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Received Jan 16, 1998

My name is Walter J. Evans and I'm trying to find any information available about my mother -Ada Emelia (nee) Larson- who was born in Flaxton, N.D. on Sept 28, 1909. I believe she was also married and gave birth to a daughter- Juanita Ada Evans- sometime in 1927. Her husbands name was Walter Jay Evans and I believe they were married somewhere in Burke County. I also believe Juanita's birthday was on 29 May. This is about all I know about my mothers lineage, but that's even more than I know about my father's, I would sincerely appreciate any further information you might be able to discover. Email

Received February 28, 1998

Seeking information on Columbus Larson

I am looking for information about the man that supposedly founded the towns of Columbus and Larson, N.D. He was postmaster there for a time and then the story was told that he and his wife and a young boy moved into Canada.

I would like to find out more about him but can't seem to find anything I may have a family connection.

If you can direct me to where I can do more research, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Elaine Lund, Ocala, Fl.

Received March 15, 1998

From James A Cross <>

James W Borst was listed in the 1920 census of Burke Co ND with his wife Anna. He was listed as age 43, born in WI. The Borst Family Assn has been unable to determine the parentage of James W. We are interested in any additional information that might be available about the family, including death and cemetery data for James W and Anna and birth and/or marriage data for the two children listed in the 1920 census. In return, if we are able to determine his ancestry, we will furnish available information that we have. It is believed that James W may be a sixth generation descendent of the 1710 Palatine immigrant Jacob H Borst who settled in Schoharie Co NY.

Received March 18, 1998

From Cindy Peters <>

My name is Cindy Peters, and I am looking for any information about my great- grandmother Sarah Gillette Peters.

It has been told in my family that she moved to Powers Lake, ND with one of her daughters. She purchased the Star Restaurant and lived there until her retirement in 1934. At that time, she moved to Minot, ND where she resided until her death on January 1, 1939. Does anyone have any information to confirm, deny or add to this story?

Do I have the right county? I see by the map that the actual lake is in Montrail County.

Received June 1, 1998

Am searching for any info on Harold Bredemus, born 3-3-21, Flaxton,ND. Mother's name was Alice......unsure of her surname and not sure of father's name. She was of Indian descent and there is a possibility that she may have been an unwed mother and Bredemus was an adoptive name. Have heard the original spelling was Bredimus dating back from Luxemboug. Any info about Harold, or either or both parents is much appreciated. Thank you,

Tom Bredemus

Subject: Burke county Query Date: Sun, 5 Jul 1998 15:24:01 -0500 From: "meyer family"

I am seeking more information on Catherine MORSE who had a homestead claim Feb 5, 1906 in Burke county. I am trying to find out her husbands name , it might have been Ernest, I need any and all information on them. Joseph Meyer

From: Edward Swanson <>

Subject   Hanna Norberg

In the printed cemetery list for Burke County there is an entry in the Bowbells Cemetery for Hanna Norberg (1875-1934). I am trying to determine if she is the same Hanna Larson, daughter of John and Kjerstin (sp?) Larson of Little Falls, MN, who was married to Andrew Norberg.

I would appreciate finding an obituary of her if this is true, as well as information about other family members.

Also listed in the cemetery list is an entry for Duane Norberg (1832-1941). Is this a grandson? If so, I would also like to find his obituary. Thank you.


QUERY Date: Tue, 18 Aug 1998 10:24:49 EDT From:

KENNEDY-?COONS? I am searching for the family of Rebecca Ann KENNEDY-?COONS?, living in Lake View Twp, Burke, ND, on the 1910 census. Rebecca and her husband Daniel C, had the following children, Charles S, Thomas and Violet. Living with her is her father James Hiram KENNEDY (died in Bowbells, Burke, ND, 21 June 1917) and her brother Charles S. KENNEDY. Would like information on this family. Also where is James Hiram KENNEDY buried? J. Alexander

Subject: VADNAIS

Date: Sun, 3 Jan 1999 13:20:38 EST

From: VADNAIS, DeJay Don McConnell

Seeking information on William L. Vadnais family in Burke County 1900-1940. William L. Vadnais was married to Alma Johnson in 1918, residing in various townships (Great Northern Railroad worker). Specifically looking for information on GN Railroad housing in Powers Lake, Lignite, and other locations in Burke and Ward Counties. Also looking for cemetery index lising burials for VADNAIS.

