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Volunteer Look-ups
please note volunteers may ask for fees to cover photocopies, postal charges, etc., so it is not necessarily "free"

Griggs County History - 1879 - 1976 (indexed)
Hannaford Area History - 1889 - 1989 (biographies in alphabetical order)
Jay French
Please note: Jay does not live in Griggs county and cannot do further research.

Vickie Mahnke of Grand Forks, ND kraken42000@yahoo.com is a researcher who is willing to do look ups as follows:

She has the Walsh County Historical books (4 volumes); will visit cemeteries in eastern North Dakota and take photos (if requested); knows how to obtain church information from Aadalen Lutheran, rural Fairdale, North Dakota; has the history books of both Adams and Fairdale, North Dakota. She also has some old postcards that could be copied if requested. She has access to most of the telephone books of North Dakota; western Minnesota; and some of the larger cities, i.e., Sioux Falls, SD; Kansas City, KS; Mpls/St. Paul; Sheboygan, WI; etc.

North Dakota Genealogy Lookup Volunteers -- a webpage directory of genealogy volunteers

Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness -- North Dakota

If you own resources (surnames/lookup sources) and would be willing to help others via email or US mail, please contact the coordinator and you will be added to our list. It would be wonderful to have many volunteers able to do lookups.

Professional Services

Professional Genealogical Research Services
Patrice Hartman patrice@ndsupernet.com is a professional researcher who conducts research at the North Dakota State archives, and has access to many resources including the following:
  • All the North Dakota federal and state census records
  • Many of the county and town histories
  • Newspapers
  • North Dakota State Archives

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