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Naturalization Lists

The following tables include all known people that were born in Iceland and applied for and/or received their citizenship while living in the northern half of Dakota Territory or the state of North Dakota. The source for the data is the compilation available at the North Dakota Naturalization Records Index maintained by the State Historical Society of North Dakota and the Institute for Regional Studies at North Dakota State University.

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The requirements today can found at the US Citizenship and Immigration Services and are likely not that different from the requirements of the late 1800s.

Naturalization is the process by which U.S. citizenship is conferred upon a foreign citizen or national after he or she fulfills the requirements established by Congress in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). The general requirements for administrative naturalization include:

  • a period of continuous residence and physical presence in the United States;
  • residence in a particular USCIS District prior to filing;
  • an ability to read, write, and speak English;
  • a knowledge and understanding of U.S. history and government;
  • good moral character;
  • attachment to the principles of the U.S. Constitution; and,
  • favorable disposition toward the United States.

Each data entry includes the name as transcribed, the date of the Declaration of Intention to acquire citizenship (First Papers) or the date of the Grant of Citizenship (Second Papers) and the volume and page number where the record can be found. The name as transribed does not always match the name used by the person.

Naturalization and homesteading often coincided. One had to file a Declaration of Intent (First Paper) to start a homestead and one had to either have received or be receiving the Grant of Citizenship (Second Paper) to acquire the homestead. In addition, Icelandic settlers had to renounce their fealty to the King of Denmark, another paper that will be with the naturalization records. In fact, naturalization records are among the most valuable sources of historical information that can be found (see A Settler's Story, where much of the information is gleaned from the naturalization record).

There are 2160 listed filings by Icelanders for both first and second papers; 1447 for first papers, 713 for second papers of which 9 of the latter were denied or declined. Note that prior to 1906 only the head of household had to become naturalized and the rest of the family became automatically naturilzed with the head. Rules changed intermittantly after that. Note that some entries are obvious duplicates (ie, Emerson).

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Barnes County

Johnson, John A14 Jun 19051stD-475

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Bottineau County

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Goodman, Ernest12 Jun 18961stD-1157
Hafstein, John31 May 18971stD-1211
Jonsson, Gudbjartur31 Oct 19001stD-2233
Nordal, Anna16 Apr 19071stD-520
Olafsdotter, Gudrun30 Apr 18981stD-1293
Skjold, Egill J21 Apr 19081stD-576
Skjold, Egill Jonsson28 Feb 19112ndP-224
Stensdotter, Juljana9 Jul 18861stD-11207
Sverrirson, Valmundur6 Jul 18961stD-1159

Burleigh County

Lee, Alph5 Dec 19121stD-661

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Cass County

Goodman, John28 Nov 18791stD-3146
Goodman, Oliver28 Nov 18791stD-3145
Gudmundsson, Alexander28 Nov 18791stD-3145
Johnson, John28 Nov 18791stD-3147
Johnson, Sevart Burg1 Sep 19432ndP-4383
Johnson, Stephen28 Nov 18791stD-3146
Madson, John22 Oct 19401stD-1941
Thordarson, Thordur24 Jan 19171stD-13401

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Cavalier County

Abrahammson, Einar H3 Mar 18901stD-2201
Arason, Eggert20 May 18891stD-2141
Arason, Jacob5 Nov 18881stD-281
Arnason, Bjorn27 Oct 18881stD-265
Arneson, Erlander30 Sep 18891stD-2184
Arnson, John27 Oct 18881stD-264
Benediksdotter, Ingvaldr11 Jun 18892ndF-11144
Benidiktsson, Jon5 Nov 18881stD-286
Benjaminson, Magnus20 Oct 18881stD-260
Benjaminsson, Gisli14 Nov 18882ndF-1123
Benson, James23 Oct 18941stD-369
Benson, James23 Oct 18942ndF-14274
Bergman, Kelly J27 Oct 18881stD-274
Bergman, Sigfrus3 Jun 18902ndF-1270
Bjarnadottir, Steinum25 Jul 18921stD-2302
Bjarnason, Einar30 Oct 18941stD-374
Bjarnason, Fredrik14 Nov 18882ndF-1160
Bjarnason, Herman6 Nov 18931stD-2355
Bjarnason, Herman1 Nov 19002ndF-13409
Bjarnsson, Sigurdur3 Jun 18902ndF-1280
Bjornson, Bjorn13 Jul 18922ndF-12399
Bjornson, Hjortur1 Jul 18931stD-2338
Bjornson, Johann25 Jun 18971stD-46
Bjornson, Jonas27 Aug 18961stD-3370
Bjornson, Jonas1 Nov 19002ndF-13427
Breidfjord, Gudmunder S27 Mar 19061stD-52
Breidford, Gudmunder S27 Mar 19062ndF-1710
Brinjolfsson, Jonas30 Sep 18891stD-2180
Brynjolfson, Oliver B5 Nov 18881stD-282
Dahlman, Oddur3 Jun 18901stD-2217
Dahlman, Oddur3 Jun 18902ndF-1282
Davidson, Sigundur30 Sep 18891stD-2184
Einarsson, Gudmundur3 Nov 18941stD-382
Einarsson, Gudmundur20 Oct 18992ndF-13126
Einarsson, Jon6 Jun 18871stD-1176
Einerson, John16 Mar 18861stD-1102
Einerson, John16 Mar 18861stD-1102
Erlandson, Johan30 Sep 18891stD-2181
Erlandson, Johan30 Sep 18891stD-2181
Eyrikson, Sigurjon5 Nov 18881stD-282
Finnsson, Kristbjorg H6 May 19422ndF-2551
Finnsson, Segfimur22 Nov 18891stD-2197
Finnsson, Sigfinnur23 Oct 18942ndF-14275
Finnsson, Thordur22 Nov 18891stD-2197
Finnsson, Thordur13 Dec 18972ndF-14573
Gimlogson, Sigridor11 May 18861stD-1114
Gisladotter, Ragherdur13 Jul 18922ndF-12398
Gislason, Jonathan23 Oct 18902ndF-12227
Gislason, Sigurdun27 Oct 18881stD-271
Gislison, Gisli30 Sep 18891stD-2183
Goodman, Gisle5 Nov 18881stD-285
Goodman, James10 Apr 18961stD-3295
Goodman, James16 Feb 19012ndF-153
Gottskalkson, Gudridur11 Jun 18951stD-3197
Grandy, Eniar E30 Sep 18891stD-2181
Grimisson, Stengnmus10 Jun 18861stD-1123
Grimsdotter, Jordur10 Apr 18961stD-3296
Grimson, Grimur2 Jun 18911stD-2261
Grimson, Grimur S16 Oct 18962ndF-14495
Grimson, Steingrimur23 Oct 18942ndF-14256
Gudmanson, Thorstein27 Oct 18941stD-372
Gudmundson, Gunnor5 Nov 18881stD-280
Gudmundson, Halldor3 Aug 18911stD-2271
Gudmundson, Halldor7 Jul 18962ndF-14445
Gudmundson, John2 Jun 18912ndF-12323
Gudmundson, Peter S3 Jun 18902ndF-1278
Gudmundson, Thorstein5 Nov 18981stD-4172
Gudmundson, Thorstein1 Nov 19042ndF-16161
Gudmundson, Timotheus30 Sep 18891stD-2183
Gudnason, Einar14 Nov 18882ndF-11100
Gunnarson, John Th28 Feb 19251stD-883
Hafsteinsson, Gudmundur5 Nov 18892ndF-11198
Halldorson, Haldora7 Jul 18962ndF-14424
Halldorson, Halldora2 Apr 18901stD-2203
Halldorson, Skapti S21 Jun 18921stD-2297
Halldorsson, Kristjan5 Nov 18881stD-284
Hallgrimerson, Halgrim12 Jul 18922ndF-12357
Hannesdottir,Holmfridur14 Oct 18891stD-2187
Hanson, Benedick B22 Apr 18981stD-498
Helgason, Baldwin27 Oct 18881stD-267
Helgason, Gudri B30 Apr 19012ndF-1534
Helgason, Halgrimur11 Dec 18911stD-2275
Helgason, Walter27 Oct 18881stD-266
Hermannson, Geir T27 Jun 19191stD-7392
Hermannson, Geir T24 Sep 19262ndF-213
Holm, Bjorn E21 May 18881stD-1296
Holm, Bjorn E8 Jul 18962ndF-14455
Hyalmarson, Einar27 Oct 18881stD-273
Hygaard, Gunlaugun27 Oct 18881stD-268
Hygaard, Thorstein H27 Oct 18881stD-268
Isaksson, Paul27 Oct 18881stD-266
Johannesson, T7 Jun 18981stD-4134
Johannsson, Olafun5 Nov 18881stD-279
Johnson, Gisli2 Jul 18881stD-227
Johnson, Helgi27 Oct 18881stD-265
Johnson, Helgi V K27 Jun 19291stD-978
Johnson, Helgi V K3 Oct 19362ndF-23569
Johnson, John A13 Sep 19102ndF-1949
Johnson, John G6 Oct 19212ndF-20189
Johnson, John G6 Oct 19211stD-7487
Johnson, Jonas27 Oct 18881stD-264
Johnson, Oddur27 Oct 18881stD-269
Johnson, Olafur4 Mar 18972ndF-14540
Johnson, Sam18 Mar 18981stD-477
Johnson, Segmund14 Nov 18882ndF-11103
Johnson, Signedur3 Jun 18981stD-4125
Johnson, Singurder R2 Jul 18881stD-226
Johnson, Snealfor25 May 18981stD-4118
Jonasson, Bjorn B11 Jul 18961stD-3352
Jonasson, Bjorn B30 Oct 19022ndF-15291
Jonasson, Christjan30 Apr 19012ndF-1533
Jonasson, Thorlakur30 Apr 19012ndF-1535
Jonatanson, Jonatan20 Oct 18881stD-261
Jonsson, Aron7 Apr 18961stD-3294
Jonsson, Bendikt5 Nov 18881stD-283
Jonsson, Bjorn5 Nov 18881stD-283
Jonsson, Gudjon30 Sep 18891stD-2182
Jonsson, Gudrun16 May 18871stD-1165
Jonsson, Gudrun23 Oct 18942ndF-14257
Jonsson, Gunnlaugur14 Nov 18882ndF-1159
Jonsson, Kristjan7 Nov 18991stD-4249
Jonsson, Kristjan8 Jul 19032ndF-1617
Jonsson, Peter4 Oct 18922ndF-14108
Jonsson, Pjetur14 Nov 18882ndF-1158
Jonsson, Siguir John14 Nov 18882ndF-1122
Jonsson, Thonlakur10 Jun 18971stD-3442
Jonsson, Thorlakur1 Nov 19002ndF-13428
Jonsson, Thorun31 Jan 18961stD-3283
Jonsson, Thorun9 Dec 19022ndF-15303
Josefson, Nimundur B3 Jun 18981stD-4126
Josefson, Nimundur B21 May 19032ndF-15350
Josefsson, Bjorn3 Jun 18981stD-4126
Josefsson, Bjorn21 May 19032ndF-15349
Kristjansdotter, Gudbj15 May 18901stD-2209
Kristjansson, Trauste3 Jun 18902ndF-1268
Kristjansson,Geirhjortr14 Nov 18882ndF-11101
Kristyansdottir, Anna6 May 19422ndF-2552
Laxdal, Daniel27 Oct 18881stD-267
Lindal, Johnathan J27 Oct 18881stD-263
Magnusson, John6 Jun 18881stD-1316
Magnusson, Kristjan30 Sep 18891stD-2182
Magnusson, Valny14 Nov 18882ndF-1183
Miller, Carl F8 Oct 18871stD-1213
Myrdal, Einar E28 Dec 18891stD-2199
Myrdal, Margrit6 Jul 18911stD-2267
Neuenschwander, Hansine10 Dec 19412ndF-259
Nielsson, Hans5 Nov 18881stD-284
Oddsdotter, Matthildur26 Feb 18921stD-2282
Oddsdotter, Matthildur7 Jul 18982ndF-14643
Olafson, Bjorn27 Oct 18881stD-271
Olafsson, Grimur5 Nov 18881stD-285
Olson, Byron B5 Nov 18881stD-279
Palmason, Erlendur20 Oct 18881stD-261
Parker, Thomas3 Jul 18881stD-228
Paulson, Magnus H21 Dec 18991stD-4258
Peterson, Anna S6 May 19422ndF-2552
Petersson, Haraldur11 Jun 18892ndF-11148
Petersson, Helge23 Feb 18911stD-2249
Pjetursson, Ole5 Nov 18881stD-281
Reinholt, Fred23 Oct 18942ndF-14273
Reinholt, John27 Oct 18881stD-270
Reinholt, Rebekka19 Oct 18991stD-4244
Reinholt, Rebekka23 May 19032ndF-15364
Sigmundson, Thordur1 Nov 19001stD-4303
Sigmundson, Thordur1 Nov 19022ndF-15292
Sigurdardotter, G25 May 18981stD-4119
Sigurdardotter, Guylog21 May 19032ndF-15351
Sigurdson, Snorri27 Oct 18881stD-272
Sigurdsson, Stefan6 Jun 18871stD-1175
Sivertsen, Isleifur21 Jan 18881stD-1244
Snibjarnarson, Vigfus27 Oct 18881stD-269
Snowfield, Magnus2 Jul 18881stD-226
Stafansson, Gudjon10 Sep 18921stD-2306
Stefansson, Benani31 Aug 18921stD-2305
Stefansson, Benani19 Dec 18982ndF-1341
Steingrimson, Snebjorn15 Mar 18871stD-1152
Steingrimson, Suibjorn23 Oct 18942ndF-14255
Steinoffsson, Steinoffer5 Nov 18952ndF-14356
Stephenson, Joe27 Oct 18881stD-273
Sumarlidson, Sumarlidi4 Oct 18922ndF-1449
Sumarlidson, Sumarlidi1 Nov 19001stD-4303
Sveinson, Bjorn25 May 18891stD-2145
Sveinsson, Kjartan20 Dec 18861stD-1145
Svenson, Kjartan12 Jul 18922ndF-12358
Thomasson, Thomas30 Sep 18891stD-2185
Thorarinson, Thora3 Apr 18991stD-4199
Thorarinsson, Thurdue26 Jun 18971stD-49
Thordarsen, Johannes12 Jul 18922ndF-12376
Thorfinnson, Arni3 Jun 18981stD-4127
Thorfinnson, Christina7 Jun 18981stD-4133
Thorfinnson, Fred3 Feb 19021stD-4351
Thorfinnson, Peter3 Jun 18981stD-4127
Thorsteinsson, Vigfus21 Mar 18871stD-1153
Thorsteinsson, Vigfus15 May 18942ndF-14189
Thorstensson, G14 Nov 18881stD-287
Thorvaldson, Johanna5 Nov 18881stD-280
Wium, Niels27 Oct 18881stD-272

