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Joseph Hill was the son of John Hill of Trumbull Co., Ohio. Joseph was born in Trumbull Co., Ohio on 29 January 1818, being the youngest child of John and Elizabeth Hill.

Joseph Hill's first home was with his parents on a farm of 148 acres located just East of Youngstown, Ohio in Coitsville, Twp, in what is now Mahonning Co., Ohio. This farm was located in Rg 1, Twp 2, Sec 15 and was at the time located in Trumbull Co., Ohio. This land was purchased by John Hill from John Braden of Beaver Co., Pa in what amounted to a land swap between Braden and John Hill. John Braden purchased John Hill's tract in Beaver Co., and John Hill purchased John Bradens land in Trumbull Co. (see John Hill file for details) This farm was located North of US 422 and West of Coitsville Center, Mahoning Co., Ohio.

John Hill was probably close to 70 years old when Joseph was born, because all research indicates that John Hill was born in the 1750s. He was first married to Mary Leet, the daughter of Isaac Leet. Eight children came from this marriage. Mary Leet Hill died around 1815. John then married Elizabeth who had Cynthia Hill, born 15 May 1815 and then Joseph. Nothing is known of the background of Elizabeth.

A Nancy McIntyre is mentioned in John Hill's will as his "beloved stepdaughter" however no other evidence indicates that she was Elizabeth's daughter. If Elizabeth had been married to a McIntyre no evidence has been found to prove this.

Nancy McIntyre was born in 1807 probably in Pennsylvania she married Jeremiah Smith on August 19, 1830, in Trumbull Co., Ohio. They moved to Guernsey Co., Ohio in the early 1830's. Jeremiah Smith died in 1859 leaving his wife and 10 children. The last record of this family is the 1860 census which lists Nancy, her children and Elizabeth Pauley living in Washington Twp, Guernsey Co., Ohio. When and Where Elizabeth Pauley Hill and Nancy McIntyre Smith died is unknown.

John Hill died in Trumbull Co in 1825. John Mitchell was appointed guardian of Cynthia in August 1827. The guardianship was resigned in May 1831. Cynthia married John Mahan on 29 March 1833 in Trumbull Co., Ohio. It is assumed that Joseph lived with his mother until sometime after 1830 when Elizabeth married John Pauley, a widower that was living in the same township. Sometime after her marriage to John Pauley the family moved to Guernsey Co., Ohio.

Joseph Hill married Mary Ann Dwigans, daughter of John Dwigans, on April 26, 1838. No record of this marriage has been found. Joseph and Mary may have been married by a Methodist Circuit Rider who performed all church functions when they were in the are. Some of these Circuit Riders hand circuits several hundred miles in length and would be gone from their home for weeks at a time. This would explain why no record of Joseph Hill and Mary Ann Dwigans marriage has been found. The date of the marriage was mentioned in The History of Knox County, Ohio by N. N. Hill (no relation). The date of the marriage is also listed in the History of Guthrie Co., Iowa and in the Hill family bible owned by Velma Anderson, Welcome, Minnesota. She is the adopted daughter of Howard J. Hill, a grandson of Joseph Hill.

The above mentioned family bible was the property of John W. Hill, son of Joseph Hill. This bible was given to Howard Hill by his mother Mrs. J. W. Hill, Nov 20 1932, witness by C. W. Christanson, Fairmont, Minnesota.

During his lifetime, Joseph Hill was involved in many land transactions. The first being the farm that his father owned in Trumbull Co. This land was willed to Joseph and his sister Cynthia by their father John Hill. This land was sold by Joseph and Cynthia to William Rayen in 1841, also "Elizabeth Pauley, wife of John Pauley and relict of the late John Hill"--released this land to William Rayen in 1841 for $100.

