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From 'Nordm�ndene i Amerika' by Martin Ulvestad, 1907

Morton County
A. J. Jonsen, H. Bensen� and S. Bensen� from Spangereid, B. Romsland from Lyngdal and T. Stentland from S�ndre Aurland, were the first Norwegians in this county. They settled in the area of Mandan in 1881. They began with wheat and cattle raising.
The Lutheran congregation, that was established at Mandan in the middle of the 80s and at that time belonged to The Norwegian Synod, was the first Norwegian congregation in the county. Its first priest was O. J. Norby. In 1891, that congregation built a church - the first Norwegian church in the county. There are now 2 churches and 3 congregations, all belonging to The United Church.
Andrew O. Mork was the first Norwegian to hold public office. He was elected Court Clerk in 1894.
Fred Holritz was the first and, until now, the only Norwegian who represented Morton County in the State Legislature.

Following some names there is a � which means that in 1907 that person was deceased.

Translated by, and posted with permission of, Olaf Kringhaug
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