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"The Spirit Lives On", Osnabrock, ND, 1887-1987
Biographical Index

Family Biographies of various detail and length are available for lookup in
"The Spirit Lives On", Osnabrock, ND, 1887-1987 published by the Osnabrock Area Historical Book Committee.
The index from the publication was transcribed by Roger Olson
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Family Page Family Page
Aamot, Alf and Ella 120 Anderson, Cornelius and Ingri 374
Aamot, Carl and Esther 120-121 Anderson, Gerald and Susan 122
Aamot, Duane and Louise 121 Anderson, Sever and Kaia 122
Anderson, Edgar and Kathy 83 Arevik, Rev. J. O. 368
Anderson, Allen and Julie 121-122 Armstrong, Walter and Sarah 374
Anderson, Andrew and Josephine 446
Family Page Family Page
Backes, Kurt 446 Berger, Sever and Elise 259-260
Backes, Louie and Elsie 122-123 Bergstrom, Hans and Inga 478
Baker, Clarence and Delia 324 Bervig, Rev. Arthur L. 370
Baker, Henry and Euphemia 324-325 Bidlake, John and Helene 125
Baker, William and Eliza 374 Bitz, Rev. Al 75
Balsdon, Alvin R. and Margaret 374-375 Bloomquist, Betty 125
Balsdon, Earl and Bertha 375 Bode, Rev. Hans 368
Balsdon, Frederick and Martha 375 Boehm, Ella Rae 126
Balsdon, George E. and Vernice 376-377 Borgen, William and Mary (Jordan) 126
Balsdon, George S. and Jane 376 Bowles, Albert and Vera 260
Balsdon, Howard and Doris 258 Bowles, Harlan and Helen 260
Balsdon, Jerry and Peggy 258 Bowles, John (Jack) and Laurel 260-261
Balsdon, John and Lydia 377 Bowles, Henry J. and Elizabeth 378
Balsdon, Orval and Lillian 377-378 Bowles, Walter J. and Ada 378-379
Barager, Bidwell and Margery 378 Bretheim, Pastor Gilbert J. and Hilda 369
Barrie, Cassius and Mabel 123 Brezina, Alexander and Frances 126-127
Barry, Thomas 258 Brezina, Joseph and Annie 261-262
Beasley, Frank and Elizabeth 477 Brezina, Joseph and Margorie 127
Beauchamp, Harvey and Margie 123 Brown, James, Family 262
Beechie, Henry and Amanda 123-124 Brudahl, Christian C. and Bergetta 429
Berg, Arnold and Hilda 477-478 Brudahl, Louis and Ida 127-128
Berg, Frederick and Ernestine 124-125 Brusseau, Ed and Thelma 128-129
Bergan, Peter and Marie 126 Brusseau, Willard and Donna 262-263
Berger, Edward L. and Marit 258-259 Bushard Joseph (Leo) and Marion 129
Family Page Family Page
Cairnes, Robert and Ellen 129 Christensen, Ole and Margorie 325-326
Calder, Alexander R. and Asa 263 Christensen, Randy and Kim 131
Campbell, Duncan and Arnetta 478-479 Christianson, Christian H. and Anna 264-265
Carlson, August and Alma 129-130 Christianson, Halvor and Anna 379
Carlson, Pastor David and Mary 68-69 Christopherson, Clarence and Mabel 479
Carlson, Rev. Leonard and Sally 67 Cleary, Arthur and Olivine 132
Cawley, James B. and Anna 263 Coles, Emery and Alice 429
Christensen, Albert and Agnes 130 Coles, Issac and Nancy 429-430
Christensen, Albert and Alma 264 Coles, Ivan and Helen 132-133
Christensen, Christ and Grace 131 Coles, Kelly and Virginia 133
Christensen, Dale and Jeanne 264 Coles, Wendell and Betty Jo 133-134
