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Sundre Township
T154N R82W Latitude = 48-07-08 N
Longitude = 101-15-38 W

Towns / Cities
All Information from the Book "North Dakota Place Names" by Douglas A Wick

Saint Carl

This farm post offices as the second to be established in Ward County, and its purpose was primarily to increase the number of post offices in the Souris River valley to justify a regular mail route to Burlington. It opened February 18, 1885 with Olaf Carl Larson as the first and only Postmaster in NW1/4 Section 4-154-82, Sundre Township, about five miles SE of Minot. The name was chosen by James Johnson of Burlington to honor the postmaster. The "Saint" part of the name is explained by a bit of folklore. Mr. Larson is said to have protested the addition to his given name, and Mr. Johnson is said to have responded, "Well, you're a saint, ain't ya?" Carl is a variant of Charles, a Teutonic name meaning man. The post office was discontinued March 27, 1891 with mail to Minot.

Hecker / Logan

This was a rural post office established April 13, 1887 with Robert A. Davidson postmaster, who named it for General John Alexander Logan (1826-1886), a Civil War hero who later was a U.S. Senator from Illinois and was the Republican Vice Presidential candidate in 1884. It was located between Minot and Sawyer, and closed May 31, 1898 with mail to Sawyer. It reopened April 14, 1903 with Owen Hecker postmaster, closing April 20, 1904. Later that year a townsite was founded on the Soo Line Rail Road in NE1/4 Section 24-154-82, Sundre Township, and Mr. Hecker reestablished the post office, naming it for himself. On November 15, 1909 new postmistress Anna A. Beebe restored the LOGAN name. The post office closed September 30, 1931 with mail to Minot, but the community still exists, reporting a population of 60 in 1960.


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Golden Stairs Memorial Gardens
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