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The Oakes Times newspaper death articles from A to h, (last name) is below. As we get farther along we will be updating the index. Beside of the name you will see a number, when sending E-Mail please include this number as it is the page on which the article is on. If you see a name that you would like more information on please E-Mail us, and we will try to answer any of your questions. We do hope you find helpful information on our site as it will continue to grow as time permits. Once again thank you for looking at our site and any information you might could add.

Aasen, Alf 17
Aason, Richard 16
Abraham, Fay Darden 18
Adams, David 18
Adams, Roy 12
Adamson, B.L. 19
Adamson, Mrs. 12
Adamson, Mrs. Mary 18
Adamson, Nettie 11
Alford, C. E. 12
Alkofer, Anton 13
Ames, Dan 15
Ames, Grandma 20
Amundson, Reinhart 11
Anderson, A.M. 13
Anderson, Alfred. J. 23
Anderson, Anna 14
Anderson, Carl 24
Anderson, H 11
Anderson, Hannah 24
Anderson, Hilda 15
Anderson, John 14, 16, 22
Anderson, Mildred and Martin 11
Anderson, Mrs. A. G. 21
Anderson, Mrs. Olaf 15
Anderson, Mrs. P. O. 20
Anderson, Mrs. Peter 13
Anderson, Nestor 11
Angell, Ivy See Bryan, Mrs. Chas. F.
ANGELL, Kate 25
Ankeny, Chester Alson 12
Appelquist, Andrew. J. 17
Appelquist, C. J. 28
Applequist, John 16
Archibald, Dr. O. Wellington 28
Argo, W. T. 25
Armstrong, John R 27
Arnes, Minne See Arns, Minne
Arns, Minnie 14
Arzdorf, Alice See Billmeyer, Mrs. John
Atherton, A.P. 13
Atherton, W. L. 13
Austin, Kate See Angell, Kate
Austin, W. M. 26
Avery, D. Y. See Bucklin, Mary Ann
Babcock, Lillie Eliza 53
Babcock, Mary See Bowerman, B. F.
Babcock, Mrs. Fred 37, 68
Bachelor, Verne Rowley 39
Bailey, Marquetta See Huffman, Dick
Baker, Arthur William 60
Baker, Bernice 81
Baker, Evelyn May 56
Baker, George M 71
Baker, George M (Photo) 73
Baker, Mrs. Gilbert 30
Baker, William 53
Bakkagard, Mrs. Ole 63
Bakke, Peter 39
Bakkegard, Mrs. Ole 30
Baldwin, Byron W 61
Baldwin, George 51
Baldwin, George Sr 51
Baldwin, Mrs. Leora 55
Baldwin, Ray 45
Bale, Mrs. Geo 30
Bardsen, Knudt 43
Barnes, Basil See Welcher, C. B.
Barta, Joe 58
Barta, Joseph 49
Bartel, John 70
Bartlett, Waldron 29
Bass, Mrs. Herman 37
Bassett, Arthur 12
Bassett, Geo 47
Bassingwaire, J. E. 58
Bateman, Ella 143
Bateman, Mrs. J. E. 35
Battey, George 78
Battey, Louisa F. 105
Battey, Mrs. Louisa F. 64
Baumchen, Tressa 65
Bean, Howard 74
Beaver, Mary Ellen Fike 50
Becker, Roger Allen 59
Beckwith, Oliver 39
Beethe, Edwin 32
Beggs, A. L. 53
Beggs, Abram. L. 96
Beiersdorf, Herman 99
Bell, Joe 31
Bell, Joseph 45
Bender, Louis 40
Benedix, Mrs. William 40
Bengtson, Alberina See Dahlbeck, John P.
