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The Fitzgeral Farm Flood-1920

This flood was in the spring of 1920 when mom was only seventeen,
actually she wasn't seventeen until July 25th so she was still "sweet sixteen".
My grandparents William and Ida Fitzgerald moved on this place the previous year.

Grandmother Ida and my mother had canned a lot of food and it was stored in a cellar.
So when the flood came, the jars of food came swimming out from the cellar.

Curious people who had heard about the flood came out to see and partake of the jars
of food that landed close enough for them to pick up.

My grandparents had been saving Buffalo head nickles in jars and also Indian head pennies.
These were also taken.

But there were good neighbors that came to the folks aid.

They brought their plows and slips and teams for the purpose of digging ditches in order to
drain out the water. They also helped get the horses and cows out of the barn by cutting
a large hole in the southwest corner of the barn.

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