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Renville County Township Map

The small green numbers represent the townships.

no 1 is Eden Valley,
no 2 is Colouhoun,
no 3 is Prosperity,
no 4 is Stafford
no 5 is Hurley,
no 6 is Hamerly,
no 7 is Grover,
no 8 is Rockford
no 9 is Brandon,
no 10 is Hamlet,
no 11 is McKinney,
no 12 is Fairbanks
no 13 is Clay,
no 14 is Grassland,
no 15 is Roosevelt,
no 16 is Lockwood
no 17 is Callahan,
no 18 is Ivanhoe,
no 19 is Prescott,
no 20 is Ension
no 21 is Van Buren,
no 22 is Muskego,
no 23 is Plain,
no 24 is White Ash


The small black boxes represent towns. Below is the number of the township in which each town is located.

no 2 is Sherwood,
no 5 is Lorain,
no 9 is Mohall
no 11 is Tolley,
no 14 is Green,
no 17 is Grano,
no 20 is Glenburn

The Mouse River is the blue line through the county and the red line is state highway no 5.