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Boone County, Nebraska
1917 Nebraska State Gazetteer
Business Listing

1917 Gazetteer
Towns of Boone County

Cedar Rapids
St. Edward

ALBION. Pop. 2,344 (?). Boone county. Settled in 1876. Governed by a mayor and 4 aldermen. The county seat on the A & N W and U P Rys 12 miles s w of Columbus. Has Methodist, Baptist, German Lutheran, Congregational, Cristian and Catholic churches, 2/3 banks, a ommercial club, 2 nurseries, a hotel, a library, an opera house, 5 grain elevators, a flour mill, electri light and gas plants, and water works, a daily newspaper, the Reporter, and 2 weeklies, the News and the Argus are published. Land sells at $55 to $250 per acre. Ships live stock and grain. Exp. Am. Tel. W U S D Phillips, P.M.

Albion Argus, Cass G. Barns, pub.
Albion Artificial Stone Works, W. Bruce Farris, mngr.
Albion Building & Loan Assn. P A Krause, pres; F A Dolen, sec
Albion Commercial Club, J P Shirley, pres; C E Jones, sec.
Albion Electric Light Co. G K Pittenger, pres; F A Pittenger, sec
Albion Elevator Co. Aug Tathjen, mngr.
Albion Furniture Co (Otto P Herse, Emil W Gunther)
Albion Gas Co. Eugene Swails, comnr
Albion House, Orin W Elmwood, propr.
Albion Independent Oil Co. (Wm B Watson, Jr. Fremont E Willott)
Albion Land Co. Anthony J Ruddy, mngr.
Albion Live Stock Shipping Assn, A W Lamb, mngr
Albion Milling Co. C Barns, pres G W Williams, sec. flour mnfrs.
Albion National Bank (capital $50,000). D V Blatter, pres; W S Price, cashr.
Albion News, Arthur W. Lacht (?), pub
Albion Nursery Co. Wm S Throckmorten (?), mngr
Albion Opera House, …. (?)
Albion Public Library, Mrs. Jennie Gri…(?) librarian
Albion Reporter, The O… M N/M… (?) pub
Albion Steam Laudry (As… D and Mary M Anderson)
Albion Telephone Co A M Bratt, pres. H C Bratt, sec & treas.
Albion Water Works, Eugene Swaile, comsr.
Andrews Clifford M dentist
Barber Bros (Norris C and Allen B) drugs
Barns Cass G. pub Albion Argus
Becker & Co (Emanuel Becker. Leo Lowenberg) dept store
Bletz Chas. shoemkr.
Bolt & Burch (Isaac S Bolt Fred A. Burch) meats
Boone County Agricultural Assn. W H Kennedy, pres. A J Ruddy, sec
BOONE COUNTY FARMERS Mutual Insurance Co. A L Burdick, Pres; J T Brady, Sec and Mngr. E L Houtz, Treas.
Boone County Nursery Co. Briton A Roberts, mngr.
BRADY JAMES T, Sec & Mngr Boone County Farmers Mutual Insurance Co. Real Estate and Farm Loans. (See adv.)
Browder Arthur E. hardware
Brown & Smith (Clark Brown, Mark Smith) auctioneers
Brunson Alb L. blksmith
Burgess W B, dentist
Burt, Oliver B. billiards
Carlson Geo A. gen store
Chicago Lumber Co of Omaha, Maury F Lohr (?), mngf
CITIZENS STATE BANK (Capitol $25,000 ?. Surplus $15,000 ?) J F Shirley, Pres; R M Firms ?. Vice-Pres; Judson ? Fox, Cashr; James Fox, Jr. Asst Cashr.
Clark Frank A pr…
Culbertson, David H real estate
Cummins, Lessie E baker
Curren James blksmith
Day Wm C, agt C& N W ry. Am Exp and W C Tel Co
Donahue Wm J county atty
Doden Frank A. county judge
Eacker Auto Co, Gilbert Eacker, pres; E F Bull, sec
Elmwood Orin W. propr Albion House.
Evans Virgin L. produce
Farris Walter C. pumps.
FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ALBION (Capital $60,000. Surplus and Undivided Profits $40,000) C E West, Pres; F S Thompson, Vice Pres; F M Weitzel, Cashr;
R T Flotroe, Asst Cashr. (See p 16)
Fleming, J Aiugisyis. Pianos
Fordham Mary L milliner.
Forney Joe. Feed
FOX JAMES, Cashr Citizens State Bank and Insurance Agt.
Gardner, Bernard H. shoemkr.
Garten Alvin E. lawyer
Geffen David E. gen store.
Glasgow Bros (Arthur and Wesley) pool
Griffith Jesse E. mach.
Gunther & Shirley (Herman Gunther. J Phelan Shirley) dept store
Halligan Mrs Mary, milliner.
Hallstead Harry E. printer
Hallstead Louis E. real est.
Hess Jerkin, furniture
He… L… agt E P R R, Amr Exp and W C Tel Co.
Howard Harvey, g…
James Benj E, barber
Johnson Geo G. barber
Johnson, Glenn A.
Johnson and Son (Saml and Guy E). plumbers
Jensen Jewelry Co. The Chas E Jensen mngr.
Jordan, Chas. real est.
Krause & Son (Paul A and Milton B). hardware
Kumpf & McCray (Otto W. Kumpf, J Howard McCray) plumbers
Ladd Arthur W. pub Albion News.
Lamb Alb N. dentist.
Langan Michael, real est.
Lewis-Thompson Drug Co (Thos A Thompson)
McCart Jno H. vet surgeon
McClintick Drug Co (Howard B and Jno H McClintick)
McKay Wm. Blksmith.
McRae Finley J. phys.
Martin Lester W. sheet metalwkr.
Martin Warren B. grocer
Maxwell, Harvey B., cigars
Mellem, Allick, meats
MIDWEST LIFE INSURANCE CO OF LINCOLN, Michael V. Ruddy Gen Agt. Albion Nat’l; Bank bldg.
NEEDHAM OSCAR M, Lawyer, Collections and Abstracts.
Nelson Alb, livery.
Nye-Schneider-Fowler Co. Chas S. Phelps mngr, grain elevator.
Oliverius Staley J. shoes
Omaha Elevator Co. Wm B. Watson mngr
Papes Bros )Edw B. and Jno S). clothing
Parrott Stephen V. farm impts.
PIEPER JULIUS E. Real Estate, Loans, Insurance and S… (See adv.)
Pittenger, Thad R. … …
Prince? Jno A. lawyer
Reflur ? and Braufor? …… … farm impts
Rex Theater Jas Haire mngr. motion pictures
Reynoldson Chas. E…
Rose Hill Cemetery Assn. D C Culbertson sec.
RUDDY MICHAEL V. Real Estate and Insurance Office in Albion National Bank bldg. Phone 272
Scheib Ernest P. Cigar mnfr.
Seiter Bros. H H Seiter mngr, notions
Sillik Frank M. county surveyer.
Smith J W Barnum, phys.
Smith Jas H. phys.
Steiner Hans C. jeweler
Stenken Wm H. phys.
Stoneking Harry A. restaurant.
Suchanek Anton, tailor.
THOMPSON FRANK S Vice pres First National Bank and Insurance agt.
Thompson Jas L. cigars.
Thompson Louis Drug Co (Thos A Thompson)
Thostenson Jacob. Harness
Trans-Mississippi Grai Co. Jas H Davis mngr
United States Pension Board, J H Smith pres; H H Howard, sec; F J McRae, treas.
Vail & Flory (Henry C Vail, Robt D Flory) lawyers
Walker Herbert P. phys.
WEITZEL, Fred M. Cashr First National Bank and Insurace Agt.
Weitzel Wm, C. Abstracter
Whiting, Art… gen. store
Whiting and Shierman …. Grocers
W … restaurant
Williams Frank D lawyer
Williams Geo W. real est
Williamson & Fullner ? …. Auctioneers
Willett & Son (Frank F and Fremont E …)
Wilson, Sidney photogr

BOONE. Pop 100 Boone county. A village on the U P R R 7 miles s e of Albion. Has a Methodist churcy a bank, a hotel, a grain elevator and a commercial club. Exp Am. Tel W U. W W Baker P M Baker Automobile Co.

