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A Century of Area History, Biographical Index

Family Biographies of various detail and length are available for lookup in
"A Century of Area History", Milton, ND, 1882-1982 published by the Milton Area Historical Committee.
The index from the publication was transcribed by Roger Olson
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Family Page Family Page
Aamot, Alf and Ella, Family 305 Anderson, Oscar and Edna, Family 176-177
Aamot, Anton and Elsie, Family 305-306 Anderson, Peder and Maalfrid, Family 177
Aamot, Margrit 368 Anderson, Sever and Kaia, Family 68
Aarthun, Rev. John and Gertrude, Family 117-118 Asgrimson, Alfred and Florence 177-178
Aase, Lawrence and Gina, Family 306 Asgrimson, Haldor and Florence, Family 178-179
Akset, John and Severine, Family 306-307 Asgrimson, Norme and Corina, Family 179
Akset, Joseph and Jennie, Family 307 Ashpole, Roger and Bernice 179-180
Akset, Stanley and Allie, Family 307-308 Asmundson, Asmundur and Osk, Family 68
Allen, Ron and Amy, Family 175 Asmundson, Magnus and S. Anna, Family 180
Amundrud, Andrew 308 Aune, Albert and Annie, Family 401-402
Amundrud, Emil and Nora, Family 308 Axvig, Allyn and Carol, Family 402
Amundrud, Lars and Gunhild, Family 308-309 Axvig, Clarence 402
Amundrud, Merlin and Karey, Family 175 Axvig, Edwin and Ragnhild, Family 310
Anderson, Adolph 175-176 Axvig, Elmer and Hilma, Family 402-403
Anderson, Alfred and Nettie, Family 309 Axvig, Henry and Freda, Family 403-404
Anderson, Andrew and Josephine, Family 399-400 Axvig, Joseph and Minnie, Family 180-181
Anderson, Bjorn K. and Ellvina, Family 67 Axvig, Knute and Kristine, Family 404
Anderson, Edward P. and Wilmina, Family 400 Axvig, Ole and Emma, Family 310-311
Anderson, John and Laura, Family 67-68 Axvig, Ole Thosten and Lena, Family 38-39, 311
Anderson, Martin and Alvina, Family 309-310 Axvig, Oscar 404
Anderson, Olai Martin and Emma, Family 400 Axvig, Walter 311-312
Anderson, Ole Mikel and Margaret, Family 400-401
Family Page Family Page
Baalson, Rev. Karsten and Bernell 119 Bergeson, Pastor R. W. 296
Bakke, Dan and Louise, Family 119 Bergman, Rev. Fridrick J. and Gudrun 454-455
Bakke, Oscar and Esther, Family 312-313 Bitz, Fr. Al 125
Bakke, Syver and Johanna, Family 313 Bjarnason, Helge and Sylvia, Family 182-183
Bakken, Clarence and Mabel, Family 405 Bjarnason, Herman and Juliana, Family 69
Bakken, Edward and Anna, Family 405-406 Bjornson, John and Carol, Family 183-184
Bakken, Erick and Mary, Family 313-314 Bjornson, Oscar and Esther, Family 184
Bakken, Gilman and Isabelle, Family 314-315 Blackburn, Arnold and Nettie, Family 315
Baldwin, Daniel and Helena, Family 464 Bleakley, George and Beverly, Family 184
Balfour, John and Annie, Family 406 Bleakley, George and Olena, Family 315-316
Balfour, William 406 Blom, Rev. Philip and Susan 121-122
Bannerman, Clifford and Crystal, Family 464 Boles, David and Clara, Family 184-185
Banasewsicz, Fr. Witalis 125 Borchardt, Harley and Valerie 185
Bardahl, Steve and Laura 181 Bostock, Joseph D. and Catherine, Family 406-407
Beauchamp, Hercules and Elizabeth, Family 464-465 Bowles, Albert and Vera, Family 46
Beauchamp, Joseph and Dorina, Family 465 Bowles, Harlan and Helen, Family 46
Beauchamp, Mary 465 Bowles, John and Laurel, Family 46-47
Bell, Hilbert 69 Briggs, Albert and Sarah, Family 316
Bell, William and Verna, Family 181 Brown, Dennis E. and Victoria, Family 467-468
Bendelow, Rev. John and Elizabeth, Family 181-182 Brown, James, Family 47
Benediksdottir, Inveldur 465-466 Brown, Lynn and Elvira, Family 185-186
Benjaminson, Gisle and Gudbjorg, Family 466 Bruce, John and Mary Ann, Family 69-70
Benson, Leonard and Anna, Family 466 Brunsvold, Alof and Gunhild, Family 316
