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 Burlington Township
T155N X R84W Latitude = 48-13-44 N
Longitude = 101-30-51 W

Towns / Cities
All Information from the Book "North Dakota Place Names" by Douglas A Wick



First known as COLTON, the first post office in Ward County was established here February 26, 1884 as BURLINGTON with James Johnson (1850-1932), the son-in-law of town site founder Joseph L. Colton, as Post Master. It is located in E1/2 Section 2-155-84, Burlington Township, and was named for Burlington, Iowa, hometown of Frank Hatton, the Assistant Postmaster General at the time. The Iowa city was named for Burlington, Vermont, which was named for either Richard Boyle (1695-1753) or John Boyle (1707-1763), the 3rd and 4th Earls of Burlington, by their relative, Governor Benning Wentworth of New Hampshire.

As the only town in Ward County, BURLINGTON was named county seat in 1885, but lost that honor to Minot in 1888.The elevation is 1590, the Zip Code is 58722, and the village, which did not incorporate until 1957, maintained a population of about 200 for decades, but recent outgrowth from Minot has swelled the count to a peak of 761 in 1980


This was a Soo Line Railroad Loading station in SW1/4 Section 12-155-84, Burlington Township, one mile south of Burlington, serving the Davis Coal Company, which later became the Northern Briquetting Company. L.M. Davis established the first coal mine in the area in 1893. The station appeared on maps circa 1910-1920.

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School #2          Section 27  


Burlington Cemetery        Section 2

Burlington Township Cemetery
(Roach Cemetery) SE 1/4 Section 14

Unnamed Burlington Township Cemetery        Section 18

Unnamed Burlington Township Cemetery
SE 1/4 Section 18 - T155N - 84W





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Burlington House 1884 First house 1883

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Jim & Carolyn Johnson's Memories of Burlington

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