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Date:   Wed Jan  2 10:35:34 2008
name:   Georgia Avery

births in 1950
surname 1: anderson
surname 2: halverson
surname 3: prolow

CHASE, Homer Benton and Reda

Name: Jim McBride


Date: 3 Nov 2006

I'm looking for information on Homer Benton Chase, his wife Reda, and any dec. He lived in Charbonneau around 1917. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

GRIGNON, Angus Eugene

Name: Roy Carr, Jr.


Date: 20 May 2007

If you have any information whatsoever concerning Angus Eugene Grignon
who lived on and off, in or around Elidah between 1912 and 1936 or
perhaps later, please email me at   We would also
appreciate any information concerning Maud(e) Grignon/Waite/Olson; Alma
Waite/Olson; Claud(e) Waite; George Throop; Crystal Raze Grignon;
Gertrude Waite/Voight, and James Raze.
Thank you so very, very much.
Roy surname 1: GRIGNON surname 2: WAITE surname 3: THROOP surname 4: RAZE
surname 5: OLSON

Heisler, William Grant

Name: Cher Ramsden


Date: 4 Mar 2007

I am looking for any information on William Grant Heisler and the possible marriage to a Catherine Unknown.  He was the Post master at Cathmere when it was est. May 12, 1914.  He left for Ca. in 1920.  Mr. Heisler was said to have stated he never married but there is a story that he named Cathmere after his wife Catherine.  His father was William Heisler and the family had moved from Arizona Territory after the turn of the century.  Thank you.

Date: 14 Nov 2006
Name: Carol Carreau

My grandmother taught in a one room school in Watford City. I'm told she
served in the N.D congress. Her name: Pearl Evans
She married a young surveyor... William Janson
He went west to count wolves in Yellowstone for T. Roosevelt... afterward
helped draw state lines. He met Pearl in Watford City, married her and
had 5 children there. Her poor health forced the family to move to a
gentler climate. Do you have any records.

Surnames:      janson, william

                        janson, pearl

                        evans, pearl

                        janson, leonard gardner

Kokkin, Martin

Date:   Tue Feb 26 09:26:27 2008

Name:   Carol Harper


Martin Kokkin in 1914 homesteaded land in twp 154 N, range 97 W, sections
34 and 35 in McKenzie County according to Bureau of Land Management
records. Was this Marius Kokkin born in 1882 in Aasnes, Norway? If it is,
he may fit  into a family I'm researching.
Bernhardt Kokkin and Albert Kokkin were in township 149, range 102,
section 19. Their sister Emma Kokkin and her husband Frank Rozelle were
in township 155 N, range 96 W, section 7. Information about Emma and
Frank Rozelle is from the June 21, 1917 issue of the Ray Pioneer
newspaper in addition to BLM records.
They had cousins Marius, born in 1882; Svend, born in 1879; and Peter,
born in 1874, who came to the United States and I'm trying to find them.
I do not know if they used Kokkin, Olsen or Pedersen for a last name.
Einar Olsen Kokkin (brother of Marius, Svend and Peter) was in the U.S.
but returned to Norway. They were sons of Ole Pedersen, born in 1848, who
came to the U.S. Their mother, Anne Marie Einersdatter Kokkin, born in
1849, stayed in Norway.
Because Bennie, Albert and Emma Kokkin were in that part of North Dakota,
I'm wondering if this Martin Kokkin in twp 154 N is their cousin.
Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance.

surname: KOKKIN

Nonne, Michael and Haugen, Selma

Date:   Sat Dec 22 12:58:56 2007
name:   Debbie

I am searching for a marriage record for a Michael NONNE and a Selma
HAUGEN, probably married about 1917-1919 or later near Charbonneau,
McKenzie County, ND.
Does anyone have any access to the county records in McKenzie County that
could do a lookup for me?
Thanks for any help!

surname 1: NONNE

surname 2:  HAUGEN

Norby, Harold D

Date: 19 Feb 2007

Name: Pieter Lenting


I adopted a grave at the American Cemetry in Margaten in the Netherlands. The grave belongs to Harold D Norby who was born in Mc Kenzie county in 1926. Mr Norby was a soldier of the 194th gli infantry regiment of the 17th airborne division and died at 04-28-1944 in Germany. I'm looking for all kinds of info as exact date of birth, relatives, foto's and so on. Maybe someone can help me.

Sincerely, Pieter Lenting


(follow-up note: Mr. Lenting was put in contact with the extended family of Mr. Norby.)


Skjei, Ann W.

Date: 14 Sep 2007

Name: Karen Skjei


I am trying to find an online map showing the tracts and names  of
property owners in McKenzie and Williams county as my mother, Ann W.
Skjei, owns some land there. Our land manager has a big atlas showing
these. Thank you!

Surnames: Skjei

Trotter, Lee (Francis Leighton) and Margaret

Date: 13 Feb 2007


Looking for information about Lee Trotter (Francis Leighton) and Margaret Trotter they lived along the little Missouri.  Lee started a Post Office at Trotters N. D. in the early 1900's  He past away 1908 I would like to know where he was buried.

Wakefield, Frederick

Date: 8 Jan 2007

Name: Vivian Merkel


Looking for any information about the Wakefield family-I believe the father's name was Roderick. A son, Frederick(Fredrick)
transferred to the Watford City high school as a senior in 1944. They came from Washburn,


McKenzie County