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Boone County, Nebraska


Boone County Churches

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     Church of Christ SW corner of Marengo and 3rd Streets

317 W Marengo St, Albion, NE
     (402) 395-2034


     First Baptist Church

SE corner of State & 4th Streets

205 4th Street, Albion, NE

     (402) 395-2021

     St. Michael's Catholic Church

NE corner of 6th and Church Streets

524 W Church St, Albion, NE
     (402) 395-2932
Rectory at same street address.
     (402) 295-2393

     United Church of Christ / Congregational

NE corner of State and 5th Streets

236 S 5th St, Albion, NE
     (402) 395-2515

     United Methodist Church

SW corner of Marengo and 6th Streets

605 W. Marengo St., Albion, NE
     (402) 395-2710

     Zion Lutheran Church

SE corner of State & 5th Streets

319 S. 5th St. Albion, NE
      (402) 395-2043

Cedar Rapids

     St Anthony's Parish Ctr

NE corner of Main and 6th Streets

  111 N 6th St, Cedar Rapids, NE
     (308) 358-0773

     Methodist Church

SE corner of South and 4th Streets

  311 W South St, Cedar Rapids, NE
     (308) 358-0209

     St. John's Lutheran Church

NW corner of Cedar and 3rd Streets

  111 S 3rd St, Cedar Rapids, NE
     (308) 358-0370


     St. John the Baptist Catholic Church

201 N 4th St, Petersburg, NE
     (402) 386-5580



     First Presbyterian Church

SW corner of Walnut and 4th Streets

     St. Mary's Catholic Church

NE corner of Walnut and 4th Streets

NOTE: 4th St. in Primrose is same as County 300 Street


     St. Bonaventure Catholic Church

From Hwy 14, go East at marker


St. Edward

     United Methodist-Presbyterian Church

NW corner of Beaver and 6th Streets

  501 Beaver St, St Edward, NE
      (402) 678-2263

     St. Edward Catholic Church

  805 Washington St, St Edward, NE
     (402) 678-2642

     Kingdom Hall - Jehovah's Witnesses


Immanuel Zion Lutheran Church


     1726 310th Ave, Albion, NE
    (402) 395-2261

From Petersburg, go east on Hwy 32
Turn south on 310th Avenue & go abt 3 miles on dirt/gravel road

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