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Current cemetery is located 1 mile south of Long Pine. The first cemetery in Long Pine was located 1/4 mile east of Long Pine near the Railroad tracks. It was discontinued on Sept. 1,1888. Some of graves were moved to the new south cemetery and some were just left and abandoned with stones removed and lost. Some of the remaining bodies left at the old cemetery were not allowed to be moved because of death due to contagious disease. Anyone dieing before 1888 was buried in the old cemetery, and after Sept 1,1888 in the new cemetery. It was first opened for the buriel of C.T. Bannining who was the first interment there. There was no location given for that buriel. A big Thank YOU to Harriet Hulshizer, local historian for Long Pine who furnished records for all the information listed below. This was a joint effort by the Long Pine Clerks office , Harriet Hulshizer, and the Torguson's.

Legal Description: NW SE Section 31, Township 30, Range 20

Name birth death place born
Haislip, Arlene Shaneyfelt Downs(dau of Lyle Orbin & Elizabeth Burritt Shaneyfelt)(wife of Doanld THomas Downs m. 1948) 09-20-192610-30-2016Lincoln, NE
Hall, Infant (son of H.A.&F.M.) 02-20-1901
Hall, Almon Bertie (WW1)(hus of Laura Ehtel Collier m.1920) 03-24-1895 07-27-1953Marshall, Ok.
Hall, Charles Samuel(husband of Ida M.) 01-15-1880 09-15-1949Flemmingsburg, KY
Hall, Dale Vance(husband of Lenora Rohweder)(son of Charles Samuel & Ida Mary Benson) 02-22-182005-10-1995 Hazard, NE
Hall, Delmer D.(husband of Fona Dishman) 07-25-1918 08-20-1975Hazard, NE
Hall, Deona Dee(dau of Delmar & Feona Dishman) 03-20-1954 09-09-1971 Ainsworth, NE
Hall, Fona W. Dishman (wife of Delmer Hall m. 12-15-1945)(dau of Archie Lee & Bessa Godfrey Dishman)03-14-192411-01-2013Scottsbluff, NE
Hall, Ida Mary Benson(wife of Charles) 07-16-1886 07-26-1964Hazard, NE
Hall, Laura Ethel Collier(wife of Almon B. Hall m.12-15-1920)(dau of Charles Collier) 06-24-1904 02-08-1938Davis co., Iowa
Halldorson, ArbecSigurd(husband of Mary Jane McDaniel)10-29-191609-25-1978Washington Island, Wisc.
Halldorson, Christine 1844 1914
Halldorson, Freida 08-27-1872 02-02-1897
Halldorson, John Thomas 09-18-1867 10-26-1946Gramjaradstaden Iceland
Halldorson, Lillian Rebecca(wife of Siggie)(m.08-25-1914)06-05-1894 02-06-1988
Halldorson, Pauline 1882 1969
Halldorson, Sarah 1845 1907
Halldorson, Siggie 1888 1972
Hallgrimson, Baldur(son of Olafur & Skulina) 06-11-1894 02-05-1899
Hallgrimson, Infant son 03-15-1931
Hallgrimson, Infant son 09-10-1929
Hallgrimson, Infand Dau of Burger & Pearl 07-13-1928
Hallgrimson, Berger 1893 1971
Hallgrimson, Pearl R. Brown 1901 1967
Hallgrimson, Rose 06-18-1906 05-27-1988
Hallgrimson, Skulina 1870 1939
Hallgrimson, Skulli (of Olifer & Skulina)(WW1) 09-06-1891 12-30-1969Long Pine, NE
Hallgrimson, Olafur 1866 1948
Halligan,Dudley D.(son of Eugen& Mary Strom) 02-06-1942 09-27-1997Newport, NE
Halligan, Eugene 1900 1971
Hallligan, Mary Nora Strom(Wife of Eugene)10-10-1906 01-01-1987Presho, SD
Halligan, Thomas Dean(son of Larayne &Douglas) 06-16-1960 10-01-1962
Hamm Infant no dates
Hamilton, Flossie Olive Biltoft(wife of Lyle) 12-11-1910 05-31-1973Long Pine, NE
Hamilton, Lyle W. 02-02-1900 11-16-1981Johnstown, NE
Hansen, Bernice 1877 1933
Hargens, Byron Haynes(husband of Caroline Bolke) 12-21-1895 07-19-1959Iowa
Hargens, Caroline Jeanette Bolke(wife of Byron) 05-04-1896 02-12-1984Arcadia, Iowa
Harnon, Hermina(Minnie)Theresa Prelle(wife of John)1883 05-03-1968
Harnon, John(son of Wm, & Mary Halligan) 05-14-1871 11-22-1952Brumfield, ILL.