Christensen, Fred and Molly 131 Cory, Rev. Maurice and Viola 62-63
Christensen, Luverne and Sherry 325 Czapiewski, Father Jacob 75
Family Page Family Page
Dahl, Anton and Annette 265 Delvo, John and Frances 326-327
Dahl, Clifford M. and Rosalind 266 Delvo, John T. and Marguerite 327
Dahl, Daryl and Beverly 266 Delvo, Joseph Sr. and Katherine 327-328
Dahl, Euphram and Lorene 134-135 Delvo, Joseph R. and Anna 269
Dahl, Rev. George and LoAnn 68 Delvo, Robert J. 328
Dahl, Hans J. and Inga 135 Dobmeier, George and Ida 479
Dahl, Iver and Julia 135-136 Douglas, Edgar and Ethel 137
Dahl, John A. and Greta 266-267 Douglas, Hugh and Miranda 270
Dahl, Lars A. and Anne 267 Doyle, Clarendon and Emma 446-447
Dahl, Lewis and Mabel 267-268 Dreier, Charles and Christine 380
Dahl, Louise 268 Dreier, William and Julia 380
Dammen, Alfred and Blenda 136-137 Dunford, George and Alma 380-381
DeLong Family 379-380 Dunker, H. Frank 270
Delvo, George and Eva 268-269
Family Page Family Page
Eagleson, John B. and Jennie 328 Erickson, Oscar and Kristine 138
Ellenson, Ellen and Tilda 137-138 Evenson, Clarence O. and Lydia 138-139
Erickson, Edward and Eline 479-480 Evenson, Even and Axelia 270-271
Family Page Family Page
Fahnlander, Charles and Josephine 271-272 Flom, G. James and Edwina 448
Fahnlander, John G. and Helen 139 Flom, Nels and Violet 481-482
Fahnlander, Philip and Mary 328-329 Flynn, Catherine 140
Fauske, Engebret and Clara 480 French, Alvin and Shirley 448-449
Fischer, Andrew and JoMary 139-140 French, Cecil (Bud) and Clarice 449
Fite, Frederick R. 140 French, Curtis and Arlene 140-141
Flaten, Dennis and Joni 381 French, Donald and Opyl 141-142
Flink, Andrew and Marie 272 French, Jasper R. and Anna 142
Flink, Carl Albert and Katherine 272-273 French, Leonard and Marion 449-450
Flink, Frederick and Gladys 273 French, Webster and Sarah 142-143
Flink, Jeffrey and Tamara 140 Freyholtz, Roy and Mary 143
Flink, Peter and Hilda 273 Fuglem, Dean and Lana 144
Flom, Alfred N. and Dena 480-481 Fuller, Homer A. and Emma 144
Flom, Alfred and Sophia 481 Fyhn, John and Sina 381
Flom, Gilbert and Klara 447-448
Family Page Family Page
Gaffney, Thomas and Mary 329 Griffith, Robert and Christina 331
Gellner, Jacob (Dempsey) and Salina 329 Griffith, Robert I. and Kathryn 332
Gellner, Larry and Karen 329 Gronhovd, John and Emma 483
Gessner, Bruce and Eldora 144 Gronhovd, Knute and Guri 483-484
Giles, David and Lori 144-145 Gross, Father Richard 75-76
Giles, James and Joyce 145 Gross, William and Ione 450-451
Giles, Joseph and Bernice 145 Gustafson, Andrew and Lynn 274
Giles, Joseph and Leola 273-274 Gustafson, Andrew and Sophia 382
Gjevre, Ole I. and Marie 482-483 Gustafson Brothers 382
Gogin, John S. and Agnes 274 Gustafson, Ervin and Sandra 382-383
Goldsberry, Naom 145-146 Gustafson, Hjalmer and Florence 383
Gran, John Louis and Marie 330 Gustafson, Joseph and Kathryn 274-275
Gratton, Ernest and Florina 450 Gustafson, Merle and Marjorie 146-147
Gratton, Paul 450 Gvresrude, John and Alida 147-148
Gratton, Roger and Shelley 146 Gvrsesrude, Lars and Margit 148