Joseph purchased his first land from William Roseman in 1837. The land consisted of lot number six in the town of Birmingham, Guernsey Co., Ohio. This William Roseman was probably a relative of Joseph's father-in-law, John Dwigans, who married Margaret Roseman in 1818, Belmont Co., Ohio. Joseph probably lived in Birmingham until about 1850. In the 1850 census he is listed as a "Chairmaker"

By 1840 his mother Elizabeth and John Pauley, Nancy McIntyre and her husband Jeremiah Smith, Cynthia and her husband John Mahan and Joseph and Mary Ann Dwigans Hill were all living in Washington and Monroe Twp., Guernsey Co., Ohio. Also living in the area where Joseph's father-in-law and many of this brother and sister-in-laws.

In 1850 Joseph purchased 80 acres of land from the estate of his father-in-law, John Dwigans. This land was located Sec 18, Twp 4, Rg 1, Washington Twp, Guernsey co., Ohio. Joseph purchased this land at a sheriff's auction after Joseph's brother-in-law, Bennett Roseman Dwigans, who was the executor of the estate of John Dwigans, in the words of the sheriff, "left for parts unknown." NOTE: The "parts Unknown" that Bennett Dwigans left for was Iowa. He was living with his uncle, Calahan Dwigans in Ceder Co., Iowa in 1850. He married Calahan's daughter, Joanna, in 1853, who was his cousin. (See the Dwigans line for a full background on this family) Joseph paid $601 for this land and sold it on 1 April 1851 for $2000, a sizeable profit. He did give $100 each to his sister-in-laws, Frances and Elizabeth Dwigans, for there share of the land. As stated, the Hill and Dwigans clans where all living in the same area in 1850. In the 1850 census are about 50 relatives of Joseph Hill. About one year later both clans had moved on. Joseph moved to Knox Co., Ohio, John Mahan and Cynthia moved back to Trumbull Co. and the Dwigans moved on to Iowa. The remaining relative, Nancy McIntyre Smith, stated on in Guernsey Co until after 1860 when the record is lost.

The entire northeast part of Guernsey Co., in which Washington Twp. is located is very hilly, woody and generally hard to farm or travel in. It is unknown if family friction or the desire for better land caused the Hill and Dwigans clans to move on, however, the land deals involved in the John Dwigans estate would support the idea of family friction.

After moving from Guernsey Co. in 1851 Joseph Hill settled in Monroe Twp., Knox Co., Ohio. Monroe Twp. is located directly East of Mt. Vernon, Ohio. He purchase 160 acres of land in Monroe Twp from Catharine Spague in 1847. This land was located in Sec 17, Twp 7, Rg 12. The record would indicate that he purchased this land several years before moving to Knox Co. While living in Monroe Twp, Joseph donated acre of his land for the Pleasant Valley Methodist Episcopal Church. the site of this church is at the junction of Monroe Twp road T233 and Twp road T238. Only a cemetery remains at this site. It is of interest that many of Joseph Hill's daughter-in-laws family. Elizabeth Whitworth, are buried in this cemetery.

In 1859 Joseph moved to Wayne Twp. near Fredericktown, Knox Co., Ohio. this farm contained 211 acres of excellent bottom land that was located near the Kokesing River. A large barn and house are still located on this land. The farm is located on Bryant Road three miles S.W. of Fredericktown located in Sec 4, Twp 7, Rg 14 Knox Co. Ohio. Joseph and his family lived on this farm from 1859 to 1880 when he retired and moved to Fredericktown.

Joseph Hill's farm has been visited by his G. Grandson Kenneth R. Hill, his Great Great Grandsons Robert Hill, Steven Hill, Richard Hill and Keith Hill and sons of Kenneth R. Hill; and his G.G.G. Grandchildren Lisa Hill and Robert L. Hill Jr., both children of Robert Hill.

Mary Ann Hill died 23 March 1874 in Guernsey Co., Ohio. Why Mary Ann was in Guernsey Co., at the time of her death is unknown. She may have been visiting on of her sister that may have still been living in the area, however, no record of any of her sister living in Guernsey Co. in 1874 has been found.

After Mary Ann died Joseph married Mary C. Snyder on 10 August 1875. She was born in Virginia on 10 Feb 1829 and died on 18 Feb 1914. Joseph Hill and Mary Snyder had no children. It is of interest that no record of this marriage has been found.