Harp, Beatrice Joan(dau of Earl & Kathleen)(WW11) 08-30-1921 07-14-1944Omaha, NE
Harvard, Lillie 03-12-1868 07-13-1890
Hartwell, Edna Ilene 07-23-1919 07-26-1919
Hartwick, Elvira 1807 1890
Harvey, N.G. 1813 1903
Harward, Lillie 22 yr,4 mo,1 day 07-13-1890
Hatchkiss, Nellie Caroline Williamson(wife of Daniel A.) 06-12-1874 04-22-1953 ILl.
Hawks, Bertha Helen Murdock(Wife of Phillip) 01-14-1890 01-26-1955Chadron, NE
Hawks, Gerald S. (son of Phillip & Bertha Ward)(WW11) 07-24-1912 06-02-1992Elgin, NE
Hawks, Harold F.(son of Phillip & Bertha Ward)(WW11) 07-24-1912 07-23-1986Elgin, NE
Hawk, Phillip Edward(son of Frank & Catherine May) 09-08-1887 12-21-1966Utica, NE
Heath, Lawrence(veteran) 1893 1909
Heck, Frank 1853 1927
Heck, Thomas S. 1850 1921
Heiney, Gladys L. 04-30-1896 04-06-1903
Hemple, Marie Eva Richards(wife of Philip m.01-17-1946)(dau of John & Flossie Heath RIchards) 07-01-1914 02-14-2001 Bassett, Ne
Hemple, Phillip Jr.(husband of Marie Richards) 06-10-1902 12-06-1992 Huck, Russia
Henderson, Helen Belvidene Thompson(dau of Charles Frederick & Nellie Wohlford Thompson)(wife of William Buck Henderson m. 12-08-1937)04-28-191702-23-2011Long Pine, NE
Henderson, Lyle (WW11) 01-02-1926 05-31-1980
Henderson, William John(Buck)(husband of Helen Belvadine Thompson) 05-16-1907 05-25-1985Ainsworth, NE
Henry, Luvinea 1839 1912
Henry, Mary(dau of Horace & Mary Krieger) 08-16-1893 06-18-1958 Britton, SD
Hibbins, Edgar G. 1882 1918
Hickman, Irma Caroline Vose(dau of Quintin & Orva McQuenn Vose)(wife of Eugene L. Hickman m. 11-09-1948)12-01-192706-06-2015?
