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Renville County Queries

This page is for those people who are looking for ancestors who resided in Renville County at some time. You submit a query and it will be posted at the bottom of this page.

Names posted so far:

Anderson John
Appledorn, Bertes
Appledorn, Conrad
Appledorn, Harry
Appledorn, John
Axness, Julius or Juels
Baker, Albert F.
Billson, Thomas
Botner, Edward
Baetzer, Julius and Kate
Brennan, Julia A.
Bruun, Carl Marinus
Bunderson, Sigrid
Burwell, Matthew Dale
Christopher, George
Clementich, Wilhelmena
Cole, Burkley
Corbin, Eugene
Detlor, Elsie Huffnail
Eggen, Peder
Eng, John
Ehrich, Della Rose
Emmel, Levi and August
Fredrickson, Fred
Gerlinger, George
Gerlinger, Joseph
Gibbs, Muriel
Handy, Ole Pederson
Haskins, Frank Nelson
Henshaw, Carl and Ella Mae
Hill, Francis Marion
Hutson, Alva L
Jansen, Hans
Johansson Loftman, Daniel
Johnson, Aaron
Johnson, Ellen
Johnson, Rueben
Kahler, George
Kinsella, John Henry
Knutson, Nora
Krueger, John
Larson, Andrew
Larson, Anna
Lauder, Douglas Charles
Loftman, Daniel
Mayer, Matthias
Mahnke, Jesse
McEwen, John
McFarlane, Lee Henry
McGrady, John
McNAMARA, Joseph Ann
Miller, Bryan
Morgan, Frank H
Morris, John William
Naegeli, Edward
Nelson, Berne Otto
Nelson(Nilson), Emrick
O'Brien, John and Susan
O'Brien, Michael
O'Dell, Alta May
Ostenberg, Wilhemena
Parsley, Michael and Anna
Pasch , Christian
Peterson,Theodore Flaadhus
Presky, Neva Marean
Pulvermacher, Jess
Purcell, Orphie
Purdy, George
Renville, Marie Josephine
Robinson, Blanche Rogers
Robinson, William J.
Roe, John E
Rudberg, Nellie Sophie
Shong, Ray
Shores, Alexander
Short, Josie
Smith, Lewis A
Sorenson, S. A.
Star Hotel
Stewart, James A.
Storing, Charles
Torgerson, Hans
Walstad/Walstead, John F
Walsted, Hans and Ragnild
Wichmann, Andrew and Elizabeth
Wilcox, Clarence
Winter, Alden Horace
Zietz, Samuel

Please confine your queries to Renville County information.

Remember, you are looking for speific information. If you ask for specific information you are more likely to get something in return. If you ask very general type questions you are not very likely to get a response. If you get a response, please send me a note letting me know so I can remove your query.

Good Luck!

Please send your queeries in an email message. The forms page no longer works on the new server. Thank you.

Please direct all e-mail to "jstaf12 at" John Stafney
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