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Grand Forks County

Arnason, Johnathan15 Mar 18831stD-5276
Baker, William1 Nov 18901stD-994
Beck, Richard23 Sep 19332ndF-41986
Bjornson, Barney1 Nov 18901stD-997
Bruce, John15 May 19061stD-1244
Bruce, John1 Jun 19092ndF-3268
Christianson, G4 Apr 18921stD-9196
Eastman, Eric G22 Mar 18891stD-8129
Fisher, Johan Harmon29 May 18781stD-1108
Fredrick, Juliana A4 Oct 19181stD-16174
Fridriksson, Johann25 Feb 19261stD-1766
Fridriksson, Johann14 Apr 19281stD-17150
Gislason, Gudmund18 Jun 19081stD-13113
Gislason, Gudmund J4 Oct 19102ndF-32120
Gislason, Thorstein J15 May 19091stD-13195
Goodman, Joser22 Jun 18921stD-9217
Goodman, Sarrah12 Apr 18811stD-327
Gudbrandson, Haflidi30 May 18811stD-3153
Gudmundson, Johannes23 Apr 19021stD-1191
Gudmundson, John W22 Jul 19051stD-11429
Gunnlagessen, Eddvard21 Sep 18811stD-3335
Haldorson, Ari G3 Nov 19021stD-11118
Halldorsson, Jonas9 Oct 18811stD-3353
Holldorsen, Magnus B11 Jun 18921stD-9211
Ingaldson, Einar10 May 19392ndF-441132
Ingaldson, Gudrun E O2 May 19422ndF-471338
Janssen, Gunnlaugus F5 Jun 18991stD-10350
Johanneson, Benedict9 Dec 18841stD-744
Johanneson, Elizabeth H11 Jul 19021stD-1199
Johanneson, Gudion8 Dec 18841stD-744
Johnson, Benjamine12 Apr 18811stD-328
Johnson, Einar Johann9 Nov 19161stD-15380
Johnson, Jas1 Nov 18901stD-996
Johnson, Johannes12 Apr 18811stD-327
Johnson, Robert1 Nov 18901stD-997
Johnson, Sigurder12 Apr 18811stD-328
Johnson, William1 Nov 18901stD-995
Jonasson, Guttormur4 Jan 18921stD-9162
Leifur, August7 May 19181stD-1687
Luther, John13 Apr 19181stD-1678
Moran, William B22 Sep 19282ndF-4035
Mundor, Gve4 Aug 18811stD-3303
Northfield, Swain G24 Mar 18911stD-9123
Olafson, Olafur14 Mar 18921stD-9175
Olson, B A18 Jun 18921stD-9214
Patrick, Rognvaldur G28 Jun 19161stD-15350
Peterson, Bjorn8 Oct 18811stD-3353
Peterssen, Haraldor15 Sep 18831stD-6121
Reinholdt, Fred F4 Jun 18881stD-7463
Reinholt, Indridi9 Jan 18861stD-7159
Stefansdotter, Kristin5 Aug 18911stD-9141
Stefanson, Skule15 Feb 18871stD-7310
Stefansson, Thorarium16 Apr 18921stD-9203
Thomasson, Johann6 Oct 18911stD-9146
Thompson, Minnie30 Nov 18871stD-7393
Thorarinson, Sigurdur11 May 18911stD-9131
Thordason, Kristin19 Mar 19021stD-1177
Thordorson, Johannes11 Sep 18841stD-6344
Tngunundarson, Tryggve2 Aug 18811stD-3299
Valtysson, Peter Emil29 May 19472ndF-481447

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LaMoure County

LeGer, Richard26 May 18861stD-1133
Powers, Mary17 Feb 18871stD-1178

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Logan County

Johnson, Christ D6 Apr 19051stD-7158
Sigurdson, Paul13 Jun 19041stD-7142

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McHenry County

Arnas, Gudni5 Jun 18971stD-11138
Arnas, Gudni1 Nov 19002ndF-9195
Arnason, Annie31 Dec 18981stD-11161
Arnason, Gisli29 Sep 18961stD-11128
Arnason, Hrolfur12 Jun 19191stD-4158
Asmundsson, Sigurjon17 Apr 18991stD-11169
Asmundsson, Sigurjon1 Jun 19052ndF-75
Benidiktson, Bjorn6 Jul 18951stD-11121
Benidiktson, Bjorn1 Nov 19002ndF-9184
Benson, Barney T15 Jun 18981stD-11150
Benson, Barney T1 Nov 19002ndF-9181
Bjornson, John29 May 18971stD-11137
Breidfjord, Einar J5 Jul 18951stD-11121
Breidfjord, Einar J12 Jul 19002ndF-9138
Breidfjord, Einar J23 Feb 19161stD-445
Breidfjord, Einar J14 May 19211stD-4199
Breidfjord, Einar J19 Oct 19232ndP-16227
Breidfjord, Gudny27 Jul 19442ndP-20832
Breidfjord, Sigurder30 Nov 19072ndP-1446
Breidfjord, Sigurdur J22 Apr 19021stD-12118
Breidfjord, Theodore J14 Mar 19042ndF-1032
Breidfjord, Thordur J31 Dec 18981stD-11160
Breydfjord, Sarah J24 Oct 18981stD-11159
Breydfjord, Stephen J17 Mar 18941stD-11100
Christjanson, John17 Jul 18961stD-11127
Davidson, John30 Mar 18941stD-11101
Davidson, John5 Nov 18942ndF-911
Egilson, Haldor28 Feb 18941stD-11100
Einarson, Stefan S1 May 18971stD-11136
Einarson, Stefan S12 Mar 19002ndF-9137
Goodman, George2 Jan 18941stD-1199
Goodman, George5 Nov 18942ndF-8192
Goodman, George5 Nov 18941stD-11109
Goodman, John J2 Jan 18942ndF-8169
Goodman, Jonas9 Apr 18961stD-11123
Gudmundson, Gudmund28 Oct 19031stD-12209
Gudmundson, Gudmund30 Sep 19082ndP-1524
Johnson, Barney4 Oct 19201stD-4189
Johnson, Gisli2 Jan 18941stD-1199
Johnson, Gisli5 Nov 18942ndF-98
Johnson, Groa6 Nov 18991stD-11189
Johnson, Groa1 Jun 19052ndF-73
Johnson, Hallgrimur7 Jul 19091stD-369
Johnson, Henry23 May 19292ndP-1750
Johnson, Robert7 Jul 18991stD-11182
Johnson, Robert1 Nov 19002ndF-9206
Johnson, Robert14 Mar 19042ndF-1031
Johnson, Thuridur4 Oct 19162ndP-16119
Jonson, Valdimar23 May 19292ndP-1757
Jonsson, Barney11 Jun 19101stD-3137
Jonsson, Gudbjartur30 Sep 19082ndP-14149
Jonsson, Valdimar12 Feb 19271stD-4290
Kristjansson, Sumarlid5 Nov 18941stD-11111
Laxdal, Ingeborg T H3 Apr 18951stD-11115
Laxdal, John J5 Nov 18941stD-11111
Laxdal, John J4 Apr 18992ndF-9112
Laxdal, Kristine J3 Apr 18951stD-11116
Laxdal, Kristine J10 Oct 18992ndF-9126
Olafson, John8 Dec 19151stD-438
Olafson, John4 Sep 19202ndP-16170
Olafson, Magnus11 Apr 19071stD-236
Olafsson, Magnus23 Dec 19122ndP-1623
Peterson, Svein9 May 19051stD-12246
Peterson, Svein9 May 19102ndP-1589
Philips, John22 Sep 19001stD-1221
Sigurdarson, Gudrun6 Dec 18941stD-11114
Sigurdson, Asgrim3 Apr 18951stD-11116
Sigurdson, Jenney J22 Sep 19001stD-1221
Sigurdson, John K11 Dec 18991stD-11194
Sigurdson, John K1 Nov 19002ndF-9187
Sveinson, Sigurlang M19 Jul 18971stD-11141
Sveinson, Sigurlang M14 Mar 19042ndF-1034
Sveinsson, Johann16 Sep 19031stD-12207
Sveinsson, Johann30 Mar 19102ndP-1581
Sveinsson, Sigudur5 Nov 18942ndF-921
Sveinsson, Sveinbjorn20 Feb 19061stD-19
Svendal, John J4 Dec 18971stD-11143
Sverrason, Gudbjorg27 Jul 19071stD-269
Syveinsson, Sveinbjorn6 Oct 19102ndP-15110
Thordarson, Oscar8 Jun 19212ndP-16200
Thordarson, Palina8 Mar 19092ndP-1542
Thorsteinsdatter, Val8 Jan 18971stD-11131
Westford, Jacob E2 Jun 18941stD-11104
Westford, Jacob E5 Nov 18942ndF-912
Westford, Sveinn E3 Apr 18951stD-11116

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McKenzie County

Thorlvekson, Thorlakvr27 Jun 19101stD-24

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McLean County

Bjarnason, Stephen12 Jan 19031stD-01107
Norland, Mike19 Aug 19031stD-01169
Richard, John9 Dec 19071stD-037
Sigurdson, Gudjohn3 Jun 19071stD-0251
Sigurdson, Sigurd1 Jul 19031stD-01164
Sigurdson, Thuridur2 Jul 19031stD-01164
Thompson, Jonas22 May 19011stD-0142
Thompson, Jonas1 Jun 19222ndP-19210
Thorgrimson, John B1 Jul 19031stD-01163

