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Ellendale, Dickey Co. ND  - Methodist Church Records, 1888
This information is from "Palmer's Directory of the 
Methodist Episcopal Church for Dakota Conference - 1888" 
by Rev. John G. Palmer. Pages 21 - 22
While Rev. O. A. Phillips was pastor of the Aberdeen 
and Waubay circuit, he organized the Ellendale class 
with twenty members in 1883. Rev. J. S. Akers, while 
pastor, built the church. The church was improved while 
Rev. A. R. Boggs was pastor, and is now worth $3000. 
At present there are 38 members and 13 probationers. 
Rev. G. D. Cleworth is pastor.
Trustees - W. S. Vent, Dr. W. E. Duncan, F. E. Cawley, J. P. Walker, A. W. Owens.
Stewards - T. M. Evans, S. R. Deming, C. A. Lirghton, Dr. W. E. Duncan.
S. S. Superintendent - A. W. Owens.
Ladies' Aid Society - Pres., Mrs. J. P. Walker; Sec'y, Mrs. A. W. Owens;
Treas., Miss Kate Deming.
                        Names of Members
Last Name           First Name         Membership Status
Armstrong           Harriet            member
Bidenback           H. J.              member
Bowes               Maud E.            member
Brown               Wm. (Mrs.)         member
Davis               Francis A.         member
Davis               Ella               member
Deming              Mary A.            member
Deming              S. R.              member
Deming              Kate               member
Dugar               Etta S.            member
Kelley              Anna E.            member
Kincaid             J. R.              member
Lawrence            S. E.              member
Lirghton            C. A.              member
Lirghton            Anna S.            member
Lowry               Wm.                member
Lowry               Samuel             member
Mallory             Wm.                member
Mallory             Florence           member
McClure             M. E.              member
Meacham             E. W. (Mrs.)       member
Morrison            C. C.              member
Morrison            Jessie             member
Owens               A. W.              member
Prentiss            Bertha             member
Randall             Minnie E.          member
Shattock            Ada                member
Stevens             Joseph             member
Stevens             Joseph (Mrs.)      member
Upton               Thomas             member
Upton               Mary               member
Upton               Mary P.            member
Vanvalkenburg       S.                 member
Vanvalkenburg       M. (Mrs.)          member
Vanvalkenburg       Addie              member
Vent                Mattie E.          member
Wood                (Mrs.)             member
Wood                Zena               member
DeGraff             Ella               probationer
Irwin               Nellie             probationer
Owens               A. W. (Mrs.)       probationer
DeGraff             Beatrice           probationer
Ellison             Mina               probationer
Irwin               Emma               probationer
Irwin               Eva                probationer
Johnston            Mary               probationer
Kincaid             Minnie             probationer
Meacham             Justin (Mrs.)      probationer
Shattock            Clifford           probationer
Shattock            Jennie             probationer
Shattock            Minnie             probationer