Hicks, Margaret Armstrong(wife of Wm. Thomas Hicks) 01-11-1864 05-15-1929Canada
Hilborn, Edwin 1844 1932
Hill, John 1906
Hillan, C.D. 06-06-1855 06-05- 1923
Hobson, Julia 07-1844 10-1941
Hoefeldt, Arvania Graham (Adella)(wife of Louis) 11-18-1895 08-18-1985DeLoyt, Iowa
Hoefeldt, Gene 06-01-1927 01-05-1988
Hollenbeck, Belle A. 1891 1974
Hollenbeck, Barbara June (Bobbi) Fowler(dau of Luke H. & Wilma H. Klinger Fowler)(wife of Neil J. Hollenbeck m. 07-13-194911-22-193205-31-2008Tekamah, NE
Hollenbeck, Beryl Andrew 12-23-1913 04-03-1991
Hollenbeck, Catherine C. Gilster(wife of Beryl)(M. 08-04-1934) 09-22-1914 11-28-1997
Hollenbeck, Doyle Hub(son of Earl ∓Isabelle Hlster Hollenbeck)(hus of Vera Rose Sally Patterson m.06-30-1941)04-02-192307-17-2010Long Pine, Ne
Hollenbeck, Earl D.(husband of Isabelle A. Olster) 04-03-1889 07-22-1984Holdredge, NE
Hollenbeck, Gary Neil(husband of Carol Ann Schmitz m. 03-29-1969)04-21-1940 03-12-1990Ainsworth, NE
Hollenbeck, Isabelle Alice Olster(wife of Earl)03-30-1891 03-03-1974 Guthrie Center,, Iowa
Hollenbeck, Linette Sue 06-20-1969 06-21-1969
Hollenbeck, Lynda Louise (Beanie)Jones)(dau of Lyle (Jack) Jones & Dorothy Allen Jones)(wife of Larry L. Hollenbeck m. 10-26-1964)12-08-194706-08-2008 Ainsworth, Ne
Hollenbeck, Larry L.?2007Ainsworth, Ne
Hollenbeck, Neil Jake(husband of Bobby Fowler m.07-31-1949) 07-26-1926 11-30-1986Ainsworth, NE
Hollenbeck, Roger Wayne(husband of Connie Blake m. 10-17-1970) 08-30-1950 10-10-2000 Ainsworth, NE
Hollenbeck, Vera Rose Patterson(Sally)(wife of Doyle) 07-13-1922 06-10-1972
House, John Martin 1809 1911
House, Nancy Jean 1833 1911
Houtz, Willis(William) D.(son of Charles & LaVavarie Eaton) ( Co G. 2nd Neb. Inf. (Sgt.) at Wounded Knee Indian War) 07-27-1860 11-28-1941Vinton, Iowa
Howes, Emma 1872 1956
Hoy, Elizabeth M.Nichoff(Richoff?) 08-15-1827 04-15-1903
Hoy, Joel 12-1825 08-27-1895
Hoyt, Lois M. 10-26-1888 05-11-1889
Hubbell, Addie T. 09-15-1853 10-20-1932
Hubbell, Floyd M. 06-01-1912 06-27-1929
Hubbell, George M. 1856 06-09-1946
Hubbell, Herman M. 12-16-1883 05-03-1917
Hubbell, Son 10 mo 7 day 11-07-1895
Hughes, Elwood E.(Woody)((Husband of Harriett Greiner m.06-09-1952)(son of Walter & Lydia Link Hughes)(WW11) 09-18-1922 12-09-1980 Long Pine, NE
Hughes, Harriet E.Williams(wife of Elwood Hughes m.06-09-1952)(dau of Harry & Elsie Greiner Wiliams)12-13-19182005Columbus, NE
Hughes, Howard Link(husband of Mabel)(WW11) 07-13-1918 03-16-1953Brown Co., NE
Hughes, Lydia Hulda Link(wife of Walter)(dau of Gustav & Katherine Link) 01-27-1891 03-04-1956Grand Island, NE
Hughes, Orley(Bud) 1930 10-28-1975
Hughes, Walter(husband of Lydia Link) 10-04-1886 01-25-1955Mo.
Hulshizer, Dallis (Duge)(husband of Harriet Moore m.02-03-1945) 10-27-1918 11-25-1990Long Pine, NE
Hulshizer, Harriet E.(wife of Dallis E. Hulshizer m.02-03-1945)(dau of I.H.& Augusta Mae Ashley Moore)05-13-191809-28-2007Long Pine, Ne
Hulshizer, Ronald R.(son of Dallis & Harriet Hulshizer)(hus of Ruth Dillon)12-03-194511-07-2009Ainsworth, NE
Hulshizer, Ruth Elaine(Frankie)Dillon(wife of Ronald) 07-25-1947 01-06-1990Ainsworth, NE
Humphrey, Newton J. 04-29-1845 12-25-1930
Hurd, Abbye D. (dauo f J.& M.E.)09-18-1868 11-15-1889
Hutcheson, Donald(WW11) 04-07-1929 02-01-1987
Hutson, J. (Civil War Pvt.)1841 02-27-1937
Irion, Edward (WW1) 12-02-1888 12-10-1955
Irion, Rose 1904 1986
Jackman, Frank Christopher(son of Fred W. & Freda Wagner) 06-20-1879 05-09-1959LaMarrs, Iowa
Jackman, Lydia M. 1880 1942
Jackson, ???? ???? 03-19-1891
Jackson, Leona 1878 1949
Jenkins, John Thomas(husband of Esther) 09-03-1876 04-09-1949Brayton, Iowa
Jensen, Richard Niles infant 11-15-1940
Jensen, Ruth Lucy 1906 1959
Jessen, Alicia M. 09-04-1871 08-04-1896
Jessen, Christiana 03-22-1867 06-02-1886
Jessen, Henry L.05-18-1831 03-17-1909
Jessen, M. 03-27-1860 08-17-1923
Jessen, Malinda A. 05-19-1836 11-04-1908
Jessen, Maria S. 04-08-1838 08-31-1909
Jessen, Kathrine 1866 1934
Jewell, Oren(husband of Elsie Nord m.01-01-1909)(son of Amanda Chadwick Jewell & John Jewell) 08-18-1887 05-05-1940Meadville, Linn, MO.