Joseph died 5 April 1894 in Fredericktown and is buried with his two wives and daughter, Margaret, in Forest Cemetery, Fredericktown, Ohio.

Children of Joseph Hill and Mary Ann Dwigans

Margaret: Born 18 Feb 1839, Guernsey Co., Ohio died 17 July 1877. She was single and was living with her parents in the 1870 census. She is buried with her father and mother in the Fredericktown Cemetery.

Elizabeth: Born 13 Dec 1840 in Guernsey Co., Ohio and died March 1893. She was married to J. A. Dicus and was living in Guthrie Center, Iowa in 1881. She had two children, Artie B. C. Dicus and Vol Von Dicus. The where abouts of J.A. Dicus and the two children after Elizabeth died are unknown.

Land records in Guthrie Co., Iowa indicate that the following land purchases was made to J. A. Dicus and Elizabeth: The of the SE Qt of Sec 21, Twp 81, Rg 32 from J. b. Tallman to A. J. Dicus on 15 Sept 1877. This land was sold in 1880 by A. J. Dicus and his wife. The land was located across the road on the North side of John W. Hill's land. John W. Hill was the brother of Elizabeth Hill.

Orlando Franklin: Born 11 April 1845 Guernsey Co., Ohio died 13 June 1864 Baton Rouge, La of a fever during the Civil War. He was in Co B., 96th Ohio Vol Inf. He joined the service in 1864. The 96th Regiment was in the battles of Sabne Cross Road and Monetis Bluff La. Orlando Franklin Hill was never married.

John Winfield Hill: Born 17 August 1847 Guernsey Co., Ohio died 1924 in Fairmont, Martin Co., Minnesota. He and his wife, Elizabeth are buried in the Lakeside Cemetery, Fairmont Minnesota. He married Elizabeth Whitworth on 23 December 1875, in Knox Co., Ohio. He was married just four months after his father married Mary Snyder. In the spring of 1876 he moved to Guthrie Co., Iowa where he purchased land from J. B. Tallman in Oct 1876. John W. Hill's wife, Elizabeth Whitworth was the daughter of Abraham Whitworth and Margaret Thornton. She was born 18 oct 1856 in Pittsburg. Pa and died in November of 1932 in Fairmont, Minnesota.

John W. Hill and Elizabeth Whitworth had six children: Fredrick Abraham, Charles, Harvey Russell, Maude Whitworth, and a son who died as an infant.

Francis Ann: Born 21 Dec 1849 Guernsey Co., Ohio died prior to 1894. Married # 1. to Richard V. Steele on 3 May 1871, Knox Co., Ohio, no known children. Married # 2. to Ira Town, children: Frances Allen Town and Mary E. Town.

Mary Malvina: Born 2 Sept 1852 Knox Co., Ohio she was living in Tacoma, Washington in 1900. She was married to a Patwin and then married Ira Town. It appears that Mary and her sister Francis where both married to Ira Town. Joseph Hill's will leaves $200 to Frances Allen Town and Mary E. Town with Ira A. Town as the guardian. He also left $800 to Mary Patwin, his daughter. Apparently Mary Hill's husband Patwin died between 1894 and 1900 while Francis Hill died prior to 1894. Sometime between 1894 and 1900 Ira Town and Mary Hill Patwin were married.

Charles Edgar: Born 19 oct 1854 and died 20 Feb 1855 all in Knox Co., Ohio.

Loren Andrew: Born 14 Feb 1857 Knox Co., Ohio. He is listed as living in Topeka Kansas in 1894. No other information found.

Lambert D.: Born 23 July 1859 Knox Co., Ohio Living with Ira Town, his brother in law, Tacoma, Washington in 1900. He is still in Tacoma in the 1920 census. No record of any marriage.

Joseph Grant: Born 5 Sept 1863 Knox Co., Ohio Living with his father and stepmother in 1880 but not mentioned in Joseph Hill's will.

As far as it is known Joseph only had 10 grandchildren and six of these where from John W. Hill and Elizabeth Whitworth.