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Morton County

Bruce, John A11 May 18821stD-0122
Olson, Pauline Bara29 Aug 19502ndP-312173

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Nelson County

Askins, Thomas P8 Dec 18831stD-17

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Pembina County

Abrahamsson, Einar18 Jan 19171stD-10291
Abrahamsson, Einar O.13 Sep 19202ndP-2582
Abrahamsson, Haldor28 Dec 18831stD-5184
Abrahamsson, Haldor30 Nov 18882ndF-16387
Agustason, Jonina S.8 Nov 19241stD-11277
Amason, Gudmundur16 Jun 18811stD-3200
Amason, Sigurdne28 May 18791stD-169
Anderson, Annie18 Feb 18821stD-3363
Anderson, Annie31 Oct 18872ndF-16159
Anderson, Bjorn25 Apr 18851stD-5413
Anderson, Halldon5 Oct 19152ndP-2482
Anderson, Halldor4 Jan 18921stD-762
Anderson, Halldor11 Jun 19121stD-1066
Anderson, Johannas29 Oct 19002ndF-2133
Anderson, Johannes2 Nov 18941stD-7177
Anderson, John10 Jun 18851stD-5419
Anderson, John H9 Jan 18931stD-7101
Anderson, John K.10 Jun 18851stD-5418
Anderson, Jon5 Nov 18941stD-7193
Anderson, Ole5 Aug 18821stD-4128
Anderson, Ole6 Nov 18851stD-5434
Anderson, Peter20 Oct 18901stD-716
Anderson, S. A.27 Oct 18861stD-643
Anderson, Thomas21 Nov 18831stD-5155
Anderson, Thorslim3 Apr 18801stD-270
Anderson, Walldor Denied2ndP-2469
Aranson, Gisli22 Oct 18961stD-7251
Arman, Olive23 Jun 19291stD-1262
Armundson, Bjorn23 Oct 18961stD-7271
Arnason, Arni14 Nov 18821stD-4208
Arnason, Arni3 Jul 18851stD-5424
Arnason, Arni25 Mar 18892ndF-16415
Arnason, Arni3 Nov 18942ndF-19344
Arnason, Asta30 Nov 19231stD-11258
Arnason, Bjarni6 Nov 18881stD-6223
Arnason, Bjarni23 Oct 18962ndF-20158
Arnason, Bjorn2 Nov 18801stD-2440
Arnason, Gisli21 Jun 18811stD-3202
Arnason, Gisli29 Oct 19002ndF-21102
Arnason, Goodman B.17 Aug 18961stD-7238
Arnason, Goodman B.23 Oct 18962ndF-20161
Arnason, Groa23 Oct 18931stD-7121
Arnason, Groa8 Jun 18982ndF-20348
Arnason, Gudlangus27 Sep 18891stD-4378
Arnason, Gunnlangar22 Oct 18961stD-7248
Arnason, Johanes3 Aug 18811stD-3249
Arnason, Johann1 Sep 18831stD-5119
Arnason, Johann28 Oct 18902ndP-1852
Arnason, Jonathan28 Oct 18902ndF-17475
Arnason, Olafur30 Sep 18891stD-4389
Arnason, Olofur2 Nov 18942ndF-19304
Arnason, Signdur10 Oct 18821stD-4175
Arnason, Sigurdi2 Nov 18801stD-32
Arnason, Sigurdur7 Apr 18831stD-4312
Arnason, Sigurdur2 Nov 18942ndF-19261
Arnason, Sigurdus31 Dec 18891stD-6308
Arnason, Swain25 Mar 18931stD-7105
Arnason, Thorarin10 May 18861stD-5456
Arnason, Thorgrimur27 Feb 18951stD-7207
Arnason, Thorgrimur3 Oct 19002ndF-20425
Arnason, Thorkel26 Oct 18871stD-6151
Arnbjarnarson, Boas1 Nov 18841stD-5358
Arnfinsson, Gudmundur28 Oct 18861stD-640
Arnfinsson, Gudmundur2 Nov 18942ndF-19289
Arngrimsson, Arngrimur1 Nov 18841stD-5357
Asgrimsen, Hallur28 Oct 18861stD-639
Asgrimson, Asgrimur5 Jun 19202ndP-2570
Asgrimson, Asgrimur M.16 Feb 19161stD-10225
Asgrimson, Bergros6 Nov 19392ndP-30568
Asgrimson, Elin30 Mar 19371stD-13841
Asgrimson, Elin6 Nov 19392ndP-30569
Asgrimson, Hallur8 Jul 18922ndF-1923
Asgrimson, Magnus16 Feb 19161stD-10226
Asgrimson, Magnus13 Sep 19202ndP-2571
Asgrimson, Rose30 Mar 19371stD-13842
Asgrimsson, Thorleifur4 Oct 19182ndP-2526
Asmund, John28 Oct 18902ndF-17429
Asmundson, Asmund6 Dec 18811stD-3323
Asmundson, Asmundur22 Oct 18962ndF-19464
Asmundson, Bjorn23 Oct 18962ndF-2089
Asmundson, Thorstein2 Nov 18942ndF-19277
Asmundson, Thorsteirn14 Mar 18841stD-5242
Atlasson, Christian3 Nov 18961stD-7325
Atlasson, Christian29 Oct 19002ndF-2148
Austfjord, George S.29 Oct 19001stD-7415
Austfjord, George S.29 Oct 19002ndF-2130
Austfjord, Halldor J.22 Oct 18961stD-7252
Austfjord, Halldor J.22 Oct 18962ndF-19453
Austmann, Bjorn G.23 Jun 18871stD-6139
Austmann, Bjorn G.6 Oct 19021stD-83
Axdal, Sigurjon J.30 Oct 18961stD-7306
Baldvinsson, Sigvaldi21 Jan 19132ndP-2444
Beindickson, J.16 Jan 18841stD-5197
Benediktson, Tholdur28 Jul 18922ndF-1934
Benediktson, Thordur26 Mar 18841stD-5253
Benidiktsdoter, Ingvel17 Sep 18831stD-5132
Benidiktsson, Bjarne11 Jul 18811stD-3225
Benidiktsson, Bjarni14 Sep 18862ndF-1641
Benidiktsson, Bjorn1 Oct 18891stD-4395
Benidiktsson, Eyolfur3 Feb 18902ndF-17101
Benidiktsson, Eyulfur20 May 18821stD-46
Benson, Barney3 Aug 18931stD-7117
Benson, Julius21 Jan 18851stD-5400
Benson, Julius7 Nov 18921stD-794
Benson, Kristmundur10 Aug 18821stD-4131
Bergmann, Fredrick J.22 May 18912ndP-1879
Bergmann, Fridrik26 Sep 18811stD-3290
Bergmann, John2 Nov 18801stD-2435
Bergmann, Jonas S.2 May 19101stD-102
Bergmann, Jonas S.1 Oct 19122ndP-2428
Bergmann, W. I.2 Nov 18801stD-2436
Bernhardsdotter, Anna29 Sep 18851stD-5431
Bernhoft, Edward9 Apr 18951stD-7210
Bernhoft, Edward29 Oct 19002ndF-215
Beronasson, Magnus8 Aug 18811stD-3252
Bessason, Einar16 Dec 18811stD-3327
Bessason, Thorkell21 Apr 18811stD-3135
Bessason, Thorkell30 Nov 18882ndF-16375
Biarnason, John10 May 18841stD-5279
Bjainadotter, Sigurbjo22 Apr 18811stD-3137
Bjaineison, Finnur21 Apr 18811stD-3136
Bjarnadodotter, Thorge18 Apr 18831stD-4322
Bjarnadotter, Thorbjor30 Aug 18811stD-3264
Bjarnarson, Jon27 Oct 18861stD-652
Bjarnarson, Sigfus8 Aug 18841stD-5332
Bjarnarson, Sigfus20 May 18902ndF-17353
Bjarnarson, Thor6 Jun 19041stD-826
Bjarnarson, Thorlakur20 May 18902ndF-17352
Bjarnason, B. L.2 Nov 18942ndF-19318
Bjarnason, Benidikt30 Sep 18891stD-4385
Bjarnason, Bjarni1 Dec 18882ndF-16392
Bjarnason, Bjarni30 Sep 18891stD-4385
Bjarnason, Bjarni22 Oct 18962ndF-19422
Bjarnason, Bjarni B.22 Oct 18962ndF-19460
Bjarnason, Einar20 Sep 18811stD-3286
Bjarnason, Einar4 Nov 18841stD-5378
Bjarnason, Einar29 Jul 18922ndF-1941
Bjarnason, Einar29 Oct 19002ndF-212
Bjarnason, Fredrik3 Jul 18791stD-1127
Bjarnason, Gudjon22 Dec 19041stD-843
Bjarnason, Gudjon2 Jun 19082ndP-237
Bjarnason, John1 Nov 18841stD-5359
Bjarnason, John6 Feb 18902ndF-17209
Bjarnason, Jon16 May 19171stD-112
Bjarnason, Magnus4 Nov 18971stD-7338
Bjarnason, Magnus29 Oct 19001stD-7409
Bjarnason, Petur21 Apr 18811stD-3136
Bjarnason, Petur3 Nov 18872ndF-16223
Bjarnason, Samson22 Jul 18791stD-1144
Bjarnason, Samson1 Dec 18882ndF-16407
Bjarnason, Sigurdur6 Nov 18841stD-5380
Bjarnason, Sigurgeis2 Nov 18801stD-2446
Bjarnason, Sigurger3 Mar 18902ndF-17277
Bjarnason, Thordur2 Nov 18981stD-7355
Bjarnason, Thorlakur11 Jan 18841stD-5193
Bjarnasson, Gudmundur5 Apr 18841stD-5264
Bjarnson, Bjarn7 Apr 18831stD-4312
Bjarnson, Bjarni A.22 Oct 18961stD-7257
Bjarsson, Sigurgeir12 Apr 18801stD-282
Bjarsson, Stephen11 Jun 18831stD-58
Bjaruason, Jon24 Sep 18831stD-4372
Bjaruason, Sigurdur B.30 Sep 18891stD-4392
Bjornason, Fridbjom21 Jun 18811stD-3203
Bjornason, John16 Jan 18841stD-5197
Bjornsdotter, Dyrlief2 Nov 18801stD-2443
Bjornsdotter, Sigridus23 Oct 18962ndF-20160
Bjornsdotter, Sigurdur19 Mar 18891stD-6248
Bjornson, A.1 Nov 18872ndF-16183
Bjornson, Arni F.11 Apr 18901stD-78
Bjornson, Arnie F.23 Oct 18962ndF-2097
Bjornson, B. J.19 Feb 18902ndF-17248
Bjornson, Barney3 Oct 19002ndF-20420
Bjornson, Bjorn26 Oct 18861stD-655
Bjornson, Eggert2 Nov 18941stD-7164
Bjornson, Eggert2 Nov 18942ndF-19259
Bjornson, Fridbjorn26 Oct 18861stD-656
Bjornson, Hannes G.26 Jun 19141stD-10110
Bjornson, Hannes G.1 Apr 19192ndP-2528
Bjornson, Johann3 Oct 19002ndF-20419
Bjornson, Johann O.30 Oct 18961stD-7302
Bjornson, John29 Oct 18902ndF-17525
Bjornson, John29 Oct 19002ndF-2124
Bjornson, John25 Mar 19191stD-11138
Bjornson, Jon1 Mar 18821stD-3381
Bjornson, Jon22 Jun 18891stD-6267
Bjornson, Jon2 Nov 18942ndF-19275
Bjornson, Jon1 Feb 18971stD-7328
Bjornson, Julius30 Oct 18962ndF-20269
Bjornson, Julius A.30 Oct 18961stD-7307
Bjornson, Julius A.24 Apr 19201stD-11172
Bjornson, Sigurdur26 Oct 18861stD-656
Bjornson, Sveinbjorn18 May 18861stD-5460
Bjornson, Sveinbjorn25 Nov 18902ndF-17549
Bjornson, Sveinn27 Jun 18791stD-1120
Bjornson, Theodis22 Feb 18931stD-7102
Bjornson, Thordis6 Feb 18932ndF-1974
Bjornson, Thorlakur15 May 18821stD-3444
Bjornson, Thorleifur2 Nov 18941stD-7155
Bjornson, Thorleifur29 Oct 19002ndF-20433
Bjornsson, Johann18 Aug 18851stD-5429
Bjornsson, Johann Oli29 Oct 19002ndF-20437
Bjornsson, Kristjan3 Oct 18811stD-3293
Bjornsson, Kristjan30 Nov 18882ndF-16374
Bjornsson, Pjetur1 Dec 18882ndF-16403
Bjornsson, Sigurbforn17 Sep 18862ndF-1688
Bjornsson, Sigurbjorn15 Jul 18811stD-3232
Bjornsson, Sigurdu19 Jan 18821stD-3341
Bjornsson, Sigurgeir17 Sep 18862ndF-1682
Bjornsson, Somundur4 Nov 18872ndF-16256
Bjorsdottin, Swafa J.5 Jun 18821stD-431
Blondal, Bjorn26 Oct 18861stD-657
Borgford, Bergan S.1 Oct 18791stD-1196
Bradburn, Sarah H.18 Jul 18931stD-7115
Bradburn, Sarah Helga3 Apr 19002ndF-20397
Brandsson, Jon2 Nov 18801stD-2438
Breidfjord, Johan26 Aug 18791stD-1174
Breidfjord, John11 Nov 18852ndP-15239
Breidfjord, John J.8 Jun 18931stD-7110
Breidfjord, Jon J.29 Oct 19001stD-7406
Brownell, Richard17 Sep 18831stD-5133
Brynjolfson, B.4 Apr 18821stD-3409
Brynjolfson, B. S.30 Apr 18861stD-5453
Brynjolfson, Bjorn S.1 Dec 18882ndF-16393
Brynjolfson, Brynjalfr4 Nov 18872ndF-16250
Brynjolfson, Jonas2 Nov 18942ndF-19268
Brynjolfson, Jonas B.22 Oct 18861stD-616
Brynjolfson, Magnus4 Apr 18821stD-3408
Brynjolfson, Magnus21 Jun 18871stD-6139
Brynjolfson, Magnus1 Apr 18892ndF-1729
Brynjolfson, Oliver B.12 Feb 18952ndF-19372
Brynjolfson, Skapte3 Feb 18902ndF-1790
Brynjolfson, Skapti B.14 Sep 18861stD-610
Brynjolfson, Stephen4 Nov 18872ndF-16251
Brynjolfson, Thordur15 Nov 18841stD-5386
Brynjolfson, Veturlide30 Oct 18962ndF-20213
Brynjolfson, Veturlidi30 Sep 18891stD-4391
Brynjolfson, Veturlidi29 Oct 19002ndF-2156
Budal, George J.10 Dec 18881stD-6234
Byron, A.27 Sep 18891stD-6290
Casper, Christian R.11 Jun 18861stD-62
Casper, Steingrimun20 May 18902ndF-17346
Casper, Steingrimur11 Feb 18841stD-5220
Christianson, Christian3 Aug 18811stD-3248
Christianson, Christian8 Jan 18982ndF-20338
Christianson, John2 Nov 18801stD-2416
Christjanson, Charles3 Nov 18931stD-7124
Ckristjansson, Ionas1 Dec 18821stD-4219
Dadadother, G.28 Feb 18821stD-3379
Dalman, John22 Oct 18961stD-7250
Dalman, John J.29 Oct 19002ndF-21110
Dalman, Jon J.22 Oct 18962ndF-19428
Dalmann, E. S.26 Feb 18851stD-5406
Dalmann, John29 Sep 18811stD-3292
Dalmann, Paul16 Dec 18811stD-3326
Dalsted, Bjorni7 Apr 18791stD-19
Danielssen, Julius26 May 18901stD-6312
Danielsson, Jonas30 Nov 18881stD-6230
Danursardotter, Sessela20 Sep 18831stD-5135
Davidson, Johann G.29 Oct 18861stD-634
Davidson, Magnus5 May 18861stD-5454
Davidson, Rachel13 May 19302ndP-2776
Davidson, Stephen31 Jul 18801stD-2338
Davidsson, David1 Nov 18861stD-6115
Davidsson, Jon2 Nov 18801stD-2424
Davis, Christie13 May 18891stD-6260
Davis, Samuel10 Aug 18821stD-4132
Dimson Jonaton19 Sep 18931stD-7119
Dinusson, J. W.5 Nov 18851stD-5434
Dinusson, J. W.27 Jun 18922ndF-17566
Earlandson, Eggert J.30 Oct 18961stD-7311
Eastman, Barney5 Jan 19001stD-7390
Eastman, Barney5 Jan 19002ndF-20390
Eastman, Harry22 Oct 18961stD-7247
Eastman, Harry22 Oct 18962ndF-19416
Eastman, Ingolfur14 Apr 18831stD-4319
Ebbinesardottir, Kris.3 Jun 19022ndF-21235
Ebbinesardottir, Kristj6 Jun 18951stD-7214
Eggertsson, Fridrik30 Oct 18861stD-693
Egilson, Gudmundur15 Jun 19001stD-7398
Egilsson, Gisli2 Nov 18801stD-2437
Einanson, Bjarne14 Aug 18821stD-4135
Einarsdother, Gudrun2 Nov 18801stD-33
Einarson, Einar2 Nov 18811stD-3307
Einarson, Einar23 Oct 18962ndF-2010
Einarson, Einar A.20 Nov 18891stD-6303
Einarson, Einar A.29 Oct 19002ndF-21156
Einarson, Gudmmdur3 Nov 18821stD-4216
Einarson, Gudmunder3 Feb 18902ndF-1784
Einarson, Gudmundur29 Jul 18851stD-5428
Einarson, Gudmundur28 Jun 18922ndF-17587
Einarson, Halldor20 May 18902ndF-17355
Einarson, Halldor4 Oct 19212ndP-2632
