov 1909  Birth;  Boy to Wm Durick, Columbus.

11 Nov 1909  Birth:  Girl to Wm Johnson, Columbus.

18 Nov 1909   Marriage:  Herman Kleinschmidt and Mamie Domrese, Larson, 3 Nov 1909 by Rev. Stein at bride's home.

2 Dec 1909  Marriage:  Pauline Ofelt and Allen Brynildson at Bertle Nelson home 20 Nov 1909.  Allen is a brother of Mrs. Nelson.  They will live near Stampede.

30 Dec 1909  Male Chapman, child of Mr/Mrs. William Chapman, died 26 Dec 1909.  Child was born 21 Dec 1909.  Service from home on Monday.


5 May 1910  Nora Mae Roan, 3 months, one of twins born to hugh and Mae Roan, died 29 August 1910 of pneumonia.  Born 12 Jan 1910.  Service and burial at Portal Catholic.

19 May 1910  Mathew Rockford,  45, 6 miles from Columbus, died 1o May 1910.  Had been hospitalized at Jamestown.  A brother lives at Kermit.

19 May 1910  Nora Bell Hawkins, 2 years, 8 1/2 months, died  9 or 16 May 1910.  Daugher of M/M P. L. Hawkins.  Born about 1c Sept 1907.  Service at home burial "here" by Rev. Coffin.

18 August 1910  Born twin to Charles Nyreen on 5 August 1910

18 Aug 1910  Mrs Elizabeth Curtis, died Friday 12 August 1910.  Service North Portal Methodist; burial North Portal.

18 August 1910  Marriage:  Louis Negaard, Columbus, and Mary Stompro, Plentywood, at Bowbells M.E. Parsonage on 15 August 1910.

18 August 1910  Marriage:  Odin Stompro and Jessie Dewing at Dewing home by Rev J. R. Coffin, 10 August 1910.

25 August 1910  Elma Knutson, 3 year old female, daughter of M/M K.C. Knudtson, North Portal, died 17 August 1910 in farm accident. Born 20 Oct 1906.   Service 18 August at Dunkard Church, Rev, Gassell officiated.  Burial Dunkard Cemetery. North Star Twp.

1 Sept 1910  Marriage:  Irene Finn and Mr. W. A. Hennesy in Bowbells Catholic on 30 August 1910.

29 Sept 1910  Baby Hetherton, 4 months, died 26 Sept 1910 in Minot after operation.  Child of M/M William Hetherton.  Burial site not noted.

13 Oct 1910  Marriage:  Mr. Ruffcorn, Columbus, and Miss Evans, Portal, at courthouse this week.

27 Oct 1910  Marriage:  Minnie Tate and Sam Paulson a;t Minot 26 Oct 1910.

3 Nov 1910  Marriage:  Christ Molden  and Laura Gunlock at North Portal 21 Oct 1910.

3 Nov 1910  Marriage:  Jack Johnson, west of Portal , and Minnie Tate, at North Portal 2 Nov 1910.

10 Nov 1910  Marriage:  Mr. Limberg and Gunda Kindbek  Tuesday afternoon in Columbus.

17 Nov 1910  Marriage:  William Prim and Sadie Chapmen, 13 Nov 1910 in Minot Methodist.

17 Nov 1910  Marriage:  E. Wilkins and Clara Klitzke 10 Nov at bride's home by Rev. Coffin.

17 Nov 1910  Marriage:  Thomas Tate and Annie Brown at Knox Church, North Portal 15 Nov 1910.

8 Dec 1910  Louis Iverson died in Soo Line Yard  in accident 7 Dec 1910. Service and  burial Portal Presbyterian.  Wife and 4 children survive.  Wife and son Andrew, live at Lanesboro, Minnesota.  Son Iver and daughter May live in Portal..  One daughter, Mrs. Garfield Chaplin, lives at Milk River, Alberta, and one brother at Balfour.


12 Jan 1911  Henry Murdock, 85, father of Eugene Murdock, died Saturday  (eithe Jan 7 or Jan 14).  Service and burial Flaxton Cemetery. (item from the Flaxton Times, date is probably Jan 7 for death)

16 Feb 1911  Gotfred Brown died 16 Jan of pneumonia.  Sevice at home and burial Portal Presbyterian.  He came last December from Roger Mills, Oklahoma.  Wife and 8 children survive.

16 Feb 1911  Mrs A. F. Johnson died 16 Feb in Portal (see 23 Feb below)

16 Feb 1911  Mary Mcnamara Gumm, 73 died 9 Feb 1911.  Resident of Portal for 9 years.  Service and burial Portal Catholic.  Niece (Mary Scott) and childfren survive.  J. E. McNamara (1 mile from Portal), Mrs C. D. Short, Thief River Falls, Minn. and Mrs. George Scofield, Grano are children who survive.

