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WPA Pioneer Biographies from Stutsman County

The Works Progress Administration writers were used by the State Historical Society of North Dakota to carry out a Historical Data Project. They sought out living Pioneers in the years 1936-1940 and interviewed them to construct biographies. Those biographies have been microfilmed and contain historical and genealogical information on the pioneers, their parents, and children. The list that follows notes those files that were kept on Stutsman County pioneers.

The files contain the questionaires used, often maps showing where they lived and their neighbors, often pictures and newspaper articles, and several or more pages of biography on the pioneer and or his family. Sometimes the biographies were hand written by the pioneer, then typed by the WPA writer. A few contain 25-30 pages of biography.

You may obtain copies of these files in several ways. The State Historical Society of North Dakota, 612 East Blvd Ave, Bismarck, ND 58505-0830,, advertises they will copy the indexed files for $5 plus 20 cents a page, and mailing expenses. If the pages to be copied number more than 25, the Society makes a $25 hourly fee charge in addition to copy costs. Contact the Society to make arrangements.

If you were in the Society reading room in the Heritage Center at Bismarck, you could check out the film and make your own copies for 25 cents a page.

You could order the film by interlibrary loan through your own library, and copy them in your library. The Society has an ILL charge of $1 per roll in state, and $2 per roll out of state.

name            given              address           film no.