Einarson, Hans2 May 19101stD-103
Einarson, Hans1 Oct 19122ndP-2427
Einarson, Hrobjartus4 Nov 18841stD-5376
Einarson, Johannes2 Nov 18941stD-7160
Einarson, John K.23 Oct 18962ndF-2014
Einarson, Madusalem28 Oct 18902ndF-17507
Einarson, Madusulem16 Feb 18841stD-5228
Einarson, Olafur10 Dec 18872ndF-16299
Einarson, Olafur J.25 Mar 18891stD-5466
Einarson, Stefan2 Nov 18942ndF-19215
Einarson, Stefan S.2 Nov 18941stD-7161
Einarson, Thorardur4 Nov 18841stD-5375
Einarson, Thorardur28 Oct 18902ndF-17503
Einarsson, Bjorn2 Nov 18801stD-2426
Einarsson, Bjorn28 Oct 18902ndF-17511
Einarsson, Dredridi25 Jan 18891stD-6241
Einarsson, Grimr2 Nov 18801stD-2441
Einarsson, Gunnar28 Oct 18861stD-638
Einarsson, Gunnar30 Oct 18962ndF-20259
Einarsson, Halldor7 May 18851stD-5415
Einarsson, Halldor18 Feb 19191stD-11134
Einarsson, Iudridi2 Nov 18942ndF-19343
Einarsson, Ivan20 Nov 18932ndF-19108
Einarsson, Jon2 Nov 18801stD-31
Einarsson, Joseph22 Aug 18831stD-5113
Einarsson, Joseph28 Oct 18902ndF-17508
Einarsson, Olafur11 Jul 18811stD-3225
Einarsson, Thorbjorg19 Aug 19211stD-11207
Einarsson, Thorbjorg13 May 19262ndP-2718
Einarsson, Thorbjorg13 May 19262ndP-2718
Eiolfson, Thorsteinn18 May 18821stD-43
Eiolfson, Thorsteinn18 May 18821stD-43
Elliott, Sarah12 Jun 18851stD-5419
Elliott, Sarah12 Jun 18851stD-5419
Ennarson, Jon10 May 18821stD-3439
Ennarson, Jon10 May 18821stD-3439
Erickson, Einar22 Oct 18961stD-7257
Erickson, Einar22 Oct 18961stD-7257
Erickson, Einar G.22 Oct 18962ndF-19459
Erickson, Einar G.22 Oct 18962ndF-19459
Erickson, Samundur4 Dec 18841stD-5391
Erickson, Samundur4 Dec 18841stD-5391
Ericksson, Ingimunder2 Nov 18861stD-6107
Ericksson, Ingimunder2 Nov 18861stD-6107
Erikson, Finum28 Feb 18821stD-3379
Erikson, Finum28 Feb 18821stD-3379
Eriksson, Gisli2 Nov 18801stD-2427
Eriksson, Gisli2 Nov 18801stD-2427
Eriksson, Gudmundur1 Dec 18882ndF-16406
Eriksson, Gudmundur1 Dec 18882ndF-16406
Eriksson, Halldor25 Sep 18891stD-4374
Eriksson, Halldor25 Sep 18891stD-4374
Eriksson, Sveinn2 Nov 18861stD-6110
Eriksson, Sveinn2 Nov 18861stD-6110
Eyolfson, Gisli7 Nov 18811stD-3309
Eyolfson, Gisli20 May 18902ndF-17349
Eyolfson, Gudmundur3 Nov 18841stD-5366
Eyolfson, Jan20 May 18902ndF-17348
Eyolfson, Johnannes1 Nov 18861stD-677
Eyolfson, Pejuter23 Oct 18962ndF-203
Eyolfson, Pjetur5 Mar 18921stD-768
Eyolfson, Stephan22 Jun 18801stD-2276
Eyolfson, Thoystein20 May 18902ndF-17347
Eyolfsson, Jon25 Jul 18811stD-3244
Eyricksson, Asmundur11 Apr 18791stD-114
Eyricksson, Asmundur22 May 18912ndP-1880
Eyrikson, Einar15 Jul 18891stD-6271
Eyrikson, Einar2 Nov 18942ndF-19339
Eyrikson, I. J.22 Oct 18962ndF-19466
Eyriksson, Gisli16 Nov 18811stD-3314
Eyriksson, Gisli30 Nov 18882ndF-16373
Fafnis, Bjarney24 Mar 19471stD-14930
Fafnis, Bjarney11 Jul 19502ndP-32756
Fafnis, Egill H.26 May 19472ndP-32738
Fainson, Barney15 Apr 18871stD-6133
Felsted, Sigurdur2 Nov 18861stD-6109
Fenson, John2 Sep 18811stD-3267
Fenson, John3 Feb 18902ndF-17109
Finnbogason, Gudmundur5 Dec 18871stD-6160
Finson, Thorlack25 Jun 18871stD-6140
Finson, Thorlack3 Feb 18902ndF-17103
Finsson, Sigurdur14 Apr 18851stD-5412
Finsson, Sigurdur20 Nov 18932ndF-19109
Flack, Isiah20 Jan 18901stD-6310
Folmer, Sigmund23 Oct 18962ndF-2095
Folmer, Sigmund23 Oct 18961stD-7273
Foss, Jon O.25 May 19221stD-11226
Fredrekson, Johann F.30 Apr 18811stD-3149
Freeman, George1 Nov 18861stD-684
Freeman, John20 Jun 18821stD-462
Freeman, John3 Feb 18902ndF-17152
Freeman, Larus27 Sep 18821stD-4166
Freeman, Larus3 Feb 18902ndF-17153
Freeman, Thomas6 Dec 19151stD-10212
Freeman, Thomas11 Oct 19192ndP-2557
Fridfinnsdotter, Vilh.13 Aug 18831stD-5105
Fridgeirson, Bjorn19 Dec 19021stD-813
Fridriksson, Arni9 Apr 18801stD-273
Fridriksson, Hjalmar2 Nov 18861stD-6110
Fridriksson, Hjarmar23 Oct 18962ndF-2019
Gauti, Thorstein J.18 Apr 18981stD-7347
Gauti, Thorstein J.16 May 19032ndF-21276
Gillesson, John4 Nov 18791stD-1237
Gillis, Jacob G.22 May 19141stD-10109
Gillis, Jacob G.3 Oct 19162ndP-2510
Gilliss, Emma5 Dec 18821stD-4221
Gilliss, Sarah17 Jul 18821stD-4109
Gilson, John17 Oct 18791stD-1216
Gislasdottir, Ragnherd15 Dec 18831stD-5178
Gislason, Benedikt22 Oct 18962ndF-19432
Gislason, Benidikt18 Nov 18901stD-735
Gislason, Bjorn29 Oct 19002ndF-21123
Gislason, Christian30 Oct 18861stD-688
Gislason, Christian2 Jul 18922ndF-1914
Gislason, Egill28 Jun 18811stD-3213
Gislason, Gisli6 Nov 18831stD-5146
Gislason, Gisli1 Nov 18861stD-677
Gislason, Gisli27 Jul 18922ndF-1928
Gislason, Gudjon2 Nov 18942ndF-19220
Gislason, Gudm2 Nov 18801stD-31
Gislason, Gudmund4 Nov 18872ndF-16255
Gislason, Gudmundur4 Oct 18831stD-5140
Gislason, Gudrichur19 Mar 18831stD-4288
Gislason, Gunnlaugur6 Nov 18881stD-6221
Gislason, Gunnlaugur2 Nov 18942ndF-19294
Gislason, Hallgrimur2 Nov 18801stD-2422
Gislason, Hallgrimur3 Feb 18902ndF-1767
Gislason, Johannes F.26 Oct 19071stD-914
Gislason, John J.2 Nov 18981stD-7355
Gislason, John J.2 Nov 18982ndF-20360
Gislason, Jon2 Nov 18861stD-6107
Gislason, Jon1 Dec 18882ndF-16405
Gislason, Jonas2 Nov 18801stD-2446
Gislason, Jonas30 Nov 18882ndF-16385
Gislason, Jonas30 Sep 18891stD-4392
Gislason, Jonas2 Nov 18982ndF-20361
Gislason, Kristjan1 Nov 18861stD-6120
Gislason, Kristjan28 Oct 18902ndF-17504
Gislason, Peter31 Oct 18921stD-786
Gislason, Peter18 Jun 18992ndF-20387
Gislason, Sigfus13 Sep 18862ndF-1631
Gislason, Sigurjon11 Sep 19181stD-11117
Gislason, Sveinn T.2 May 19101stD-104
Gislason, Sveinn T.1 Oct 19122ndP-2429
Gislason, Thorsteinn29 Oct 19002ndF-21205
Gislason, Valdimar30 Sep 18891stD-4393
Gislason, Valdimar23 Nov 18891stD-6304
Gislason, Valdimar2 Nov 18942ndF-19291
Gislason, Wilhelmina20 Jun 18821stD-462
Gonlangsson, Paul25 Jun 18811stD-3211
Goodman, John15 Sep 18831stD-5128
Goodmundson, I. L.29 Oct 19001stD-7425
Grimsdother, G.2 Nov 18801stD-2433
Grimsdotter, Gundrun30 Nov 18882ndF-16337
Grimson, Carl22 Oct 18961stD-7251
Grimson, Carl22 Oct 18962ndF-19429
Grimson, John H.25 Sep 19181stD-11120
Grimson, Larus K.20 Oct 18881stD-6198
Grimson, Larus K.23 Oct 18962ndF-20162
Grimsson, Sigmundur23 Mar 19151stD-10156
Gudbjartsson, Andrjes20 Mar 19161stD-10233
Gudbjartsson, Arinbjor16 Mar 19161stD-10232
Gudbjartsson, Dagbjart12 Apr 19161stD-10235
Gudjonsson, Gisli7 Jul 19051stD-848
Gudjonsson, Gisli4 Oct 19102ndP-2339
Gudjonsson, Gudbjorg27 Aug 19121stD-1077
Gudjonsson, Kristjan19 Feb 18921stD-765
Gudjonsson, Kristjan3 Apr 19121stD-1062
Gudmason, Benedick17 Aug 18821stD-4139
Gudmundsdotter, G.13 May 18821stD-3442
Gudmundsdotter, Gudren31 Oct 18872ndF-16142
Gudmundsdotter, Gudrun11 May 18881stD-6185
Gudmundsdotter, Johanna14 Aug 19091stD-974
Gudmundsdotter, Ragnhil25 Nov 18901stD-737
Gudmundson, Adaljon20 Oct 18821stD-3336
Gudmundson, Adaljon2 Nov 18872ndF-16201
Gudmundson, Bjarnfridur12 Jun 19512ndP-32770
Gudmundson, David8 Aug 18811stD-3253
Gudmundson, Eggert O.4 Jan 18982ndF-20335
Gudmundson, Eyleifur4 Nov 18841stD-5375
Gudmundson, Eyleifur29 Oct 18902ndF-17521
Gudmundson, Gumundur14 May 18891stD-6261
Gudmundson, Hallgrinur3 Feb 18902ndF-1763
Gudmundson, Johann20 Nov 18901stD-736
Gudmundson, John1 Nov 18841stD-5355
Gudmundson, John3 Nov 18841stD-5362
Gudmundson, John16 Jul 18942ndF-19135
Gudmundson, S.27 Jun 18922ndF-17562
Gudmundson, Sigurbjorn3 Nov 18872ndF-16232
Gudmundson, Sigurdur22 Oct 18961stD-7250
Gudmundson, Sigurdur29 Oct 19002ndF-2143
Gudmundson, Sigurdus T25 Oct 18891stD-6299
Gudmundson, Stefan8 Nov 18921stD-797
Gudmundson, Stephen2 Nov 18872ndF-16195
Gudmundson, Sveinbjorn26 Feb 18871stD-6126
Gudmundsson, Bjorn31 Oct 18872ndF-16155
Gudmundsson, Egger Oli23 May 18911stD-747
Gudmundsson, Einar8 May 18821stD-3436
Gudmundsson, Einar30 Nov 18882ndF-16370
Gudmundsson, Eyolfur1 Nov 18841stD-5359
Gudmundsson, Fuinbogi24 Jul 18931stD-7116
Gudmundsson, Gudmundun14 Sep 18811stD-3281
Gudmundsson, Gudmundur8 May 18841stD-5278
Gudmundsson, Gudmundur3 Feb 18902ndF-1785
Gudmundsson, Gudmundur23 Oct 18962ndF-20163
Gudmundsson, Gunnar29 Oct 19002ndF-2199
Gudmundsson, Hallgrimus25 Jun 18811stD-3211
Gudmundsson, Helgi24 Apr 18841stD-5275
Gudmundsson, Johannes21 Sep 19072ndP-231
Gudmundsson, John8 Nov 18841stD-5385
Gudmundsson, Jonas22 Dec 18811stD-3330
Gudmundsson, Joseph2 Nov 18801stD-2431
Gudmundsson, Kristjan14 Sep 18811stD-3279
Gudmundsson, Kristjan30 Nov 18882ndF-16371
Gudmundsson, Larus4 Nov 18841stD-5379
Gudmundsson, Larus29 Oct 18902ndF-17529
Gudmundsson, Limbogi3 Jan 18992ndF-20379
Gudmundsson, Sigurbjom24 Sep 18811stD-3289
Gudmundsson, Sigurbjorn2 Nov 18801stD-2444
Gudmundsson, Sigurdur13 Jan 18971stD-7327
Gudmundsson, Sigurdur29 Oct 19002ndF-21198
Gudmundsson, Steinn1 Nov 18861stD-6119
Gudmundsson, Stephan5 Dec 18831stD-5168
Gudnason, Loftur2 Nov 18861stD-6111
Gunnarson, G.5 Nov 18881stD-6215
Gunnarson, Gunnar17 Jul 18942ndF-19147
Gunnarsson, Christjan18 Oct 18971stD-7337
Gunnarsson, Sigurlaug20 Jul 19041stD-829
Gunnarsson, Sigurlaug8 Jan 19082ndP-233
Gunnlogsson, John G.23 Feb 19151stD-10154
Gunnson, Ofeiger2 Nov 18942ndF-19269
Gunnson, Ofeigur2 Apr 18871stD-6131
Gurlagsdotter, Sigridur4 Oct 18831stD-5141
Haflidason, Stephen29 Oct 19001stD-7408
Haldorson, Johannes5 Jun 18861stD-62
Haldorson, Thorgils5 Sep 18811stD-3269
Haldorson, Thorgils15 Sep 18862ndF-16107
Haldorsson, Haldor10 May 18821stD-3440
Halgrimerson, Halgrimer2 Jun 18831stD-4232
Hall, Jonas2 Nov 18801stD-2422
Hall, Jonas1 Nov 18872ndF-16182
Hall, Olafur27 Sep 18891stD-4382
Hall, Olafur22 Oct 18962ndF-19440
Hall, Steingrimun27 Sep 18891stD-4379
Hall, Steingrimur22 Oct 18962ndF-19441
Halldorson, B. B.2 Nov 18942ndF-19260
Halldorson, Barny J.29 Oct 19002ndF-216
Halldorson, Bjarni J.29 Oct 19001stD-7413
Halldorson, Bjorn28 Jun 18922ndF-17574
Halldorson, Halldor10 Dec 18941stD-7198
Halldorson, Halldor22 Oct 18961stD-7253
Halldorson, Halldor22 Oct 18962ndF-19445
Halldorson, Johannes2 Nov 18942ndF-19274
Halldorson, Josteinn28 Jul 19171stD-1122
Halldorson, Kristjan3 Dec 18881stD-6231
Halldorson, Kristjan30 Oct 18962ndF-20210
Halldorson, Kristjan29 Oct 19002ndF-21184
Halldorson, Kristjan V30 Oct 18962ndF-20260
Halldorson, Magnus B.3 Oct 19002ndF-20418
Halldorson, Paul E.22 Oct 18962ndF-19456
Halldorson, Paul E.22 Oct 18961stD-7256
Halldorson, Thomas9 Apr 18841stD-5268
Halldorson, Thomas30 Nov 18882ndF-16359
Halldorsson, Eirikun25 Sep 18891stD-4373
Halldorsson, Enikur2 Nov 18942ndF-19337
Halldorsson, Gudjan27 Sep 18891stD-4383
Halldorsson, Gudjon30 Oct 18962ndF-20261
Halldorsson, Johannes7 Jun 18931stD-7110
Halldorsson, Johannes2 Nov 18982ndF-20362
Halldorsson, Jonas30 Nov 18882ndF-16389
Halldorsson, Jonatan2 Nov 18801stD-2423
Halldorsson, Jonaton17 Sep 18862ndF-1686
Halldorsson, Jostienn25 Feb 18881stD-6169
Halldorsson, Jostienn16 Jul 18942ndF-19136
Halldorsson, Kjartan M8 Nov 18811stD-3311
Halldorsson,Kjaratan M30 Nov 18882ndF-16384
Hallson, Charles17 Aug 18961stD-7238
Hallson, Charles17 Aug 18962ndF-19413
Hallson, Johan17 Aug 18961stD-7239
Hallson, Johan G.17 Aug 18962ndF-19414
Hallson, Johann S.20 Sep 18811stD-3285
Hallson, Johanne31 Oct 18841stD-5353
Hallson, Vigfus3 Mar 18881stD-6175
Hallsson, Johann P.28 Oct 18902ndF-17512
Hallsson, Peter I.17 Sep 18831stD-5127
Hannesson, Freemann2 Nov 18941stD-7155
Hannesson, Jonas29 Oct 19001stD-7406
Hannesson, Jonas3 Nov 19022ndF-21256
Hannesson, Snaebjorn29 Oct 19002ndF-20444
Hannesson, Sneebjorn18 May 18861stD-5458
Hansarson, Sigurd2 Nov 18801stD-36
Hansen, August, A.30 Sep 18891stD-4393
Hansen, Rosa17 Jul 18941stD-7138
Hansen, Rosa17 Jul 18942ndF-19146
Hanson, B. B.30 Oct 18962ndF-20208
Hanson, Benedikt B.30 Oct 18961stD-7304
Hanson, George6 Feb 18901stD-71
Hanson, Peter16 Jun 18821stD-450