Subject: Knutson Family,

Harmonious Township

Date Mon, 4 Jan 1999 20:16:55 EST


Don't know if you can help, but trying to complete some dates in my research. I have names of the Knutson family in Harmonious Township and some dates of deaths, but not complete dates. This is what I have.

Charles born abt 1912 died 1931

Orland born abt 1913

Mantt born 8 Aug 1917

Henry born abt 1920 died 1996

Miles and Carl no birth or death information

I was told by Mantt that Miles and Carl died at birth. Mantt is still living but chooses not to write. Father, Miles and Carl are buried on the Homestead. Everyone else is buried in the cemetery. Mantt married a Bernice Wilkenson, while the others I am not sure of.

Any help grateful Ron

Subject   Verne Elvas Spencer

Posted  8/23/99

 Looking for any information on Verne Elvas Spencer.
Born July 2, 1912,
 in  Portal North Dakota.He was in Oregon in 1933. I know his mother was born in Portal.
Her name may have been Mamie.  I am not sure and do not have a maiden
name.  Anyone with information please e-mail at:        Thanks

SUBJECT:    LARSEN    Posted Nov 9, 1999

I am searching for descendants of

Lawrence Peter LARSEN, born Aug. 7, 1878  at Brandon,
Minnesota (Douglas County).
He was the son of Danish immigrant Peter W. Larsen, b.Oct. 27, 1837 in
Varpelev, Sjaelland, Denmark.
  Peter W. was a farmer near Garfield,
.  The information I have says that Lawrence P. LARSEN
married Elsie REIFF in 1899.  Bowbells, North Dakota, and they had 7 children.
Elsie died Sept. 14, 1954.  Are there any children or grandchildren still
in the area?

Meanwhile, back in Denmark, Lawrence P. LARSEN's second
cousin became the Danish Author, Martin A. Hansen.  Other relatives
remained in Douglas County Minnesota, near Alexandria, and also in Denmark, near

Thank you, I am
Taryn Nelson Flolid
266 North Star Lane
Circle Pines, Minnesota 55014   or

Received  Nov 10, 1999

Thank you for the good information.  I forwarded it to one of the relatives
in Denmark, and she enjoyed it too.  I was hoping that there still were
Larsens in that area, but from the looks of it, they all moved far away.  If
anyone knows of any, an extensive Danish genealogy is ready and
waiting for them.

Thank you for your help.  Maybe the query page will produce some
Taryn Nelson Flolid

            Subject: James A. Ward
            Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 21:57:17 -0600

Looking for information on James A. WARD who was supposed to be living in
Portal, ND in 1910.
  In my great grandmother's obituary he was listed as her
brother.  Her name was Dora Ellen (Dolly) Ward Dickson.

Bonnie Dickson Stickney


From: "Colleen Freitag" 
Subject: Burke Co. Cluckey, Kerr, Hay surnames
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 14:19:54 -0600

I am seeking information on the Oscar Cluckey family. They lived in Portal, ND during the early 1900's.

Oscar's wife died in Jan. 1907 at Portal & was buried there. They had 4 children (at least 2 were sons). One son, Edmond (born September 2, 1905), was adopted by Robert Wilson Kerr & his wife Emma M Hay. They gave him his adopted name: Clarence Edmond Kerr.

Anyone with any information on any of these people, please contact me at 

Received 1/28/2000
From:   Terri Lang   hundan@pacbellnet

Looking for the Jessen family in Burke co., ND around Powers Lake and
  Jess Jessen born 2-1844 in Denmark and came to the US through
Portland MN in 1882.  He was married to Charlotte MollgaardHer and
came to US 1883 or 1884.  Children were:  Anna Marie (my line)
who married Oscar Lang in Sioux City, IA in 1897; Hans M. who was in
Burke Co in 1955 and born May 23, 1888 in Gayville. SD; Rina, Annetta,
John and maybe Jennie.
  Charlotte died in 1927.  Both Jess and Charlotte
are buried somewhere in Burke Co., ND. Jess played and gave violin
lessons and Anna Marie played the violin.  Any help please.  Tying to
find where they came from in Denmark.  Have Jess Jessen's naturalization
papers and homestead records from Clay Co SD.         Terri Lang  e-mail