Baker W W gen store
Baker W W & Son real est
Boone Commercial Club R E Smith pres A G Mc__deid sec W W Baker treas
Boone State Bask (capItal $10,000) F S Thompson pres Roy E Smith cashr
Farmers Co-operative Assn D J Sweeney mngr grain elevator
Grope Wm bowling Alley
Head H H r r exp and tel agt
Nichols U W hotel
Southworth C F farm Impta
Southworth Chas blksmith
Sparks Roy pool
STEBBINS WM P Lumber and Coal
Williams J L barber

BRADISH Pop 50. Boone County. A p o on the C N & W Ry 6 miles e of Albion the banking point Exp Am. Mamice Gorman P M.

Crowell Lumber & Grain Co
Farmers E1evator Co
Farmers Shipping Assn
Garvey J P gen store
GORMAN? R? A? CO O____opy
______ A? E? blksmith
Langden? Jas M r r exp and tel agt


CEDAR RAPIDS. Pop 700 Boone county. Settled in 1879. An Incorporated village on the U P R R 17 miles n w of Fullerton. Has Baptist, Methodist German Luthern Episcopal and Catholic churches, a opera house, a hotel, 2 banks, 2 grain elevators, a flour mill, an electric light plant and water works. A weekly newspaper. the Outlook, is published. Land sells at $65 to $175 an acre. Ships grain and live stock. Exp Am. Tel W U. Wm C Treadway, P M.

Anderson Ernest T blksmith
Bennies Gust A meats
Burgess Frank D phys
Carney Jno S saloon
Cedar Rapids Community Club Dennis Tracy pres Stanley Maly sec
Cedar Rapids Elevator Co Chas H Eckery mngr
Cedar Rapids Opera House Chas DeWulf mngr
Cedar Rapids Outlook Robt L McDonald pub
CITIZENS STATE BANK (Capital $36,000 Surplus and C____ed Profits $11,000?) R? H? Albertson? Pres A C Thompson Vice Pres M? L Robinson? Vice Pres Sven? Peterson? cashr Frank D Burgess Jr Asst Casher
City Water Works Osborne Patterson? commr
C--- Geo? Pool
Commercial Hotel Day & Roberts propr
Conant Danl E auctioneer
De__ell Bert C shoemkr
Day & Roberts (Ralph Day Mrs Lela Roberts) propr Commercial Hotel
De Graw Walling J barber
Demmel Phil J livery
Farley Jas W farm impts
Farley Mrs Mary J hardware
Flinn Marshall J meats
French Jno C pianos
Gibb Bros (Wm S and Geo) pumps
Gilsdorf Jno J drugs
Hadley S S Bankers (capital $50,000) Mrs S S Hadley pres Stanley Maly cashr
Harper Chas D pumps
Hagle Minor M Phys
Jones Jos B r r exp and tel agt
Kane? Jas P saloon
Kasperek Jno saloon
Kotab Jos tailor
Larson Chas J gen store
Labens Geo harness
McClintick Drug Store (Jas H and Howard B McClintick)
McDonald Robt L pub Cedar Rapids Outlook
Maly & Beach (Stanley Maly David A Beach) ins agts
Matison Erick blksmith
Maxwell David E dentist
Meustorn Brow (Herman C and Ewald) automobiles
Ogen & Vandevegt (Alb Ogden Henry R Vandevegt) furniture
Paddelford Chas E Restaurant
Postle Lucius D real est
Rine Geo A real est
Ripp Bros & Goering (Henry M and Wm T Ripp Fred J Goering) gen store
Rupprecht Robt J furniture
Sargent E Lorenzo real est
Sargent Winfield R produce
Schmidt F P Lumber Co Fred P Schmidt pres
S_____ & Foland (Anton? Sudake? Fred M? Foland) pool
S____ _ Wm _____ _____ ___
Smith Avery D jeweler
Steffes Bros (Henry C Joe ____ and Jacob) genl store
_____ Jos saloon
Sacred Hill Cemetery Assn F D Surgeon sec
Thelen Ernst Phys
Thompson Jas A notions
Trompeter Louis R vet surgeon
Van Ackeren Bros (Paul Geo Fred & Aegidius J) flour mill
Vandewalle Jno B automobiles
Wafer Wm M grocer
Weis Dora milliner
Wilkinson Richd blksmith
Wilson Sidney M photogr
Wolcott Alb R barber
Wolcott Chas W shoemkr

LORETTO. Pop 200. Boone county. A p o on the C & N W Ry 7 miles n w of Albion. Has a Methodist church, a bank, a hotel and a grain elevator. Exp Am. Tel W U. E J Miille P M.