Benson, Dr. Nelson and Ethel, Family 182 Brusseau, Kent and Linda, Family 47
Benson, Sigurbjorn and Jonina, Family 466-467 Bryant, Bob and Maida, Family 407-408
Berger, Edward, Family 45 Butterwick, John and Mary, Family 316-317
Berger, Sever and Elise, Family 467 Byron, Steinie and Florence, Family 317
Family Page Family Page
Campbell, John, Family 186-187 Christopherson, John and Ingeborg, Family 70
Carrier, Ernest and Estelle, Family 187 Close, Greg and Diane, Family 189
Cary, Fr. Richard 125 Close, Harald and Margaret, Family 188
Chaput, George and Anna, Family 317 Close, Mark, Family 188-189
Christianson, Jonas and Ingebjorg, Family 187 Costello, Tom, Family 189-190
Christianson, L. A. and Margeurite, Family 135 Cudmore, Erwin and Bethel, Family 408-409
Christopherson, Henry and Anne, Family 187-188 Czapiewski, Fr. 125
Family Page Family Page
Dahl, Bert and Mattie, Family 190 Dickinson, Robert and Theresa, Family 140
Dahl, Edward and Carrie, Family 70 Diebel, Charles and Gertrude, Family 193
Dahl, Ivan and Mae, Family 190-191 Diebel, George and Katherine, Family 193-194
Dahl, Lars and Anne, Family 47-48 Domstad, Melvin and Eva, Family 194
Danielson, Fingar and Thora, Family 468 Domstad, Seymore, Family 320
Davidson, Gisle and Gudrun, Family 191-192 Doyle, Clarendon and Emma, Family 194-195
Davidson, John V. and Catherine, Family 318 Doyle, Joseph and Emilia, Family 195
Davidson, Kristine 318-319 Dunford, Russell and Lois, Family 195-196
Davidson, Magnus, Family 319-320 Duty, Rev. William and Diane, Family 120-121
Davidson, Rebecca 192 Dyer, Andrew and Margaret, Family 71
Delling, Frank and Grace, Family 192-193 Dyer, John (Jack) 468
Demars, Godfrey and Gertrude, Family 193 Dynes, John and Mary Ann, Family 196-197
Dennison, Harland and Emily, Family 70-71
Family Page Family Page
Eagleson, Ben and Olive, Family 320-321 Eirikson, Finnur 469
Eagleson, Boyd 321 Elliot, Dr. A. F. and Laura, Family 197
Eagleson, Boyd and Marcia, Family 72 Ellison, Abraham and Inga, Family 323
Eagleson, Samuel and Mary Anne, Family 321 Engburg, Oscar and Emma, Family 197
Eagleson, William Sr. and Jonena, Family 321-322 Erb, Charles and Magdalena, Family 197
Eagleson, William Jr. and Nancy, Family 322-323 Erickson, Helmina 197-198
Ehrhardt, Emil and Anna, Family 409 Erickson, Oscar and Kristine, Family 198
Einarson, Gudmundur 468 Erlendsen, Finnbogi and Kristine, Family 48
Einarson, Olafur and Gudrun, Family 468-469
Family Page Family Page
Fafnis, Rev. Egill H. and Ellen 456 Flom, Kristen and Karen, Family 328
Fetch, Ray and Marilyn, Family 72-73 Flom, Millard and Agnes, Family 328
Finnson, Helgi and Kristbjorg, Family 469-470 Flom, Thomas and Luella, Family 328-329
Finnson, Sigfinnur and Sigurlaug, Family 470 Flom, Torjus and Gunhild, Family 329-330
Finnson, Sigurdur and Soffia, Family 470 Flom, Wayne and Idell, Family 411
Finnson, Sigurjon and Lila, Family 470 Florence, George and Nettie, Family 330
Finnson, Thordur and Gudrun, Family 470-471 Florence, Herbert and Tina, Family 199-200
Finnson, Thordur Helgi and Juanita, Family 471 Florence, Howard and Nora, Family 330
Flack, Ernest 323-324 Florence, Martin and Mattie, Family 330-331
Flack, Garnet and Ruby, Family 324 Florence, Ole and Martha, Family 331
Flack, John and Bertha, Family 324-325 Florence, Tom, Family 331
Flack, Robert and Donna, Family 198-199 Foseide, Martin and Ella, Family 331
Flack, Robert and Maud, Family 325-326 Foseide, Ole and Ida, Family 331-332
Flaten, Carlton and Esther, Family 471-472 Foseide, Richard and Cheryl, Family 332
Flom, Alfred N., Family 410 Freeman, William and Lucille, Family 138
Flom, Andrew and Mary, Family 326 French, Alvin and Shirley, Family 411-412
Flom, Botolf and Ingeborg, Family 326-327 French, Cecil W. and Clarice, Family 412-413