From: "Gary A. Chapman" <>

 Subject:         Story and obit for Anne Johnston
        Sat, 22 Apr 2000 14:34:50 -0700

I found no mention on your web site of anyone doing lookups, but.....  I'm
looking for two stories in the local paper, the first concerns my
great,great aunt Anne Chapman Johnston's 100th birthday in 1925, the second
her death in 1926. I do not know her birthdate, but do know that her birthday was
early in the year because her niece Martha Chapman Tyndall died in
Crosby on 2/21/25 and a copy of her obit in a Minn. paper had just the
start of a story mentioning an article in your paper about Anne
Johnston's 100th birthday. I only know that she died in 1926, no better

I believe a small inter-related group of Johnstons, Chapmans, and
Tyndalls went to ND from Minnesota in the late 1800s. My line went south
from MN and then west to OR. I'd be glad to pay for copying and postage
if someone could do some browsing in 1925 and 1926 microfilms. Please

Gary Chapman, Corvallis, OR

        "Marthaler" <>

        Andrew Anderson Information
        Tue, 4 Apr 2000 14:35:11 -0500

  I have reason to believe that my great grandmother's brother, whose name was
Anders (Andrew) Anderson was a resident of Burke Co. N.D.   When he was on the 1900 Minnesota census, he was listed as having two sons, Alvin and Olaf.  In searching computer records, I came up with an Alvin Anderson born in Oct. 1898, and dying in Larson, N.D. in 1982.
  I have found cemetery records (of which I am sending for copies of)  on the Burke Co. web site. If anyone knows of descendants of Andrew, his wife, Mary or possibly Margit, his sons Alvin and Olaf or any other children, etc. they may have had, please let me know.   Andrew would have been born in Wisc. in possibly April of 1868.    I believe I also found land
records of them on the Burke Co. web site.   It shows they would have proven up their homestead in 1909.

I would love to visit with any new family members and add them ot my family tree file.

  Subject:  Cyrus Danforth Williams
 Date:     Mon, 24 Jul 2000 21:37:36 -0700

 Any information on Cyrus Danforth Williams, resident of Bowbells, N.D.
 in 1903 would be appreciated. Caroline Nielsen

I would like to exchange information on the Cyrus Danforth Williams
family of Bowbells, N.D.

Added  21 Dec 2000
I have ancestors of Cyrus Danforth but not descendants.    Caroline
Nielsen at


 From:    "Walsh" <>
  Subject: Myra Gobble
 Date:    Wed, 20 Sep 2000

 Almira (Myra) (nee Johnson) Gobble died in Portal, ND on 17 January 1912.
 She probably was living with one of her daughters named Maria whose last
 name I do not know.  I am trying to find out if she is buried in Burke
and if an obituary was published at the time of her death.   She was
 born in Chenango County, New York on 12 March 1834, married Stephen Brooks
 in 1855, and lived for awhile in Iowa and then in Minnesota. Thank you.

Subject:   Homestead papers
Date:  Sun, 29 Oct 2000 20:58:08 EST

I have Homestead papers for a Fred W. Nelson of Kenmare.  These papers were
signed December 17, 1904.  This is not my family and I would like to pass
these papers on to anyone interested in them.  There are 18 pages with much
information in them.  He was 28 at the time of signing, said he was born in
Minneapolis, and this is for the southeast quarter of Section 14, in township
160N of Range 90W.  I hope that someone will claim these and make
arrangements with me to have them forwarded.
Janene Crawford
San Jose, CA

Oct 31, 2000
I am looking for any information (births, baptism, school, marriages and
death obits) for the family of Otto and Nellie Longedal Tveter. Otto
moved to Burke County near Columbus, he farmed until 1928. Nellie died
in 1924. Nellie and Otto had seven children: Joseph, Ella, Ruth, Rueben,
Roy, Esther and Selma. Thank you for your help. Lorna--

Received Nov 7, 2000

I am looking for descendents of Thomas and James Barrett.  They were living in Crosby, ND in the early 1900s.  From the SSDI it appears that Thomas died in Noonan on December 15, 1968.  A least these two children of Thomas Barrett and Mary Waddick Barrett of St. Wendell, Minnesota ended up in Divide County.  Any leads or contacts with descendents would be appreciated.

