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1. John Hill of Beaver Co. Pennsylvania

2 Joseph Hill of Knox Co, Ohio

3. John Winfield Hill of Guthrie Co. Iowa

4. Frederick Abraham Hill of Sioux City, Iowa

5. Kenneth Raymond Hill of Portal, North Dakota

John Hill, the first proven generation of this line, was born about 1750-1755. LDS records list John as being born in 1755. It is believed that he came from New Jersey and is the son of Joseph Hill and Rebecca Stout. From research conducted by others, Joseph Hill was a descendant of James Hill who came to America in 1682 and settled in New Jersey. The above Joseph Hill lived and died in Hunterdon Co. New Jersey, near Flemington. Joseph Hill died in 1774 leaving a will in which he names a son John. The evidence acquired indicates that John Hill of Beaver Co. Pennsylvania was the son of this Joseph Hill of Hunterdon Co. New Jersey, however this has not been proven,

John Hill of Beaver Co. Pennsylvania, was born about 1855. His first wife was Mary Leet (LDS records list Mary's DOB as 1759. Name is listed as Lest) the daughter of Isaac Leet. The Leet family lived in Hunterdon County, New Jersey in the 18 century then moved West to Washington County, Pa in the later part of that century. The Isaac Leet family is well documented in the historical record, as several of Isaac's sons were surveyors in western Pennsylvania during the latter part of the 18 century and also serving in the Revolutionary War. Isaac's son Daniel, attended William and Mary College, received a commission as surveyor for the county of Augusta, Virginia in 1776 and served in the Revolutionary War as quartermaster, paymaster and brigade major in the Virginia Line. The only mentioned of Isaac's daughter Mary Hill is in his will which was probated in Washington Co., Pa. She is listed as one of the heirs of Isaac's estate.

By 1790 the Leet family was established in Washington Co. Pa having purchased several tracts of land in that county. During this time period four John Hill families were listed in the census for Washington Co plus several land records that indicate several different John Hill's owned land in Washington Co and all have a wife named Mary.

DAR records and Mormon records show that John Hill was married to Mary Leet (DAR Patriot Index Hill, John Born 1755 Died 1815 Married Mary Leet PS PA Page 329), however this record is partly in error. ( See note next page) Although no marriage record can be found and nothing is mentioned of this marriage in the Leet family records, it is reasonable to assume that John Hill knew of the Leet family in New Jersey and was married in New Jersey or came West with the Leet family and married Mary after the families arrived in Western Pennsylvania. LDS records list the John Hill Jr, the son of John Hill and Mary Leet as born on 18 Sept 1781. If Mary was born in 1759, son John would probably be the oldest child, therefore the Jonathan Hill and Isaac Hill listed as the sons of John Hill and Mary Leet would probably be in error as Jonathan was born in 1768 and Isaac in 1777 making them too old to be sons of John and Mary. Other record indicate that John Hill Jr was born in 1771, however this date is probably in error.

The earliest land record found for a John Hill in West Pennsylvania is a deed where John Hill and Mary Hill sold land in Yohogania Co, Virginia 1 August 1777 to John Cannon for 150 pounds. This land is now located in Washington Co. Pennsylvania, and was located on Charters Creek which was the same creek that Isaac Leet owned land.

In another land transaction dated 13 July 1793, John Hill and Mary his wife of Allegheny Co. Pa sold to Solomon Hull (possibly Hill) of Washington Co., Pa for 35 pounds 200 acres on the Waters of 10 Mile creek. This land was granted to John Hill in a land warrant dated 21 April 1786 by the Supreme Executive Council of Pa. The interesting part of this deed is that the witnesses were Jonathan Lee, probably the son of Isaac Leet and Jonathan Hill, who was either a brother or a son of John Hill.