Flom, Eric James and Kristi, Family 199 French, Jasper and Anna, Family 413
Flom, Gilbert and Klara, Family 410 French, Leonard S. and Marion, Family 413-414
Flom, Herman and Anna, Family 327-328 Fritz, Alfred 200
Flom, James and Edwina, Family 410-411
Family Page Family Page
Gabrielson, Brede 332 Green, George and Josephine 205-206
Gaffney, Roland and Daisy, Family 48-49 Green, Marvin and Minnie 206-207
Geir, Allen and Marlyce, Family 201 Greer, Orval and Viola 207
Geir, Thorhllur Laurus and Sigurjona, Family 200-201 Grimson, Franklin and Verna, Family 78
Gerlach, Pastor A. 296 Judge Gudmunder and Ina 37-38
Gemmill, Andrew and Lyla, Family 201-202 Grimson, Snaebjorn (S.S.) and Anna, Family 77-78
Gemmill, Scott and Pamela, Family 202 Grimson, Steingrimur and Gudrun, Family 78
Gilbertson, Carl and Jennie, Family 73 Grinager, Lars and Netta, Family 332-333
Gillespie, Charles Stewart and Susan, Family 49-50 Gronhovd, Helge and Marie, Family 333
Gillespie, Thomas and Nan, Family 73-74 Gross, Gary and Peggy, Family 415
Gire, Henry and Elizabeth, Family 203 Gross, Kenneth and Cynthia, Family 415
Gire, Oliver and Ragna, Family 204 Gross, Louis and Emelia, Family 415-416
Gire, Stengrim and Andrina, Family 202-203 Gross, Fr. Richard 125
Gislason, Gisle and Ragnheidur, Family 74 Gross, William and Ione, Family 416
Gislason, Jonathan and Gudrun, Family 74 Grosskopf, Anton and Josephine, Family 333-334
Goggins, John and Ellen, Family 472 Grovum, Theo and Elida, Family 78
Goodbody, Robert and Elizabeth, Family 204-205 Grow, Fr. Francis 125
Goodman, Bernie and Carol, Family 74-75 Gudmundson, Rev. Hjalti and Salome 457
Goodman, G. S. (Mundi) and Runa, Family 75-76 Gudmundson, Thorstein and Solveig, Family 473
Goodman, Glenn and Verna, Family 75 Gulseth, Pastor P. 296
Goodman, John and Bjorg Ragna, Family 472 Gunnarson, Gunner and Gudrun, Family 473-474
Goodman, Mundi 473 Gunnarson, Thorleif and Sigrid, Family 78-79
Goodman, Stefan and Kristine, Family 76 Gustafson, Alfred and Laufey, Family 207-208
Goodman, Stefan K. and Ella, Family 77 Gustafson, Warren and Judy, Family 208
Goodman, Steingrimur (Grimsi) and Minnie, Family 76-77 Gutterud, Nils and Johanna, Family 334
Gotts, Ronald and Mary, Family 205 Gutterud, Norris and Norma, Family 334-335
Gratton, Ernest and Florina, Family 414 Gutterud, William and Nettie, Family 335
Gratton, Ron and Sharon, Family 414-415 Gvesrude, Lars and Margit 416-417
Family Page Family Page
Hagen, Helmer and Maxine, Family 176 Hebert, Charles and Marlene, Family 212-213
Hallgrimson, Hallgrimur and Johanna, Family 335-336 Hebert, Merril and Blance, Family 213
Hallgrimson, Howard and Norma, Family 336 Helgeson, Henry T. and Bessie, Family 214
Hallgrimson, Johan and Rachel, Family 337 Helley, Christ and Millie, Family 214-215
Hallgrimson, Walter and Freda, Family 208-209 Herleikson, Rev. Arne and Ester, Family 118
Halliday, A. A., Family 209 Heron, Henry and Jennie, Family 215
Halliday, John Calvin and Annie, Family 474-475 Herseth, Hans O. and Julie, Family 80-81
Halmrast, Pastor G. L. 296 Herseth, Ole and Marie, Family 418
Halvorson, Hans and Emily, Family 209-210 Herseth, Oscar and Anna, Family 476
Halvorson, Hans, Family 337 Hjelmstad, Anton and Anna, Family 81
Hanson, Bernard and Alice, Family 210 Hjelmstad, Hans and Beate, Family 81-82
Hanson, Rev. C. O. 119 Holand, Didrick and Vilda, Family 476
Hanson, Edward and Ragna, Family 50-51 Holm, Rev. N. J. 119
Hanson, Harlan and Gladys, Family 79-80 Holseth, Rev. M. C. 296
Hanson, Henry and Alma, Family 210 Horrocks, Duncan and Bella, Family 418-419
Hanson, Martin and Annie, Family 417 Hove, Halvor and Anna, Family 338
Hanson, Paul and Mary, Family 211 Hove, Hans and Julia, Family 339
Hanson, Willis and Mickey, Family 211-212 Hove, Howard and Marian, Family 419