Cathryn Worden

 Received Nov 12, 2000
Cathryn Worden
I am looking for any information on descendents of Thomas and Mary (Waddick) Barrett of St. Wendell, MN.  At least two of their children, Thomas and James had moved to the Crosby, ND area.  James may have died in 1913.  Thomas was still alive in 1954 and living in Crosby.  Another brother, Andrew, may also have lived in the Crosby/Noonan area but died in California in 1964.  Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated.

Nov 17, 2000

My father says that in the early 1900's a Lutheran minister, a Rev.
Peterson, came occasionally from around Columbus, Burke County, USA to
perform baptisms, marriages, burials, services, etc. in the Estevan,
Saskatchewan, Canada area.  He thinks that this minister may have lived
on a farm somewhere near Columbus, and that his church in Columbus may
have burned down at some point. This minister likely was involved in
some rites for members of the Berdahl family when they lived on their
farm in the Wood End area south of Estevan from 1907 onward, until such
time as a Lutheran congregation was established in the Estevan area.

Does anyone have information about this minister and especially what
church he served at or near Columbus and where one might find his
records of service into Canada (perhaps they are with the records of
that church)?

Note: This minister could have been Samuel Peterson who organized several churches in Burke county.

Gordon A. Berdahl     9311-83 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada   T6C

Tel. 780 466-3252              

Jan 6, 2001

Louis Fritz lived in Portal with his wife Bertha( Plaman) and there children Gustew,Esther, Otto, Meta, Edward, George, Clarence, Laurence, William, and Manley. I don't know to much on them when they where living in Portal other than Louis,Bertha and, there son George are burried in the cemetery.   If anyone has more info that maybe of some help, please e-mail at  Thank you, William Hansen

Note:  Following information is from the Portal International News Paper

Fritz, George   Oct 10, 1918 N.D. Pvt American Legion
Died at age 22 in the service of pneumonia.

Fritz, Louis 1862 - 1945
Husband of Bertha Fritz

Fritz, Bertha 1863 - 1916
Bertha Plaman (Mrs Louis Fritz), Born 5 May 1861 in Pomer, Germany, married in Hutchinson,
in 1883.  Died 8 March 1916.  10 children; 5 listed,  Gustaf, George, Clarence, William and
Manley all of Portal

I would like to post a listing on your Burke County Query board;


Subject: DAGG emigrants to Bowbells, N.D.

Message: Would like to find out info on the descendants of Sam and Mary Anne Dagg who emigrated to Bowbells some time around 1901. Two of their daughters married and remained in Bowbells. These are: Isabella, who married Alfred Poutts, and Becky, who married Dave Dodge. Marriages probably occured some time around 1910 to 1915 or so. Please contact me directly at
if you have any info on this family. Thanks so much!
Jann Callaghan Cullen
Phone: +1 (604) 585-3251

Website: The Dagg Families of Canada website will be operational on DECEMBER 15, 2000. The URL is:

Seeking descendants of:
Margaret ROBBINS and Luella ROBBINS daughters of Clarence ROBBINS
for inclusion in family history. Living in Bowbells c 1937.
Clarence married Mary KAHLER in Lee Co, Illinois. Son of Truman and Angeline Leonard ROBBINS.
Please e-mail R Robbins
Posted August 6, 2001

I'm seeking information on the following:
John AAGREN (1865, Sweden - 1939, Burke Co., ND)
m. Bertha EVENSEN (1868, MN - 1936, Burke Co., ND) I have some information to share on their ancestors and descendants.

Harold & Betty Sandvick

Hello, My name is Elizabeth Ann Peterson Sandvick,
I was born in Burke County at my great uncle Pete Petersons farm.
I am searching for any thing about my grandparents
Andrew P. and Annie Pederson/Peterson/Smith.
Their children were Hans ,Axel & Eddie Norman Peterson.
My grandmother remarried and had 3 other sons
George, Garden and Leroy Smith. Leroy lives in Flaxton.
My dad Eddie was born in Choteau.
I would truly appreciate any information on this family.
Thank you very much. Elizabeth

Posted Sept 6, 2001

#Trying to find ancestors of Timothy Slater, born 1868.
Timothy moved to Burke County, North Dakota
In 1902 from Minnesota.