Breckenridge Geo gen store (Akron)
Bush J O gen store
Groom Fred vet surgeon
Hannen A H restaurant
Havens Walter hotel
Holmes A C r r exp and tel agt
LORETTO STATE BNK (Capital $10,000) J O Detweller Pres O J Irwin Cashr
Ludwick A H blksmith
McCartne W S produce
Miille E J garage
Miille & Barnes Lumber Co gen store
Nye-Schneider-Fowler Grain Co Geo L Bruner agt


PETERSBURG. Pop 659. Boone county. An incorporated village, on the C & N W Ry 12 miles n w of AIbion. Has Adventist, Catholic and Congregational churches, 2 banks a hotel, a commercial club, 4 grain elevators an acetylene gas plant and water works. A weeklyv newspaper, the Index, is published.. Land sells at $50 to $125 per acre. Ships live stock and grain. Exp Am. Tel W U. Jos B Stelken P M.

Anderson Henry K soft drinks
Andre Co The (Jno J Nicholas Catherine M Frank X and Clara B) gen store
BANK OF PETERSBURG (Capital $50,000 Surplus $41,000)
Frank Jouvenat Pres J A Reichenbach Vice Pres Anthony Seannell Cashr I H Score Aset Cashr
Berkenkoetter Henry shoes
CAREY JOHN J Pres and Mngr Petersburg Telephone Co Pros Petersburg Community Club Pub Petersburg Index Lawyer Real Estate Insurance Agt and Notary Public (See adv)
Canton Wm H produce
Citizens State Bank (capital $20,000) Thos O'Shea pres Edw O'Shea cashr
Claar Jas J produce
Crowell Lumber & Grain Co Ernest C H Schnell mngr
Davis Jos E phys
Doane Ivan W dentist
Duffy Arthur D drugs
Esau Peter blksmith
Farmers Elevator Co Geo Markus mngr
Farmers Live Stock Shipping Assn Arp Henry mngr
Fuglei Ole K gen store
Groom G Fred vet surgeon
Harman Neill K notions
Hartman Wm meats
Heinz Lawrence W drugs
Hellrich Mrs Caroline produce
Henn N & Son (Nicholas and Jno F) gen store
Janszen Jno feed barn
Johnson Severt A hardware
Kamensky Chas r r expand tel agt
Keuter Bros (Jno and Geo) restaurant
Kunkel & Lochmiller (Harry L Kunkel Phil W Lochniller) automotiobiles
Kvan Mercantile Co (Jens K Knud K Dina Christina and Tina Kvan) gen store
Lochmiller Phil W propr Windor hotel
Loosbrock Crescentia milliner
Loosbrock Herman furniture,
Loxterkamp Henry farm impts
Mogan Wm E phys
Petersburg Acetylene Gas & Water Co Warren W Wilson supt,
Petersburg Cemetery Assn Benton Cotterman pres
Petersburg Community Club J J Carey pres N K Harman sec
Petersburg Telephone Co J J Carey pres and mngr J J Andre sec
Poppen & Stallman (Fred R Poppen Frank Stallman) automobiles
Probst Geo H restaurant
SCANNELL ANTHONY B Cashr Bank of Petersburg and Insurance Agt
Schneider Michael J plumber
Seibken Edw barber
Stevenson Chas B barber
Stroebele Anton restaurant
Superior Lumber & Coal Co Hugh M Parmer mngt
Wiegand Mrs Anna V meats
Windsor Hotel Phil W Lochmiller propr
Wright Jno auctioneer


PRIMROSE. Pop 200. Boone county. An incorporated village on the U P R R 18 miles s w of Albion. Has Catholic, Presbyterian and Methodist churches, a bank, 2 grain elevators and an opera house. weekly newspaper, The Press, is published. Exp Am. Tel W U. Gertrude RobInson P M.