Hanson, Peter O.3 Feb 18902ndF-1774
Hansson, Albert2 May 18831stD-4336
Hansson, Albert2 Nov 18942ndF-19213
Hapteinsson, Gudmundur7 Apr 18841stD-5265
Heidmann, Gudmunder S.1 Nov 19071stD-916
Helgadotter, Kristin14 Nov 18831stD-5151
Helgason, Arni23 Aug 19151stD-10200
Helgason, Arnie12 Dec 18931stD-7126
Helgason, Arnie13 Sep 19202ndP-2599
Helgason, Asgrin25 Mar 18811stD-378
Helgason, Baldwin2 Nov 18801stD-2430
Helgason, Baldwin20 May 18902ndF-17337
Helgason, Daniel29 Oct 19002ndF-2146
Helgason, Helgi1 Dec 18882ndF-16397
Helgason, John5 Apr 18861stD-5450
Hellgason, John4 Dec 18831stD-5168
Henriksdotter, Signts13 Jun 18821stD-445
Herman, Hjalmarson20 Feb 18911stD-741
Hermannsson, Krish2 Nov 18801stD-2431
Higgins, Michael14 May 18801stD-2174
Hillman, Charley5 Nov 18881stD-6216
Hillman, Hermann J.30 Nov 18881stD-6230
Hillman, John18 Oct 18841stD-5350
Hillman, John3 Feb 18902ndF-1786
Hillman, Peter10 May 18821stD-3440
Hillman, Peter J.3 Feb 18902ndF-1758
Hjalinssan, Gudmundus30 Sep 18891stD-4384
Hjalmarson, Hjalmar J.25 Mar 18891stD-6251
Hjalmarson, Hjalmar J.2 Nov 18942ndF-19250
Hjalmarson, Katrin19 May 19532ndP-32793
Hjalmarson, Magnus18 Oct 19281stD-1246
Hjalmarson, Magnus12 May 19362ndP-28459
Hjalmarson, Palmi10 Apr 18801stD-277
Hjalmarson, Palmi28 Oct 18902ndF-17513
Hjaltsted, Einar H.25 Oct 18861stD-650
Hohn, Hallgrimur2 Nov 18801stD-2424
Hollgrimson, John4 Aug 18791stD-1158
Holm, Hallgrimar22 Oct 18962ndF-19458
Holm, Hallgrimur J.19 Oct 19281stD-1247
Holm, John B.29 Oct 19002ndF-21216
Holm, John B.29 Oct 19001stD-7432
Holm, Sigurdur22 Oct 18962ndF-19455
Holm, Sigurdur H27 Mar 18901stD-77
Holm, Torphildur J.20 Dec 18871stD-6163
Horgdal, Cantas27 Sep 18811stD-3291
Horgdal, John2 Nov 18801stD-34
Horgdal, John17 Sep 18862ndF-1685
Hunfjord, John J.18 Jul 18941stD-7141
Hyaltalin, Sigurdur2 Jul 18851stD-5424
Illugason, Bjorn2 Nov 18801stD-2448
Indridadother, A.28 Feb 18821stD-3380
Indridason, Adolbjorg28 Feb 18821stD-3374
Indridason, Indridi2 Nov 18801stD-2442
Indridason, Indridi14 Nov 19001stD-7440
Indridason, Indridi27 Nov 19032ndF-21281
Indridason, Indridi27 Nov 19032ndP-221
Ingaldson, Einar20 Aug 18981stD-7351
Ingaldson, Einar29 Oct 19002ndF-2115
Ingaldson, Einar1 May 19351stD-13803
Ingaldson, Triggvi2 Jul 18922ndF-1917
Ingimundarson, Asgeir20 Oct 19111stD-1044
Ingimundarson, Tryggre1 Dec 18882ndF-16400
Inhirs, Christjan23 May 18821stD-410
Ionasdother, T.1 Mar 18821stD-3380
Ionsson, Gisli2 Nov 18801stD-35
Ionsson, Gisli28 Oct 18902ndF-17509
Isberg, Gudmundur21 Mar 18881stD-6179
Isleifsson, Isleifur6 Nov 18881stD-6220
Jackson, Eymundur G.21 Jun 18981stD-7349
Jackson, Thorleifur13 Sep 18862ndF-1629
Jackson, Thuleifur21 Apr 18811stD-3135
Jacobson, Peter3 Dec 18841stD-5390
Jacobson, Peter28 Oct 18902ndF-17476
Jakobson, Halldor31 Aug 18811stD-3265
Jakobson, Jakob S.4 Nov 19081stD-946
Jakobson, Olafur27 Oct 18861stD-641
Jakobsson, Gudrun2 Nov 18801stD-2426
Jakobsson, Samunder5 Jan 19062ndP-2269
Jakobsson, Samundur18 Jul 19001stD-7400
Jakobsson, Sigurdur2 Nov 18801stD-2425
Jakobsson, Sigurdur30 Nov 18882ndF-16369
Jansdottir, Sigridur17 Jun 18901stD-712
Jansson, David30 Sep 18891stD-4384
Jansson, Gudmmundur1 Oct 18891stD-4396
Jansson, Stefan3 Feb 18902ndF-1794
Jansson, Stephan23 Feb 18831stD-4251
Johanasson, Frederick22 May 18801stD-2202
Johanasson, Thorstein13 Apr 18801stD-286
Johanneson, Benidikt12 Jul 18811stD-3227
Johanneson, G. Johann26 Nov 18811stD-3318
Johanneson, Gunnar29 Oct 19001stD-7424
Johannesson, Benedikt3 Feb 18902ndF-1766
Johannesson, Fredrick28 Oct 18902ndF-17385
Johannesson, Gudmundur31 Oct 18872ndF-16131
Johannesson, Gudum2 Nov 18801stD-2434
Johannesson, Gunnar29 Oct 19002ndF-21152
Johannesson, Gunner29 Oct 19001stD-7437
Johannesson, Halldor3 Feb 18902ndF-1780
Johannesson, Hjalmar1 Nov 18861stD-6118
Johannesson, Hjalmer2 Nov 18942ndF-19238
Johannesson, Inafinnus6 Jul 18821stD-491
Johannesson, John29 Oct 19002ndF-21151
Johannesson, Jon29 Oct 19001stD-7424
Johannesson, Sigurjon29 Mar 18892ndF-1718
Johannesson, Sveinb2 Nov 18801stD-2447
Johannesson, Thorpennus25 Apr 18831stD-4325
Johannson, Barney O.22 Oct 18962ndF-19423
Johannson, Barney O.22 Oct 18961stD-7249
Johannson, Gudion22 Oct 18962ndF-19426
Johannson, Gudjon Denied2ndP-2338
Johannson, Gunnar2 Nov 18942ndF-19248
Johannson, Gunnar3 Nov 19022ndF-21255
Johannson, Joe O.22 Oct 18961stD-7248
Johannson, Joe O.22 Oct 18962ndF-19420
Johannson, Johann20 Apr 18821stD-3425
Johannson, Johann3 Feb 18902ndF-1795
Johannson, Johann3 Feb 18902ndF-1775
Johannson, Johnas23 Dec 18851stD-5441
Johannson, Olafur O.22 Oct 18962ndF-19418
Johannson, Pall22 Jun 18891stD-6268
Johannson, Tomas22 Oct 18962ndF-19442
Johannsson, Bjarni1 Sep 18831stD-5120
Johannsson, Bjarni20 May 18902ndF-17341
Johannsson, Gudjon7 Jul 19051stD-848
Johannsson, Gudjon1 May 19191stD-11139
Johannsson, Gudjon Denied2ndP-2625
Johannsson, Gunnar28 Aug 18791stD-1175
Johannsson, Johann9 Jun 18841stD-5293
Johannsson, Johannes27 Oct 18861stD-642
Johannsson, Johannes2 Nov 18942ndF-19285
Johannsson, Joseph29 Jun 19161stD-10258
Johannsson, Olafur O.22 Oct 18961stD-7247
Johannsson, Olfur2 Nov 18942ndF-19310
Johannsson, Thorfinnur17 Jul 18942ndF-19160
Johannsson, Tomas27 Sep 18891stD-4382
Johanson, Dadi22 Oct 18962ndF-19437
Johanson, Gisli17 Apr 18801stD-2107
Johanson, Gisli20 May 18902ndF-17340
Johansson, Paul8 Apr 18791stD-111
Johansson, Thor10 Jul 18952ndF-19284
Johnasson, Christin8 Mar 18821stD-3389
Johnasson, John10 Nov 18791stD-1248
Johnsdotter, Bjorg28 Mar 18951stD-7209
Johnsdottir, Bjorg3 Apr 19002ndF-20396
Johnson, Andrew29 Oct 19001stD-7416
Johnson, Andrew29 Oct 19002ndF-2132
Johnson, Arni4 Nov 18841stD-5373
Johnson, August15 Mar 18921stD-769
Johnson, B. B.29 Oct 19002ndF-2121
Johnson, B. Bjorn8 Nov 18921stD-796
Johnson, Barny2 Nov 18861stD-678
Johnson, Benedikt25 Jul 18811stD-3245
Johnson, Benedikt3 Nov 18872ndF-16226
Johnson, Benedikt3 Feb 18902ndF-17124
Johnson, Benidikt3 Nov 18841stD-5367
Johnson, Bjarn M.30 Oct 18961stD-7306
Johnson, Bjarni27 Mar 18991stD-7379
Johnson, Bjarni3 Nov 19022ndF-21241
Johnson, Bjarni M.29 Oct 19002ndF-20435
Johnson, Bjorgven9 Dec 19151stD-10215
Johnson, Bjorn2 Sep 18841stD-5340
Johnson, Branden2 Nov 18801stD-2415
Johnson, Branden8 Feb 18902ndF-17213
Johnson, Brown3 Apr 18801stD-269
Johnson, Caroline R.4 Jan 19211stD-11195
Johnson, Christian O.16 Feb 18971stD-7329
Johnson, Christian O.29 Oct 19002ndF-2113
Johnson, Christian T.6 Nov 18901stD-733
Johnson, Christjan28 Oct 18902ndP-1810
Johnson, Daniel6 Jun 18952ndF-19382
Johnson, Dymis29 Jul 18821stD-4119
Johnson, Einar5 Aug 18811stD-3252
Johnson, Einar12 Mar 18861stD-5448
Johnson, Eymunder2 Nov 18861stD-679
Johnson, Flovent28 Nov 18811stD-3318
Johnson, Foster28 Oct 18902ndF-17470
Johnson, Frederick22 Oct 18961stD-7256
Johnson, Frederick22 Oct 18962ndF-19457
Johnson, Fryggvi29 Oct 19002ndF-21207
Johnson, Geiri28 Feb 19171stD-10294
Johnson, Geiri4 Nov 19382ndP-29489
Johnson, Gilsi2 Nov 18801stD-2415
Johnson, Gisli8 May 18861stD-5455
Johnson, Gisli9 Dec 18891stD-6306
Johnson, Goodman30 Jun 18811stD-3215
Johnson, Goodman6 Nov 18881stD-6224
Johnson, Goodman25 Jun 19171stD-1113
Johnson, Goodman13 Sep 19202ndP-2577
Johnson, Gudmundur3 Nov 18841stD-5368
Johnson, Gudmundur29 Oct 18901stD-724
Johnson, Gudmundur G.25 Jun 19261stD-1210
Johnson, Gudmundur G.13 May 19302ndP-2761
Johnson, Gudvaldur18 Dec 18881stD-6237
Johnson, Gummlaugur30 Sep 18891stD-4386
Johnson, Gunnlaugur30 Oct 18962ndF-20209
Johnson, H. B.30 Nov 18881stD-6231
Johnson, Haldor7 Nov 18921stD-793
Johnson, Halldor2 Nov 18942ndF-19271
Johnson, Hannes21 Jul 18841stD-5329
Johnson, Helgi30 Oct 18831stD-5145
Johnson, Ingibjorg2 Sep 18811stD-3267
Johnson, Isac22 Oct 18961stD-7253
Johnson, Isac3 Oct 19002ndF-20414
Johnson, Jacob23 Apr 18801stD-2121
Johnson, Jacob28 Oct 18902ndF-17386
Johnson, James3 Nov 18942ndF-19353
Johnson, John3 Apr 18801stD-270
Johnson, John12 Apr 18801stD-281
Johnson, John23 Oct 18842ndP-15193
Johnson, John23 Oct 18841stD-5351
Johnson, John11 Nov 18852ndP-15238
Johnson, John4 Nov 18872ndF-16240
Johnson, John5 Dec 18872ndF-16280
Johnson, John27 Sep 18891stD-4380
Johnson, John26 Feb 18902ndF-17265
Johnson, John28 Oct 18902ndF-17382
Johnson, John6 Apr 18911stD-745
Johnson, John29 Oct 19001stD-7413
Johnson, John A.21 Jan 19132ndP-2425
Johnson, John B.1 Nov 18861stD-6102
Johnson, John B.7 Jul 18922ndF-1921
Johnson, John E.9 May 19392ndP-30556
Johnson, John G.29 Jun 19161stD-10259
Johnson, John K.3 Jan 18911stD-739
Johnson, John T.30 Sep 18891stD-4389
Johnson, John T.23 Oct 18962ndF-2098
Johnson, Jonas29 Jul 18922ndF-1939
Johnson, Jonas2 Nov 18942ndF-19320
Johnson, Joseph28 Oct 18902ndF-17436
Johnson, Joseph7 Nov 18921stD-794
Johnson, Julius29 Aug 18811stD-3263
Johnson, Julius J.24 Apr 18801stD-2123
Johnson, Kristian31 Oct 18831stD-5146
Johnson, Kristian25 Mar 18892ndF-16425
Johnson, Magnus3 Jul 18891stD-6270
Johnson, Magnus29 Oct 19001stD-7407
Johnson, Magnus24 Oct 19141stD-10139
Johnson, Magnus M.3 Nov 19022ndF-21264
Johnson, Mundie20 Oct 19161stD-10273
Johnson, Olafur2 Jan 19121stD-1053
Johnson, Ole20 Jan 18801stD-24
Johnson, Oli G.29 Jun 19161stD-10260
Johnson, Paul29 Aug 18811stD-3263
Johnson, Paul12 Feb 18902ndF-17235
Johnson, Paul23 Oct 18961stD-7260
Johnson, Paul29 Oct 19002ndF-2114
Johnson, Peter2 Nov 18801stD-2416
Johnson, Peter12 Aug 18811stD-3255
Johnson, Sarah21 Feb 18821stD-3370
Johnson, Segmund3 Apr 18801stD-271
Johnson, Sigmundson5 Nov 18881stD-6209
Johnson, Sigurjon18 Aug 19151stD-10198
Johnson, Sigvaldi17 Apr 18821stD-3421
Johnson, Sigvoldi31 Oct 18872ndF-16139
Johnson, Silvia28 Aug 19091stD-976
Johnson, Silvia3 Jun 19132ndP-2424
Johnson, Sirius28 Oct 18901stD-720
Johnson, Thomas26 Aug 19041stD-831
Johnson, Thomas5 Nov 19042ndP-2249
Johnson, Thorstein2 Nov 18801stD-2421
Johnson, Thorsten25 Jun 18801stD-2285
Johnson, Triggvi23 Oct 18961stD-7258
Johnson, Vigfus29 Oct 19002ndF-20442
Johnson, William1 Nov 18861stD-678
Johnson, William22 Oct 18962ndF-19465
Johnssen, John14 Sep 18811stD-3281
Johnssen, Sam14 Sep 18811stD-3282
Johnsson, Gudjon26 Apr 18951stD-7211
Johnsson, Hannes13 Jan 18851stD-5400
Johnsson, Hans20 Dec 18811stD-3329
Johnsson, John1 Mar 18811stD-351
Johnsson, John25 Jun 18811stD-3212
Johnsson, John15 Mar 18821stD-3397
Johnsson, John4 Dec 18841stD-5392
Johnsson, John25 Feb 18881stD-6170
Johnsson, Johnas31 Jan 18841stD-5207
Johnsson, Robert25 Feb 18881stD-6169
Johnsson, Vigfus2 Nov 18941stD-7156
Johnston, Thomas19 Jul 18811stD-3237
Jonas, Johann D.1 Mar 19041stD-824
Jonas, Johann D.5 Apr 19102ndP-2323
Jonasdother, Anna2 Nov 18801stD-2439
Jonasdother, Elina2 Nov 18801stD-32
Jonasdother, Ragnhilde2 Nov 18801stD-2438
Jonasdotter, Jonina28 Jun 18881stD-6190
Jonasson, Benedick21 Jun 18811stD-3205
Jonasson, Benedict17 Sep 18862ndF-1689
Jonasson, Bjorn15 Nov 18791stD-1251
Jonasson, Bjorn1 Nov 18861stD-6113
Jonasson, Bjorni1 Sep 18831stD-5118
Jonasson, Bjorni20 Nov 18902ndF-17547
Jonasson, Einar1 Nov 18861stD-684
Jonasson, Eirikur1 Oct 18891stD-4395
Jonasson, Gudmundur J.24 Sep 19231stD-11254
Jonasson, Gudmundur J.23 Sep 19262ndP-2726
Jonasson, Johannes2 Nov 18801stD-2432
Jonasson, Johannes3 Feb 18902ndF-17108
Jonasson, Jon2 Nov 18801stD-2445
Jonasson, Jon31 Dec 18841stD-5396
Jonasson, Jon3 Nov 18872ndF-16234
Jonasson, Jon20 May 18902ndF-17342
Jonasson, Jonas C.10 May 18861stD-5456
Jonasson, Jonas Christi24 Jul 18932ndF-1978
Jonasson, Olafur13 Dec 18811stD-3324
Jonasson, Olafur25 Mar 18892ndF-16428
Jonatansson, Jonaton27 Sep 18891stD-4378
Jonatansson, Jonaton22 Oct 18962ndF-19425
