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Boone County, Nebraska


1890-91 Nebraska State Gazetteer
Business Listing

1890 Gazetteer
Towns of Boone County

Cedar Rapids
St. Edward

Akron: A postoffice in the western part of Boone
county, 15 miles northwest from Albion,
the county seat.

Albion: The county seat of Boone County, is 41 niles north of Columbus, in the central part of the county. It is the present terminus of the Albion Branch of the U.P. Ry., and is also reached by the Albion line of the F.E. & M. V. R. R. It is beautifully located on Beaver Creek, which furnishes power here for a flouring mill. The surrounding country is rich in agricultural products and live stock. Albion has a population of 1,300 which is steadily on the increase, owning to the fine prospects for a trade center. Among the improvements the new school house is most worth of mention, it being a fine, roomy two-story brick, costing $10,000. The banking facilitios of Albion are unexcelled in any part of the state, The First National Bank, F.S. Thompson cashier, was recently incorporated as a national bank, and its statement of condition for May, 1890, makes good financial showing. It occupies its own building, a handsome brick, centrally located, and has connected with it some of the city. The Albion National Bank was also recently incorporated as a national bank and was formerly known as the Thompson & Kaker banking huse. This bank is the oldest bank in the county and has a capital of $50,000. M.B. Thompson is president and W. Baker is cashier. A complete set of abstract books is kept by Mr. F.H. Friend, one of the best known attorneys in the county. There are four hotels, two newspapers, two grain elevators and one flouring mill. The religious denominations are as follows; Catholic, Methodist, Congregational, Baptist and Episcopal. The civic societies are represented by lodges of A. F.& A. M., K. of P., M. W. of A., A. O. U. W., I. O. G. T., G. A. R., S. of V., and Womans Relief Corps.
Albion House, J E Needham, prop.
Albion National Bank, capital $50,000,
M B Thompson, pres. W. Baker, cashier.
Albion News, A W Ladd, pub.
Armstrong J S, atty, real estate.
Ayers S P, sta tel and ex agt U. P. Ry.
Baker W, cashier Albion State Bank,
Baker W G Mrs, millinery.
Barnes C G, prop and editor Boone County
Beaver Valley House, M D Gates, prop.
Becker T D, genl mdse.
Beeman Julis Mrs, dressmaking.
Beitz Charles, shoemaker.
Blatter D V, assistant cashier, Albion
State Bank, notary.
Boardman Manly B, notary, ins.
Boone County Argus, C G Barnes, prop
and editor.
Brewer J D, lumber and coal.
Brokaw E A, jewelry.
Bronson H M, agt inplts.
Browder A B, stoves, tinware, hardware,
agl implts.
Bull H P, confectionery.
Bump Nelson J, livery stable.
Central House, John Kimmel, prop.
Chilson H, carpenter.
Clark A J, phys.