ABERT         STEVE            Fried Twp      30529-roll26
ABERT         VINCENT          Jamestown      30529-roll26
ALLEN         HELEN J.         Jamestown      30529-roll26
ALLEN         OLIVER T.        Pasadena, CA   30529-roll26
ANGLE         WILLIAM ROBERT   Eldridge, ND?  30529-roll26
BAENEN        ANTON            Jamestown, ND  30529-roll26
BECK          LENA (MS MORRIS  Jamestown, ND  30529-roll26
BENNETT       OLIVER           Jamestown      30529-roll26
BJELLAND      OSCAR            Jamestown, ND  30529-roll26
BLEWETT       PIERCE           Jamestown, ND  30529-roll26
BOWE          HERMAN A.        Jamestown, ND  30529-roll26
BOWE          MRS. CHRISTINE   148-66         30529-roll26
BRADLEY       NELSON           Jamestown?     30529-roll26
BRADSTRUPT    ADOLPH           Sharlow Twp    30529-roll26
BROUGHTON     HARRIET COOPER   Jamestown, ND  30529-roll26
BROWN         FRANK            Sharlow Twp    30529-roll26
BUCKLEY       CORNELIUS        Jamestown, ND  30529-roll26
BUCKWALTER    JOHN HENRY       Moonlake Twp?  30529-roll26
CADIEUX       EMMA SMITH       Jamestown      30529-roll26
CADIEUX       LOUIS            Jamestown      30529-roll26
CHENERY       JENNIE M. KELLY  Jamestown      30529-roll26
CHENERY       OSCAR ST. CLAIR  Jamestown      30529-roll26
CLARK         ERNEST EUGENE    Fried Twp      30529-roll26
CLEMENS       FERDINAND J.     Lenton Twp     30529-roll26
CLEMENS       WILHELM          Jamestown      30529-roll26
COOPER        HARRY            Weld Twp       30529-roll26
DAVIDSON      JOHN             Spiritwood     30529-roll26
DAVIS         ELIZABTH HORNBY  Jamestown      30529-roll26
DE LAIR       FRANK            Jamestown      30529-roll26
DE PUY        RICHARD J. MD    Jamestown      30529-roll26
FARLEY        MARY MC CANN     Jamestown      30529-roll26
FEICKERT      GOTTLIEB         Jamestown      30529-roll26
FEMRITE       JOE P.           Jamestown      30529-roll26
FISK          HENRY            Valley City    30529-roll26
FREY          CHARLES          Bloom Twp      30529-roll26
FRIED         ANTON            Wimbledon      30529-roll26
GAME          MS GEO. SOPHIA   Jamestown      30529-roll26
GATES         MARG. FLANNIGAN  Jamestown      30529-roll26
GLASPELL      MRS. KATE        Jamestown      30529-roll26
GLASPELL      SAMUEL LYTER     Jamestown      30529-roll26
GOODRICH      JOHN WILLIAM     Midway Twp     30529-roll26
GRAY          JOSEPHINE M. B.  Jamestown      30529-roll26
GUYMER        WILLIAM          Jamestown      30529-roll26
HALSTEAD      ALBERT MARTIN    Jamestown      30529-roll26
HAMBLY        MRS. GEORGE      Spiritwood     30529-roll26
HAMM          RUDOLPH H.       Jamestown      30529-roll26
HAYES         NORA             Jamestown      30529-roll26
HENNIG        ALBERT           Valley City    30529-roll26
HEPPERLE      FATHER GEORGE    Jamestown      30529-roll26
HODGE         WILBUR S.        Jamestown?     30529-roll26
HOFFMAN       ANNA ANDERSON    Jamestown      30529-roll26
HOHENHAUS     FRED             Eldridge, ND   30529-roll26
JOHNSON       HANNAH HOLMBERG  Jamestown      30529-roll26
KARCHER       JENNIE ELSIE     Jamestown      30529-roll26
KELLEY        ADELLA BALDWIN   Jamestown      30529-roll26
KELLEY        ARTHUR W.        Jamestown      30529-roll26
KELLEY        HORATIO          Jamestown      30529-roll26
KLAUS         C. A.            Jamestown      30529-roll26
KNEEBONE      JOHN             rural Stutsman 30529-roll27
KOEHN         AGUUSTA (ELL)    Jamestown      30529-roll26
KOEHN         FERDINAND J.     Jamestown      30529-roll26
KURTH         CHARLES          Jamestown      30529-roll27
LARSON        CAROLINE P.      Courtenay?     30529-roll27
LATTA         JOHN JAMES       Jamestown      30529-roll27
LEISCH        AUGUST           Buchanan, ND   30529-roll27
LENTON        WILLIAM FREEMAN  Lenton Twp     30529-roll27
LOOMIS        VEANNA BUTTS     Jamestown      30529-roll27
MACKEN        HARRY            Streeter       30529-roll27
MADDEN        THOMAS           Ypsilanti, ND  30529-roll27
MAHONEY       CHARLES L. SR.   Spiritwood, ND 30529-roll27
MASON         MARY FLANNIGAN   Jamestown      30529-roll27
MASON         PHILLIP          Jamestown      30529-roll27
MC DONALD     DR. GEORGE T.    Jamestown      30529-roll27
MC GILLIVRARY JAMES E.         Eldridge Twp   30529-roll27
MC KENZIE     GEORGE B.        Jamestown      30529-roll27
MILLER        CELIA DURUPT     Jamestown      30529-roll27
MILLER        GERTRUDE         Jamestown      30529-roll27
MITCHELL      CHARLES L.       Jamestown      30529-roll27
MITCHELL      DAVID B.         Jamestown      30529-roll27
MITCHELL      MRS. JENNIE      Jamestown      30529-roll27
MORAN         JOHN             Spiritwood     30529-roll27
MUTZ          THERESA          nr Fried, ND   30529-roll27
NASHOLD       JOHN JAY         Jamestown      30529-roll27
NELSON        LARS             Courtenay      30529-roll27
NICHOLS       FRED             Montpelier     30529-roll27
NICHOLS       MRS JOSEPHINE    nr Jamestown   30529-roll27
NIEDECKEN     PETER JOSEPH     Jamestown      30529-roll27
O'DONNELL     THOMAS           Jamestown      30529-roll27
O'HEARN       ARTHUR           Jamestown      30529-roll27
O'LEARY       JOSEPH P.        Carrington     30529-roll27
PALVER        MRS.             SE of Jamstown 30529-roll27
PEDERSON      JENNIE DE GEER   Jamestown      30529-roll27
PETTEY        ADELAIDE MRS.    Jamestown      30529-roll27
PETTEY        MICHAEL S.       Jamestown      30529-roll27
PIERSON       CORNELIA         Jamestown      30529-roll27
POSEY         JAMES DAVID      Courtenay      30529-roll27
PULVER        FLOYD C.         Jamestown      30529-roll27
RAND          DE WITT CLINTON  Jamestown      30529-roll27
RINGUETTE     WILLIAM          Jamestown      30529-roll27
RISK          JOHN A.          Jamestown      30529-roll27
ROSS          JULIA WILLIAMSN  Jamestown      30529-roll27
SCHMIDT       PROF CHARLES C.  Grand Forks    30529-roll27
SCHMUHL       JOSEPH FREDERCK  Jamestown      30529-roll27
SCHOLLANDER   ALFRED           Montpelier     30529-roll27
SEEKINS       ALONZO DE WITT   Jamestown      30529-roll27
SEILER        OSCAR J.         Jamestown/ CA  30529-roll27
SHEPHERD      WILLIAM P.       Jamestown      30529-roll27
SHERMAN       WILLIAM          Jamestown      30529-roll27
SHOCKEY       KATIE F.         Jamestown      30529-roll27
SIDMORE       JOHN             Towner, ND     30529-roll27
SINCLAIR      MALCOLM          Cleveland      30529-roll27
SKROCH        FRANK            nr Kensal      30529-roll27
SMITH         ADDISON J.       Wells Co.      30529-roll27
SPANGLER      GEORGE           Eldridge       30529-roll27
STEEL         ALFRED & AGNES   Jamestown      30529-roll27
STRONG        E. E.            nr Pingree     30529-roll27
TABER         HENRY M.         Jamestown      30529-roll27
TOMPKINS      MELISSA RICHRDS  Jamestown      30529-roll27
TOWLE         RESCOM & MARY    Ypsilanti      30529-roll27
TUNSTALL      JOHN J.          Jamestown      30529-roll27
WALKER        MRS. SADIE       Fargo          30529-roll27
WALSH         AMBROSE DAIR     Jamestown      30529-roll27
WANNER        ANNA LYDIA SCOTT Jamestown      30529-roll27
WARREN        MINA             Jamestown      30529-roll27
WATERMAN      WILLIAM          Jamestown      30529-roll27
WEBER         CHARLES RUDIO    Jamestown      30529-roll27
WIESE         THEODORE GUST.   nr Jamestown   30529-roll27
WILSON        WILLIAM P.       Grand Forks    30529-roll27
WITHNELL      WILLIAM          Jamestown      30529-roll27
WOLFER        FRED             Jamestown      30529-roll27
WOOD          DAVID C.         Jamestown      30529-roll27
WOOD          EMMA (SWIFT)     Jamestown      30529-roll27
YETTERDAHL    MRS.             Jamestown      30529-roll27
ZACHER        BENJAMIN         Jamestown      30529-roll27