Hanson, Vigfuss and Margaret, Family 338-339 Hoverson, Lyle and Debra, Family 538
Harilstad, Nels and Winnie, Family 475 Hulstrand, Anders and Johanna, Family 419-420
Harvey, Thomas and Madeline, Family 212 Hunter, Charles and Hattie, Family 215-216
Haslekaas, Christen and Helga, Family 417-418 Hunter, Charles Wesley Wilson and Linda, Family 216
Haug, Mrs. Magnus Davidson 212 Hunter, Robert and Anna, Family 477
Haug, Thomas and Karaline, Family 475-476 Hunter, Robert and Kathy, Family 216
Hauge, Edwin and Tilda 136 Hunter, Wesley and Mabel, Family 82-83
Hawbaker, Abraham and Catherine, Family 80 Hunter, Wilson and Isabella, Family 477
Family Page Family Page
Iljana, Lloyd 137 Ingulsrud, Ole and Margit, Family 421
Ingulsrud, Ben, Family 420-421
Family Page Family Page
Jardine, John Theodore and Bergit, Family 422 Jonasson, Allen and Pamela, Family 219
Jardine, Rudolph and Ruby, Family 422 Jonasson, Bjorn and Rosa, Family 339-340
Johnson, Andy and Grace, Family 422-423 Jonasson, George, and Olive, Family 219-220
Johnson, Charlie 216 Jonasson, Jonas and Ingibjorg, Family 340
Johnson, Clarence and Hilda, Family 216-217 Jonasson, Percy and Doris, Family 220
Johnson, Ed and Theresa, Family 217 Jonasson, Warren and Debbie, Family 220
Johnson, James P. and Agatha, Family 137-138 Jonasson, Wayne and Lynda, Family 220-221
Johnson, John S. and Gudlaug, Family 83 Jonnsson, Gunlaugur and Sigridur, Family 478
Johnson, Jonathan Theodore and Carole, Family 423 Jonsdottir, Thorunn 478
Johnson, Kristjan S. and Jona, Family 83-84 Jonsson, Kristjan and Gudrun, Family 478-479
Johnson, Marlin and Della, Family 217-218 Jore, Daniel and Sena, Family 340-341
Johnson, Martin and Christine, Family 218 Jore, Gilbert and Netta, Family 341-342
Johnson, Peter and Margaret, Family 477-478 Jore, Henry and Clarice, Family 342
Johnson, Stephen 84 Jore, Ole and Margrit, Family 342
Johnson, W.I.R. and Evelyn, Family 218-219 Jorgenson, Art and Alice, Family 221
Family Page Family Page
Kalliel, Alex and Najia, Family 221-222 Kendall, Richard and Daidre, Family 479-480
Kalliel, Sine 222 Koppang, Herman and Nelly, Family 223
Kartes, William and Otilda, Family 342 Knutson, Arne and Mary, Family 84
Keller, Julius and Bea, Family 222 Koffski, Leonard and Mary, Family 343-344
Kendall, Everett and Pearl, Family 222-223 Kristjanson, Gudbjorg 480
Kendall, Everett and Ruth, Family 342-343 Kristjanson, Gunner 480
Kendall, James and Donna, Family 423-424 Krohn, Duane and Audrey, Family 450
Kendall, Michael and Sheila, Family 479 Kvaale, Pastor S. O. 296
Family Page Family Page
Laing, Albert and Hattie, Family 223-224 Lennox, Glenn and Gladys, Family 225-226
Laing, Andrew and Gladys, Family 223 Lerud, Clarence and Ida, Family 345
Laing, R. B. and Helen, Family 224 Lerud, Clifford and Margaret, Family 345-346
Laing, Robert C. and Bertha, Family 84 Lesnowski, Fr. Stanley 125
La Liberty, Joe 224-225 Levang, Martin and Gunhild, Family 346
Landsem, Oscar and Annie, Family 225 Lindtwed, Clarence and Irene, Family 85
Landsgaard, Henry and Alice, Family 480 Lindtwed, Edwin and Marie, Family 86
Landsgaard, Ole and Caroline, Family 480-481 Lindtwed, George and Elaine, Family 86
Lang, Jane, Family 424 Lindtwed, Simon and Annie, Family 86
Langemo, Rev. John T. and Mina, Family 117, 295, 344 Luchsinger, George 135
Larson, Carl and Mildred, Family 225 Lunde, Anton and Olianna, Family 424
Larson, Larry and Nadine, Family 344 Lunde, Orlin and Olive, Family 424-425
Lawson, William Harrison and Alice, Family 84-85 Lunde, Theodore and Bertha, Family 346-347
Lawton, James and Johanna, Family 85 Lunde, Thorwald and Mary, Family 347
Laxdal, Glenn and Inga, Family 481 Lundeby, Nils and Johanne, Family 51-52
Laxdal, Sidney and Jane, Family 481-482 Lykken, Jerome and Lois, Family 86