Gratton, Wayne (Joe) and Susan 146 Gvresrude, Theodore and Thelma 149
Family Page Family Page
Haaven, Erich (Alex) and Mathilda 275-276 Heck, William and Mildred 277, 278, 279
Haaven, Hans and Rika 276-277 Heinzeroth, Alfred and Margaret 334-335
Hagen, Rev. William 368 Heinzeroth, Gust and Ann 335
Haight, Silas E., Family 277 Helgeson, Herman A. 154
Hanson, Floyd S. and Carol 383-384 Heltne, Peder and Anna 155
Hanson, James and Annie 277 Hemmingson, Rev. 369
Hanson, John A. and Clara 384 Heppner, Abe and Nell 155
Hanson, Peter J. and Jorand 384 Herber, David and Janet 155
Haraseth, Anton and Anna 484 Herbig, Emma 335
Haraseth, Gordon and Betty 150 Hewitson, Percy and Elizabeth 155-156
Haraseth, Martin and Gustha 150-151 Hiebert, Jacob and Helena 156
Haraseth, Olivia 151-152 Hoaas, Ole 279
Haraseth, Robert and Nancy 152 Hoffman, Joseph and Clara 335-336
Haroldson, Ole B. and June 149 Hogan, Patrick and Anne 156-157
Haug, Thomas and Karoline 384-385 Hoium, Rev. Arthur and Esther 66-67
Haug, Thorval and Violet 385 Holand, Dedrick and Vilda 279
Haugen, Kittil and Velgjerd 332-333 Holzmann, Mathew and Katherina 336
Heard, Richard and Maria 333-334 Hooey, Edward F. and Bonnie 157-158
Heck, Charles and Florence 385-386 Hove, Hans and Julia 485
Heck, Clarence and Carlene 152-153 Hove, Howard and Marion 485-486
Heck, Duane and Lois 386 Hulstrand, Anders and Johanna 451-452
Heck, Fred and Nova 153 Hulstrand, James and Fern 452
Heck, Gordon and Bernice 153-154 Hulstrand, Mandus and Florence 452-453
Heck, Gothlef and Christina 387 Hursman, Douglas and Ruth 158
Heck, Leonard and Monica 154 Hursman, Lewis and Mavis 387
Heck, Richard and Barbara 154
Family Page Family Page
Iverson, Tollef and Mildred 486
Family Page Family Page
Jacobi, Frederick and Julia 158 Johnson, Hans C. and Olida 164
Jacobson, Aaron and Jenny 158-159 Johnson, Harland and Grace 164-165
Jacobson, Frank and Bertha 279-280 Johnson, Henry and Anna 489-490
Jacobson, George and Adeline 159 Johnson, Jay and Renetta 165
Jardine, Rudolph and Ruby 160 Johnson, Jesse and Cathryn 165
Jarrett, Alice (Coles) 160 Johnson, John A. and Anna 165-166
Jarrett, Lyle and Beverly 160-161 Johnson, John P. and Wilhelmina 430
Jerdine, John and Bergit 487 Johnson, Joseph and Gladys 430
Johannesson, Soffi and Delores 161 Johnson, Linden and Helen 388
Johnson, Albert P. and Minnie 161-162 Johnson, Melvin J. and Laurette 166
Johnson, Albert Reinhold and Julia 162 Johnson, Playmert and Maria 430-431
Johnson, Alfred and Edna 387-388 Johnson, Ralph and Hazel 166-167
Johnson, Andrew K. and Bertha 487-488 Johnson, Tab 167
Johnson, Andy and Grace 162-163 Johnson, Theodore and Alvina 167-168
Johnson, Clarence and Hilda 489 Johnson, Thomas Edward and Selma 388-389
Johnson, George and Sharon 153 Johnson, Thomas and Emma 336
Johnson, Gust and Ella 163-164 Jonasson, Warren and Debbie 168
Family Page Family Page
Kaercher, Benjamin and Anna 389 Kram, Joseph and Corrine 337
Kaercher, Garnett and Beverly 389-390 Kram, Philip J. and Katherine 337-338
Kaercher, Raymond and Carol 390 Kram, Ralph B. and Louise 338-339
Kampen, Arnold 168 Kram, William and Katarina 339