Bentley, D. W. 45
Bentley, Dr. C. A. 38
Berg, Lawerence Milton 64
Berg, Woodrow. Elof 56
Berge, Ole. O. 48
Bergendahl, Florence 99
Bergendahl, Mrs. F. F. 32
Bergenthal, Bobby 35
Berger, Anton 36, 37
Berggren, Mrs. H. E. 97
Bergman, Mrs. Herman 30
Billigmeier, Benjamin William 37
Billmeyer, Mrs. John 56
Bingham, Estella E. See Ohland, Mrs. Fred
Bingham, Mrs. John N 90
Bishop, Chas. O. 39
Bishop, J. S. 93
Bishop, Mrs. Charles O. 42
Bjork, Nils 88
Black, J. M. 87
Blackwell, R. W. S. 41
Blazer, Levi Marion 31
Bliss, Boyd 52
Bliss, George See Simpson, Bertha Alice
Bliss, Mrs. George 31
Bloomfield, Mrs. Lawrence 54
Blume, Foster Charles 46
Blumer, Charles 91
Blumer, Joseph 29
Blumer, Mr. Benji 38
Bly, Eugene 36
Boethling, Florence Henriette 50
Bohnenkamp, Theodore 38
Bolan, John 91
Bolan, John E. 49
Bolan, William 66
Bolen, Michael Sr 48
Bolen, Mrs. Michael 49
Boler, Grace 62
Bommersback, Joseph 30
Bond, George 31
Bond, Mrs. Nellie 54
Bong, Niles E 61
Boom Sr, Mr. 30
Booth, William S 44
Bosley, Ella I 36
Bosser, Johnny 43
Botscher, Mrs. Edward 36
Botts, Edna Lorene 50
Botts, John 52
Botts, Lynn 45
Botts, Lynn Eldin 95
Botts, Ruth Bird (Birdie) 43
Bowerman, B. F. 86
Bowes, S. A. 46
Bowman, B. N. 92
Boyce, Mary See Greenawald, Wm. Sr.
Boyd, Jocilla See Hoops Robert
Boyd, Will 80
Bradner, Joe 31
Brady, Col. P.J. 35
Brandt, Queenie M See Hansen, C.W.
Brendel, Julia Dutenhaffer 139
Brennan, Mrs. Margaret 63
Brennan, Patrick 38
Bristol, Peleg 84
Bristol, Peleg (photo) 85
Bronson, Curtis Sackrider 42
Brooks, Jess' infant 32
Brotherton, Alfred 32
Brown, Alva E 67
Brown, Andrew A. 66
Brown, Beth See Cary, Phillip H
Brown, Brayton 68
Brown, Charles S. 33
Brown, Hedvig A 44
Brown, John A 94
Brown, John C. 46, 69
Brownson, Alfred See McRay, Adelaide Maria
Bruce, W. H. H. 83
Bruns, Mrs. Aug 65
Bryan, Edna 57
Bryan, Edna (Memoriam) 188
Bryan, Mrs. Chas. F. 69
Bryan, Mrs. Fred G. 60
Buchholz, Paul's infant 31
Bucklin, Mary Ann 40
Buerge, Mrs. C. F. 97
Buland, Mrs. Ludvig 44
Bunday, J. E. 48
Bunker, Isaiah 87. See Hayden, Caroline Ann
Bunker, Martin A 77
Bunker, Roy 59
Burgan, F. A. infant 32
Burleigh, Ida 41
Buro, Matt 52
Burrier, Dale D 35
Burrow, Eli 67
Burt, Mary J. 103
Burton, John s. 47
Bush, Amanda See Beggs, Abram. L.
Bush, Gideon 47
Bush, Mrs. Thomas G 42
Butcher, Harry C. 55
Butler, Geo. T. 41
Butler, Mrs. Thomas W 57
Byer, Mrs. Edward 41
Cady, Stephen G. 104
Caldwell, W. A. 100
Cambron, Andrew 121
Canfield, Ross 120
Carlblom, Teckla 122
Carlson, Mrs. E. 124
Carney, Thomas 116
Cary, Phillip H. 117
Case, Family 119
Case, Genevieve 110, 123
Case, Harley D. 108
Casey, Mrs. Laura 114
Casey, Patrick 114, 120
Chamberlin, J. N. 117
Chamberlin, Martin N. 111
Chamberlin, Myra Belle See Brown, Alva E
Chandler, Carlton L. 103
Chesley, Mrs. James A. 121
Chilson, Chas. (his 6 year old child) 124
Christian, Judge 116
Christiansen, John 120
Church, Mrs. Mary Eliza 118
Clanton, William 121
Clark, Robert 113
Clarke, Robert 122
Cleary, Michael 109
Clow, A. F. ( his infant child) 124
Clyde, Sarah Jane See Freeman, Sarah J. Mrs.