His wife's name was was Bridie Maddock and there
childrens names were William, Robert, and Mary.
Timothy's brothers and sisters names were Francis{Frank}, John
George, Teresa, Mary, and Annie.
Timothy's parents were Timothy Slater {1806 in Ireland} and Ellen Winters.

Any help would be appreciated.

Bill Slater

Posted 9-6-01

From Hans Elvsveen

Subject : Re: Hatlelid

Date :Sat, 22 Sep 2001

Looking for information on Jorgen Johannesen Lokkesveen, His name would be Jorgen Lokkesven in English. According to the 1920 census He was living with Ole and Josephine Hatlelid, in the Lignite area of Burke County in 1920

Any help would be appreciated

From :"M.R. Lowe"

Date : 27 Sep 2001
I am looking for information on Clemence (Clem) Jefferson who
lived and died in Flaxton/Northgate, Burke Co., ND.
He died Sep. 24, 1968. His wife might have been Myrtle Clouser.
If you can help, please E-Mail me... Thank You... Ray

From : wilson w wineman
Subject : Wineman and Burke Families in Burke County, ND
Date : Wed, 17 Oct 2001

My husband is a descendant of Peter Wineman (not sure if this is the same Peter who homesteaded in 1906) and his son, Wilson Henry Wineman Who married Sadie Elder Burke. Some of Wilsons siblings moved to ND and may have stayed in the area: John Wineman m. Ella Purcell, Mintie Wineman m.Thomas J. Adams, Jacob Wineman m. Nora Harry, Robert Wineman m. Mary Burke, Zelda Wineman m. William Wiig.

My husband is also a descendant of George Burke who died in Burke County (date unknown although we have the obituary) through his daughter, Sarah (Sadie) Elder Burke. Some of George's family were living in Burke County at the time of George's death: Martha (wife), William Burke, Lizzie Burke Fortney?, Walter Burke, John Burke, Daniel Burke, Nancy Burke Martin? and Mrs. Frank Bayer/Behr/Bair (this may have been Carrie or Ellen).

I would love to hear from any descendants. I would be glad to share any information I have on the ancestors of the Winemans and Burkes.

Blessings,Ginger Wineman

October 30, 2001 Searching for: LEE & ROSE McGUIRE
Reply to:

I am searching for any information on LEE LIONELL McGUIRE (born around 1876) and his wife ROSE MARIE SKOGEN McGUIRE (born 10-21-1881). Lee & Rose McGuire homesteaded in the early 1900's in Forthun Township, Burke Co. Rose Marie Skogen McGuire died in 1928 and is buried in the Pleasant Prairie Lutheran Cemetery. Lee McGuire moved to Washington State in 1936.

Children born to the marriage are: Camilla, Harold, Clarence, James, Francis and Grace.
Any information would be helpful in my family research project.

Thank you, Rita Bye


Subject :Charles F Randall and family - Bowbells

7 Apr 2002

My Great Grandfather Charles F Randall lived in the Bowbells area. His son Earl C Randall was my grandfather and was born there in 1900 My father is Earl's son Lee H Randall born in 1925 in Wyoming. The Charles F faimly are listed in the 1900 and 1910 census data and in the BLM land documents: TWP 161 Range 89, section 004. Would appreciate any information on this family since I have lost contact with most relatives.

Family tradition indicates that Charles may have been a judge in Bowbells at one time, though he is listed as a carpenter in the census data. I have a family picture taken around 1910 showing most of the family. Charles died in 1948 in Bremerton, WA at the home of his eldest daughter Edith Marks. He and Harriet (his wife) are buried in Billings, MT.

Greg Randall
Redmond, WA

I am searching for my grand Uncle Nels Lerum. He was b. November 3,
1871, in Dane Co. WI and d. September 14, 1941 in Beulah, Mercer
, North Dakota
. He moved to North Dakota in 1906 and in 1920 was a
hotel keeper at Noonan, Divide County, North Dakota.

I am interested in finding information about him and his wife
and nine children. I am working on writing a family history and have much
family information to share. I also have a picture of Nels and Anna,
along with a family portrait with my grandmother, Anna, and the rest of the
siblings. I would like to be able to give a copy of these pictures to
any descendants.

