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Named for James G Blaine (1830-1893), an American Statesman. 
Established 5 March 1885. 


Cemetery Locations

1. Brewster Cemetery.
Located east of Brewster, Blaine County, Nebraska

2. German Valley Cemetery.
Located 6 miles north and 1/2 mile west of
Brewster, Blaine County, Nebraska

3. Hawley Flats.
Located north of Dunning, Blaine County, Nebraska

4. Dunning Cemetery.
Located 1/2 miles southeast of Dunning on the east side of Highway 2, between the railroad track and  the Dismal River.  
Dunning, Blaine County, Nebraska
5. Purdum Cemetery.  
Located in Purdum, Blaine County, Nebraska

 This map was generated using the U.S. Census Bureau's Tiger Mapping Service.

The cemetery names and locations are from the
USGS Geographic Names Information System.
 Additions or corrections are welcomed.

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