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Carpio Township
T157N X R86W Latitude = 48-22-27 N
Longitude = 101-47-16 W

Founded in 1896 when the Soo Line was being constructed diagonally through the county

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All Information from the Book "North Dakota Place Names" by Douglas A Wick


This Soo Line Rail Road station was founded in 1896 in NE1/4 Section 12-157-86, Carpio Township, and has grown into parts of three adjacent sections. The post office was established July 7, 1898 with Austen E. Kjontvedt post master. The elevation is 1696, the Zip Code is 58725, and the village, which incorporated in 1906, reached a peak population of 344 in 1930. Many theories exist concerning the origin of the name, the most well known being the folklore version about the first post office being housed in a box car, quite literally a "Car P.O." Some say Mrs. Pennington, the wife of a Soo Line official, named it for a Spanish novel of this name, which means tents. Others say it was named for Carpio de Vega, a Spanish poet, while still others say it was named for Bernardo del Carpio, a Spanish explorer.


This was a Great Northern Rail Road townsite in NE1/4 Section 30-157-86, Carpio Township, seven miles NW of Berthold. The post office was established March 23, 1908 with Mons J. Hoff Post Master. Local resident Martin D. Johnson chose the name for his birthplace, Hartland Township, Worth County, IA, which was named for Hartland, Vermont, which was founded in 1761 as Hertford, but was changed to Hartland in 1782 to avoid confusion with nearby Hartford. The new name was suggested by settlers from Hartland, Connecticut, which was in Hartford County. The Connecticut town was named for Hartland, Devonshire, England, and the name means stag island town. Ward County folklore says that the name was meant to show the town as the heart of the area. The elevation is 2091, and the peak population of 150 was claimed in 1920, but by 1940 the population was less than 100. The post office closed May 6, 1966 with mail to Carpio.

Business History



School #1  Section 11



Nazareth Lutheran Cemetery

Johnson Cemetery   Section 9
First Lutheran Cemetery
NW 1/4 Section 1
West Prairie Cemetery
SW1/4 Section 9-157-86   1/2/1932
3 1/2 miles West of Carpio, ND
Des Lacs Valley Cemetery
Section 1-157-86    1/28/1932
Norwegian Lutheran Church


Carpio Lutheran Church
PO Box 129
Carpio, ND
Des Lacs Valley Norwegian Lutheran Church



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