Sue Cook
Lompoc, CA

June 18, 2002

My great-grandfather and his family lived in Flaxton, North Dakota from 1900 to 1913. His name was Christ C. Sorenson, wife was Annie. He owned 160 acres outside of Flaxton, but also sold merchandise. Would you be able to see if he is mentioned in the book "Burke County and White Earth Valley Historical Society." He previously lived in Henning, Minnesota; he emigrated from Denmark when he was 18. His oldest son's name was Emil.
 Jo Ann e-mail address:

June 18, 2002

Am trying to find information on MAX FRANCIS LOCHER. His wife was HAZEL FLORENCE NULPH. They were in Lignite, Burke County in 1927. Any information on them would be greatly appreciated. Max died in 1950, but I am not sure if he still lived in Lignite.

 Susan A. Hoskins

Andrew Hed had a homestead patent in Burke County dated 9/5/1905. I would
like to find out if there is any information printed about Andrew and his
family. I am not sure how long he lived there. His homestead is listed as
Aliquot Parts - NE
Sec/block - 12/
Township 160-N
Range 90-W
Fract Sect - NO
Meridian - 5th PM
State - ND
Counties - Burke

I am Andrews Great Great Grandson. My name is Robert Hed and I live in Circle Pines, MN
phone # 763-784-7249
email -

Thanks for any help you can give me.


Posted 6-28-03 
My Great grandparents were married in Portal, ND November 19, 1913.
Their names are Katerina Emma Brown and Edward Bove.
Edward is the son of Joseph and Ottavia (nee Cialeni) Bove
and Katherina (Kate or Katherine as used)
is the daughter of Godfrey Brown and Catherine (nee Madder).
My grandfather  Marvin Arnold Bove was born 10/21/1914 have birth cert)
in Portal and we are told they married in Portal
but the Vital Records office does not have anything.
Edward was Catholic but Katerina was most likely Presbyterian or Lutheran.
Tracie Villarreal-Dziagwa
My gg-grandaunt Joanna HICKEY married Joseph Jacob MYERS in Seneca Co., Ohio.

They left Ohio and settled for a short time in Wisconsin, and then finally living in Burke Co. ND in the early 1900's.
 Joanna was born 8 Jun 1842 in Pennsylvania and died in Burke Co., ND on 31 dec 1919.

 They had children:

Mary Ellen, William E., Anna F., Ester Elizabeth (she married Daniel
McDONALD), Francis M., Caroline M., Idella, Elsa and Flora. Nine children,
some born in Ohio and others in Wisconsin and maybe North Dakota as they
moved about. I only know who Ester married, the rest I have no idea what a
happened to them. I live in Columbus, Ohio and would really appreciate any

>Kristina Kuhn Krumm      
>Columbus, OH
>Web"mistress" for OhGenWeb Wyandot County, Ohio
>FGS Project Ohio and Wisconsin:
Posted Oct 20, 2003

The Hadeland website indicates that the following individuals were living in Lignite in 1921:  John O. Myhre, Erick O. Myhre, and Ingeborg Myhre Erick O. Myhre was married to my grandfather's sister, Petra, in 1906.  They had the following children:  Arthur, Mavis, Palmer and Burnell.  I don't know when they moved to Lignite, but sometime between 1921 and 1923 they must have moved to Hampden.  Petra passed away in Hampden and is buried there.  I would like to know if there is any information in your history books about this family.  I knew Burnell, he was interested in genealogy and visited us here in Minnesota before he passed away suddenly.
I do have some information about the family, children, death dates, etc. All of Erick and Petra's children have passed away.
Any information would be appreciated.
Warm Regards,
Posted   Oct 20, 2003

My great grandparents Eugene and Hattie Murdick were from North Dakota. My understanding is that my grand mother Sara Mabel Murdick was born in North Dakota, then married a Canadian ( my grandfather Franklin Holmes ) and moved to Canada.

Any information on the family would be appreciated.

Presently, I have found BLM Ownership Documents ( ID 3247 ) in Burke County for Eugene Murdick, that is Sect 13, Meridian 5, tWP 163N, Range 091W.

Cheryle Bass

An Update on our family search, including the revised E mail address.