Kampen, John and Agatha 168-169 Krein, Henry and Anna 390
Kampen, Soren and Mabel 169 Krohn, Allan and Judy 173
Keating, Thomas and Kate 336-337 Krohn, A. T. (Tony) and Bernice 174
Keena, Dale and Jean 169 Krohn, Edward (Jack) 174
Kelner, John J. and Elizabeth 337 Krohn, Elton (Sam) 174-175
Kinzler, Eugene and Nora 169-170 Krohn, John and Catherine 175
Klai, Jacob Sr. and Frances 170 Krohn, Victor and Alice 175-176
Klai, Jacob and Ruby 169-170 Krohn, William (Bill) 176
Klai, John (Jack) and Lois 171-172 Krom, Danny and Julie 176
Klai, Philip and Rosina 172 Krom, Daryl and Jody 490
Klai, Ralph and Julia 172-173 Krom, Edward and Mary 176-177
Knutson, Pastor Alfred 370 Kuhfus, Rev. Kim and Barbara 63
Koch, Jacob and Rosina 173 Kvaal, Peder and Ida 490
Kolstad, John and Ingeborg 173
Family Page Family Page
Labing, Daniel and Katherine 280-281 Livingood, Daniel and Katharina 391
Langemo, Rev. T. 471 Livingston, Peter and Bathsheba 491
LaPorte, Larry and Kenneth 177 Long, Larry and Lori 453-454
LaPorte, LaVern and Pat 177 Lorenz, Steve and Susan 180
LaPorte, Ronald 177 Lucy, John and Mary 391
Lapp, Rev. Marvin 67 Lund, Ludvig L. and Ella 491
Laurhammer, Rev. P. O. 370 Lundeby, Arnold and Margaret 180
Learned, Harry and Annie 340 Lundeby, Carl (Charlie) and Julia 281-282
Lemmick, Paul 281 Lundeby, Curt and Pat 180-181
Lemmick, Soren O. and Olina 281 Lundeby, Doug and Beth 181
Lentz, Walter and Rita 178 Lundeby, Henry and Janetta 181-182
Lepire, Joe H. and Mary Ellen (Nell) 178-179 Lundeby, Marvin and Jeannette 182
Lerud, Charles and Inez 179 Lundeby, Nils and Johanna 182-183
Lesniowski, Rev. Stanley 76 Lundquist, Dale and Mary Jane 340
Little, James and Mary Ann 390-391 Lunstad, Gulbrand and Thonette 282
Family Page Family Page
Magnus, Leonard and Ella 431 Miller, Rev. Jerry and Jeonette 67
Mangus, William and Minnie 395 Milne, David and Jenny 493
Mannel, Rev. Gregory and Cathy 68 Mirehouse, Earl and Frances 431
Marchell, Raymond and Carol 184-185 Moe, Ingeborg 395
Martin, Arthur B. and Hermione 492-493 Moe, Louis and Thilda 395
Marum, Peder and Christine 282-283 Moe, Peter and Christina 395-396
Matheson, John and Joyce 185 Moen, Eric J. and Betsy 185
McAllen, Robert and Charlotte 183 Moen, John G. and Rennie 284
McDermand, Ernest and Anna 491 Molland, Robert 83
McGauvran, Charles and Maud 391-392 Monson, Carl and Betty 284-285
McGauvran, Felix and Mary 392 Monson, C. Arthur and Shirley 284
McGauvran, George H. and Sarah 183-184 Monson, David and Mary 185-186
McGauvran, James and Elizabeth 392 Monson, John and Ida 186
McGauvran, John and Elaine 392 Mork, Richard and Denise 186-187
McGauvran, John and Sarah 393 Morken, Andrew L. and Anetta 285-286
McGauvran, Joseph Sr. and Mary 393 Morken, Alfred and Winifred 187
McGauvran, Joseph Jr. and Rachel 393-394 Morken, Ralph and Margaret 187-188
McGauvran, Patrick and Henrietta 394 Morken, Sidney and Mary 188
McLaren, Robert and Tena 492 Mueller, Father Maurice 75
McLeod, Don and Evelyn 184 Murray, Earl D. and Isabelle 188-189
McLeod, Murdick (Mac) and Henrietta 184 Murray, Felix and Elva June 189