Laxdal, Sigurd and Jennie, Family 482 Lykken, Leo and Dorothy, Family 347-348
Ledoux, Henry and Eva, Family 482-483 Lykken, Ole H. and Gunhild, Family 425
Leidahl, Herbert and Bertha, Family 137 Lykken, Thilfer and Doris, Family 425
Lemmick, Paul and Anna, Family 51
Family Page Family Page
MacDonald, Donald (Dan) and Laura, Family 86-87 McLeod, Angus and Mary, Family 91-92
MacDonald, John and Don, Families 230 McLeod, Dan (Sukey) 92
MacDonald, John and Mary, Family 87 McLeod, Daniel and Annie, Family 92
Magnusson, Allie and Lauga, Family 483 McLeod, David and Arvilla, Family 234
Magnusson, Vilmar and Aldis, Family 87-88 McLeod, Donald and Christy, Family 92-93
Magoon, Gordon and Minnie, Family 409-410 McLeod, Floyd and Doreen, Family 234-235
Mapes, Albert and Lila, Family 226 McLeod, John and Margaret, Family 352
Marcelin, Oscar and Doris, Family 483-484 McLeod, Neil and Jennette, Family 93
Martin, Arthur and Hermione, Family 226-227 McQueen, Dr. W. W. 235
Matheson, Euphemia 227 Meling, Erick and Melinda, Family 425-426
Matheson, John and Mary Ann, Family 88 Meling, Ernest and Nellie, Family 426
Matheson, Neil 227 Meling, Martin and Maybell, Family 235
Matheson, Peter and Annie, Family 348 Mellum, Helge and Beret, Family 352
Matthiasson, John and Stephania, Family 348-349 Mellville, Garnet and Byrdie, Family 93-94
McBride, John and Elizabeth, Family 89 Meyer, Henry and Ella, Family 235-236
McBride, Robert (Brock) and Nell, Family 88 Midthun, Rev. 117
McBride, William and Bella, Family 227-228 Mikkleson, Gerald and Marjorie, Family 140-141
McCullock, Roy and Kathleen, Family 349-350 Miller, Ira and Mayme, Family 236
McCullough, John H. and Mabel, Family 228 Molland, Gibbs 138-139
McCullough, Tello and Winnifred, Family 228-229 Monette, Tousaint and Roselle, Family 484-485
McCullough, William and Lizzie, Family 229 Monson, John and Ida 94
McCurdy, John, Family 89 Morin, George and Clarinda, Family 352-353
McDonald, F. A. 229-230 Morin, Louis 353
McKay, Alan and Norma, Family 230-231 Morken, Allert and Ida, Family 94
McKay, Angus and Ellen, Family 89-90 Morrison, Delbert and Alice, Family 237
McKay, Donald Chester and Viola, Family 90-91 Morrison, Murdock and Flora, Family 353-354
McKay, Duane and Angeline, Family 231 Murray, Robert and Darlene, Family 139-140
McKay, John and Margaret, Family 91 Murta, William and Sarah, Family 237
McKay, William and Mauda, Family 484 Myren, Isak, Family 426-427
McKechnie, John, Family 350 Myren, Ivan and Doris, Family 427
McKee, Ronald and Betty, Family 139 Myren, Oscar and Ruth, Family 427-428
McKenzie, George and Margaret, Family 350 Myren, Stenus and Alice, Family 354
McLaren, Norman and Cathryn, Family 231-232 Myrvik, Anders Johnson and Dorthea, Family 354-355
McLaren, Robert and Tena, Family 232-233 Myrvik, Carl and Stella, Family 355
McLarty, John and Annie, Family 233-234 Myrvik, John 428
McLarty, Lyle 234 Myrvik, John and Anna, Family 355-356
McLarty, William 91 Myrvik, Lloyd E. and Evelyn, Family 428
McLaurin, Herbert and Irene, Family 350-351 Myrvik, Ole and Martha, Family 356
McLaurin, James and Harriet, Family 351-352 Myrvik, Orval and Clara, Family 428-429
Family Page Family Page
Neal, William and Sena, Family 356-357 Nelson, Sten O. and Marie, Family 431-432
Nelson, Andres Myren and Henrikka, Family 429 Nelson, Stengrim and Ingeborg, Family 358-359
Nelson, Arnold and Doris, Family 429-430 Nelson, Theodore and Hulda, Family 359
Nelson, Elias and Isabel, Family 430 Nelson, Thelmer and Violet, Family 359-360
Nelson, Ernest and Bertha, Family 357 Nelson, Theodore and Clara, Family 237-238
Nelson, Irvin and Doreen, Family 357-358 Nelson, Theodore and Inga, Family 360
Nelson, Kenneth and Diane, Family 430 Nelson, Thorkel and Annie, Family 360
Nelson, Lloyd and Evelyn, Family 358 Neste, Martin and Augusta, Family 360-361