My wife, Cheryle ( nee Holmes ) Bass had a grandmother Sarah Mabel ( nee Murdick ) Holmes who was born in North Dakota to Lottie ( nee Jarvis ) Murdick and Eugene Murdick.

It is our understanding that Sarah Mabel Murdick was born in Wimbledon, North Dakota and is indicated as living on a farm near  Flaxton when the 1900 Census was taken.

Sarah Mabel married Franklin I. Holmes and moved to their homestead west of Estevan, Saskatchewan.

It is thought that Eugene Murdick also moved to Canada and homesteaded in the vicinity of Estevan.

Any information about the Murdick / Jarvis family would be appreciated

Jim and Cheryle Bass

Update July 20 04


Vicki Banks <>

Any info on Herman and Emily Haack.  Lived in Lakeview Twp in 1920..Emily died bet. 1920 and 1930.  Trying to get info on where she is buried.. Thanks ever so, Vicki

Posted July 20 04

My name is Nancy Wheaton and I am looking for any information on my Gr. Gr. Grandfather John Milis Stewart. The information that I do have is this:  He was born on the way here from England in 1853 or 1854, his mother died in childbirth and was buried at sea,he married Rachel Ann Collins and lived in Decorah,Ia until 1903 when he moved the family to Kenmare,Nd. They spent the winter in Kenmare and then moved to Burke County that Spring. He and Rachel had six children,Charles Hulbert,James Marshall,Elizabeth May,Bertha Augusta,Percy and John Franklin. Bertha and Percy were twins. I don't know his date of death or exactly where in Burke county he lived. If there is anyone out there who is a descendant of John Stewart please contact me either by mail or by email. Any information on him will be greatly appreciated. My address is below. 

Nancy Wheaton

210 Prince St.

Kannapolis,NC 28083   

Posted 7-1-04


Subject :  Piercy family

Hello, I am a descendant of Albert Piercy, who lived in  Portal in the early 1900's, he owned a silent moving picture theater, where he played the piano and owned a barbershop. He moved around 1910.
Does anyone have any info or pics? He was my great grandfather.

 I am the great grandaughter of Albert and Sara Piercy. Albert owned many properties in portal in the early 1900's, including the bowling alley which I saw mentioned in the history written by Lydel Burton Pierce. The last of Albert and Sara's children died last week in California. She was my great aunt.
Posted 8-5-04>

Subject :  Burke Co. Surname - Oredson

I am looking for information on Nels J. Oredson and family who lived at Powers Lake.  The parents of Nels (Swen and Johanna Oredson) are buried in the Baptist church cemetery (they did not reside at Powers Lake but she died there while visiting Nels in Dec of 1910).  I would like to know the name of the Baptist Church and the name of the newspaper that might carry obits for these people.  Thanks. 

Posted 10-4-04

dianeknelson <>

I am looking for information on Floyd Smith that was married to
Florance Erdman.  In the 1930 Federal Census, North Dakota, Burke County, Portal township, they were listed as living with her parents (Ferdinand and Anna Erdman) along with their child Maxine Smith.  Floyd is listed as age 24, Florance as age19 and Maxine's age is unreadable. Anyinformation is greatly appreciated.

Diane Nelson
Posted 10-4-04

Hi  My name is Lois Jobmann and I've been looking for information on a
great uncle named John  Smith who worked for the grainery there in
Flaxton, N.D. He is buried in the cemetary south [I think] of town. I
can't find out if he was married or single. He was born in and around
Aurora, Ill. I think about1886?. His parents were John Smith and
Anna [Pheiffer] Smith.
He, my greaat uncle was raised in Mn. Any
information would be helpful.  Thank-You

My e-mail address is

Posted 3-16-05

I am looking for any information on Homer C. Tutt and his family. According to 1910 Federal Census the family lived in Bowbells Twp., Burke County, ND.  His wife is listed as Hilda age, 23 and a daughter Helen, age 3.  Homer was born in Schuyler County,Illinois and died in Flaxon, ND on March 3, 1914. Homer is a brother to my husband's great grandfather, Warren Leslie Tutt.


In 1910 Homer's brother Herman C. Tutt and family also lived in the same township. Wife's name was Kathryn, children were Robert C (5), Evelyn E. (3) and Fredrick W. (2).


<>Thank you for any information. 

