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Lookup Volunteers and Researchers


If you own resources (surnames/lookup sources) and would be willing to help others via email or US mail, please contact me at and I will list you on this lookup page. It would be wonderful to have many volunteers able to do lookups!

1934 Dunn County Atlas
Pioneers and Their Sons Volumn I by Msgr. George P. Aberle
Pioneers and Their Sons Volumn II by Msgr. George P. Aberle
Dauntless Dunn I - 1970, A History of Dunn County
Dauntless Dunn II - 1989, A History of Dunn County

T.A. Godlevsky
Please put the exact name of the book as the subject line.

Patrice Hartman is a professional researcher who conducts research at the North Dakota State archives, and has access to many resources including the following:
  • All the North Dakota federal and state census records
  • Many of the county and town histories
  • Newspapers
  • Family files in Dunn County from research done on Hanson Mittelstedt Morrell Norred Porkorny Regeth Roschild Sperber Simpson Vetleson and Wisted.
  • Many family files in Stark County as well. Agnew Angell Anton Arnett Awender Baird Balch Barth Beedle Berger Beaudoin Blank Blasy Bleth Bowen Bray Bunning Burger Caldwell Chase, Louis Chase, Louisa Christensen, James Cline Commes Conradson Cooke Cummings Cuskelly Deffert Dobie Dorner Doroschuk Doty Doyle Eades Emmil Essert Fettig Fischer, John Fix Flohr Folz Fothergill Frank Friederich Gawryluk Gehrt Gleason Gordon Gress Gullickson Gunders Haich Hanson Hanson, Tillie Harcourt Harle Harrington Hartung Haydu Hayes Heckel Henderson Herr Hoffman Holt Immel Jennings Jincks Johnstone June Kacalek Kasten Keller/Narum Klinefelter Koch, Sebastian Kralicek Kuntz, Valentine Ladner Landeis Lausch Lawrence Lee Lemke Leng Lenneville Luff Machnicki Magelky Mercer Merry Metcalf Metz Metzger Meyer McDonough Michels Miller Murphy, Harold Nash Nasset Niles Olson, Edward Parks Peterson Pixley Plaggemier Powers Pugh Pulver Quinn Ray Reiner Richardson Ristuben Robbins Rohr Rudiselle Sanderhoff Schuessler Schultz, Peter Schwankl Selinger Sevela Shurtliff Sibley Simpson Slater Spencer Standifird Staples Staudinger Steckler Stewart Stickney Stieg Stoxen Stransky Talbott Tear Torgerson Twist Underhill Underland Waters Webster White Whiton Wokal Young Zahradnik and Zastoupil .

North Dakota Genealogy Lookup Volunteers
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