Nelson, Nels and Elizabeth, Family 358 Neste, Ole, Family 361
Nelson, Nels and Helene, Family 94-95 Nilsen, Rev. Robert 120
Nelson, Nels and Marie, Family 430-431 Novak, Jacob and Marian, Family 238-239
Nelson, Richard 430 Novak, Louis and Mabel, Family 239
Nelson, Stanley and Hazel, Family 431
Family Page Family Page
Oakland, Daniel A. and Martha, Family 361-362 Olson, Nels and Mathilda, Family 52-53
Oakland, Daniel M. and Ingeborg, Family 362 Olson, Norman and Gyda, Family 242
Obie, Tollef and Gunhild, Family 362-363 Olson, Olaf 118
Ofstedahl, Chis and Helen, Family 283-284 Olson, Oscar and Caroline, Family 432
Olafson, Rev. K. K. and Sigrun 455 Olson, Sigvart and Maria, Family 96
Olsen, John Gustav and Mary, Family 52 Olson, Soren and Hannah, Family 364
Olson, Albert and Emma, Family 363 Oskey, Kenneth and Vivian, Family 243
Olson, C. Willard and Lily, Family 242-243 Ostby, Thorfin and Olive, Family 432
Olson, Charles, A. and Clara, Family 95 Otto, Clarence 432-433
Olson, Edward and Sigre, Family 430 Otto, Richard and Sally, Family 433
Olson, Ernest and Joan, Family 363-364 Otto, Robert and Edi, Family 433-434
Olson, Gullick and Gurine, Family 485 Otto, William and Kathleen, Family 434
Olson, Irvin and Alveretta, Family 239-240 Overboe, Henrik and Anna, Family 53
Olson, Luverne and Thelma, Family 240-241 Overboe, Hans and Ida, Family 53-54
Olson, Mikkel and Anna, Family 241 Overboe, Nuell Howard and Margarethe, Family 54
Olson, Morris and Molly, Family 241-242 Overgaard, Pastor, R. O. 296
Family Page Family Page
Panek, Dr. A. F. and Lena, Family 243-244 Petterson, Peter and Julia, Family 54-55
Paulson, Harlan and Muriel, Family 364 Pfeffer, Nicolaus and Leah, Family 245-246
Paulson, Herman and Laufey, Family 364-365 Phelps, Royal Dakota and Florence, Family 55
Paulson, Robert and Marilyn, Family 365 Pjeterson, Helgi and Ragnhildur, Family 489
Paulson, William and Sigrun, Family 244-245 Plain, Charles and Agnes, Family 365-366
Peterson, August, Family 245 Plain, George and Katherine, Family 246-247
Peterson, Haraldur and Bjorg, Family 485-486 Platz, Charles and Leona, Family 247
Peterson, Haraldur and Kristine, Family 486-487 Poust, R. M. 134
Peterson, Michael and Kay, Family 245 Powles, Joseph and Eliza, Family 366-367
Peterson, Oscar W. and Madeline, Family 487 Pratten, James and Minnie, Family 247-248
Peterson, Paul William and Angela, Family 487-488 Pregler, George 367
Peterson, Peter and Bertha, Family 488-489 Price, Benjamin, Family 434
Peterson, Peter and Karen, Family 488 Prom, Brynjolf and Anna, Family 248
Petterson, Hans and Cecili, Family 54 Puhler, Bill and Thea, Family 248
Family Page Family Page
Quale, A. C. 117
Family Page Family Page
Rector, Jennings and Evelyn, Family 489-490 Rude, Axel and Estelle, Family 134-135
Reilly, William and Gertrude, Family 248-249 Rushford, Dan 97
Reitan, Adolph and Gina, Family 249-250 Rushford, John and Cordella, Family 97
Reitan, Gehart and Gladys, Family 250 Rushford, Levi and Louise, Family 97
Reitan, Lars and Agnetta, Family 367 Rusley, Bjorn and Andrea, Family 367
Reynolds, Stephan and Edith, Family 367 Rusley, Knudt and Helen, Family 368
Richwine, Ralph and Stella, Family 96 Rustan, Erik and Gena, Family 251-252
Robb, David and Anna, Family 434 Rustan, Fingal and Katie, Family 368-369
Robb, William and Ida, Family 435 Rustan, George and Alice, Family 369
Robbins Family 490 Rustan, Orville and Alice, Family 370
Robbins, Herbert and Eleanor, Family 250 Ruste, Rev. Erik O. Family 97-98
Robison, Thomas and Janet, Family 96-97 Rusten, Henry and Dorothy, Family 252
Roop, Arthur and Beaulah, Family 250-251 Rusten, Manda 217
Rose, Russel 251
Family Page Family Page
Sadler, Thomas and Margaret 490 Slama, Victor and Annabell, Family 442-443
