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Gasman Township
T152N R83W
Township Map
Latitude = 47-58-31 N
Longitude = 101-17-50 W
Township Information and map are from the book "People of the Prairie"
By the people of the South Prairie area.

   The first petition to organize a new township was filed January 31, 1914, and was signed by the following: John Schaufuss, Thomas Doherty, Ray Horine, Bert Updike, Emil Schaufuss, Roy Pettys, Ernest Townsend, Ole Soum, J.N. Horine, B.R. Seney, Ray Irwin, Robert Just, C.A. Nelson, Knut Holum, E.A. Moore, C.O. Gasmann, B.L. Johnson, Thorwald Larson, H.P. Erickson, George Gregerson, H.J. Mollenhauer, William Peasley, William Smith, Carl Helgeson, Andrew Gregerson, Ole Haugeberg, A.A. Martin, Frederick Winter and H.O. Hanson.
   The name chosen for the new township was LeSuer. But that name apparently did not suit the people , so by March of 1914 a new set of petitions were filed, accompanied by determined statements to the effect that they wanted the township named for one of their own pioneers. So on March 4, 1914, it was reorganized and given the name Gasman. Other names appearing in the record by that time were Ernest Townsend, Arthur Francis, M.T. Haugeberg and F.B. Lawrence as petitioners.


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This was a farm post office established September 23, 1904 with Olive May (Mrs. William) Smith PM. The smiths lived in SW1/4 Section 31-152-83, Gassman Township, eighteen miles SSE of Minot, but the post office was located in the home of Mrs. Smith's mother, Anna Haigh, in SE1/4 Section 31-152-83, just to the east. Olive is the feminine form of Oliver, a Latin name meaning olive, with an implied meaning of peace. The post office closed April 30, 1910 with mail to Sawyer.


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School #1  Section 11

School #2  Section 7


Gasman Township Cemetery 
SE 1/4 Section 15

Township Cemetery    Section 21
Highland Lutheran
SW corner SW1/4 of 15-152-83  2/1/1932





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