Coates, Mrs. Napoleon 122
Cochrane, Mrs 120
Cody, Mrs. Richard 118
Coffin, Walter H 122
Cole, Jacob 124
Coleman, Myrtle See Featherstone, John. See Featherstone, John
Colwell, Virgie Elaine 125
Cook, Ruth Eva See Honsickle, John Charles
Coon, Miss. See Babcock, Lillie Eliza
Cooper Louisa F. See Battey, George
Cooper, Louisa F. 105
Cortrite, Mrs. David 115
Cother, John 118
Cotten, Howard Leland 106
Coulter, Margaret See Helferty, Hugh
Courtney, Genevieve 123
Courtney, Mrs. Henry 123
Cowley, Nellie 119
Cox, Susan Gertrude See Griffin, Mrs. Alonzo
Cox, Susan Miss. See Griffin, Alonzo
Coykendahl, David 121
Crabtree, John W. 117
Crabtree, Mrs. Mary 101
Crabtree, Richard 112
Crawford, Mrs. Sarah 115
Cronkhite, Mrs. A. 113
Curtis, Hiram 114
Curtis, Mrs. 124
Dady, Mrs. Howard E. 128
Dahlbeck, John P. 125
Darlington, Joe Kathern 140
Daugherty, Harry 136
Davenport, Roscoe See Baker, Mrs. Gilbert
Davis, Mrs. James 141
Debloom, John's infant child 141
Denison, Mrs. Sarah A. 135
Denning, J. H. 130
Denning, James Hamlin (photo) 130
Dethlef, Mabel Belle 138
Dickie, Mr. J. P. 141
Dickinson, Billy 132
Dierks, Mrs. H. 134
Dill, George 127
Dill, Leonard 133
Dill, Nina Mary See Fordyce, Silas W.
Dille, F. B. 139
Dille, Mrs. W. B. 139
Dille, Mrs. Wade B. 131
Dillingham, Flossie See Hunter, Mrs. J. A.
Dillingham, Frank 137
Dillingham, Fred 138
Dinsmore, Robert 141
Ditch, Richard 141
Doty, Micajah 140
dow, mrs. c. l. 141
Doyen, Selwin j. 140
Drum, Geo. M 140
Duerr, Mrs. Rosann See Hackbrath, Gustave
Dufelmeier, Henry See Orn, Jennie Christine
Dungan, Frank 136
Dyer, Grandma 134
Dyer, Robert 134
Eastman, Fanny 151
Eaton, Alonzo Trustum 151
Eaton, H. F. Mrs. 148
Eaton, Luverne 153
Eaton, Mrs. 143
Eaton, Mrs. A. T. 149
Ehrlin, Karl Willhem 149
Eldridge, Ella Augusta See Gamber, Geo. H. Mrs.
Elliott, Dean 154
Ellsworth, Henry E. 143
Elner, Otto E. Mrs. 152
Ely, I. N. 29
Emmons, Ella Denison 150
Emmons, O. P. Mrs 153
Emmons, O.P. 142
Empy, Dehilah A. See Baker, George M
Engabroad, Alanson W. 146
Engel, Rev. J. C. 142
Enger, Olof 142
Ephribve, Mary Jane 149
Erdelt, Ernest 153
Erickson, Conrad 155
Erickson, E. F. 142
Erickson, Emma 155
Erickson, John 145
Erickson, Matilda Mrs. 155
Erickson, Will 156
Erlenbush, Katherine,. Mrs. 154
Esterby, K. K. Mrs. 142
Ethridge, Mary J 151
Evans, Mae Smith Edson 154
Evans, William 147
Eygabroad, A. W. 153
Eygabroad, Mae 145
Eygabroad, Mrs. A. W. 145
Fait, C. G. Mrs 168
Fait, Mary Olive 132
Falck, Ella See Frojen, Henry C. Mrs.
