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The Dakota Icelanders Project

Pioneer Icelandic Settlers in Locations Other than Northeast North Dakota

This webpage is under construction and it may be some time before it is completed. The list below indicates what areas will be included. It was decided that the website itself would be put up prior to actual completion of all the segments of the website. The goal is to make people aware of the website; if they find it of interest they can return periodically to see the changes made. Visit the Advance (Avon) Township page for an example of a more complete community webpage.

I would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who finds this of interest, who wishes to participate in The Dakota Icelanders Project, or who has corrections, comments or suggestions regarding the content of the website.

Included in this category will be the settlements in the Mouse River Valley of north central North Dakota, the small settlement near Sherwood, North Dakota, the Brown District of Manitoba, the Roseau area of Minnesota, and several other locations with small numbers of Icelandic pioneer settlers.

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