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18 January 09 Added new surnames (Herigstad, Krag) to Surname page.
20 July 08 Added link to "Cooperstown's Main Street - Memories of Rural North Dakota" and added link to "Binford, North Dakota" website on Index Page.
05 July 08 Updated and fixed links on all pages, added link to "Griggs County Courier" and deleted dead link to Cooperstown High School E-mail list on Index Page. Changed Vickie Mahnke email on Look-ups Page to kraken42000@yahoo.com.
20 January 07 Fixed links on Index Page and added link to "welcome to Cooperstown, ND.".
19 January 07 Added Gildesgard and Sivertson to Surname Page.
02 April 06 Corrected Griggs County North Dakota Data Page. History is now Griggs County, not Grand Forks County.

16 July 05 -- Added new surnames (Arestad, Herigstad, Westley, Urness) to Surname page
Checked for broken and outdated links

15 March 05 -- Added new surname (Rusten) to Surname page.

3 March 05 -- Added new surnames (BARFUSS, DAHL, MICHAELIS, TROST) to Surname page.

25 February 05 -- Added article "Schmidt of Hannaford, Griggs, North Dakota" to History page.

5 January 05 -- Added new surname (Larson) to Surname page.

28 October 04 -- Added translation from 'Nordmændene i Amerika' by Martin Ulvestad to Data page

24 October 04 -- Added North Dakota map to Maps page
Checked for broken and outdated links

17 October 04 -- Added new surnames (Dunningham, Rickford) to Surname page.

6 August 04 -- Checked for broken and outdated links

2 August 04 -- Added on the Census Resources:
North Dakota Federal and Territorial Censuses

Added on the History Resources:
North Dakota Chronology

Added on the State Resources page:
NDSU Germans from Russia Heritage Collection

31 July 04 -- Changed website design.
Added Reunions page.

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