McKittrick, Jeremiah and Mary 340 Murray, James and Clara 189-190
McNeill Family 394 Murray, John T. 190
McNeill, Percy and Mary (Mae) 394 Murray, Joseph J. and Hazel 190
Medalen, Oscar and Maine 493 Murray, Lloyd and Ilah 190
Melby, Christian and Helena 283 Murray, Thomas G. 190
Melby, Oscar and Nellie 283-284 Musgjerd, Anders and Ellen 286-287
Millard, W. Dyce and Esther 80-81
Family Page Family Page
Nelson, Andrew and Anna 287-288 Nelson, Norris and Nell Marie 340, 341, 342
Nelson, Arnold and Doris 454 Nelson, Oscar and Annie 192-193
Nelson, Arthur and Ethel 190-191 Nelson, Paul Y. 291
Nelson, Charles and Matilda 340 Nelson, Richard 454
Nelson, Einar and Lilly 288 Nelson, Rueben and Martha 494
Nelson, Elias and Isabel 494 Nelson, Sten O. and Marie 455
Nelson, Elmer and Betsey 288-289 Nelson, Theodore and Myrtle 193
Nelson, Grant and Betty 289-290 Nelson, Walter and Zippilla 193-194
Nelson, Gunder and Carrie 191 Newtson, Andrew and Bessie 342
Nelson, Harley B. and Nona 191-192 Nygaard, Alfred and Aasne 494
Nelson, Henry and Bertine 290-291 Nygaard, Leonard and Trudy 194
Nelson, Leon and Ebba 192 Nyland, Sverre (Bill) and Mabel 194-195
Family Page Family Page
Oakland, Steve and Oslaug 396 Ottem, Charles I. 292
Olson, Allet M. and Belle 291 Ottem, Endre 292-293
Olson, Andrew and Helen 432 Ottem, Frithjof and Kathryn 293-294
Olson, Anna Hazel 195 Ottem, Ibsen and Effie 80
Olson, Carl and Hulda 195 Ottem, Ingebrigt and Enid 198-199
Olson, Charles E. and Alma 196 Ottem, Ingebrigt I. and Kari 294
Olson, Dennis and Margaret 342-343 Ottem, Iver, I. 295
Olson, Gullick and Gurine 291-292 Ottem, Jack and Shelley 199
Olson, Henry E. and Bernice 432 Ottem, Jens and Randi 295
Olson, Henry G. and Levina 196-197 Ottem, John E. and Oswalynne 396-397
Olson (Voien), Martin and Anna 432-433 Ottem, Lars and Elisa 397-398
Olson, Ole E. M. and Helga 433 Ottem, Robert P. 295
Olson, Peter and Tena 455 Otto, Clarence 496
Olson, Rasmus and Mary 197 Otto, Paul 200
Ormiston, George and Minnie 494-495 Otto, Richard and Sally 496-497
Ormiston, Lloyd and Maye 495-496 Otto, Robert and Edi Ann 497
Orpe, John and Sarah 496 Otto, William and Kathleen 498
Ostenrude, Melvin 197 Ottun, Jacob N. and Martha 296
Ottem, Arnold E. and Karin 197-198 Ottun, Nils and Kaia 296
Family Page Family Page
Pearson, Helmer B. and Hilda 200-201 Pearson, Milton and Martha 343
Pearson, Olof and Emma 343-344 Pearson, Otto and Edwin 344
Pederson, Lawrence and Inga 201 Peterson, Alvin and Idella 433-434
Peterson, Kenneth and Evelyn 201 Peterson, Leroy and Bette 202
Petterson, Carl and Gordon 296-297 Petterson, Hans P. and Marie 297
Petterson, Harold and Linda 203 Petterson, Orval and Betty 203-204
Petterson, Peter N. and Julia 204 Poier, Fredrick (Fred) and Louise 204-205
Poier, Herman and Catharina 205 Poier, William and Mary 205-206
Prince, John and Bertha 498-499
Family Page Family Page
Quale, Engebret and Barbro 398
Family Page Family Page
Ramberg, Benjamin and Johanna 499 Rourke, Howard and Hazel 349
Rasmusson, Howard and Pearl 206 Rourke, Joseph and Elizabeth 349-350