It should be pointed out that County boundaries were changing rapidly aa a result, land could be located in one county one day and another county the next. For example, it would be possible for a person to have land in Beaver Co, Pa in 1800 and if he had acquired this land in 1770, the land would have been located in Cumberland Co in 1770, Westmoreland Co in 1773, Washington Co in 1781, Allegheny Co in 1788 and Beaver Co in 1800. Furthermore the state of Virginia had a land claim in Southwestern Pa which covered several present day counties including Washington and Allegheny Counties. The area was divided into Ohio, Monongalia and Yohogania counties Virginia. The parent county for these three counties was August Co., Virginia Two of these counties, Ohio co West Virginia and Monongalia co, Virginia still exist, however there no longer is a Yohogania Co, making the verification of land records, such as when did John Hill acquire the land he sold to John Cannon, very difficult to locate. These records may be in Virginia, Pa or West Virginia.

DAR records indicate that a pension filled by a Mary or Maria Hill, number 2799, was filled by Mary Leet Hill. This is in error. Pension application 2799 was filled by Mary or Maria Hill however this person was living in Boyerstown, Colebrookdale Twp, Berks Co Pa and was a former resident of New Hanover Twp, Montgomery Cp. Pa. This John and Mary Hill were married June 1791 and they had a daughter Mary who was born 22 September 1791, according to the Lutheran Congregation of New Hanover Twp. Montgomery Co. Pa. This John Hill was in the Revolutionary War,serving in Capt Walkers and Bush's companies under Col Butlers Pa Regiment. Length of service 2 yrs and 2 months. He applied for a pension while living in Montgomery Co., Pa. He died 17 Feb 1838. His wife was born 12 March 1760 and died April 1842. The pension was executed to her in 1841 when she was living in Boyerstown, Colebrookdale Twp, Berks Co. Pa. This John and Mary Hill are totally unrelated to John Hill and Mary Leet.

The best guess at this time is that John Hill was living in what is now Allegheny Co in 1790. A John Hill is listed in the 1790 census for Allegheny Co with the ages of his family being fairly close to what they should have been. It is possible that John Hill lived near the Leet family in what is now Washington Co, he then moved North into Allegheny Co and either moved once again to Beaver Co, or the creation of Beaver Co put him in this county without moving from his land in Allegheny Co. What is fairly certain is that John Hill was living in Beaver Co, Pa in 1800 and that he had his sons owned most of what is now Beaver Falls, Pa. All of the information on John Hill during the time he lived in Beaver Co. Pa comes from the land records. Two adjoining tracts of land in South Beaver Twp, Beaver Co., Pa are associated with John Hill. One tract of 212 acres was patented to John Hill on 22 March 1804 while the other tract was for 268 acres, with the warrant paid by Isaac Hill and dated 2 February 1803 with the patent paid for by John Hill Sr and conveyed to John Hill Sr from Isaac Hill on 25 November 1806. This Isaac Hill is believed to be the son of John.

These two tracts of land are located in what is now Beaver Falls Pa. The Southeast corner of these tracts starts at the Beaver River and runs West at about 17th street to the Beaver Falls High School Football field and continues West up the bluffs to about 17th Ave. The line turns north and runs along 17 ave to about 28th street then angles Northeast through Geneva College ending back at the Beaver River on the Northeast corner. The East boundary is the Beaver River. Adjacent to these tracts on the West was a 400 acre tract owned by Jonathan Hill who is believed to be another son of John Hill. The details of these tracks of land is as follows:

Warrant # 2 To Isaac Hill 2 Feb 1803 Survey C-85-133 16 Aug 1803, Assigned over to John Hill by Isaac Hill 25 Nov 1806 Patent H-10-268 11 Feb 1814 to John Hill Sr 268 acres in South Beaver Twp. Beaver Co. Pa. It is not clear why there is 8 years between assigning the land to John and the Patent to him. It is possible that this land was intended for John Hill's son John Hill Jr, however John Hill Jr died in 1810 at the age of 39. This land was adjoined by the other John Hill Sr claim on the South, by Jonathan Hill's claim on the West, John White on the North and Big Beaver Creek on the East. This tract was approximately 4191 feet East to West on the South Side, 5130 feet North to South along the Beaver River and 2940 Feet North to South along the West side of the claim, and angling back Northeast about 5500 feet on the North side.