Samdahl, Jessie and Leona, Family 435 Slama, Wayne and Gayle, Family 258
Samdahl, Ole and Anne, Family 435-436 Sloup, Jacob, Family 443
Samdahl, Oscar and Orcella, Family 436 Smith, Lloyd and Susie Mae, Family 136
Samdahl, Otto and Bertina, Family 436 Snider, Rev. Claude and Fran 457
Sampson, Pete and Louisa, Family 370 Snydal, Jon and Hermania, Family 258-259
Sanders, Earl and Sheila, Family 56 Solberg, George and Inga, Family 100
Sanders, L. Ernest and Daisy, Family 55-56 Solberg, John and Thora, Family 100
Sanders, Ralph and Marjorie, Family 56 Solberg, Matheas and Gina, Family 100
Sanders, Terry and Mary, Family 56-57 Soli, Gene and Mary Ann, Family 374-375
Sandvik, Chester and Marian, Family 436-437 Soli, George and Ruth, Family 100-101
Sasse, Doug, Family 136-137 Sondeland, Gordon and Sharon, Family 375
Schneider, Stanley and Stella, Family 252-253 Sondeland, Lawrence and Pam, Family 101-102
Schue, Fr. Dennis 125 Sondreson, Carl and Emma, Family 492-493
Schumer, Fr. Sylvester 125 Sonstegaard, Elling and Sarah, Family 493
Schuster, Carl and Hulda, Family 371 Sonstegaard, Ole, Family 493
Sehrt, Henry and Elizabeth, Family 490-491 Sovde, Rev. G. A. 117
Seim, Andy and Irene, Family 371-372 Spenst, Jake and Esther, Family 443
Seim, Everett and Mary, Family 437 Sperling, Otto and Linda, Family 102
Seim, Johnny and Georgina, Family 372-373 Stabo, Calmer and Jean, Family 102-103
Seim, Kristian and Anne, Family 373 Stabo, Carl and Gyda, Family 375-376
Seim, Ole and Johanna, Family 438 Stabo, Charles and Fern, Family 376
Senf, Leon and Carmen, Family 253 Stabo, Ole and Karen 103
Shock, Allen and Cindy, Family 253 Stadum, Rev. Ernest and Lily, Family 119-120
Sigmar, Rev. Haraldur and Anne 455-456 Stave, Ole and Rangi, Family 376-377
Siguaw, David and Anne, Family 491-492 Stefansson, Benoni, Family 377
Siguaw, William and Frances, Family 492 Steffanson, Eli and Lena, Family 377
Sigurdson, Benedict and Gudny, Family 492 Steinolfson, Steini and Margaret, Family 259
Simunds, Oscar and Jane, Family 253-254 Stenson, Olive Rustan 377-378
Sjolseth, Andrew 254-255 Stewart, Robert and Sophie, Family 103
Skare, Ole and Gunhild, Family 373-374 Stewart, William and Katherine, Family 103-104
Skaro, Martin and Rowena, Family 256 Story, John and Ellen, Family 378
Skaro, Tollef, Family 374 Strand, Halvor, Family 259-260
Skaug, iver and Christina, Family 374 Strand, John and Thelma, Family 260-261
Skrogstad, Hans and Marian, Family 98 Styrvoky, Joseph and Josephine, Family 261
Skrogstad, Howard and Mabel, Family 98-99 Sukke, Arne, Family 104
Skrogstad, Math and Marit, Family 99-100 Sunderland, Charles William and Arlene, Family 261-262
Skugstad, Rev. Jens 117 Sunderland, Harold E. and Susan, Family 262-263
Skulason, Rev. Olafur and Ebba 456-457 Sunderland, Harold and Irma, Family 263-264
Skunes, Rev. L. M., Family 118 Sunderland, Robert D. and Iva, Family 264-265
Slama, Alvin and Rita, Family 438-439 Sunderland, Thomas and Diane, Family 104
Slama, Anthony and Marie, Family 57-58 Svoboda, Vincen and Terezia, Family 443
Slama, Clifford and Patricia, Family 255-256 Swanlaw, David and Anna, Family 265
Slama, Edward and Katherine, Family 439-440 Swanlaw, Grant and Magnea, Family 265-266
Slama, Frank and Myrtle, Family 256 Swanlaw, John and Janet, Family 266
Slama, Frank G. and Dorothy, Family 256-257 Swanlaw, Magnea 137
Slama, James and Clara, Family 257 Swanlaw, Robert and Mary, Family 266-267
Slama, Joseph and Terezie, Family 440 Swanlaw, Westie and Lola, Family 267
Slama, Joseph M. and Mary, Family 440-441 Swanlaw, William and Lottie, Family 267-268
Slama, Phil and Eveline, Family 441-442 Swanson, Henry and Olive, Family 104
Slama, Randy and Rochelle, Family 257 Swanson, Ole and Johanna, Family 104-105
Slama, Richard and Cynthia, Family 258 Swanson, William F. and Vera, Family 105