Clark Loran & Co, grain elevator, lumber.
Cline & Letson, genl mdse.
Commercial Hotel, D S Wilinson & Son,
Comstock W T, livery, veterinary.
Cooley Bros, dray line.
Cowley T M, veterinary surgeon.
Craig Robt, atty.
Doty J L, painter.
Eagan Con, saloon
Enright E A, atty, notary.
Farmer E T, brick mfr.
First National Bank, capital $60,000,
surplus $2,500, Chas E West, pres,
F B Tiffany, vice-pres, F S Thompson,
Griend F H, attorney, abstracter, notary,
loans, justice and collections
Galbraith Geogie Miss, millinery.
Gardner B H, shoemaker.
Gates M D, prop Beaver Valley House.
Gradon George E, grocery and queensware.
Green E P, phys.
Griggs B L, real estate, atty.
Gunther E W, genl mdse, prop Opera House
Hahn A, jewelry and photographer.
Halstead L E, painter.
Hamilton W II Jr, well borer.
Hare John, harnessmaker.
Hefron T J, blacksmith and wagonmaker.
Heminway G A, dentist.
Hitchcox F A, sta tel and ex agt,
F E & M V R R.
Hoffman & Emery, furniture and undertaking.
Howell & Pratt, (F S Howell, M C Pratt)
Hubbard Edward, livery.
Johnson A B, breeder Poland China hogs.
Johnson A M, barber, baths, cigars.
Kessler H B, grocery, flour.
Kiene T G, coal, lumber.
Kilbourn & Williamson, horse breeders.
Kimmel John, prop Central Hotel.
Kohler August, groceries, feed.
Krause P A, tinner.
Krueger Christ, tailor.
Ladd A W, postmaster and pub, Albion News.
Ladd M J, carpenter.
Ladd W W, books and stationery.
Lane A D, blacksmith and wagonmaker.
Letson C T, bk First National Bank,
Lewis D A, phy, drugs.
Lidell George W, drugs.
Lutes W H, confectionery, bakery.
McGan M W, attorney at law.
McLean Wm, drugs.
Mansfield A G, hardware, etc.
Mathews P H, harnessmaker.
Montgomery & Jaycox, attys, real estate,
Morehead, Patton & Co, agl implts, pumps
and windmills.
Needhan J E, prop Albion House.
Needham O M, abstacter, ins, notary,
clk District court.
Norton f J & Co, dry goods and notions.
Oblinger & Hetzler, groceries, queensware.
Ogden & Nevels, washing machines.
Papez Joseph, merchant tailor.
Parrott S V, livery stable.
Patterson & Graham, genl mdse.
Patterson Joseph, photographer.
Pettibone Bros, genl mdse.
Porter Bros, meatmarket.
Price J A, county attorney.
Pringle Alex, shoemaker.
Quackenbush J W, broker.
Rankin J M, carpernter.
Rice H, hardware and agl implts.
Riley Chas, atty.
Roberts H, nursery.
Sackett F M, grain and coal.
Scoggin H S, dentist.
Scott P M, insurance.
Smith J H, phys.
Sparling Oscar, saloon.
Tarr E L Mrs, millinery.
Thompson F S, cashier First National Bank,
Thompson M B, president Albion State Bank,
Thompson W R, asst bk First National Bank,
steamship agt, notary.
Wager & Kingham, carpenters.
Walker & Mann, props Albion Rolle mills.
Ward & Sons, well borers.
Waring Bros, meat market.
Weitzel F M, ins, notary.
Whittier W H, laundry.
Wilkinson D S & Son, prop Commercial Hotel.
Williamson T N, auctioneer.
Winker W, blacksmith.