Falk, Kaja See Frojen, Lars H.
Farries, Mr. See Piper, Maggie
Fawcett, Frank Mrs 174
Feathers, George (little girl) 171
Featherstone, Daniel 166
Featherstone, John 166, 190
Felix, Mrs. Frank 158
Fetzer, Regina Miss 174
Fiechtner, Gus, Mrs. 174
Finch, Elizabeth Willam 173
Fladager, Andrew A 174
Fladager, Bennie Arnor 173
Flemington, Judge Alex D 157
Flemington, Judge Alex. D. (Photo) 157
Flick, M. E. Mrs. 171
Florence, Edna 31
Fordyce Silas W 162
Forman, Ed Mrs. 176
Fort, Mrs. Emma M 164
Foss, Jorand Mrs 172
Foster, A. C. Mr. 171
Foster, Ann Mrs 167
Foster, Augustus C 159
Foster, Gideon D. See Lindsay, Elizabeth
Fountain Marion Myrle 168
Fountain, Jacob 172
Foust, Glen 170
Fox, Hazel 175
Freeman, O. M. Mr. and Mrs. (infant) 169
Freeman, Sarah J. Mrs 165
Friedman, Saul 163
Frojen, Bertha G. See Frojen, Hans C.
Frojen, Geo. H 160
Frojen, Hans C 165
Frojen, Henry C. Mrs. 169
Frojen, Lars H. 161
Fuehr, Christ 170
Fuller, Charles W. 160
Fulton, Robt. Mr. and Mrs. (infant daughter) 175
Fye, Emma Miss 175
Fye, Rev. Charles Wesley 173
Gale, Mrs. M. E. 115
Gallagher, Alice Cora See Bloomfield, Mrs. Lawrence
Gallagher, Ann See Foster, Ann Mrs.
Gallion, Ethel 192
Gamber, Frank 185
Gamber, Geo H. Mrs 183
Gannon, F. B. Mrs. 190
Gannon, Mrs. F.B. 194
Garland, Frank 176
Garrigus, Mrs. Col. 201
Gayman, Clarence Robert 177
Gebhardt, John Mrs. 197
Gemar Mr. and Mrs. W (Infant) 191
Gemar, Mr. and Mrs. Will (Infant) 191
German, Josephine 199
Gerner, Harold 191
Gertson, F.W. Mrs 194
Gibbs, Byron 182
Gibson, Gladys Grace 197
Gilbert, F. W. 176
Gilleran, Nellie Elizabeth See Bond, Mrs. Nellie
Gillette, William H. 195
Gilshannon, Frank 175
Gleanson, Charles L. 196
Gleason, Harris 193
Glover, Samuel 185
Gnauck, C.E. Mrs. 197
Gnauck, F.G. 198
Goener, John Mrs. 192
Goldsmith, Julia D 175
Goodwin, Alfred 192
Goodwin, Mr. 196
Gordinier, W.C. 193
Gordon, Cora 198
Gorman, Edward 196
Gramita, Peter Mrs. 198
Gray, Theodore 199
Greenawald, Emily Esther 188
Greenawald, Wm. Sr. 195
Greene, Evan 177
Greene, LeBryce 192
Greene, Mr. and Mrs. Evan D See Greene, LeBryce
Greenwood, Elmira J. Mrs 199
Greenwood, Gilbert 198
Greenwood, Gilbert Mrs. 191
Gregory, Allen's infant 47
Gregory, William 187
Greiff, R. A. Mrs. 177
Griffin, Alonzo 179
Griffin, Mrs. Alonzo 180
Griffith, Mr. and Mrs. John (infant child) 197
Grigsby, Melvin Colonel 178
Grimley, Jorand See Foss, Jorand, Mrs.
