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Sawyer Township
T153N R81W Latitude = 48-05-23 N
Longitude = 101-03-12 W

Towns / Cities
All Information from the Book "North Dakota Place Names" by Douglas A Wick


Nathan Terrell and Fred M. Lang opened a country store about 1883 in NE1/4 Section 11-153-81, Sawyer Township, just east of present-day Sawyer. Early accounts indicate that a mail distribution service was conducted here, but reports of a post office are not supported by government records. Mr. Terrell did open a post office here in 1886, but it was named Black.

Black / Echo

This was a rural post office established July 14, 1886 in the country store of Post master Nathan D. Terrell, who named it for the Black brothers, local ranchers. It was located in NE 1/4 Section 11-153-81, Sawyer Township, just east of present-day Sawyer. Mr. Terrell's daughter, Amy, became pm August 6, 1886, and following her marriage to William H Wilson, moved the facility one mile SE to the Wilson home in SW1/4 Section 12-153-81 on August 18, 1887 with a name change to ECHO.


This is a Soo Line Railroad townsite in NW1/4 Section 11-153-81, Sawyer Township. Some say it was named for an official of the railroad, while others say it was named for a Colonel Sawyer, an authority on horse racing. The name is of Celtic origin, and means a cutter of wood. The Echo post office moved here April 26, 1898 with Fred L. Hartleib (1873-1919) as postmaster. The elevation is 1525, the Zip Code is 58781, and the village, which incorporated in 1908, reached a peak population of 420 in 1980.

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Mennonite Brethren Church Cemetery
SW1/4 Section 34-153-81     9/30/1931
Formerly Velva Mennonite Brethren Church Cemetery

Skinner Cemetery   Section 9
Saint Peter's German Evangelical
Lutheran Cemetery
SW 1/4 Section 18-153-81      10/5/31


Saint Peter's Lutheran Church
Sawyer, ND
Prairie Peace Fellowship Church
300 Pleasant Ave N
Surrey, ND

Hope Lutheran Church
200 5th Street SW
Surrey, ND

Mennonite Church   Section 33

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