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Burt Township
T154N X R84W
Township Map
Latitude 40-09-14 N
Longitude 101-30-53 W
Township Information and map are from the book "People of the Prairie"
By the people of the South Prairie area.

   Settlement first started in what became Burt township in 1885, which makes it the oldest settled area on South Prairie.
   Burt township became an organized township on June 15, 1904. Ward County conducted a meeting in Norman school, located in the southeast corner of section 16. The group elected H.J. Herzog to chair the meeting. The following officers were elected: Reuben Prouse - Chairman, John Wilson - Supervisor, Ed Kivley - Supervisor, Knute Holum - Supervisor, H.J. Herzog - Clerk.
   It is interesting to note that two telephone companies were granted franchise to furnish telephone service to the township, Minot in 1901 and Berthold in 1912, before the Farmers Telephone Company made use of their franchise and built the lines in 1914.

Towns / Cities
All Information from the Book "North Dakota Place Names" by Douglas A Wick


This was a rural post office established January 16, 1906 with John Drady (1852-1932) Post Master. He came here in 1901 from Moorhead, MN to open a general store in Section 13-154-84, Burt township, twelve miles SW of Minot, and ran the business until retiring in 1929. Iver Monshaugen then operated the post office in NE1/4 Section 23-154-83, Afton Township, until it closed May 31, 1934 with mail to Minot. Brady is an erroneous spelling.


This was a farm post office established September 16, 1902 with Henry P. Rygmyr Post master. It was located in NE1/4 Section 26-154-84, Burt Township, twelve miles SW of Minot. Caithness is a northern county in Scotland but the name of the post office is said to honor Beth Caithness Stephenson, a stenographer in Minot. The post office closed June 15, 1903 with mail to Minot.

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Burt School district was organized in Burt Township in 1907. The first term was from April1 to June 24 and Margie F. Herzog was the teacher. There were 18 pupils. E.G. Warren was the county superintendent.

The second one-room school started in 1909. Josephine Underdahl was the teacher for a seven-month term.

Drady School became a consolidated school in 1912. Rural school number two was moved to the school number one location and the two were joined with a cloak room and entry. A teacherage was built on the west side of the upper grade room. Horse drawn buses hauled the children from all parts of the township.

School #1  Section 16  


Gethsemane Scandinavian Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery       SE 1/4 Section 14



Gethsemane Lutheran Church
From the book "People of the Prairie"

   At a service at Somer's Schoolhouse near Drady, March 14, 1909, a number of people, interested in a Lutheran church for the community met with Rev. E.I. Synnes for worship. After the service ten families signed a request for such a church. At a later meeting, April 4, 1909, Gethesmane Scandinavisk Ev. Lutheran Congregation was organized with twelve families as charter members. The constitution of the United Lutheran Synod was adopted and the following were elected as the first officers.
   Trustee - L.K. Larson, Knute Holum, and John Flom, with Tom Drady as secretary. Rev. E.I. Synnes was to be the pastor.
   in January 1912 a committee was elected to seek a place for the church and cemetery. The committee decided to accept the gift of a two-acre plot from the Wilson farm as a permanent location for the church and cemetery. At a meeting February 4, 1914, it was decided to build a church.
(There are many more details in the book mentioned above)



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