As noted this tract was surveyed from a warrant (or order) from Isaac Hill in 1803 and was finally patented to John Hill Sr in 1814. This Isaac Hill was probably John Hill's son who never lived on this land, instead he decided to live on a farm that he had in North Sewickley Twp, which was across the Beaver River from the John Hill land. Isaac lived on this tract in North Sewickley Twp until 1828.

NOTE: The land that John Hill had in Beaver Co., was part of the Depreciation lands that were sold for the purpose of redeeming the certificates of depreciation that the soldiers of the Revolution had. During the war money had become worthless, as a result the soldiers were paid in depreciation certificates which were later turned in for money after the war these lands were first offered for sale in 1785. These depreciation lands were sold to raise money to pay the soldiers of the American Revolution. Beaver Co was located in Daniel Leet District # 2 of these depreciation lands. Daniel Leet, John Hill's brother in law, was the one that surveyed this area. The depreciation lands covered all of Beaver County North of the Ohio river and Allegheny County North of the Allegheny river. Most of this land was sold in large tracts and then resold to farmers, which presumably is how John Hill acquired the land.

The 268 acres of land was sold in three different transactions and give considerable history on the John Hill family

1. Sold 107 acres to Benjamin Hazen on 23 Jan 1815. From John Hill and his wife Elizabeth. Book F. Page 34 Beaver Co land records

This Benjamin Hazen was John Hill's son-in-law. He married Mary Hill, the youngest daughter of John Hill and his first wife Mary Leet. This transaction identifies the John Hill who married Mary Leet as the same John Hill who married Elizabeth (McIntire?) and had a daughter Cynthia and a son Joseph.

2. Sold 105 acres to John Braden 27 December 1816. From John Hill and his wife Elizabeth of Trumbull Co., Ohio Book E Page 41 Beaver Co land records.

This is another significant transaction, because it shows that John Hill and moved on to Trumbull Co., Ohio in 1815 or 1816 purchasing the land that John Braden had lived on in Trumbull Co. These two transaction along with John Hill's will, which was probated in Trumbull Co., Ohio in 1825, give positive proof that the same John Hill was married twice, lived in Beaver Co., Pa and died in Trumbull Co., Ohio. Also, John Braden married Katherine McIntire which was the last name of John Hill's stepdaughter Nancy McIntire.

3. The remainder of this tract was sold to Samuel Adams in 1814, however it was not recorded until 9 Jan 1841. This land transaction was for 69 acres which with the other two transactions would put the total land sold as 13 more acres that what was on the original land tract. This discrepancy may have been due to poor record keeping or poor surveying. It should be noted that Samuel Adams lived on Charters Creek, Washington Co., Pa prior to moving to Beaver Co., Pa It is entirely possible that Samuel Adams and John Hill knew each other prior to living in Beaver Co. Samuel Adams also purchased all of the other tract of land owned by John Hill as indicated below.

Warrant # 3 John Hill Sr 2 Feb 1803 Survey 0-60 16 August 1803, Patent p-54-150 22 March 1804 "Hillsborough" 212 acres South Beaver Twp. Beaver Co., Pa This tract was adjacent on the South side of the other tract and was situated at the head of the falls on Big Beaver Creek (now known as the Beaver River) and called Walnut Bottoms. This tract was approximately 5692 feet East to West and 1963 feet North to South.This tract was sold in one piece to Samuel Adams on 1 March 1805 from John Hill and his wife Mary for $1200. This transaction is also significant in the Hill history for it shows that John Hill was married to his first wife Mary Leet at the time of this transaction. We can also deduct the following from these land transactions:

1. John Hill, probably lived on the tract of 268 acres the entire time he lived in Beaver Co. For whatever reason the Warrant was in Isaac name, however as Isaac Hill married Deborah Hazen about 1800, he moved to the tract of land he had in North Sewickley Twp which was adjacent to the land owned by the Hazen family. As John Hill could probably not managed two tracts of land containing almost 500 acres, he sold the 212 acre tract to Samuel Adams. The other tract was sold after he moved to Trumbull Co., Ohio.