Jonatansson, Jonaton R22 Oct 18962ndF-19447
Jonathanson, Johannes23 Oct 18962ndF-2087
Jonathansson, Jacob3 Mar 18881stD-6174
Jonathansson, Johannus30 Sep 18891stD-4390
Jonsdother, Gudfinna2 Nov 18801stD-2444
Jonsdotter, Gudridier27 May 18851stD-5416
Jonsdotter, Valgjerdur18 Mar 18891stD-6248
Jonsdotter, Valgjerdur30 Oct 18992ndF-20388
Jonson, Bjarni3 Nov 18841stD-5361
Jonson, Bjarni14 Dec 18851stD-5440
Jonson, Bjarni27 Jun 18922ndF-17567
Jonson, David6 Jun 18821stD-434
Jonson, David30 Nov 18882ndF-16364
Jonson, Gudin B.3 May 18891stD-6257
Jonson, Jon S.21 Jan 19132ndP-2430
Jonson, Josep2 Nov 18861stD-6109
Jonson, Magnus1 Mar 18821stD-3382
Jonson, Marteinn25 Jun 18811stD-3212
Jonson, Olafur23 Mar 18871stD-6131
Jonsson, Arngrimur27 Oct 18791stD-1229
Jonsson, Arni8 Apr 18791stD-110
Jonsson, Bjorn16 Jul 18811stD-3233
Jonsson, Bjorn25 Mar 18892ndF-16419
Jonsson, Daniel2 Nov 18861stD-6113
Jonsson, Eirikur1 Nov 18861stD-686
Jonsson, Gisli2 Nov 18801stD-35
Jonsson, Gisli23 Oct 18962ndF-19474
Jonsson, Gudlangur15 Aug 18831stD-5106
Jonsson, Gudmundur23 Oct 18962ndF-201
Jonsson, Gudmundur1 Jun 18972ndF-20327
Jonsson, Gudmundur14 Sep 19171stD-1136
Jonsson, Gudwaldur2 Nov 18942ndF-19313
Jonsson, Halldor23 Nov 18801stD-324
Jonsson, Hallgrimar2 Nov 18801stD-2429
Jonsson, Hannes5 Nov 18881stD-6216
Jonsson, Haraldur15 Jan 18921stD-763
Jonsson, Helge28 May 18911stD-748
Jonsson, Ingimunder2 Nov 18861stD-6108
Jonsson, Jakob8 Apr 18791stD-111
Jonsson, Jakob30 Nov 18882ndF-16367
Jonsson, Johan15 Aug 18831stD-5107
Jonsson, Johannes19 Sep 18811stD-3284
Jonsson, Jon2 Nov 18801stD-2437
Jonsson, Jon S.13 Apr 19041stD-825
Jonsson, Jonas19 Jul 18791stD-1140
Jonsson, Jonas4 Nov 18841stD-5374
Jonsson, Julius22 Oct 18961stD-7258
Jonsson, Magnus6 Jul 18801stD-2298
Jonsson, Magnus15 Sep 18862ndF-1669
Jonsson, Margaret13 Aug 18921stD-781
Jonsson, Nejaldur4 Nov 18841stD-5374
Jonsson, Nikulas1 Sep 18831stD-5118
Jonsson, Rognvaldur24 Aug 18811stD-3259
Jonsson, Steffan1 Nov 18861stD-6117
Jonsson, Tholeifur2 Nov 18942ndF-19240
Jonsson, Tholelfur2 Nov 18941stD-7161
Jonsson, Tryggoi2 Feb 18941stD-7129
Josefson, Ninundur B.2 Nov 18941stD-7163
Josephson, Einer25 Mar 18841stD-5252
Josephson, Iveinn26 Oct 18971stD-7337
Josephson, Ninunder2 Nov 18942ndF-19222
Josepsdottir, Gudny27 Jun 18821stD-472
Josuason, Bjorn31 Oct 18811stD-3304
Jsleifsson, Johannes16 Dec 18841stD-5394
Kartenson, Barney7 Jan 19181stD-1161
Kenny, Edward20 Apr 18861stD-5452
Kjarlansson, Gunnar14 Mar 18881stD-6178
Kjernerted, Paul15 Aug 18811stD-3256
Kjerusted, Paul5 Nov 18872ndF-16259
Korlsson, Jonas2 Nov 18801stD-35
Kraksson, Sigurdur2 Nov 18801stD-2445
Kraksson, Sigurdur3 Nov 18872ndF-16235
Kristjansdotter, K.17 Oct 18841stD-5349
Kristjansdotter, Kristb4 Nov 18872ndF-16243
Kristjanson, Anton P.28 Oct 18861stD-640
Kristjanson, Bjorn15 Mar 18921stD-769
Kristjanson, Bjorn5 Jun 19002ndF-20398
Kristjanson, Hannes21 Mar 19341stD-13788
Kristjanson, Kristin I7 Dec 19422ndP-31681
Kristjanson, Kristjan14 Jun 19542ndP-32794
Kristjanson, Sigurjan18 Aug 18881stD-6194
Kristjanson, Sigurjan2 Nov 18942ndF-19219
Kristjansson, Gudjon22 Oct 18961stD-7252
Kristjansson, Gudjon22 Oct 18962ndF-19433
Kristjansson, Gunnar13 Jun 18841stD-5304
Kristjansson, Hjalmar3 Nov 18841stD-5362
Kristjansson, Johann27 Sep 18891stD-4377
Kristjansson, Johann4 May 18962ndF-19404
Kristjansson, Johann29 Oct 19001stD-7407
Kristjansson, Jonas29 Oct 19002ndF-21159
Kristjansson, Kristjan16 May 18811stD-3169
Kristjansson, Kristjan5 Nov 18881stD-6215
Kristjansson, Kristjan2 Nov 18942ndF-19296
Kristjansson, Sigurdur16 Feb 18841stD-5227
Kristjansson, Sigurdur3 Feb 18902ndF-1779
Kristjansson, Thomas6 Sep 18811stD-3270
Kristjansson, Transte3 Oct 18831stD-5139
Landsiedel, Veiga30 Jul 19071stD-99
Lasidal, Gisili3 May 18801stD-2148
Laxdal, Aldis2 Nov 18801stD-2436
Laxdal, John S.2 Nov 18941stD-7159
Laxdal, John S.2 Nov 18942ndF-19254
Laxdal, Sam S.30 Oct 18961stD-7307
Laxdal, Samuel S.30 Oct 18962ndF-20275
Leifur, Gillis V.23 Feb 18981stD-7345
Leifur, Gillis V.29 Oct 19002ndF-21166
Leifur, Isle V.18 Jul 18911stD-756
Leifur, John7 Nov 19041stD-840
Leifur, John21 Jul 19171stD-1120
Leifur, John5 Jun 19202ndP-2560
Leonard, John14 Apr 18861stD-5451
Lindal, Helga3 Oct 18821stD-4171
Lindal, Helga31 Oct 18872ndF-16143
Lindal, Johannes27 Sep 18891stD-4381
Lindal, Johannes22 Oct 18962ndF-19444
Lindal, Thorsteinn27 Sep 18891stD-4381
Loxdal, Gudmundur J.31 Oct 18891stD-6300
Macksen, John3 Nov 18841stD-5367
Magnusdotter, Thorinn12 May 18861stD-5458
Magnusdottir, Gudbjorg28 May 18831stD-4364
Magnusson, Arni27 Oct 18861stD-641
Magnusson, Arni26 Jul 18932ndF-1985
Magnusson, Bargon30 Oct 18961stD-7298
Magnusson, Begur30 Oct 18962ndF-20219
Magnusson, Bjarni25 Feb 18881stD-6170
Magnusson, Eggert30 Oct 18861stD-693
Magnusson, Einar5 Mar 18841stD-5236
Magnusson, Gudmundur31 May 18821stD-425
Magnusson, Gudrun25 Apr 18871stD-6134
Magnusson, Johann1 Mar 18921stD-767
Magnusson, Johannes12 Jul 18811stD-3227
Magnusson, Johannes24 Sep 18891stD-4372
Magnusson, Johannes2 Nov 18942ndF-19302
Magnusson, Johannes22 Oct 18962ndF-19436
Magnusson, John J.22 Oct 18962ndF-19448
Magnusson, John J.22 Oct 18961stD-7254
Magnusson, Kristjan30 Oct 18962ndF-20270
Magnusson, Magnus1 Nov 18861stD-6114
Magnusson, Magnus W.23 Nov 18811stD-3316
Magnusson, Oddbjorn13 May 18891stD-6259
Magnusson, Oddur27 Oct 18861stD-637
Magnusson, Oddur2 Nov 18942ndF-19333
Magnusson, Olafur3 Mar 18881stD-6175
Magnusson, Olafur6 Nov 18881stD-6223
Magnusson, Olafur1 Oct 18922ndF-1966
Magnusson, P. J.23 Oct 18961stD-7272
Magnusson, P. J.23 Oct 18962ndF-2090
Magnusson, Pall30 Apr 18881stD-6184
Magnusson, Sigurdur2 Nov 18861stD-6108
Magnusson, Sigurdur26 Sep 18891stD-4376
Magnusson, Sigurdur22 Oct 18962ndF-19463
Magnusson, Thord15 Sep 18811stD-3283
Magnusson, Thord17 Sep 18862ndF-1683
Magnusson, Thorkell6 Mar 18841stD-5237
Magnusson, Thorkell28 Oct 18902ndP-1851
Magson, Gilsi2 Nov 18801stD-2417
Margdal, Ralph2 Jun 18821stD-427
Matthiasson, Bjarni29 Oct 19002ndF-20446
Matthiasson, Bjarni29 Oct 19001stD-7404
McWilliams, Freda13 May 19302ndP-2768
Melsted, Sigurdur27 Sep 18891stD-4380
Middal, John G.23 Oct 18962ndF-19470
Middal, Jon G.21 Dec 18881stD-6237
Middall, Joseph26 Apr 18801stD-2127
Mikaelsdother, Gudrun2 Nov 18801stD-33
Mjofjord, Thorsteinn J3 Mar 18871stD-6127
Moller, Fredrik28 May 18831stD-4365
Molsted, Walter10 Nov 18831stD-5148
Moorhead, Inga27 Feb 19021stD-7453
Myrdal, Einar21 Jan 18821stD-3341
Myrdal, Sigurdal2 Nov 18801stD-2420
Neilson, Jon1 Mar 18821stD-3381
Nielson, Fredrick2 Nov 18982ndF-20359
Nielson, Fredrik20 Jan 18901stD-6309
Nielson, H. N.2 Nov 18942ndF-19305
Nielson, Hans2 Nov 18801stD-2434
Nielson, Hans H.2 Nov 18942ndF-19276
Nikulasson, Olafur25 Sep 18891stD-4375
Nordal, Anna15 Nov 19061stD-94
Norman, John25 Sep 18891stD-4374
Norman, Stephen J.23 Oct 18961stD-7283
Nupdal, B. G.29 Oct 19002ndF-2178
Nupdal, Bjorn G.28 Oct 18861stD-638
Nupdal, Stefan B.3 Nov 19022ndF-21265
Nupdal, Stefan B.3 Nov 19021stD-89
Oddson, Gunlaugur30 Oct 18961stD-7305
Oddson, Johannes2 Nov 18981stD-7356
Oddsson, Johannes2 Nov 18801stD-34
Olafsdotter, Gudrun12 Jul 18841stD-5326
Olafson, Arnkljotur29 Oct 19001stD-7412
Olafson, Arnljotur29 Oct 19002ndF-21113
Olafson, Bjorn25 Mar 18841stD-5251
Olafson, Erlendur4 Nov 18841stD-5371
Olafson, Erlendur29 Oct 19002ndF-21222
Olafson, Goodmund2 May 19101stD-105
Olafson, Goodund2 Jul 19171stD-1114
Olafson, Grulne2 Nov 18942ndF-19332
Olafson, Gudni17 Mar 18881stD-6178
Olafson, Haraldur1 Jun 19271stD-1220
Olafson, Haraldur13 May 19302ndP-2774
Olafson, John22 Oct 18962ndF-19467
Olafson, Jon14 Feb 18841stD-5226
Olafson, Maria1 Jun 19271stD-1221
Olafson, Maria13 May 19302ndP-2773
Olafson, Sigfus28 Apr 18801stD-2137
Olafson, Sigfus1 Nov 18872ndF-16168
Olafson, Sigtryggur16 Apr 19042ndP-2212
Olafson, Stefan29 Oct 19002ndF-21104
Olafson, Thorstein11 Apr 18831stD-4316
Olafson, Thorsteinn5 Nov 18881stD-6217
Olafsson, Benedihl2 Nov 18801stD-2442
Olafsson, Einar22 Feb 18811stD-347
Olafsson, Einar13 Sep 18862ndF-1633
Olafsson, Eirikur1 Nov 18861stD-6114
Olafsson, G. Julius16 Apr 19041stD-826
Olafsson, Jon30 Jul 18841stD-5331
Olafsson, Olafer19 May 18912ndP-1875
Olafsson, Olafur2 Nov 18811stD-3307
Olafsson, Olafur29 Oct 18902ndF-17527
Olafsson, Stefan4 Nov 18891stD-6302
Olason, Elinfridur1 Jul 19471stD-14932
Olason, Elinfridur11 Jul 19502ndP-32755
Olason, John M.1 Jul 19471stD-14931
Olason, John M.16 Nov 19502ndP-32754
Olason, Mathusaleur25 Mar 18892ndF-16413
Olason, Methus Alem14 Nov 18811stD-3313
Olgeirson, Bjorn F.24 Nov 19281stD-1251
Olgensson, Bjarni8 Sep 18811stD-3273
Olgierson, Bjorn F.12 May 19362ndP-28460
Olson, Gudmundur13 May 18891stD-6260
Olson, Gudmundur23 Oct 18962ndF-2034
Olson, Gudmundur3 Oct 19002ndF-20421
Olson, Gudmundur G.3 Oct 19001stD-7402
Olson, John13 May 18891stD-6259
Olson, John30 Nov 19001stD-7440
Olson, Thorbjorg3 Jun 18921stD-773
Olson, Thorey6 Sep 18811stD-3271
Ormsson, Brandur4 Nov 18841stD-5373
Ormsson, Sigurdur1 Nov 18841stD-5355
Ormsson, Sigurdur29 Jul 18922ndF-1943
Padden, John J.12 Mar 18861stD-5447
Palmason, John14 Oct 18811stD-3296
Palmason, John G.3 Feb 18902ndF-17130
Palmason, Peter30 Oct 18861stD-6100
Palmason, Peter2 Nov 18942ndF-19184
Palsdottin, Gudbjorg30 Sep 18891stD-4394
Palsson, Bjaini16 Aug 18821stD-4139
Palsson, Olafur27 Sep 18891stD-4377
Pashur, Sigurdr2 Nov 18801stD-2447
Paterson, Charles2 Nov 18801stD-2417
Patrick, Egill8 Aug 19211stD-11204
Patterson, Thomas10 May 18801stD-2160
Paulson, Charles24 Oct 18821stD-4185
Paulson, Charles2 Nov 18942ndF-19257
Paulson, Magnus23 Apr 18801stD-2118
Paulson, Martin30 Oct 18861stD-6116
Paulson, Ole6 Nov 18881stD-6222
Paulson, Ole2 Nov 18942ndF-19335
Paulson, Sigurdur1 Nov 18861stD-6118
Paulson, Sigurdur2 Nov 18942ndF-19249
Paulson, Thomas26 Oct 18861stD-652
Peterson, Bergjon31 Mar 18961stD-7233
Peterson, Bergjon29 Oct 19002ndF-21168
Peterson, George20 Feb 18901stD-73
Peterson, George22 Oct 18962ndF-19438
Peterson, Gudmunder2 Nov 18801stD-2414
Peterson, Gudmunder18 May 18861stD-5459
Peterson, Gudmundur4 Nov 18872ndF-16252
Peterson, John8 Nov 18811stD-3311
Peterson, John10 Dec 18872ndF-16297
Peterson, Ness1 Sep 18831stD-5119
Peterson, Niss28 Oct 18902ndP-1856
Peterson, Oliver29 Oct 18861stD-689
Peterson, Oliver2 Nov 18942ndF-19245
Peterson, Sigurdur22 Dec 18811stD-3331
Petersson, Bjarni20 Sep 18811stD-3287
Petersson, Bjorn17 Oct 18811stD-3297
Peturssen, Sigurdur3 Nov 18872ndF-16224
Petursson, Sigurdur1 Nov 18861stD-685
Philipsson, John17 Oct 18831stD-5142
Pjeturson, Bjarni4 Nov 19161stD-10276
Pjeturson, Bjarni Denied2ndP-2621
Ragnar, Ragnar H.2 Apr 19421stD-14906
Regkalin, Fred23 Oct 18961stD-7259
Reykjalin, Haldor2 Nov 18801stD-2428
Reykjalin, Haldor30 Nov 18882ndF-16355
Reykjalin, Halldor H.27 Sep 18891stD-4376
Reykjalin, Halldor K.23 Oct 18962ndF-2099
Rognwaldson, Sigurdur27 Jul 18811stD-3247
Sadfjord, John J.30 Oct 18961stD-7310
Salomon, Sigfis28 Oct 18902ndF-17433
Salomon, Sigfus2 Nov 18801stD-2433
Salvason, Sveinn2 Nov 18941stD-7166
Samson, John J.8 Jan 18982ndF-20339
Samson, John J.8 Jan 18981stD-7343
Samson, Jonas2 Nov 18942ndF-19338
Samuelson, Kristjan14 Sep 18811stD-3282
Samuelson, Kristjan3 Feb 18902ndF-1768
Samuelson, Samuel T.8 May 19251stD-11290
Samuelson, Samuel T.16 Feb 19341stD-13785
Samuelson, Samuel T.11 May 19372ndP-29492
Samundsson, Gish7 Oct 18811stD-3294
Scheving, Arni11 Apr 18791stD-115
Scheving, Arni21 Oct 18842ndP-15143
Scheving, Burd16 Apr 18831stD-4320
Scheving, Einar21 Oct 18842ndP-15142