23 Feb 1911  Mrs. Andrew F. Johnson (Lura Moe) died 16 Feb 1911.  Burial North Portal Cemetery.  Born 16 Sept 1860, married 1878.  Children survive:  Howard M, Portal;  Harry, Ambrose; Mrs. W. H. Cowley, Detroit Lakes, Minn; Hazel, Mpls; and Roberta  and Frances at home.

2 March 1911  Infant male Abraham, son of M/M James Abraham, died Wednesday ( 1 March 1911), 2 days old, Service and burial North Portal Cemetery.

15 March 1911  Marriage:  Dr. Arthur J. Somers and Elizabeth Gerding, both Portal, 13 March 1911 at Portal Catholic.

30 March 1911  Marriage:  P. N. Johnson, Lignite and Bena Smith, Gayville, South Dakota, at Gayville last week.

6 April 1911  Marriage:  (license obtained):  Axel Hagen and Emma Lubaack, both Portla

6 April 1911  Marriage:  license obtained):  Gustav Dahl, age 35, and Mary Martinson, age 19, both of Larson.

17 August 1911  Male Gill, child of M/M Fred Gill, born 7 August 1911, died last Sunday afternoon  13 August 1911.  Service at home on Monday.  Burial not cited.

24 Aygust 1911  William G. Chapman died 6 miles west of Portal 15 August 1911.  Service and burial Portal Presbyterian.  Born in Wicklow County, Ireland 28 March 1865.  Came to Dodge Co, Minnesota in 1867.  Married Margaret Falck in 1890.  Came to Portal in 1901.  Wife and one daughter (Mrs. W. F. Prim), 3 brothers and 3 sisters survive.

5 Oct 1911  Wesley Peters, 28, Bowbells businessman, killed in train accident near Portal on 28 September.  Service and burial Bowbells Presbyterian.  Married Edith B. Randall, Bowbells, in 1909. Born 5 June 1883.  Wife, parents, brother and sister at Frobisher, Canada.

9 Nov 1911  William Irving Agard killed in auto accident near Coteau 5 Nov 1911.  Service and burial Portal Presbyterian.  Born in Maron County, Iowa 18 July 1875.  Married Ella Horr in 1897.  Came to Portal in 1902.  Wife, 2 daughters, 2 brothers, one sister in Oklahoma and  one sister in Iowa survive.


1 Feb 1912  Marriage:  Elizabeth McCoy, Columbus, and Laurence Hierath at Catholic Church 27 Jan 1912.

1 Feb 1912  Marriage:  Jennie Doolittle and Everetrt Ely at brides' home near Columbus 26 Jan 1912

15 Feb 1912  Bartley Taylor killed in CPR Railroad Yard 13 Feb 1912.  Service and burial Portal Presbyterian.  Born 1 Sept 1880 near Delano, Minnesota.  Came with paretns,  Mr/Mrs James Taylor, to Portal in 1904.  His father, James, died in 1906 and is buried here.  Two sisters and 1 brother survive.  Mother Hannah.

28 March 1912  Marriage:  Ruth Prince and William A. Miller in Bowbells 20 March 1912. by Rev. Sampson.

2 May 1912  Henry Ackerman, 73, died 29 May 1912.  Service at home, burial in Iowa.  Born 20 July 1839 in Germany.  Married Candis McKirman in 1862.  Civil War Veteran,  Had 9 children; 6 children survive:  James, Iowa; Sam, Los Angeles; William, canada; Charles, Crosby; Mrs Hess, Los Angeles; and Mrs. Ely of Columbus.

23 May 1912  Louis N. Botton, 49, Flaxton, died in Mpls hospital 15 May 1912. Born 29 Jan 1863.  Service at St Paul Presbyterian and in Flaxton. Born in Norway, married Esther Regnell in 1895.   Four children:  Nester, Russell, Lowell
and David.

8 August 1912  Charles Alphonzo Hoydt, 68, died in Flaxton 5 August 1912.  Born about 17 April 1844 at Ithica, New York.  Married Betsey Amelia Bliss.  Moved to Wisconsin and then Stewart, Minn in 1880.  Moved to 3 1/2 miles SE of Flaxton in 1889.  Survivors:  Wife, sons Joseph P' Stewart, Minn;  Charles A,. Flaxton; Fayette C., Portal.  Service and burial Flaxton Presbyterian.

15 August 1912  Marriage:  Ed Grina and Marie Jensen at Minot on Tuesday.

17 Oct 1912  Neal Ogden Nelson, 5 months, child of M/M T.A. Nelson died while the family was on an auto ride across the border on Sunday 27 Oct 1912.  Service and burial Portal Presbyterian.  Born 2 May 1912.

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