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GLASER-This was a rural post office authorized, and rescinded, on three accasions.  It was first authorized July 14, 1906 with Lenora K. Glasser as pm, and rescinded November 6, 1906.  She was reappointed pm January 6, 1907, and on February 6, 1907 a new order appeared, but listing John K. Glasser as pm. Both of these orders were rescinded May 24, 1907.  The reasons for these actions and the location of the post office remains unknown.

GOODALL-This was a rural post office established October 6, 1902 with Carrie E. Goodall as pm.  It was located on the W. J. Goodall ranch in NW1/4 Sec. 10-152-93, River View Twp., opposite Sanish, moved two miles west to NW1/4 Sec. 8-152-93 in 1909, and closed September 15, 1916 with mail to Sanish.

GRANT-This was a rural post offiice establishedd December 4, 1911 with Charles. W. Dean pm.  It was located  in SE1/4 Sec 34-150-104, Yellowstone Twp., seven miles SSW of Cartwright, and closed November 30, 1912 with mail to Fairview, MT. After the name Horse Creek was rejected, it was named for DW Grant, a NPRR official involved with the construction of the mainline westward from Mandan in 1879.  Grant is a Latin name meaning great.

GRASSY BUTTE-This rural community was founded about 1910 in NW1/4 Sec. 12-145-99, Rhoades Twp, thirty five miles south of Watford City, and named to note the nearby butte which was named to note the fact that is was the only butte in the area that was not bare of vegetation.  The post office was establised in a sod house on September 10, 1913 with Donald McKenzie pm.  He and James Warren operated it from this building until 1964.  The Zip  Code is 58634, and the population has been quoted as about 100 since its founding, although that figure includes some outlying areas.

GREEN-This was a farm post office established March 26, 1907 with Charles Green pm.  It was located in SE1/4 Sec 1-151-102, Charbon Twp., six miles NNW  of Alexander on the bank of Timber Creek.  The post office was discontinued November 15, 1907 with mail to Alexander.