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Samuel Denney died in Wayne Co., Kentucky in 1806. His place and date of birth are unknown, however it probably was Virginia He Married Elizabeth (probably Wade). A Samuel Denney is listed in Amherst Co., Virginia in the 1783 census,(Samuel Denney 8 whites). A Samuel Denney is listed as a bondsman for the will of John Wade on 2 July 1787 in Amherst Co., Virginia. He was a witness to the above will on 3 May 1784 along with Wm Trotter. This Samuel is the most likely individual to be the Samuel Denney the father of William Denney.

In the will of Pearce Wade, written 13 December 1769, in Amherst Co., Va., offered for probated on 5 March 1770, he lists his wife Elizabeth, daughters Susanna the youngest, daughter Elizabeth and daughter Abigil Hardwick. His wife received the plantation and he gave to the other children listed 5 shillings each. In the guardian bonds are orphaned children Abigil, Clair, Jeremiah and Lucretia Wade all orphans of Pearce Wade. Bond for the children was by Ballenger Wade. Witness were John Dawson, Thomas Watts, Boyce Eadson. The will mentions among others, Ambrose Rucker, Benjamin Rucker, Dan Gaines and Ballinger Wade. The guardian bonds were written sometime after the will was probated. (Will book 1 page 161 and pages 485 to 490, dated 1779, guardian bonds)

Pearce Wade was probably married twice. In a deed for 105 acres of land sold to John Goodwin in 1764, his wife is listed as Mary. In his will his wife was listed as Elizabeth. In a transaction dated 22 Feb 1777 Elizabeth Wade gave her goods and chattels to her eldest son Jacob Petty John. This would indicate that both Pearce and Elizabeth Wade had prior marriages.

In the wills of Amherst co., Va Book 3 Page 45-47 John Wade had a will dated 15 Feb 1785 listing as his executor his wife Elizabeth. The bondsman was Samuel Denny. He gave his estate to his wife Elizabeth and one shilling each to his son Dawson, son Jesse Shasteen and daughter Elinor Shasteen. Witness James W. Alexander, Alexander Alexander and John Alexander.

In Deed Book D page 245 Amherst Co., Virginia, on 1 March 1775, John Wade sold to Samuel Denny 80 acres of land for 65 pounds located on Butlers Ridge, Amherst Co., Va.

In Deed Book F page 331 Amherst Co., Va. On 17 April 1789 Samuel and Elizabeth Denny sold to William Burnett, for 50 pounds, 70 acres of land which formally was the property of John Wade located on the North Fork of Davies Creek, Amherst Co., Virginia Signed by Isaac Crochet, Zacharica Burnett, Maryah Burnett and Alexander.

Samuel Denney (or Denny or Denne depending on the whim of the writer) lived in close proximity to the Wade family on or near a Davies Creek. It would appear that this Samuel Denny is related to this line. He could have married Elizabeth, the daughter of Pearce Wade or married an unnamed daughter of John Wade by the name of Elizabeth.

In the will of William Sudarth 25 Dec 1761 a daughter Sarah Denny is listed. Guy Denney wrote that a Samuel Denney was a Captain in the Revolution and married Sarah Sudworth a daughter of William. This has not been verified. That Samuel may be the same one listed above or the father of the above Samuel or no relation.

A will of a William Sudarth was located in will book 1 page 4, Amherst Co., Virginia. The will was written 25 Dec 1761 and probated April 1762. The will lists his sons William, James, and Lawrence and daughters Sarah Denny, Charity Tate, Elizabeth Ray and youngest daughter Mary Sudarth.

The following are other land transactions involving the Denney family in Amherst County, Virginia.

In Deed Book B page 260 Amherst Co., Virginia, on 14 April 1767, Benjamin Denny sold 94 acres to Lawrence Sudworth for 30 pounds. Land was located on both sides of the main branch of Ruckers Run in Amherst Co., Va.

In Deed Book B page 202 Amherst Co., Virginia. In August 1767, John Denny (or Dennee) sold to John Deprist 200 acres for 35 pounds. Land was located on the branches of Ruckers Run in Amherst Co. Va. This was signed as John Denny and Elizabeth Denee.