Note: Several tracts called "Hillsborough" have been found in Western Pa for the Hill family: 1.The tract that John Hill had in Beaver Co as previous indicated. 2. The tract that Isaac Hill had in Sewickley Twp, Beaver Co, Pa 3. A tract that David Hill had in Westmoreland Co, Pitt twps, in 1786 containing 206 acres, relationship to John Hill, if any is unknown. 4. A tract that Joseph Hill had in Washington Co., Pa, relationship to John Hill, if any, is unknown.

John Hill's first wife Mary Leet died about 1814. John then married Elizabeth (probably McIntire) about 1815. All other records found have made no mention of this marriage, however as outlined above in John Hill's land records and in his will, John was married twice. It is obvious that if John Hill was born in the 1750s he would have been 50 to 60 years old when he married Elizabeth. Elizabeth had two children Cynthia, born in 1810 and Joseph born in 1818. This would have made the grandchildren of John Hill's marriage to Mary Leet older than Aunt Cynthia and Uncle Joseph. This will be illustrated later on.

Nothing is known of the parents of Elizabeth, however evidence indicates that she was married to William McIntire and had a daughter Nancy McIntire who is named in John Hill's will as his stepdaughter. She was born about 1780 in Ireland (census 1850) or New Jersey (census 1860)

John Hill moved to Trumbull Co., Ohio around 1815, either prior to his marriage to Elizabeth or soon after. He purchased 148 acres of land located just East of Youngstown, Ohio. This land was purchased from John Braden as previous indicated. The tract was Sec 15 Range 1, Twp 2 and was located in Trumbull Co., Coitsvile Twp, which is now in Mahoning Co., Ohio. The exact site of this farm has not been determined, however it is North of US 422 and West of Coitsville Center.

The children of John Hill and Mary Leet:

Rebecca Hill Married a Caldwell, no other information found.

Jonathan Hill Born: 1768, New Jersey Married: #1 Jemenia Died 1810 - 1819 Married: #2 Ruth Born 1790 New Jersey Died: 8 October 1836, Baden, Beaver Co., Pa Buried: Hill Cemetery, Baden, Pa. Now called the Logan Cemetery, located on highway 65 on the south edge of Baden between the Ohio River and the highway. It has not been definitely proven that this is John Hill's son If Mary Leet was born in 1759 as indicated in the LDS records, this Jonathan could be a brother of John.

Isaac Hill Born: 1777 Pa Married: Deborah Hazen Died: 1853 Pike Co., Illinois

Again this Isaac is probably too old to be a son and could be another brother of John. Daniel Hill Died: about 1800 Married: Elizabeth Elizabeth Married: Powers

John Hill Jr Born: 18 September 1781 Pa Married: Nancy Warwick Died: 20 March 1810, Beaver Co. Pa

Other records list John Hill Jr as born 10 Sept 1771, however this is probably in error or a different John Hill David Hill No information

Mary Hill Born: 1791 Pa Married: Benjamin Hazen Died: 15 June 1875, Beaver Co. Pa Buried: Grove Cemetery, New Brighton, Pa.

Children by John Hill's second marriage to Elizabeth (McIntire)

Cynthia Hill Born: 15 May 1815, Trumbull Co., Ohio Married: John Mahan 29-03-1833, Trumbull Co, Ohio Died: 25 Dec 1891, Beaver Co., Pa Buried: Evergreen Cemetery, Bristol Twp, Trumbull Co, Ohio

Joseph Hill Born: 29 January 1818, Trumbull Co., Ohio Married: # 1. Mary Ann Dwigans 26 April 1838 Married: # 2. Mary Snyder, Knox Co., Ohio Died: 5 April 1894, Fredericktown, Ohio Buried: Forest Cemetery, Fredericktown, Ohio

John Hill died in Trumbull County in 1825. Elizabeth married John Pauley, who had a tract of land in the same township as John Hill, sometime after 1830. Elizabeth and John Pauley then moved to Guernsey Co. Ohio. In 1841 Elizabeth released her share of the land that John Hill had in Coitsville Twp, Trumbull Co., Ohio (now Mahoning Co) to William Rayen for $100. "Elizabeth Pauley wife of John Pauley and relict of the late John Hill ---releases this land--- being the same farm which the above John Hill lived and died on." Executed in Guernsey Co., Ohio dated 20 Jan 1841 (deed book 51, page 269 Trumbull Co., Ohio). John Pauley died in Guernsey Co and is buried in Westchester Cemetery, Perry Twp, Tuscaroras Co, Ohio. The last record we have of Elizabeth is the census record for Guernsey Co. in 1860 in which she is listed as living with Nancy Smith (McIntire). The place of burial for John Hill, Mary Leet or Elizabeth (McIntire) is unknown.