Aahbrook Bros real est
Benjamin F C meats
Crouch A D blksmtth
Crouch Dora milliner
Deaver S R shoes Dewey
Geo L phys
Edens E G gen store
Edwards & Bradford Lumber Co
Farmers Elevator Co
Harbottle E A harness
Hord T B Grain Co
McDannel Co gen store
McGlinchy Jas B r r exp and tel agt
Patterson Adam real eat
Primrose Opera House E F Getsfred mngr
Primrose State Bank (capital $13,500) Jos Davis pres W C Wicks cashr
Robinson Drug Co Gertrude Robinson mngr
Sievers J C garage
Snodgrass Geo livery
Swisher R restaurant
Tucker R E barber
White & Stigile hardware
WHITMAN L H Pub Primrose Press


ST EDWARD. Pop 1,100. Boone county. An Incorporated village on the U P R R 12 miles s e of Albion. Has Methodist, Presbyterian and Catholic churches, a commercial club, a fire department, a good high school a fine park, ideal Chautauqua grounds, 2 banks, a hotel, 5 grain elevators, a flour mill, an electric light plant, water and sewer systems. Two weekly newspapers, the Boone County Advance and the Sun, are published, Land sells at $75 to $150 an acre. Ships grain, produce and live stock. Ext Am. Tel W U. Wm Lawrence P M.

Aron Saml gem store
Blackburn & Furry (Nathan Blackburn Leonard E Furry) flour mill
Boone County Advance Chas C Wake pub
Brannick Michael lunch room
Broker Alb harness
Cahill Patrick F propr Hotel White
Calhoun Wm E pumps
Carsten Clegg & Co
Alb Carsten mngr gen store
Carter & Sisson (Jos B Carter E Leon Sisson) grain elevator
Casper Robt W dentist
Chicago Lumber Co Alb P Peterson mngr
Christensen & Myhre Eng Myhre gen store
City Water Plant Frank M Watt comnr
Criss Emery G pumps
Cross H Gordon pub St Edward Sun
Davis Edgar C jeweler
Evergreen Cemetery Assn A J Mc Kelvey pres J M Kennedy sec
FELLERS EUGENE E Real Estate Loans and insurance (See adv) FIRST STATE BANK THE FIRST STATE BANK THE (Capital $25,000 Surplus $5,000) James Squair Pres. Stanley Maly Vice Pres E Marie Nickerson Caalir Walton C Thompson Asst Cashr
Fisher Paul F meats
Flory Orville H ins agt
Fonda Wm D grain elevator
FOSTER WM E Restaurant and Furnished Rooms (See adv)
Garten & Co (Preston Garten Alb Pelle) gen store
Hasselbalch Arnold E vet surgeon
Hasselbalch Nels gen store
Hotel White Patrick F Cahill propr
Howell Geo pumps
Jessen Jno H phys
Jones T Jefferson phys
Kennedy Elmer harness
Kennedy Jas M. furniture
Kleffman Clarence R billiards
Knudsen Harry P drugs
Ktokstrom Edw grocer
Lawrence Geo H barber
Lehmann Fred W shoes
Leimback Otto restaurant
Lightner Stephen W lumber
Lindbo Henry N drugs
Lindho Jno A florist
Lyric Theatre Edw W Verhaoge proprMecay W J & Sons (Wm J Carl S and Ray H) farm impts
McKay Alex blksmtth
Merchants Produce Co Fred Frank mngr
Miller & Swanson (Oliver B Miller Carl D Swanson) Automobiles
Powell Alf real eat
Rich Geo P hardware
Robertson Floyd A photogr
St Edward Chataugua Assn N C Blackburn pres W C thompson sec
St Edward Commercial Club Nels Hasselbalch E E Fellers see H P Knudsen treas
St Edward Electric Light Co U M Bell pres L. V Styles sec
St Edward Elevator Co J Stewart Kennedy mngr
St Edward Motor Co Jno Eacker mngr
St Edward Sun H Gordon Cross pub
Sauler Bros (Edw and Louis) blksmith
Saunders Silvanus L meats
Schafer Jes hardware
Schaffer Alb A blksmith
Schorovsky Robt B tailor
Sisson Eli baker
Sisson Bertha milliner
Skeede Independent Telephone Co L C Goodman pres E T Collins sec Fred Donald mngr
Smith National Bank (capita] $25,000) A A Smith pres R J Harris cashr
Smith Pierson D grain elevator
SQUAIR & NICKERSON (James Squair E Earle Nickerson) Insurance Agents
Sullivan Geo W phys
Swanson David produce
Sweeney Wm W barber
Taylor Edwin H notions
Thompson Geo O vet surgeon
Trans-Mississippi Grain Co Judson C Wilson agt
Verhaege Edw W propr Lyric Theatre
Verhaege Jos L barber

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