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Kenmare News
Kenmare Township
T160N R88W Latitude = 48-40-26 N
Longitude = 102-04-47 W

Towns / Cities
All Information from the Book "North Dakota Place Names" by Douglas A Wick


A Soo Line Rail Road station was built in 1894 in Section 20-160-88, Kenmare Township, to serve the many lignite coal mines in the area. The post office was established December 27, 1894 with Augustine Rouse, one of the mine operators, as Postmaster, but Mr. Rouse was killed in a quarrel in 1896 and the post office closed November 20, 1896 with mail to Donnybrook. A new townsite was founded the following spring, but the name was changed to KENMARE.


A settlement named LIGNITE existed here 1894-1896, mainly to support local lignite mines. In 1897 a new settlement was founded in Sections 17, 18, 19 & 20-160-88, Kenmare Township and named Kenmare by the wife of a Soo Line Rail Road official for Kenmare, Ireland. The post office was established April 30, 1897 with John H. Clapper Post Master. The village was platted in May 1899, and incorporated in December 1901. It has maintained a population of about 1,500 for many years, with a peak of 1,712 in 1950. Its elevation is 1799, the Zip Code is 58746, and it claims to be the only city in ND with its business district built around a central park. It is the principal city of Ward County's so-called "Gooseneck", which resulted when neighboring Burke and Renville Counties excluded the region to prevent Kenmare from becoming the county seat of either of the new counties.

Kenmare News   

Current Events and Local Kenmare information

Business History

Sun Prairie Grain - Niobe  


Spencer School  Section 23



Lakeview Cemetery 
SW1/4 Section 19-160-88    5/20/64

Rose Hill Cemetery           Section 17
(Potter's Cemetery)
Saint Agnes Catholic Cemetery
NE1/4 SW1/4 of Section 17-160-88


Church of the Nazarene
902 Central Ave North
PO Box 166
Kenmare, ND
Faith Baptist Church
318 6th Ave NE
PO Box 142
Kenmare, ND

First Baptist Church

Kenmare, ND

Grace Christian Fellowship
500 N Central Ave
PO Box 265
Kenmare, ND

Nazareth Lutheran Church
401 N Central
PO Box 205
Kenmare, ND

Saint Agnes Catholic Church
409 Division Street
PO Box 488
Kenmare, ND

Historical / Genealogy Society
Lake County Historical Society
c/o James A. Jorgenson
P.O. Box 727
Kenmare, ND 58746


Historical, Genealogical and Ethnic Events



Irvin Hotel in Kenmare  

Personal and Community Stories about this Area


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