In Deed Book C page 18 Amherst Co., Virginia, On 15 June 1769, John Denne and Elizabeth of Roann (?) North Carolina, sold 50 acres to John Thurmond of Amherst Co., Virginia. Land was located on the branches of Dutch Creek, Amherst Co., Virginia. Witness were John Deprist, Samuel Stapler and James Denne.

In Deed Book C page 22 Amherst Co. Virginia. On 13 June 1769, John Dennee and Elizabeth of Roann, North Carolina, sold to John Griffin of Amherst Co., Virginia, 90 acres of land located on the branches of Ruckers Run, Amherst Co., Virginia. Witnesses John Deprist, Samuel Stapler and James Denne.

It has not been determined if the above mentioned Benjamin and John Denney are related to Samuel Denney or are a different family. The location of the physical features described (Ruckers Run and Dutch Creek) in the Benjamin/John Denney land transactions have not been located in regard to Davies Creek.

It is unknown when Samuel and his family came to Wayne Co, however, a John Denney, believed to be the son of Samuel, applied for a Revolutionary War pension in 1841. In the pension application John Denney states he was born in Amherst Co., Virginia on 24 August 1766 on the waters of the Rockfish River. He lived 20 years in Amherst Co then moved to Fayette Co., Ky., this would be about 1786 or 1787. He goes on to say that the family lived in Fayette Co. six years then moved to Clark Co., Ky, this would be about 1792. He had lived in Wayne Co., Ky 43 years when he filed the pension application which would have him moving to Wayne Co in about 1798.

The location of the Rockfish River in relation to the other physical features mentioned in the above deeds has not been determined. The only other reference to this river is in several land transaction involving a John Robinson of King and Queen co. Virginia. From 1762 to 1764 he sold about 3000 acres of land located on the Rockfish River in Amherst Co to several individuals.

The Rockfish River is located in present day Nelson County, Virginia. A John Robinson reportedly married a Keziah Denney, a daughter of a Samuel Denney. No other mention of this river has been found in land transaction involving the Denney or the Wade families.

In the 1785 census for Mercer Co., Ky a Samuel, John and Robert Denney are listed. In the 1799 census for Cumberland Co., Ky a Samuel and John Denney are listed. Wayne Co was formed from Cumberland Co., in 1801. In the 1820 census for Wayne Co a John Denney is listed as being over 45.

. All of the above information more or less fits with the time frames mentioned in John Denney's pension application. Fayette Co was the original county in Kentucky that was formed from Virginia. Clark Co. was formed from Fayette and Wayne Co from Cumberland and Pulaski. The 1785 listing of Samuel and John in Mercer Co was probably Fayette Co as Mercer Co was not formed until 1786.

A tract of land containing 164 acres was granted to Samuel Denney in April 1801 on the East side of Beaver Creek, Wayne Co., Ky. Land was next to land of James Rupells and Michael Deans.

This land was given to Samuel's two sons, Benjamin and Ezariah Denney by Michael Denney, executor of Samuel Denney, 26 Jan 1827.

This land was sold by Benjamin, his wife Agnes and Ezariah Denney to Raods Farth for $400 on 28 Sept 1833.

Samuel and Elizabeth Denney had five known children as listed in his will, Wayne Co., Ky Book A page 29-30, written 7 August 1806, proved March 1807?

In Samuel Denney's will, his wife Elizabeth and son William were the executors. The above land was handled by Michael Denney probably because Elizabeth had died and William had moved on to Indiana.


Benjamin Married Agnes Balleu 9 July 1808

Sarah Married Ephrian Guffey

John Probably the same person that applied for the war pension as outlined above. Was living in Wayne Co in 1820.

Samuel No information

Azeriah or Ezariah Possibility the Iseriah (Ezeriah) that Guy Denney said was a son of Jeremiah Denney

William Born in Virginia 29 October 1777, Died 6 August 1862, Monroe Co., Indiana. He is buried in the Denney Cemetery, Washington Top., Monroe Co., Indiana Wynona Denney's land, his G Granddaughter. William married Margaret Scott on 19 June 1804 in Wayne Co., Ky. Margaret Scott was born on 1 June 1788 in either Ky. or Pa. She died 24 Oct 1877 in Monroe Co., Indiana and is buried with her husband. Margaret was the daughter of John Scott.