Gripp, Hans 176, 177, 184
Groetsch, Martha Ernestine 135
Gronbeck, Thomas 189
Grosshans, Mrs. G. F. and son 191
Grosshans, William 187
Grosshansm Johanna Mrs. 186
Gulbraa, Joseph 176
Gustafson, Edith See Bowman, B. N.
Gustafson, Gus 175
Guyott, Ruth Margaret See Buland, Mrs. Ludvig
Haas, John Franklin 219
Hackbarth, Gust 201. See Hackbarth, Miss Ora
Hackbarth, Gustave (Herman Ludwig) 228
Hackbarth, Mrs. Gus 231
Hackbarthm Miss. Ora 222
Hafey, Ella 235
Hagstrom, Morris 200, 229
Hall, Emil 233
Ham, C. W. 203
Hamann, J.V. infant 204
Hamann, Mrs. John V. 231
Hamill, Mr. 226
Hamilton, Minnie S. See Brown, John A
Hamlin, Harry 230
Hamlin, Siguard 212
Hample, Oscar 228
Hane, John 217
Hansen, C.W. 221
Hansen, H. H. 205
Hansen, H. H. Photo 205
Hansen, Peter 208
Hansen, Sam 207
Hanson, Bertha 208
Hanson, Carrie See Frojen, Geo. H.
Hanson, Ingle 234
Hanson, Mr. infant 203
Hanson, Nels Mrs 211
Hanson, Ole See Hason, Bergethe
Harne, Hazel Edna 235
Harness, James 226
Harrington, Judson Huntley 214
Harris, Alhe E. See Boyd, Will
Harris, L. D. 201
Harris, Levi infant 203
Hartman, S. infant 203
Hatfield, James Curtis 204
Haw, Simon 215
Hawkin, Joe, 200
Hayden, Caroline A. 87
Hayden, Caroling Ann 225
Hazel, Sarah Jane See Haw, Simon
Hazeltine, Mr. 232
Head, Mrs. 199
Hedberg, Sven 218
Hehr, Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel infant 202
Heimbaugh, Andrew Y. 224
Heine, Gustave G. 231
Helferty, Hugh 219
Hemenway, H.V. 229
Hendrickson, Mr 204
Hengels, Mrs. Maria 201
Herbert, Dr. Lemuel 216
Herbert, Mary Ann 223
Herzog, Mrs. A.M. 201
Hewitt, Belle See Brown, John A
Higgings, Mrs. 203
Hill, Mr. and Mrs. John infant 202
Hill, Sam infant 203
Hiller, Hazel 213
Hills, Mrs. Herbert 201
Hoagenson, Arne 221
Hockenberry, Clinton James 210
Hockenbury, Jas son 236
Hoffman, Johanna See Grosshans, William
Hofmeister, Mrs. J.C. 215
Hogenson, Julius 223
Hokana, Will infant 236
Holen, Emil 200
Holling, Adolph 235
Homerberg, William 233
Homes, Dr. C. F. 200
Homsickel, John 227
Honerbaum, Elizabeth See Hansen, Peter
Honl, Julius 200
Honsickle, John Charles 225
Honson, Peter 232
Hoops, Robert See
Horswill, Bessie See Anderson, Mrs. A. G.
Houfek, Mrs. Anna 202
Hove, Gilbert 234
Howell, Asa 204
Hoybeck, Arthur 202
Huber, Duane Michael 214
Huber, Kathryn Marie 214
Hudnall, Mrs. M. N. 234
Huffman, Dick 209
Hunter, James infant 203
Hunter, Mrs. James A. 220
Hutsinpiller, Paul 202
Hyatt, Mrs. H. E. 227
Hyde, Mrs. J. G. 230
Ingersoll, Ida M. See Caldwell, W. A.
Jackson, Hanry See Bosley, Ella I
Jackson, Stella Smith See Haas, John Franklin
Jenter, Annie See Hansen, Sam
Johnson, Esterby, Mary Frances 144
Johnson, Karin See Bjork, Nils
Johnson, Martha See Butler, Mrs. Thomas W
Jones, Julia D See Goldsmith, Julia D
Kennedy, Blanch L See Bryan, Mrs. Fred G
Kerr, Margaret J. See Gregory, William
Kessler, Dora Maude See Babcock, Mrs. Fred
King, Jane See Bishop, J. S.