Slama, Richard Frank and Wilma, Family 442 Swanson, William R. and Carol, Family 105-106
Slama, Stanford and Childa, Family 442 Sweeny, Jerome, Family 494
Family Page Family Page
Tallackson, Pastor S. L. 296 Throndset, Oscar and Lillian, Family 269-270, 381-382
Taylor, Ed, Family 254 Thrugstad, Edwin and Nora, Family 270
Tenney, John and Rosa 494 Tiller, O. E., Family 135-136
Tharaldson, Gerald and Anna, Family 268 Tollefson, Hulbert and Gina, Family 270
Thompson, Gilbert, Family 443-444 Tollefson, Kenneth and Jolene, Family 271
Thompson, Hans and Johanna, Family 378 Tollefson, Maynard and Runa, Family 382
Thompson, John and Jane, Family 378-379 Tollefson, S. O. and Caroline, Family 271-272
Thompson, Taale and Kari, Family 444-445 Torkelson, Alfred and Minnie, Family 272
Thompson, William and Margaret, Family 379 Torkelson, Charlie and Lena, Family 445-446
Thordarson, Eggert S. and Thuridur, Family 268-269 Torrance, Frank and Kienora, Family 272-273
Thordarson, Grimur and Ingebjorg, Family 379-380 Torrance, James and Agnes, Family 106
Thordarson, Gudmundur and Elin, Family 380 Torrance, John and Annie, Family 106-107
Thoreson, Ole, Family 106 Torrance, Robert and Helen, Family 107
Throndset, James and Lola, Family 269 Trask, Rueben and Josephine, Family 273
Throndset, Percy and Ardelle, Family 380-381 Tronset, John and Emma, Family 383
Thronsedt, Peter and Julia, Family 381 Tronset, Rudolph, W. 383
Throndset, Rasmus and Bergitta, Family 382 Tronset, Willard Vernon and Lorraine, Family 383
Throndset, Ole and Sophie, Family 445 Tveit, Gordon W. 383-384
Family Page Family Page
Ulbaasen, Gulbrand and Annie, Family 384-385 Underbakke, Halvor and Gertrude, Family 385
Family Page Family Page
Van Hunnik, Rev. Gerrit and Lucille 119 Vincent, Clifford and Mary, Family 274-275
Van Sickle, Jerry and Joyce, Family 138 Vincent, George Alfred 37
Vatnsdal, Elias and Gudrun, Family 273-274 Vollum, Chris and Gunda, Family 58
Veer, John and Olivia, Family 274
Family Page Family Page
Waind, Bethel and Fannie, Family 390 Watt, Ronald and Elda, Family 449
Waind, John and Emma, Family 390 Watt, William and Annie, Family 449-450
Waind, Mark and Dora, Family 275-276 Watts, Howard and Marty, Family 139
Waind, Richard 390 Wawerski, Fr. Ed 125
Waind, Robert and Geneva, Family 276 Weiss, Albert and Marvel, Family 278
Waind, Warren and Millicent, Family 276-277 Welo, Andrew and Tone, Family 278-279
Waite, Roy and Edna, Family 277 Wesling, Rev. John and Anne, Family 121
Wall, Lars and Bessie, Family 277 Wild, Carl and Dorothy, Family 279-280
Walstad, Lars and Olava, Family 107 Wild, John and Louisa, Family 385-386
Walstad, Nathan and Manda, Family 107-108 Wild, Joseph H. and Marie, Family 386-387
Walstad, Trygve and Runa, Family 108 Wild, Lawrence and Lorraine, Family 280
Wang, Rev. Harold 117 Wild Leo J. and Ruby, Family 387-388
Wangsness, Thomas C. and Julia, Family 275 Wild, William W. and Helen, Family 388
Ward, Hugh and Violet, Family 446 Wild, William and Marion, Family 280-281
Ward, John and Sarah, Family 446 Wilson, Andrew and Anna, Family 281-282
Watson, Fred and Alice, Family 446 Wilson, Kenneth and Marguerite, Family 389
Watson, Harry and Eva, Family 277-278 Windingland, Maureen 450
Watson, James E. and Eliza, Family 446-447 Windingland, Oscar and Marie, Family 450
Watson, Joseph and Margaret, Family 447 Wirth, Ray 282-283
Watson, Will and Estelle, Family 447 Wold, H. O., Family 108
Watt, Alexander and Annie, Family 447-448 Wooldridge, Gilman and Alice, Family 389
Watt, Elmer and Lauretta, Family 448 Woolery, Rev. Lee and Gretchen, Family 121
Watt, Howard and Mary Ann, Family 448-449 Wroolie, Simon and Lena 283
Family Page Family Page
Zogg, Christian 389
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