Sharon Tutt

Posted 4-10-05

 I am researching the Albert F. Frebel family, in the 1910 census it lists Albert F. Frebel age 48 and his wife Metta age 45 living in Ward Township but no mailing address he was a grain buyer running an elevator.

 There should be a town or siding name  thank you for your time .   Note:  Probably Coteau.

                                                    Robert Dolezal



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Subject: seeking information on a suicide in Burke Co
Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2005 11:17:32 -0700

My grandfather's brother lived in North Dakota, according to family stories near Flaxton.  I have the BLM record of his land holding, but no maps to interpret the info in order to place the homestead.  According to family history he died by his own hand in 1922.  Burke Co Vital records has no record of his death 1922-1929.  His name was Erick Lindquist.

I have 2 requests.  Was there a coroner for Burke Co at that time?  If so how could I request a record search? Do you have any suggestion how I might find a map that lays out the Range and Meridian so I could place Twp 161 with respect to a town so I could search newspaper records?  I'm not sure of the Flaxton connection because a Tiger map shows Twp 161 in a different place, but I'm not sure it is the correct Twp 161, nor exactly how it extends in different directions.
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From:   ED HUCK

Subject :  Nutson Hansen
Olava Larsen was to migrated from Norway with a friend.  Fell in love in Bowbells and was to marry.  She died before being married.  The man she was to marry, we believe to be Nutson Hansen, although the name is difficult to read, went to Norway to meet her parents and to inform them in person of their daughters death.  He then paid the way for Jens Hanson, my wifes grandfather to come to America in March of 1902.  We are attempting to fulfill the long time wish of Olava's sister to find her grave.  We know the man that paid his way was from Bow Bells, this is quite clear on the ships manifest.  It is the first name that is difficult to read.  Quite clearly the name ends in "ton", but the first letters are difficult to read.  They are two letters.  Assuming the first is a constanant and the second a vowel.  We believe Mr. Hansen was a land owner around the turn of the 20th century.
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Does anyone have the cemetery records for the Bowbells cemetery?   Looking for burial site of  Gilles and Mildred Catherine Bailard.  Thanks so much.
                                                                           Ken Kothe               Iowa

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Looking for any info on the C.W. Beebe family who lived in Burke


Diamond Township in 1910.


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Subject :     Floyd Smith

Looking for information regarding Floyd Smith who married Margaret Schweyen on 28 March 1927 in Bowbells.  His parents are:  John Smith born Nov 1866 in Illinois and Lillian b. March 1883 in North Dakota.

His siblings were:  John William, b. 14 Dec 1899 ND, Viola E. b.abt 1902 ND, Lester Alden b. abt 1904 ND, Dorothy M. b. abt 1908 ND and Roger b. abt 1911 North Dakota.

 I have them living in Walcott township in Richland County, ND in the 1910 census.  I also have them living in Burke Co., Richland Twp, Flaxton Valley in the 1920 census.
Any information will be much apprecited.

Diane Nelson
Posted 8-21-06   Judi Kittleson

  I am searching for information on ancestors who settled in Burke County, North Dakota in the early 1900's. The first is Casper or Kasper Kittelson/Kittleson. He had a homestead out there and died in 1915 from pneumonia. He is buried in the Scandia Lutheran Cemetery next to his sister, Betsie Nyback/Nybeck. She and her husband owned a farm about 3 miles NE from the cemetery. The land is now owned by a family with the last name of Grote. The grandfather of the current owner purchased the farm from Mr. Nybeck sometime between 1928 and 1930. Betsie Nybeck took her own life in 1928 at the age of 33 leaving 5 children and her husband. I am looking for any records/imformation on Clara Kittelson Grover and Edwin Kittelson who were homesteading with brother Casper. I also am seeking information on Sigvart and Betsie Nyback/Nybeck. Please let me know if there are any charges for searching, copying and mailing.

Thank you. Judi Kittleson
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Lewis B. Lodmell from Norway  settled in Burke Co. after 1900 until  shortly after 1920.  His wife was Hilda Johnson.  I do not know when they died or where.  If anyone has access to cemetery records of Bowbells, I would appreciate knowing if they are buried there.  Their children were Linier, Ethel and Ernest. 

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Looking for any information on Vern E. SPENCER.

Born abt. 1913 in Portal.

Any information appreciated.