Scheving, Einer11 Apr 18791stD-115
Schram, Johan2 Nov 18801stD-2427
Scram, Joseph18 Jan 18801stD-23
Scram, Joseph30 Nov 18882ndF-16383
Sefur, John19 Dec 18831stD-5183
Severtson, Sigurdur7 Jul 18811stD-3222
Shaptarson, Johanna18 Jul 18811stD-3236
Sigfursson, Thorstein30 Sep 18891stD-4388
Sigfusson, Gosshal17 Dec 18811stD-3328
Sigurbjornisson, Sigur10 Aug 18821stD-4132
Sigurbjornson, Gudmun.15 Nov 18881stD-6226
Sigurbjornson, Hans5 Nov 18811stD-3309
Sigurbjornson, Hans28 Oct 18902ndF-17435
Sigurd, Jacob7 Jul 18861stD-65
Sigurdson Bjorn2 Jun 18841stD-5289
Sigurdson, Arni27 Mar 18931stD-7105
Sigurdson, Arnie6 Jun 18992ndF-20381
Sigurdson, Asvaldur20 May 18902ndF-17312
Sigurdson, Benedikt2 Nov 18941stD-7174
Sigurdson, Benidekt29 Oct 19002ndF-2128
Sigurdson, Bill D.29 Oct 19002ndF-21112
Sigurdson, Bjorn29 Mar 18892ndF-1716
Sigurdson, Eggert10 Jul 18952ndF-19346
Sigurdson, Einar30 Dec 18811stD-3335
Sigurdson, Einar3 Nov 18872ndF-16231
Sigurdson, Guttormur4 Nov 18841stD-5377
Sigurdson, Hallgrimar22 Oct 18962ndF-19424
Sigurdson, Hallgrimur24 Sep 18891stD-4373
Sigurdson, Halli14 Nov 19181stD-11126
Sigurdson, Halli5 Sep 19232ndP-2681
Sigurdson, Hannes3 Mar 18871stD-6126
Sigurdson, Hreggvidur29 Oct 19002ndF-21114
Sigurdson, John23 Oct 18962ndF-202
Sigurdson, Kristian30 Dec 18811stD-3335
Sigurdson, Saem29 Oct 19002ndF-2151
Sigurdson, Sigurdus25 Mar 18891stD-5466
Sigurdson, Simmundour29 Oct 19002ndF-2151
Sigurdson, Therarinn23 Sep 19262ndP-2725
Sigurdson, Thomas2 Nov 18861stD-6106
Sigurdson, Thorarim G.8 Jun 19231stD-11251
Sigurdsson, Fridbjorn2 Nov 18801stD-2428
Sigurdsson, Gudmundur5 Nov 18881stD-6218
Sigurdsson, Gudmundur23 Oct 18962ndF-2039
Sigurdsson, Guttormun7 Feb 18902ndF-17211
Sigurdsson, Hallbera23 Jun 18821stD-466
Sigurdsson, Hallbera4 Nov 18872ndF-16244
Sigurdsson, Hreggvidur28 Oct 18861stD-637
Sigurdsson, Indridi2 Nov 18801stD-2441
Sigurdsson, Indridi4 Nov 18872ndF-16242
Sigurdsson, Job21 Jun 18811stD-3207
Sigurdsson, Job3 Nov 18872ndF-16233
Sigurdsson, Johann4 Sep 18831stD-5121
Sigurdsson, Johann20 May 18902ndF-17319
Sigurdsson, Johannes15 Sep 18811stD-3283
Sigurdsson, John1 Nov 18841stD-5356
Sigurdsson, Jon2 Nov 18801stD-2425
Sigurdsson, Jon1 Oct 18891stD-4396
Sigurdsson, Jon7 Dec 18891stD-6305
Sigurdsson, Jonas A.25 Feb 18881stD-6171
Sigurdsson, Jonas A.2 Mar 18952ndF-19376
Sigurdsson, Kristjan31 Jan 18821stD-3345
Sigurdsson, Kristjon4 Nov 18872ndF-16239
Sigurdsson, Runolfur7 Oct 18841stD-5344
Sigurdsson, Runolfur18 Jul 18942ndF-19169
Sigurdsson, Sigurdur20 Sep 18811stD-3287
Sigurdsson, Sigurdur17 Sep 18862ndF-1684
Sigurdsson, Sigurdur23 Oct 18962ndF-207
Sigurdsson, Sigurdur V1 Nov 18861stD-6112
Sigurdsson, Sigurdus30 Sep 18891stD-4388
Sigurdsson, Sveinbjorn1 Nov 18841stD-5358
Sigurdsson, Vigfus24 Nov 18811stD-3317
Sigurdsson, Vigfus5 Nov 18872ndF-16260
Sigurdurdotter,Vagerdu25 Jan 18841stD-5205
Sigvaldason, Bjorn6 Nov 18881stD-6218
Simmundsson, Gudjon19 Dec 18891stD-6308
Simundson, Eirik25 Mar 18841stD-5251
Simundson, Eirik3 Feb 18902ndF-1799
Simundson, Gudjon2 Nov 18942ndF-19326
Simundson, Johannes3 Feb 18902ndF-1798
Simundson, Simundur27 Oct 18861stD-651
Simundson, Simundur Denied2ndP-2330
Simundson, Simundur Dismissed2ndP-2335
Siverundoeu, Asmunder11 Jul 18951stD-7217
Skagfjord, Bjorn20 Sep 18811stD-3286
Skagfjord, Bjorn29 Mar 18892ndF-1719
Skagfjord, Kristjan B.2 Nov 18941stD-7174
Skanderbeg, John4 May 18881stD-6184
Skanderbeg, John24 Jul 18932ndF-1980
Skanderbeggerrsson, Jon11 Jan 18841stD-5192
Skaptason, Anna15 Nov 19061stD-94
Skaptason, Johanna4 Nov 18872ndF-16254
Skjold, Peter J.24 Nov 18941stD-7194
Skogmann, John M.2 Nov 18941stD-7156
Skulason, Gudum2 Nov 18801stD-2448
Skulason, Sigfus2 Nov 18861stD-6111
Skyold, Jon P.17 Sep 18831stD-5126
Snobjarnarson, Hannes16 Dec 18851stD-5441
Snowfield, Magnus7 Apr 18841stD-5265
Snowfield, Magnus3 Feb 18902ndF-1777
Solvason, Asgeir27 Oct 18861stD-653
Solvason, Asgeir18 Jul 18942ndF-19170
Solvason, John23 Oct 18962ndF-2040
Solvason, Jon26 Oct 18861stD-651
Solvason, Sigurdur30 Sep 18841stD-5343
Solvason, Sigurdur27 Oct 18861stD-642
Solvason, Sigurdur29 Oct 18902ndF-17528
Solvason, Solvi2 Nov 18801stD-2440
Solvason, Solvi29 Oct 19001stD-7412
Solvason, Solvi S.29 Oct 19002ndF-2129
Solvason, Sveim29 Oct 19002ndF-2140
Solvason, Sveinn S.2 Nov 18941stD-7163
Solvason, Sveinn S.2 Nov 18942ndF-19256
Stefansdotter, Kristin6 Jun 18992ndF-20382
Stefanson, Olafur23 Oct 18961stD-7260
Stefanson, Olafur23 Oct 18962ndF-2013
Stefanson, Sigurdur30 Oct 18961stD-7304
Stefanson, Sigurjon23 Oct 18961stD-7259
Stefanson, Sigurjon29 Oct 19002ndF-20443
Stefanson, Skuli6 May 18851stD-5414
Stefansson, G.5 Nov 18881stD-6217
Stefansson, Gudjon29 Oct 19002ndF-2159
Stefansson, Johann11 Nov 18811stD-3312
Stefansson, Johann4 Nov 18872ndF-16257
Stefansson, Johann2 Nov 18942ndF-19288
Stefansson, Skuli28 Jun 18922ndF-17586
Steffanson, Steffan1 Aug 18821stD-4123
Steffansson, Fridbjorn26 Oct 18811stD-3302
Steinolfsson, Grimur20 Aug 18831stD-5110
Steinolfsson, Grimur30 Nov 18882ndF-16368
Stephanson, Bjorn29 Oct 19002ndF-21117
Stephanson, Bjorn29 Oct 19001stD-7414
Stephanson, Joe7 Jul 18922ndF-1920
Stephanson, John7 May 18911stD-746
Stephanson, John2 Nov 18941stD-7157
Stephanson, John29 Oct 19002ndF-2123
Stephanson, Magnus1 Nov 18872ndF-16169
Stephanson, Sivert23 Dec 18911stD-761
Stephanson, Sivert22 Oct 18962ndF-19417
Stephanson, Thorarin23 Oct 18962ndF-209
Stephen, Valny26 Sep 18821stD-4164
Stephenson, Arman22 Oct 18962ndF-19461
Stephenson, Enora18 Sep 18862ndF-1693
Stephenson, Stephen G.2 Nov 18801stD-2423
Stevenson, Barney29 Oct 19001stD-7428
Stevenson, Barney29 Oct 19002ndF-21163
Sturlangsson, Bjarni25 Mar 18891stD-6250
Sumarlidason, S.3 Nov 18841stD-5360
Sumarlidason, Sigrudur1 Mar 18871stD-6125
Sumarlidason, Sigurjan8 Nov 18921stD-796
Sveinnsson, Sveinn6 May 18791stD-144
Sveinnsson, Sveinn29 Oct 19002ndF-21118
Sveinsdotter, Ludjorg12 Sep 18811stD-3277
Sveinson, Einar29 Oct 19001stD-7410
Sveinson, Einar29 Oct 19002ndF-21116
Sveinson, Simon29 Oct 19001stD-7439
Sveinson, Simon29 Oct 19002ndF-21194
Sveinsson, Bjorn29 Aug 18841stD-5339
Sveinsson, Bjorn3 Feb 18902ndF-1760
Sveinsson, Gudmundur2 Nov 18861stD-6112
Sveinsson, Gudmundur29 Oct 19001stD-7405
Sveinsson, Johann14 Sep 18862ndF-1642
Sveinsson, Johann G.2 Nov 18981stD-7354
Sveinsson, Oddur30 Sep 18891stD-4391
Sveinsson, Sigurdur25 Sep 18891stD-4375
Sveinsson, Sigurjon20 May 18902ndF-17339
Sviensson, Johann2 Nov 18811stD-3306
Swanson, Barney22 Oct 18961stD-7254
Swanson, Barney22 Oct 18962ndF-19449
Swanson, Bjorn G.5 Mar 18891stD-6245
Swanson, Bjorni G.20 Nov 18932ndF-19104
Swanson, Gudmundur16 Jul 19351stD-13807
Swanson, Gudmundur4 Oct 19382ndP-30533
Swanson, Oddur S.23 Nov 18991stD-7388
Swanson, Oddur S.29 Oct 19002ndF-2141
Swanson, Swan17 May 18821stD-3446
Swenson, Gudmundur16 Dec 18821stD-4227
Thomasson, Arni2 Nov 18941stD-7158
Thompson, Stafan4 Nov 18971stD-7338
Thomson, Harstein3 Nov 18841stD-5361
Thorarinsson, Kari9 Dec 18871stD-6161
Thorarinsson, Kari2 Nov 18942ndF-19321
Thorarinsson, Magnus28 Nov 18871stD-6158
Thorarinsson, Magnus21 Nov 18932ndF-19112
Thorarinsson, Thorain30 Oct 18961stD-7303
Thorarinsson, Thorarin29 Oct 19002ndF-20445
Thorberg, Andrew29 Apr 18891stD-6256
Thordarson, Bjorn2 Jul 18922ndF-1916
Thordarson, Grimur30 Nov 18882ndF-16366
Thordarson, Gudmundur17 Sep 18862ndF-1687
Thordarson, Gudmundur2 Dec 18901stD-738
Thordarson, Gudmundur17 Jan 18962ndF-19397
Thordarson, Gudum2 Nov 18801stD-2430
Thordarson, Johannes3 Feb 18902ndF-17154
Thordarson, Jon9 Sep 18892ndF-1749
Thorgardson, Elenbjorg6 Sep 19071stD-913
Thorgilson, Haldor2 Nov 18801stD-2443
Thorgilson, Haldor30 Nov 18882ndF-16357
Thorgrimson, Gudmund12 Jul 19101stD-1022
Thorgrimson, Gudmund29 Sep 19142ndP-2466
Thorgrimson, Hans B.26 May 19062ndP-2274
Thorgrimson, Martin7 Nov 19042ndP-2255
Thorgrimson, Matrin6 Nov 19021stD-812
Thorkelson, Sumarlidi3 Apr 18831stD-4304
Thorlacius, Eggert2 Nov 18942ndF-19316
Thorlacius, Eggert29 Oct 19002ndF-21103
Thorlacius, Einar3 Nov 18872ndF-16217
Thorlacius, Kristin1 Mar 18821stD-3382
Thorlacius, Olafur11 Apr 18811stD-3119
Thorlaksdotter, Sigridu10 Nov 18851stD-5435
Thorlakson, Bjorn20 Dec 18811stD-3330
Thorlakson, Bjorn20 May 18902ndF-17344
Thorlakson, Gudmunder29 Sep 19142ndP-2468
Thorlakson, Gudmundur27 Feb 19121stD-1058
Thorlakson, H.1 Nov 18872ndF-16184
Thorlakson, Helgi18 Mar 18861stD-5449
Thorlakson, Helgi2 Nov 18942ndF-19319
Thorlakson, John V.28 Oct 18902ndF-17434
Thorlakson, Th. G.J.20 May 18902ndF-17336
Thorlakson, Thori20 May 18902ndF-17345
Thorlaksson, N. S.19 Jul 18811stD-3237
Thorlaksson, P.2 Nov 18801stD-2429
Thorlaksson, Th.2 Nov 18801stD-2435
Thorleifson, Dadi2 Nov 18942ndF-19235
Thorleifson, Gamaliel29 Oct 19002ndF-20432
Thorleifson, Herelis9 Sep 19031stD-820
Thorleifson, Sigurdur28 Jul 19031stD-819
Thorleifson, Sigurdur4 Oct 19102ndP-2340
Thorleifsson, Arne2 Nov 18801stD-2439
Thorleifsson, Dadi1 Nov 18861stD-685
Thormodson, Oli S.3 Nov 18941stD-7181
Thormodson, Thormodur31 Oct 18841stD-5353
Thormodson, Thormodur29 Oct 18902ndF-17520
Thorsen, Mike31 Dec 18841stD-5397
Thorsteinsdotter, Anna21 Sep 18941stD-7148
Thorsteinson, Gudbjorg4 Oct 19211stD-11209
Thorsteinson, Gudrum27 Aug 19211stD-11208
Thorsteinson, Gudsterin2 Nov 18942ndF-19272
Thorsteinson, Olafur26 Jun 18821stD-470
Thorsteinson, Olafur21 May 18902ndF-17378
Thorsteinson, Olafur24 Aug 19181stD-11108
Thorsteinson, Olafur4 Oct 19212ndP-2618
Thorsteinson, Sigurjon1 Sep 19261stD-1214
Thorsteinson, Sigurjon13 Nov 19421stD-14911
Thorsteinsson, Fred30 Sep 18891stD-4383
Thorsteinsson, Gisli6 Nov 18881stD-6220
Thorsteinsson, Gisli2 Nov 18942ndF-19295
Thorsteinsson, Magnus1 Oct 18891stD-4394
Thorsteinsson, Sveinn22 Oct 18962ndF-19446
Thorsteinsson, Thorste25 Jul 18811stD-3243
Thorsteinsson, Thorste23 Oct 18962ndF-20159
Thorsteinsson, Thostei2 Nov 18942ndF-19277
Thorsternson, Pol1 Jun 18821stD-426
Thorsternson, William3 Apr 19002ndF-20395
Thorsternsson, Magnus23 Oct 18962ndF-19471
Thorstinson, William4 Dec 18961stD-7325
Thorvardson, Bergthor4 Jan 18981stD-7341
Thorvardson, Bergthor S29 Oct 19002ndF-20447
Thorvardson, Joe J.29 Oct 19002ndF-2122
Thorvardson, Jonas J.4 Jan 18981stD-7341
Thorwaldson, Elis29 Oct 19002ndF-20431
Thorwaldson, Stigue1 Mar 18901stD-74
Thorwaldson, Stigur16 Jun 18992ndF-20386
Thorwaldson, Swain22 Oct 18961stD-7255
Thorwaldson, Swain22 Oct 18962ndF-19452
Thorwaldson, Thorwald2 Nov 18942ndF-19273
Thorwaldson, Thorwald2 Nov 18941stD-7175
Thriebfansson, Eyjolfur25 Jul 18811stD-3245
Thristjansson, Eyjolfur30 Nov 18882ndF-16386
Tillis, John21 Jul 18821stD-4113
Timonsson, John4 Mar 18851stD-5406
Tomasson, Asgeir27 Oct 18861stD-654
Tomasson, Gudne6 Sep 18791stD-1181
Tomasson, Gudni31 Oct 18872ndF-16140
Tordarson, Ivan23 Jun 18831stD-525
Tovdarson, Jason24 Sep 18791stD-1193
Triggvi, Jonas1 Nov 18861stD-672
Tynan, Paul3 Jul 18841stD-5322
Vatnsdal, Elias E.2 Nov 18942ndF-19246
Vatnsdal, Elis E.2 Nov 18941stD-7157
Vatnsdal, Johann J.2 Nov 18941stD-7178
Vatnsdal, Joseph F.11 Nov 19132ndP-2450
Vatnsdal, Thordur2 Nov 18942ndF-19244
Vatnsdal, Thordur E.2 Nov 18941stD-7158
Vigfusson, Fridgeir26 Feb 19341stD-13787
Vigfusson, Fridgier4 Nov 19382ndP-29489
Vium, John22 Oct 18961stD-7255
Vium, Mundi29 Oct 19001stD-7439
Vivatsson, Halldor8 Aug 18831stD-5104
Vivatsson, Halldor1 Oct 18922ndF-1965
Walters, Bjorn G.18 Jul 18941stD-7142
Walters, Josafat2 Nov 18861stD-680
Walters, Joseph10 May 18821stD-3441
Walterson, Jon2 May 18791stD-141
Westman, S. J.14 Jun 18861stD-63
Wilburgh, Jonsdotter15 Sep 18831stD-5129

