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I.        MEETINGS

1.      The Genealogy Society Meeting will be conducted in accordance with the Society’s purpose as directed in the Constitution, ARTICLE I, Section 4.

A.     The Genealogy Society Meeting will be held on the first Saturday of each month at 1:00 PM at the Minot Public Library, unless changed by a decision of the membership.

B.     The Genealogical Society Meeting main purpose is to share personal research to find your ancestors with other members, update committee chairperson’s on the status of each committee, provide Genealogy classes - beginning and advanced, provide online resources on how to use the internet for research, read the Executive Meeting Minutes in brief, solicit volunteers for new projects, have lunch and socialize.  Basically have fun.


2.   The Executive Planning Meeting plans, organizes, and executes all society functions.

A.     All regular business will be conducted in Executive Planning Meeting.

B.     Executive Planning Meeting will be held between Genealogy Society Meetings or at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

A.     A quorum of 2/3 of members present at the Executive Planning Meeting must be present to expend Society financial business in amounts less than one hundred dollars.  When the amount of Society monies exceeds this amount, a vote at the Genealogy Society meeting is required to expend Society funds.


I.        Duties of the Officers

A.     President

1.         The President will be the authorized leader of the Society and will preside at all the meetings of the Society and executive board.

2.         The president will, appoint all committee chairpersons of the standing committees, with the approval of the executive board.

3.         The President shall be responsible for ensuring all officers and committees’ function in their respective duties.

4.         The President shall stimulate in every possible way the interest and effort of each member for the advancement of the objectives of the Mouse River Loop Genealogical Society.


  1. Vice President

1.         The Vice President shall perform the duties and responsibilities of the President in the President’s absence.

2.         The Vice President shall serve as the chairperson of the program committee.

3.         In the absence of the Treasurer, the Vice President shall receive payments and give receipts for dues and other monies.


  1. Corresponding Secretary

1.         The Corresponding Secretary (CS) shall conduct all general society correspondence.

2.         The CS. shall keep a copy of the Society’s correspondence on file and the accessible to the membership at all times.

3.         The CS. shall keep the local Chamber of Commerce informed of the current President’s name and address, those people who do genealogical research and all subsequent changes.

4.         The CS. shall maintain an accurate list of officers, committee chairpersons, and committee members.

5.         The CS. shall record the minutes of the meeting in the absence of the recording secretary


D.     Recording Secretary

1.         The Recording Secretary (RS.) shall keep an accurate record of the proceedings of all Executive Board and Society meetings.

2.         The RS. shall retain in permanent records the Constitution, the By-Laws, and any other records deemed appropriate by the society.

3.         The RS. shall preside at Society and Executive Board meetings in the absence of the President and Vice President


E.      Treasurer

1.         The Treasurer will have custody of the funds of the Society.

2.         The Treasurer will be responsible for all monies collected, for depositing all Society monies, and for collecting dues.

3.         The Treasurer will keep accounting records showing all cash receipts and disbursements.

4.         The Treasurer will reconcile the Society’s checking account.

5.         The treasurer will notify members in writing or by telephone 30 days after Jan. 1st, if dues have not been paid, that they will be dropped in 15 days from the membership rolls.

6.         The Treasurer will submit to the auditing committee the records, before the election of new officers.

7.         The Treasurer will keep an inventory of the Society’s property.


II.     Committees

A.     General Responsibilities

1.         Committee chairpersons will be appointed at the first meeting of the newly elected Board of Directors.

2.         All members shall serve on a committee.

3.         All appointments shall be for one year.

B.     Program Committee

1.         Plans educational programs and social events for the Society i.e.; guest speakers, workshops, etc.

2.         Introduce guest speakers and/or programs

3.         Send program changes to the Public Relations Committee as soon as possible.

4.         Give a list of programs, three months in advance to the President, Hospitality Committee, and Public Relations Committee.

C.     Ways and Means Committee

1.         Investigate fund-raising projects, which will raise sufficient funds for the Society’s projects and other approved expenditures.

2.         Fund raising projects should be limited to one or two major efforts a year, if possible.

3.         Present their recommendations on all fund raising projects for approval of the general membership.

  1. Public Relations (Publicity) Committee

1.         Inform newspapers and other media of meeting places and dates.

2.         Inform newspapers and other media of upcoming events, workshops, ways and means projects, and special events.

E.      Hospitality Committee

1.         Will be in charge of lunch arrangements, refreshments, and notify volunteers one week in advance of meetings.

2.         Greet new members and guests.

3.         Send cards of condolence, congratulation, thank you, and other appropriate events to the Society members and guest speakers.

4.         Should obtain a list of programs from the Program Committee.

  1. Editorial Committee

1.         Put together and publish the Record of the Society four times a year.

2.         Bring to the membership ideas for books and microfilm, which may be educational.

3.         The Editorial Committee will consist of four members rotating one member off and 1 new member on each year.

G.     Membership and Circulation Committee

1.         Maintain current mailing list of the members and exchange list.

2.         At least one membership promotion a year will be conducted.

3.         Mail and distribute the Record of the Society.

H.     Archives Committee

1.         Present recommendations for collection projects.

2.         Maintain a history of the Society, noting the Society’s achievements, special events and projects, etc.

I.        Queries Committee

1.         Keep on file all queries and their answers.

J.       Budget Committee

1.         Made up the Executive Board, elected officers, and committee chairpersons.

2.         Tentative budget should be submitted to the membership for approval at the February Meeting.



            Special Committee



            Programs and Public Relations Committee



            Archives Committee



            Hospitality and Queries Committees



            Publications, Membership and Ways and Means Committees



            Bryan & Calina Clarkson, John Mogren, Sam Kampman


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