William Denney moved from Wayne Co and settled in Indiana in the 1830's. He is listed in the census for Washington top. Monroe co, Indiana in 1850. His Great Granddaughter, Wynona Denney was still living on the family farm in 1986.

In a interview with Wynona Denney in April 1986 she stated that William Denney came to Monroe Co., Indiana from Kentucky with his family in an ox cart. She stated that family history has William Denney's father coming over from Ireland and landing in Virginia.

Children or William Denney

Benoni Denney

Born 3 Feb 1813 in Ky, married Letty Hanson in Wayne Co, Ky 1825. Had 10 children. Benoni died 11 Aug 1891 buried Denney Cemetery, Washington Top, Monroe Co., Indiana

Dawson Denney

Born 17 Jan 1808 in Ky, married Rebecca McNeill had 10 children. He died 30 March 1889. Was he named for the Dawson family?

John Wade Scott Denney

Born 9 dec 1809 in Ky married Sarah Gaskins about 1824. Died 1889 and buried in the Liberty Cemetery 3 1/2 miles from Farmersburg, Sullivan Co., Indiana. Possibly named after his grandfathers, John Wade and John Scott.

Nancy Denney

Born 5 March 1813, probably Wayne Co. Ky married Charles Clendenen 1835 in Monroe Co., Indiana. Nancy and Charles Clendenen's daughter, Esther Ann, married Thomas Ray Rawlings. Had four other children. Nancy died 29 Jan 1894 and is buried in the Simson Cemetery, Washington Top, Monore Co., Indiana

Mary Denney

(Polly) Born 13 Feb 1814 and died 25 March 1904, never married.

Sarah Denney

(Sally) Born 13 Aug 1817 and died 25 Jan 1894.

Elizabeth Denney

Born 1 March 1820 in Ky married Allen Gaskins. had four children. She died 17 Feb 1914 Buried Simson Cemetery, Monroe Co., Indiana.

William B. Denney

Born 30 Dec 1822 in Ky died 18 Sept 1912 married Ann Gastiers. had six children


Azariah Denney

Born 26 Sept 1825 in Ky married Lydia Massey 15 Dec 1862, had two children Margaret born 1 Jan 1864 and Azariah Carrington born 22 April 1866 who was the father of Wynona Denney He married Lilly Belle Wisenand 15 Dec 1888. His father died 16 Sept 1865 of a tooth ache, buried Denney Cemetery, Washington Top., Monroe Co., Indiana. Above from Wynona Denney.

Samuel Denney

Born 10 August 1828 and died 6 Aug 1908 buried in Spencer, Indiana. Married Elizabeth Mulkey 18 Sept 1849. Hand 5 children. He was Captain of the Monroe sharp Shooters, 67th Reg, Indiana Volunteers during the Civil War, entered service 18 Aug 1862

. NOTE: As indicated one of the children of William was named John Wade Scott Denney. A person could assume that this individual was named for John Wade and John Scott which would be the names of his Great Grandfather and his Grandfather

Most of the research on the Denny line has concentrated on the decedents of a Samuel Wade of Surry County North Carolina. The general idea is that this Samuel came to North Carolina from Virginia sometime prior to the Revolutionary War with several of his sons. He reported married a lady with the last name of Southard and settled in Amherst Co., Virginia and had 17 children. Some of the children were, William, Azariah, John, Charles, Henry, Lazarus, Benjamin, James, daughters Keziah who married John Robertson and Nancy. It is the general idea that another Samuel Denney married a Sarah Sudworth in Amherst Co., Virginia and that he is a member of another line of Denneys living in Amherst Co.

Land grants indicate a Benjamin and John Denney had land grants in ALBEMARLE County and in Amherst Co in the 1750s and 1760s. No other grants where found for any other Denney in the Amherst County area. Jeremiah, John and Pearce Wade all had grants during the same time period in Amherst County. No grants, land records or wills where found for Southard. No grants or land transaction has been found for Sudworth.

According to the land records, John Denney sold his land and was living in Roann Co, North Carolina in 1769. Benjamin Denny sold his land at about the same time however he was still listed as living in Amherst County in 1772.

The only other Denney listed in the land records is the Samuel Denney who had land near John Wade's land.