Rasmusson, Marvin and Magda 206-207 Rourke, Joseph M. and Mildren 349
Regner, William and Eva 207-208 Rourke, Keith and Lynnelle 350-351
Reisberg, John Victor 344 Rourke, Les and Doris 352
Render, Charles and Charlotte 208 Rourke, Orrin M. 351-352
Ritter, Albert and Margaret 297-298 Rourke, William and Anna 352
Ritter, Wesley and Hester 298-299 Rourke, William L. and Mae 209
Robertson, James and Carol 398-399 Rude, Arthur and Alice 434
Roder, Albert and Martha 344-345 Rude, Axel and Estelle 434
Roder, Bruce and Lisa 299 Rude, Christian S. and Annie 435
Roder, Donald and Eleanora 345 Rude, Clemons and Jean 435-436
Roder, Fredrick and Elsie 345 Rude, Elroy and Marilyn 436
Roder, George and Beth 346 Rude, Olaf M. and Geneva 436-437
Roder, Howard and June 299 Rude, Oscar and Hattie 437-438
Roder, Otto and Carolina 346-347 Rude, Sander 438
Romfo, John and Inga 299 Rude, Wallace and Evelyn 438
Romfo, Ole J. and Inger 300 Rude, Walter and Lorraine 438-439
Roop, Ralph and LaRue 300 Rusten, Alfred and Lilly 399
Roth, Harry 208-209 Rusten, Carl I. and Agnes 399-400
Rourke, Clarence and Gladys 347 Rusten, Edwin A. and Viola 400
Rourke, David L. and Mae 209 Rusten, Haldor and Anna 400-401
Rourke, Gary W. and Beryl 347-348 Ryan, Bill 209
Rourke, Gordon W. and Nancy 348 Rygg, Ole S. and Guri 300-301
Family Page Family Page
Sabie, Halvor and Ingeborg 409 Smith, Lyman and Abigail 213
Sabie, Thorsten and Christense 455-456 Sneva, Even A. and Randi 213-214
Samdahl, Jessie and Leona 456 Sneva, Gerhard and Verna 214
Samdahl, Ole and Anne 456-457 Sonstegaard, Elling and Dorthea 304-305
Samdahl, Otto and Bertina 457 Sonstegaard, Halvor and Guri 305
Sanders, Earl and Sheila 301-302 Sonstegaard, Samuel and Ida 214-215
Sanders, L. Ernest and Daisey 302 Soper, John D. and Margaret 499
Sanders, Ralph and Marjorie 302 Stenson, Fred and Olga 215
Sanders, Terry and Mary 302-303 Stewart, James and Clara 500
Sather, Pastor George 369 Stoffel, Robert and Lillian 353
Sather, Jorgen and Karoline 303 Storie, David and Annie 305
Schell, Joseph 301 Storie, James and Susan 305
Schrader, Amos and Katherine 401 Storie, William J. and Annie 216
Schrader, Carl and Charlotta 401-402 Strand, Carl and Alice 216-217
Schrader, Fred and Catherine 402-403 Strand, Harry C. and Agnes 353
Schrader, Jacob and Laura 403 Stremick, Leslie and Carole 353-354
Schrader, John and Mary 403-404 Strong, Harry and Florence 217
Schrader, Larry and Joan 209-210 Sueltz, William and Ottila 217
Schrader, Raymond and Muriel 404-405 Sunderland, Joseph and Elizabeth 500
Schultz, Henry and Melvina 303-304 Svalde, Knute and Marit 500-501
Schultz, Herbert and Betty Lou 304 Svoboda, Nat, Victor, and Vincent 458
Shonnesan, Ernest 304 Swenson, Clarence and Asta 305-306
Shuley, Alf Clifford and Martha 210 Swenson, Earl and Vicki 306-307
Sim, Frank and Margaret 210-211 Swenson, George and Fannie 439
Sitzer, Don and Mary 81-82 Swenson, Ole and Augusta 439
Skalet, Andrew and Anna 439 Sykes, John and Anna 218
Slama, Alvin and Rita 457-458 Sykes, William J. and Eliza 354
Smakal, Anton 458 Symons, George and Anna 354-355