Kinney, Ann S See Heimbaugh, Andrew Y
Korpua, Louis See Burrow, Eli
Lambie, Charlotte See Buerge, Mrs. C. F.
Lindsay, Elisabeth 172
Loshse, Metta See Gripp, Hans
Lynder, Ann M. See Welcher, C.B.
Maheny, Lucette See Gordinier, W.C.
Marshall, Alice G. See Cortrite, Mrs. David
Mattson, Henrika. Margarita See Berggren, Mrs. H. E.
McIlwain, Lizzie See Featherstone, John. See Featherstone, John
McPherson, Janette Mrs. See Featherstone, Daniel
McRay, Adelaide Maria 40
Murphy, Jane 114
Nater, Herman 32
Nelson, Frank 124
Nelson, Kerstr See Anderson, Mrs. Olaf
Nierdorf, Emma Maria 231
Njos, Ida See Bakkagard, Mrs. Ole
Noess, Miss D. 231
Norton, Gertrude M See Foster, Augustus C
OCallaghan, Annie 124
ONeill, Matilda 129
ONeill, Tillie See Bolan, John
Ohland, Mrs. Fred 98
Oliasons, Mr. (father) 177
Orn, Jennie Christine 137
Parks, Clara 146
Peters, Miss 202
Phifer, Eliza 128
Piper, Maggie 171
Porter, Benjamin See Herbert, Mary Ann
Porter, Minnie B. See Hyatt, Mrs. H. E.
Price, Etta 131
Quinn, Caroline A See Bunker, Martin A
Ramsden, Mary Ann See Crabtree, Mrs. Mary
Rice, Bell G See Flemington, Judge Alex. D.
Richardson, S. Jennie 103
Rupert, Carolina See Baker, George M.
Rustad, Duffo O. See Baker, Bernice
Sayles, Mina See Harness, James
Schlotterback, Amelia See Fait, C. G. Mrs
Schultz, Ottila See Bruns, Mrs. Aug
Shattuck, Minnie M. See Bateman, Mrs. J. E.
Simpson, Bertha Alice 62
Sjoberg, Dorothea See Hanson, Nels Mrs
Skjefte, Melinda See Becker, Roger Allen
Smith, Cryus C See Eastman, Fanny
Smith, John W. See Bosley, Ella. I
Smith, Meliss See Gustafson, Gus
Stark, June Catherine See Gillette, William
Steinsgaard, Mrs. O. M. See Bardsen, Knudt
Stowe, Sarah See Bruce, W. H. H.
Taylor, Eliza J. See Herbert, Dr. Lemuel
Taylor, Floyd Edward 154
Torscher, Regina See Felix, Mrs. Frank
Traver, Mrs. Jas. 119
Tyrrell, Robert Jackson See Lindsay, Elizabeth
Uttke, Reinhold See Bartel, John
Van Middlesworth, F. Sr 11
Verven, Josephine See Gibbs, Byron
Waite, Emma See Bliss, Boyd
Walker, Adelaide See Cronkhite, Mrs. A.
Wasdahl, Rena Casandra See Elner, Otto E. Mrs.
Webb, Margaret 230
Welcher, C.B. 89
Wheeler, Elizabeth 148
Wheeler, Thomas 119
Wheelihan, Mr. and Mrs. John See Byer, Mrs. Edward
White, Nancy See Gleason, Harris
Wilson, Lillie 136
Wilson, Mary Jane See Adamson, Mrs. Mary
Witt, Roanna See Ames, Grandma
Wolfe, Anna 137
Worm, Utilia See Blumer, Charles
Wrangham, Charlotte See Hansen, H. H.
Wurtmann, Margaret Anna See Flick, M. E. Mrs.
Zimbleman, Henry's child 12

All information on these pages are from the newspaper and all spelling in the articles are spelled as they appear in the article themselves.