John Hill had a will which was written 17 January 1825 and probated in Trumbull Co. Ohio in November 1825. Much of the information about John Hill comes from this will. It also is the only evidence linking his first marriage with his second marriage. Will reads as follows:

I John Hill of the township of Coitsville, Trumbull County, State of Ohio being of sound mind and memory so make and publish this for my last will and testament. First I do give and bequeath to my oldest daughter Rebecca Caldwell the sum of one dollar and twenty five cents. Second to my son Jonathan Hill I do give the sum of one dollar and twenty five cents. Third to my son Isaac Hill I do bequeath the sum of one dollar and twenty five cents. Fourth to my son Daniel Hill heirs of I do bequeath the sum of one dollar and twenty five cents. Fifth to my daughter Elizabeth Powers I do bequeath the sum of one dollar and twenty five cents. Sixth to my son John Hill heirs of I do bequeath the sum of one dollar and twenty five cents. Seventh to my son David Hill I do bequeath the sum of one dollar and twenty five cents. Eighty to my daughter Mary Hazen I do bequeath the sum of one dollar and twenty five cents. Ninth to my beloved Stepdaughter Nancy McIntire I do bequeath the sum of seventy five dollars which is to be made of my personal property at the appraisement value and in such articles as she my choose. Tenth the remainder of my personal property I do give and bequeath to my beloved wife Elizabeth Hill, my son Joseph Hill and my daughter Cynthia Hill and each one equal share or share of the same. Eleventh to my son Joseph Hill I do bequeath one equal undivided half of my real estate and also to my daughter Cynthia Hill I do bequeath the other one equal undivided half of my real estate sharing only the one third of the profit arising therefrom for my beloved wife Elizabeth Hill during her life and it is my will if either my son Joseph or my daughter Cynthia should decease before marriage then and in that case the whole right of my real estate shall be vested in the surviving brother or sister and also I hereby state that my reason for giving all my real estate to my two younger children are that I consider I have heretofore paid my older sons and daughter there proportion of my property real and personal and lastly I do make and constitute Samuel Hayden of Youngstown and my wife Elizabeth Hill executors of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all others and former wills by me at anytime made heretofore in witness where of I hereon set my hand and seal the seventeenth day of January in the year of our lord one thousand and twenty five. Signed, Sealed and Published in presences of William Bysell and James Kennedy John Hill Copied as found in the record. Mistake in the year, written as 1025 instead of 1825

Inventory was made 16 November 1826 and list the following items of interest:

3 Heifers $12.00 1 Sorrel horse $34.50 8 Sheep $ 9.00 One Cow $10.00 One Cow $ 9.00 Four Hogs $ 6.25 14 Geese $ 3.50 Two Scats of beer on at $.75 the other $1.25 $ 2.00 One bed, bedding and bedstead $ 7.75 One clock $ 4.00 One bed, bedding and bedstead $12.00 One small stack of hay $ 5.00 One tot of hay $ 3.00 Part of a set of harrow teeth

Total value $143.18

The appraisers set off to the widow for her year support the following property: One bed and bedding, six chairs, one table one (cupboard) and the dishes therein, one tea kettle and one ten gallon kettle one --- salt, shovel and tongs, one small quantity buck wheat and wheat flour, one wash tub. Certified William Bysell, Thomas Clark, Thomas Early

Note Some of the inventory can't be made out.

August 1827: John Mitchell was appointed guardian of Cynthia Hill until she was 18 years old, daughter of John Hill late of Coitsville bound $200.

May 1831 John Mitchell guardian to Cynthia Hill resigns guardianship.

No other records have been found in regard to John Hill's will, such as were the older children were living at the time the will was probated.