Arden: Arden is a beautiful village situated in
the northwestern part of Boone county,
20 miles from Albion, the seat of justice.
Population, 75.

Boone: A postoffice and station on the Albion
branch of the U. P. Ry., in the eastern
part of Boone county and seven miles south
of Albion the county seat. Population, 40.
Maricle Harvey, postmaster.
Palmer J C, sta, tel and ex agt
Sackett F M, live stock.
Smith M J, blacksmith.

Bradish: A small station on the R. E. & M. V. R. R.
seven miles east of Albion.
Fuller, Smith & Fuller, G R Martin mgr,
grain, lumber, coal and live stock.
Hagenbuck Chas, postmaster, sta agt
Hutt Geo II & Co, genl mdse.
Swinhart, Jos. Boarding

Cedar Rapids: A thriving town of 600 inhabitants,
is located in the southeastern part of Boone county and is 15 miles from Albion, the county seat. The town is situated on the rapids of the Cedar river which afford an excellent water power at this place. At present the U. P. Ry. has its terminus here. The survey of the Mo. River, North Platte and Denver R. R. has been made through here and building is expected to take place at no far distant date. The town was originally laid out by the Cedar Rapids Improvement Co., who having erected a fine flouring mill on the Cedar river, which forms a perfect "horse-shoe" at this place two miles in lenth, being connected by a race 200 feet in length, which has a fall of 10 feet. At present a 66 meter turbine wheel is in operation, which can be doubled, this however affords power to the full capacity of the mill, which is 150 barrels per day. Mr. S. S. Hadley is gerneral manager, as also president of the S. S. Hadley Company, bankers. Through his untiring zeal the town has obtained its present prosperous condition. The "Republican", by Baird & Son, is the only paper published here and is well supported. There is a splendid creamery located here having a capacity of 700 pounds daily. A good brick school building, costing $13,000, is one of the main attractive features. The religious denominations are Methodist, Catholic, Baptist and Episcopal.
Baggs C J, harnessmaker.
Baird & Son (J A and J F Baird), props The Republican.
Balson C E, & Co, genl mdse.
Barnhard V F, hog breeder.
Bartlett Wm, blacksmith.
Brace F J, carpenter.
Buker Geo W, livery.
Burgess F D, phys.
Burston Wm, blacksmith.
Cedar Rapids Creamery Co, S S Hadley pres, M C Ransom mgr.
Cedar Rapids Improvement Co, S S Hadley mgr, flour mill, grain elevator, live stock, owners town site.
Cedar Valley Bank, Stephen & Squair bankers
Chenonda Cattle Ranch, A C Stowell prop, stock breeder.
Cobb B D, genl mdse.
Commercial Hotel, S Hallock prop.
Cottom Geo, carpenter.
Cox & McCray, barbers.
Cox G H, billiards.
Darnell Mrs & Daughters, milliners.
Enerson II, live stock.
Groom L D, ins.
Groom L D & Co, J H O'Neil mgr, drugs.
Hadley S S, pres S S Hadley Co, pres Cedar Rapids Improvement Co, pres Cedar Rapids Creamery Co.
Hadley S S Co, S S Hadley pres, bankers, loans, collections, lumber.
Hallock S, prop Commercial Hotel.
Hamilton House, J D Hamilton prop.
Hamilton J D, prop Hamilton House, livery.
Harris & Brown, attys.
Hawks F C, grain, coal, live stock.
Hazle M M, phys.
Holmes John, brick mfr.
Judd L P, drugs.
Landis John, blacksmith.
Lisbon B L, barber.
Martin Charles, carpenter.
Miller Frank, veterinary surgeon.
Mitchell S W, genl mdse.
Musselman A, painter.
Newell O M, A B Curtis mgr, lumber.
Oden C P Mrs, millinery.
Oden J F, furniture.
Outhwaite W J, genl mdse.
Palmer & Poor Mrs, dressmakers.
Parish & Douty, real estate.
Parish J G, justice and notary.
Patterson J T, atty.
Phillips J C, blacksmith.
Pitchford H J, livery.
Replogle Wm B, shoemaker
Republican (The), Baird & Son props, J A Baird editor.
Sargent E L, atty, ins.
Simons & Co, hardware agl implts.
Squair James, ins.
Squair & Macqueen, genl mdse.
Stewart F M, hardware, implts.
Strawn Geo N, jewelry.
Stroup Charles, well borer.
Sumption A O, sta, tel and ex agt.
Sunderland & Perkins, genl mdse.
Swygard W C, confectionery, bakery.
Tracy Dennis, postmaster, justice.
Treadway & Son, meat market.
Tully A A, harnessmaker.
Unseld W C, meat market.
Ward & Son, well borers.
Wilbur Clark, shoemaker.
Williams Erastus, saloon.

Closter: A postoffice in the northwestern part of Boone county, 18 miles from Albion, the county seat.

Denison: A newly established postoffice in Boone county.

Dublin: A postoffice in the western part of Boone county, 16 miles west of Albion.
Patterson O, justice.
Sterling A L, justice.
West S E Mrs, dressmaker.
West Wm, postmaster, dealer in candy, tobacco and stationary.

Ira: (Formerly called Garner), is a postoffice in the northwestern part of Boone county. Petersburg, a station on the F. E. & M. V. R. R., is the nearest railway shipping point. The county seat, Albion, is 15 miles distant.
Louis Joseph, justice.
Martin Hugh, Blacksmith.
Mergan Mrs, dressmaker.
Reynolds B P, hardware.
Rolfus & Co, agl implts.
Walters O E, postmaster, genl mdse.
Whipple Ira, drugs, sorghum mill.

Loretto: A station on the F. E. & M. V. R. R. in the central part of Boone county, seven miles north of Albion, the county seat.
Baker W W, justice.
Farley J W, Genl mdse, postmaster.
Holmes A C, sta agt.

Neoma: A postoffice located in the southeastern part of Boone county, 12 miles south of Albion, the county seat.

Olnes: A postoffice in the eastern part of Boone County, 10 miles north of Albion, the county seat.