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Ramsey County

Hallson, Charley H22 Jan 19021stD-4308
Isleifsson, Erlendur J18 Aug 19041stD-4567
Reinholt, Pearl24 Feb 19021stD-4319
Skaptason, Anna26 Aug 19021stD-4393
Thordanson, Palina9 Apr 19041stD-4500
Thordasson, John15 Nov 19011stD-4280
Thorlacius, Elin24 Feb 19021stD-4320

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Rolette County

Asgrimsson, Thorleifur16 Dec 19121stD-472
Emerson, Sigrud C28 Sep 19082ndP-1342
Emerson, Sigrud C28 Sep 19082ndP-1342
Emerson, Sigurd C8 Jul 19051stD-3141
Emerson, Sigurd C8 Jul 19051stD-3141
Olafson, Sigrun14 Mar 19101stD-445
Olafson, Sigrun22 May 19142ndP-151
Thorgrimson, Gillies2 Oct 19091stD-431
Thorgrimson, Gillies23 Jun 19101stD-452

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Sargent County

Boyler, Michael15 Oct 18921stD-1206
Thompson, John25 Feb 18891stD-1135

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Towner County

Hallson, Johan G.24 May 18971stD-1279

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Traill County

Johnson, Svend6 Nov 18881stD-2293

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Walsh County

Afdavson, John9 Feb 18841stD-297
Alexander, Anna S21 Dec 19071stD-750
Alexander, Anna S9 Jul 19231stD-10182
Alexander, Anna S12 May 19262ndF-2862
Anderson, Andrew K27 Oct 18861stD-387
Anderson, Christ3 Apr 18941stD-519
Anderson, Ida27 Sep 19191stD-10109
Anderson, Ingver H25 Mar 19192ndF-2697
Anderson, Samuel4 Nov 18921stD-4359
Anderson, Thorsten3 Apr 18881stD-3245
Anderson, Thorvoldur1 Nov 18841stD-2195
Arman, John J2 Apr 18941stD-519
Arman, John J5 Nov 18982ndF-19187
Armann, H H11 Apr 18872ndF-14248
Arnason, Gisli6 Nov 18881stD-3340
Arnason, Halldor12 Feb 18841stD-299
Arnason, Svein22 Feb 18841stD-2104
Arngrimsdotter, Arnfridr3 Dec 18841stD-2226
Arngrimson, Arngrimus31 Oct 18902ndF-16266
Austman, Ellis6 Nov 18881stD-3338
Austman, Ellis30 Jun 18942ndF-17264
Baldvinsson, Gudrun20 May 19041stD-6141
Baldvinsson, Sigvaldi20 May 19041stD-6140
Benedectsson, George30 Sep 18891stD-46
Benedictson, Lily G27 Sep 19191stD-10108
Benedictson, Lily G18 Apr 19222ndF-2793
Benjaminsson, Benedict29 May 18901stD-4149
Benjaminsson, Magnus1 Nov 18942ndF-182
Berg, Paul E1 Nov 19021stD-697
Bergman, John G11 Nov 18841stD-2218
Bergman, John S28 Nov 18831stD-278
Bergmann, Sigfus10 Feb 18831stD-1202
Bjorenson, Kristjan24 Feb 18851stD-2236
Bjornason, Asmundur1 Nov 18861stD-3155
Bjornason, Asmundur1 Nov 18942ndF-17271
Bjornason, Bjani6 Jul 18851stD-2275
Bjornason, Bjarni31 Oct 18902ndF-16263
Bjornason, Margnus1 Nov 19022ndF-2166
Bjornsson, Bjorn10 Dec 19061stD-720
Brandson, Gisli1 Nov 18861stD-3152
Brandsson, Jans26 Nov 18892ndF-13105
Breidsjord, Magnus E21 Jan 18851stD-2234
Christianson, Baldvin5 Nov 18982ndF-19186
Christianson, Baldwin7 Nov 18921stD-4366
Christianson, Christ S22 Aug 18921stD-4281
Christjannson, Tryggvi17 Jun 18921stD-4273
Christjanson, Charl P30 Dec 18982ndF-19232
Dagsson, Bjorni16 Oct 18831stD-260
Dalman, Ingemundur6 Nov 18881stD-3353
Dalman, Ingemundur21 Jun 18942ndF-17249
Dalman, Sigurbjorn29 Oct 18961stD-5263
Danielson, Daniel H31 Oct 18941stD-551
Danielsson, Daniel1 Nov 18841stD-2195
Eggertsson, John30 Sep 18891stD-476
Einarsson, Johann7 Jun 18971stD-5301
Einarsson, Magnus19 Feb 18851stD-2235
Eiriksen, Therlak31 Oct 18841stD-2194
Eiriksen, Therlak31 Oct 18841stD-2194
Eirikson, Samuel1 Nov 18861stD-3155
Eirikson, Samuel1 Nov 18861stD-3155
Erikson, Hinrik3 Apr 18881stD-3245
Erikson, Hinrik3 Apr 18881stD-3245
Eynarsson, Sigurdur3 Apr 18881stD-3250
Fandal, Ingebjorg31 Oct 18941stD-553
Filar, Stanislaw12 Jul 18841stD-2166
Fredricksson, Fredbjorn22 Feb 18841stD-2105
Fredricksson, Fredbjorn3 Nov 18922ndF-16418
Friman, Jacob25 Mar 18981stD-5347
Friman, Jacob31 Oct 19042ndF-2235
Gabrjelson, Olafus23 Jun 18942ndF-17255
Gabsjelson, Olafus6 Nov 18881stD-3354
Gestssen, Gudni6 Nov 18881stD-3334
Gestssen, John27 Oct 18841stD-2191
Gestssen, John1 Nov 18942ndF-17304
Gestssen, Sigurjon29 May 18841stD-2147
Gillis, Gudjon6 Nov 18881stD-3353
Gillson, Stoney3 Nov 18921stD-4332
Gislason, Bjorn1 Nov 18841stD-2196
Gislason, Johnathan A31 May 18831stD-1319
Gislason, Thoravin6 Nov 18881stD-3335
Goodman, Sophus27 Oct 18841stD-2190
Goodman, Thruda2 Jan 18831stD-1198
Goodmundson, John15 May 18831stD-1288
Grimson, Daniel1 Dec 18851stD-2301
Gudjonsson, Aegeir27 Oct 18841stD-2191
Gudjonsson, Halldor29 Oct 18861stD-390
Gudjonsson, Hannes1 Nov 18942ndF-17289
Gudmundsdatter, Ingbjrg30 Mar 18871stD-3174
Gudmundsdatter, Olaf21 Oct 18821stD-1141
Gudmundson, Alexander31 Oct 18902ndF-16210
Gudmundson, David13 Apr 18872ndF-14304
Gudmundson, Gunnar J18 Apr 18951stD-5107
Gudmundson, Sigfus24 Feb 18902ndF-13246
Gudmundsson, Peder S9 Jan 18841stD-291
Gudmundsson, Severt1 Nov 18841stD-2196
Gudmundsson, Severt31 Oct 18902ndF-16211
Gudmundsson, Sofonias29 Oct 18861stD-394
Gudmundsson, Sofonias22 Jun 18942ndF-17253
Gunnarsson, Thordur7 Apr 18861stD-332
Hall, Elisabeth27 Mar 18881stD-3242
Hall, Gudren23 Jun 18821stD-186
Hall, John9 Apr 18871stD-3180
Hall, John1 Nov 18942ndF-17276
Halldorson, Biorn29 Oct 18861stD-392
Halldorson, Halldor14 Feb 18831stD-1204
Halldorsson, Hans E18 Aug 18921stD-4280
Halldorsson, Vigfus25 Oct 18861stD-383
Hallgrimson, Hans1 Nov 18861stD-3157
Hallgrimson, John31 Oct 18902ndF-16259
Hallgrimson, Sig F J25 Feb 18851stD-2237
Hallgrimson, Sigfus J3 Nov 18922ndF-16413
Hallgrimson, Thorstein16 Feb 18821stO6
Hallgrimson, Thorsteinn31 Oct 18902ndF-16262
Hannesdotter, Sigridur9 Mar 18871stD-3169
Hefflde, Sam5 Nov 18891stD-499
Heman, John27 Oct 18841stD-2190
Hjalmarson, Finnbogi22 Jun 18942ndF-17254
Hjalmasson, Eiriker20 Mar 18841stD-2110
Hjlmarsson, Tinnbogi6 Nov 18881stD-3334
Hjortson, John31 Oct 19042ndF-239
Hjortson, John31 Oct 19041stD-6160
Hoggaurd, Christian15 May 18931stD-4389
Howardson, Thora19 Mar 19411stD-1194
Howardson, Thora22 Jul 19442ndF-3326
Johannesarson, Sigurgon17 Aug 18831stD-217
Johanneson, Helgi11 Dec 18831stD-283
Johanneson, Helgi26 Nov 18892ndF-13106
Johannesson, Gudlauger17 Aug 18831stD-218
Johannesson, Halldor17 Aug 18831stD-217
Johannesson, John31 Oct 18941stD-552
Johannesson, John31 Oct 19002ndF-19338
Johnson, Adalsteinn13 Oct 19001stD-616
Johnson, Brynjolfur19 Jun 18831stD-1341
Johnson, Brynjolfur8 Jan 18902ndF-13165
Johnson, Christian G16 Jun 18931stD-4393
Johnson, Christie4 Dec 18841stD-2227
Johnson, Enar H18 Jun 18851stD-2272
Johnson, Hjosten1 Nov 18861stD-3152
Johnson, John F13 Feb 18841stD-2100
Johnson, Johnas1 Nov 18861stD-3154
Johnson, Johnas16 Apr 18872ndF-14328
Johnson, Joseph22 Feb 18861stD-311
Johnson, Magnus5 Nov 18921stD-4362
Johnson, Mathusalem26 May 18841stD-2146
Johnson, Odder3 Nov 18922ndF-16419
Johnson, Oddny H S4 May 19422ndF-3311
Johnson, Oliver25 Oct 18861stD-383
Johnson, S R6 Apr 18861stD-328
Johnsson, Skarphjedinn31 Oct 19002ndF-19339
Johnsson, Skarphjodinn31 Oct 18941stD-552
Johnsson, Thord1 Nov 19021stD-698
Jonasson, August30 Nov 18871stD-3226
Jonasson, August3 Nov 18922ndF-16415
Jonasson, Bjorn1 Nov 19022ndF-2167
Jonasson, Guttormur1 Nov 18942ndF-183
Jonasson, Jonas20 Nov 18831stD-276
Jonasson, Jonas6 Apr 18982ndF-19129
Jonasson, Thorlakar1 Nov 18861stD-3156
Jonson, Christjon26 Oct 18971stD-5322
Jonson, G29 Oct 18861stD-395
Jonsson, Bjorn29 Oct 18861stD-395
Jonsson, Oddur17 Dec 18851stD-32
Jonsson, Sigurbiorn26 Mar 18861stD-321
Josefsson, Bjorn9 Oct 18831stD-256
Kristianson, Severt1 Nov 18942ndF-17305
Kristianson, Syvert29 Oct 18861stD-394
Kristiansson, Gestur4 Apr 18991stD-5414
Kristjanson, Ole29 Mar 18841stD-2109
Kristjanson, Ole1 Nov 18942ndF-17278
Kristjansson, G22 Nov 18821stD-1183
Kristjansson, Johan1 Nov 19022ndF-2161
Kristjansson, Johann20 Jan 19041stD-6134
Laxdal, Sigvrjona21 Jul 18831stD-1363
Lingdal, Gudin E23 Jul 19101stD-92
Magnusdotter, Agatha14 Mar 18961stD-5164
Magnusdotter, Agatha23 Jan 19012ndF-212
Melstad, Albert6 Sep 18841stD-2182
Melsted, Albert6 May 18902ndF-13374
Melsted, Ben M31 Oct 19001stD-645
Melsted, Ben M31 Oct 19002ndF-2013
Michael, Tryggvi O3 Nov 18841stD-2197
Moller, Anton M15 Nov 18831stD-274
Olafson, Gudmunder3 Apr 18881stD-3246
Olafson, Gudmunder31 Oct 18941stD-551
Olafson, Guudmunder28 Jun 18942ndF-17262
Olafson, Kristinn26 Nov 18892ndF-13107
Olafson, Olafun K2 Jul 18982ndF-19134
Olafson, Olafur8 Feb 18841stD-297
Olafson, Thornsteinn26 Oct 18962ndF-18193
Olafson, Thorstein4 Nov 18921stD-4358
Olsen, John24 Mar 18841stD-2113
Osmonder, Margrette17 Nov 18931stD-51
Reikyalin, Josef28 Jul 18881stD-3280
Sakkusson, Gunnloger9 Jan 18841stD-291
Sampson, Jonas24 Feb 18901stD-4121
Samsonson, Fredbjorn6 Mar 18831stD-1216
Samsonson, Fredbjorn8 Dec 18882ndF-14390
Samuelson, Albert6 Jul 18851stD-2275
Samuelson, Albert16 Jun 18922ndF-16374
Scheving, Henry6 Apr 18861stD-326
Sefersten, Rosey24 May 18861stD-345
Sigfusson, Frimann K31 Oct 19001stD-621
Sigfusson, Frimann K31 Oct 19002ndF-19337
Sigfusson, Sigurjon13 Apr 18851stD-2250
Sigfusson, Sveim K1 Dec 18982ndF-19230
Sigfusson, Sveinn3 Dec 18911stD-4227
Sigurdson, Gudmund5 Nov 18921stD-4363
Sigurdson, Job31 Oct 18902ndF-16265
Sigurdson, John31 Oct 18902ndF-16260
Sigurdson, Thomas3 Nov 18922ndF-15449
Sigvaldson, John5 Aug 18931stD-4399
Sigvaldson, John30 Dec 18982ndF-19234
Sigvaldson, Joseph25 Oct 18861stD-384
Sigvaldson, Thorhall25 Oct 18861stD-384
Simundsson, Johannes16 Jan 18841stD-293
Siverson, Olive17 Jul 18831stD-1361
Soldal, John Johnson18 Mar 18851stD-2241
Stefanssen, Joseph J13 Feb 18841stD-2101
Stefansson, Carl6 Apr 18861stD-326
Stefansson, Helgi1 Nov 19021stD-697
Stefausson, Johann4 Nov 18891stD-499
Steinolfesson, Steinolfr15 Jun 18831stD-1335
Stephansson, Armann19 Oct 18861stD-377
Stephensen, Gudbjorg28 Nov 18821stD-1184
Sternsson, Joel13 Oct 18861stD-375
Sveinbjornson, Svein1 Nov 18861stD-3153
Svensson, Thorsten6 Nov 18881stD-3355
Teitson, August1 Nov 18861stD-3154
Teitson, Teitur1 Nov 18861stD-3153
Thorarensen, Thoraren9 Jun 18841stD-2154
Thordarson, Bjorn8 Dec 18841stD-2229
Thorkelson, Hallgerdur3 Dec 19061stD-718
Thorlacius, Eggert29 Oct 18861stD-392
Thorlacius, H29 Oct 18861stD-391
Thorleifson, Thorleifur31 Oct 19001stD-625
Thorleifson, Thorleifur31 Oct 19002ndF-19370
Thorlokson, Goodman2 Apr 18941stD-518
Thorstenson, Sveinn2 Nov 18921stD-4308
Tomssen, Stiven5 Apr 18871stD-3178
Tomsson, Stiven26 Jun 18942ndF-17260
Torfason, Johannes26 May 18841stD-2145
Vatnsdal, Fred G24 Apr 18931stD-4388
Westman, Gulbrander S23 Mar 18851stD-2242
Wiun, Bjorn J21 Jan 18851stD-2234

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Ward County

Arnason, Gunnlaugur10 Apr 19061stD-9163
Bjornson, Fridbjorn F18 Nov 19011stD-3154
Bjornson, Pall F27 Nov 19011stD-3177
Buason, Olavia L5 Jun 19051stD-8123
Byron, Asgeir27 Nov 19011stD-3177
Dolman, Thorlakur14 Jun 19061stD-9281
Hygaard, George27 Jan 19021stD-3243
Isleifson, Edward J3 Sep 19382ndF-4714
Isleifsson, Erlendur J7 Jan 19081stD-13224
Jacobson, John S12 Nov 19181stD-1689
Johnson, Baldvin S18 Nov 19041stD-7217
Johnson, Thorleifor27 Nov 19011stD-3176
Jonsson, Valdimar12 Sep 19292ndF-4280
Olafson, Sigurdur10 Apr 19061stD-9163
Sigmundsson, John26 May 19021stD-475
Sigurdson, A S24 Jan 19021stD-2317
Sigurdson, Triggvi O10 Apr 19061stD-9163
Thomason, Paul29 Mar 19061stD-11193
Thorlackson, Harald2 Jun 19031stD-5246

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Williams County

Sigurdson, Gudrun11 Jul 19071stD-4494

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North Dakota

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