Smith, Charles and Zelinda 211 Symons, Glen and Carla 355
Smith, Dennis and Marilyn 211 Symons, William and Martha 355
Smith, Ira C. B. and Florence 211-212 Syverson, Andrew and Marthe 355
Smith, John E. (Cap) and Gladys 212-213 Syverud, Knute and Anne 307-308
Family Page Family Page
Talle, Herman J. and Lucy 80 Tollefson, Carl G. and Edith 405-406
Taylor, John D. and Barbara 82-83 Tollefson, Halvor and Gurine 406-407
Taylor, Ruby 218 Tollefson, Herman 407
Taylor, Sam and Nellie 501 Tollefson, Larry and Debra 221
Tharaldson, Elmer and Margaret 501-502 Tollefson, Loren and Jana 308
Tharaldson, Gerald and Anna 218-219 Tollefson, Manley and Irene 407-408
Tharaldson, James R. and Karen 219 Tollefson, Ordean and Leola 308
Tharaldson, Richard and Linda 219 Tollefson, Ronald and Betty 221
Thompson, Marten 219 Tollefson, Theodore and Anne 408-409
Thorson, Laurel and Betty 219-220 Tollefson, Tollef and Kari 409
Thronsedt, Clifford and Ruth 458-459 Torski, Ingebrigt and Elsie 308-309
Thronsedt, Ole and Sophie 459 Towers, Delwyn and Lorraine 221-222
Thronsedt, Oscar and Lillian 459 Trotter, John and Ruth 222
Thronsedt, Theodore and Edith 220 Tryhus, Trueman E. and Selma 81
Tillisch, Thomas L. and Fredrikka 220-221 Twaddle, Thomas and Katherine 222
Toivonen, Vance and Lori 69
Family Page Family Page
Van Hunnick, Rev. Gerrit and Lucille 66 Vleck, Theodore and Pauline 356-357
Verke, Carl Sr. and Caroline 502 Vollum, Chris and Gunda 309-310
Verville, Arsene and Irene 222-223 Vollum, Einar and Ellen 310
Vetren, Arthur and Cora 409-410 Vollum, Morris and Esther 223
Vetren, Thor and Ingeborg 410 Vollum, Peder and Martha 310
Vleck, James and Mary 355-356
Family Page Family Page
Wakeford, Abraham and Mary Ann 410-411 Wedwick, Jens and Randina 311-312
Wakeford, Harvey J. and Carine 411 Wedwick, Joseph 228
Wakeford, Harvey K. and Joanne 223 Wedwick, Lars and Julia 312-313
Wakeford, James and Marilyn 224-225 Wedwick, Sever and Maria 313-314
Wakeford James and Mary 224 Wenzel, Andrew and Catherine 411-412
Wakeford, J. Lloyd and Shirley 225-226 Wenzel, Dan and Alice 412-413
Wakeford, Richard and Mary Jane 226 Wenzel, Harold and Lauretta 414
Ward, Dave S. and Nellie 226-227 Wenzel, Jacob and Annie 414-415
Ward, Frank 459 Wiggins, Neil and Delina 502-503
Ward, Hugh and Violet 459-460 Wild, Edward (Ted) and Dorothy 357
Ward, James and Margaret 460 Wild, Frank and Etta 503-504
Ward, John and Sarah 460 Wild, Jerome and Marie 504
Watson, William and Nellie 502 Wild, John C. and Gertrude 357-358
Watt, Alexander and Annie 461 Wild, John (Jack) and Janet 358
Watt, Elmer and Lauretta 461-462 Wild, Joseph T. and Diomah 504
Watt, Gary and Carole 462 Wild, Peter and Catherine 504-505
Watt, Howard and Mary Ann 462 Wilson, Jim, Family 505
Watten, Iver T. 310-311 Windingland, Oscar and Marie 462-463
Watten, Thori and Eli 311 Wirth, Bernard and Katherine 228-229
Wederman, John (Hy) and Edith 227 Worley, James and LeAnne 229
Wedwick, James R. and Jean 227-228
Family Page Family Page
Zeller, John and Carrie 415
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