Petersburg: A village of 300 population, on the Scribner and Oakdale branch of the F. E. & M. V. R. R., in the northeastern part of Boone county, 10 miles north of Albion, the county seat. Churches are Methodist, Episcopal and Seventh Day Adventists; there is also a congregation of the Mennonite Brethern.
Ahle Antom, shoemaker
Alexander A L, furniture, undertaker.
Allen R F, meat market.
Andre J J, genl mdse.
Bank of Petersburg, capital $15,000, J A Reichenbach pres, F Jouvenat cashier.
Baxter F E, phys.
Blynn A M, genl mdse.
Criss Geo, carpenter.
Cross H G, postmaster, pub The Petersburg Press.
Dutton W F, genl mdse.
Edens W F, prop Petersburg Hotel.
Fuller, Smith & Fuller, Robt Smith mgr, grain, lumber, coal and live stock.
Graves Geo, J Bauman mgr, lumber.
Gunskow & Schulte, brick mfrs.
Gunther Bros & Co, genl mdse.
Inman & Son, livery.
Heck J B & Co, agl implts, live stock.
Jennings Sisters, millinery.
Jouvenat F, notary, cashier Bank of Petersburg.
Ottle Nick, saloon.
Patterson J W, barber.
Petersburg Hotel, W F Edens prop.
Petersburg Press (The), H G Cross pub.
Randall M, harnessmaker.
Shenefelt & Hopper, hardware, agl imlts.
Slocum R A, confectionery, restaurant.
Smith F W, drugs.
Stanton Jas, justice, real estate.
Swallum R R, sta, tel and ex agt.
Tyson C N, blacksmith, wagonmaker.
Warnke Wm, harnessmaker.
Wilber N H, phys.

Roselma: A postoffice in the central part of Boone county, eight miles from Albion, the seat of justice. Population, 120.
Davis M, postmaster.
Hember N, harnessmaker.
Lebert C, blacksmith.
Longhran H J, carriage and wagonmaker.
Loran H Mrs, dressmaker.
McAninch M F, justice.
Poor E Mrs, dressmaker.
Rehol W, blacksmith.
Sabin D, phys.

St. Edward: A town of 300 inhabitants in Boone county, on the Albion branch of the R.P. Ry., 12 miles southeast of Albion, the county seat. Beaver creek flows through the place, furnishing excellent water power. A good flouring mill is one of the industries. The surrounding county is a beautiful rolling prairie and table land, rich in agricultural products and stock raising. Churches: Catholic, Methodist and Baptist.
Balsley M M, dry goods.
Britell C, veterinary surgeon.
Calvert T W, harnessmaker.
Case & Son, agl implts.
Cottage Hotel, A G Shleh prop.
Crouch Bros, props St edwars Roller Mill, grain elevator, live stock, coal.
Davis E C, watchmaker, jeweler.
Devine James B, blacksmith.
Disher J O, genl mdse.
Dole G J & Son, grain elevator.
Exchange Bank, Josiah Penfield prop, W G Gains cashier.
Flory Wm, phys.
Gains W G, notary, ins.
Gunderman F M, barber.
Hall & Hasselbalch, meat market.
Hasselbalch Nels, genl mdse.
Horney J P, livery, horse breeder.
Kennedy C J, carpenter, undertaker.
Livingston J S, phys.
Lukenbach E B, shoemaker.
McFayden & Fonda, agl implts, coal.
McGee F M, hardware, agl implts.
McGlinchy Jas B, sta, tel and ex agt.
Parker S S Mrs. millinery.
Penfield Josiah, prop Exchange Bank, notary, real estate.
Powell & McGee, lumber.
Ramey J A, drugs.
Rittel & Laudeman, genl mdse.
St Edward Roller Mill, Crouch Bros props.
Shaffer Henry A, justice, notary.
Shleh A G, prop Cottage Hotel, confectionery.
Spear C E, atty.
Squier & Macqueen, genl mdse.
Sutton W C, hardware, furniture.
Thompson M J, real estate, notary, insurance.
Vizzard Wm, blacksmith, wagonmaker.
White A D, drugs.
Williams R F, postmaster, justice.

Sandalia: A farmhouse postoffice in the eastern part of Boone county, three miles from Bradish, a station on the F. E. & M. V. R. R.
Peterson Elios, postmaster.

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