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Named for James G Blaine (1830-1893), an American Statesman. 
Established 5 March 1885. 


Lookup Volunteers


Because not all reference materials can be available to everyone, volunteers who have access to these materials can provide a valuable service by reviewing or searching them for information about persons/families being researched by others.

Please follow these guidelines when requesting a lookup:

  We are  always in need of more Lookup Volunteers. 
If you own or have access to materials which would be of interest to the genealogical researcher, and would be able to provide this valuable service please contact us.  

   You can reach us by email - - just put your note in the  mailbox below. 


The following persons have agreed to provide lookups for the items listed below their names.
Please contact them directly to request the  information.


           Sondra Watrus - -
The Settlement of Loup and Blaine Counties, by Colleen Switzer, 1977.
                 Blaine  County section lookups. - - and thanks to Sondra, Blaine now
                 has a searchable section.
                 Loup County NEGenWeb has a searchable index for the Loup Section.

            Jo Mizner --

         The History of Blaine County, Nebraska
, Volume One, 
                 published in 1988,by the Blaine County History Book Committee.

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