Jewell, Richard DeArton(husbnad of Selma Johnson m.0704-1936)(son of Oren & Elsie) 11-13-1909 09-17-1970Mills, Keya Paha Co.,NE
Johnson, Alma Sophia Anderson 10-11-1876 02-23-1957Sweden
Johnson, Frank 01-15-1898 07-20-1935
Johnson, Hugo C. (hus of Nadine M. Munns Johnson) 1896 1961
Johnson, Nadine M.Munns(dau of O.E. & Mary Munns) 1900 1985
Johnson, Norman Dallas(adopted by John & Hattie)(husband of#1 Wanda Arnold m.1941, #2 Dora Neubauer m.06-24-1954)12-29-191902-13-2002Auburn, NE
Johnson, Frank Otto(husband of Alma Sophie) 11-19-1864 10-21-1944Vodston, Sweden
Jones, Allen C. 1894 1945
Jones, Jack Alvin(hus of Laura M. Hughes m. 12-07-1941)(son of Allan C. & Olga C. Jones)01-16-192003-07-2005Winnetoon, Ne
Jones, Olga 1896 1975
Jordon, Joseph Almon 03-02-1870 08-27-1936
Jordon, James S. 03-28-1868 08-03-1913
Jordon, Mabel L.Johnson(wife of J. Almon) 05-17-1883 04-21-1918
Jordon, William Jennings Bryan 01-11-189709-13-1962?
Kasparie, Theodore R. Jr.194907-2013
Kasparie, William McKinley(son of Andrew & Dolly Williams)(WW11) 01-25-1901 10-11-1972Mills, NE
Keith, Harold D. 09-12-1920 09-01-1922
Kellem, Dixie Lou Henderson(dau of Wm. & Helen Thompson) 01-18-1940 06-24-1976 Ainsworth, NE
Keller, Dixie Henderson 01-18-1940 06-24-1976
Keller, Norma Halligan(dau of Eugene & Mary Halligan)(wife of Phillip Keller m. 1980)05-26-193705-2011Newport, Ne
Keller, Phillip Donald(a twin)(wife#1 Wauneta Allen m.02-10-1950, #2 Norma Halligan m.08-05-1980) 01-16-1931 08-14-1993Omaha, NE
Kelly, Clara Pearl (wife of William) 11-15-1902 08-28-1969
Kelly, Francis 1865 1929
Kelly, John Everett 07-16-1878 05-30-1944Mahaska Co., Iowa
Kelly, Mary Ann 1832 1910
Kelly, Martha 1883 1981
Kelly, Minnie F. White 11-06-1885 01-09-1907
Kelly, Patrick 1898 1923
Kelly, Simon 1909 1916
Kelly, Thomas 1847 1912
Kenner, Catherine T. 03-14-1858 11-28-1893
Kenner, Vera 08-04-1893 09-05-1894
Kenroy, Mark James 08-25-1868 06-10-1928Castle Rea, Ireland
Kenroy, Nellie Bucklin 1885 1919
Kernan, Mary Adaline(Addie)(dau of Eva Stevenson) 02-16-1890 10-24-1969 Rock Co., NE
Kernan, Fred(husband of Lorene Hayden m.11-09-1940)(son of Jim & Addie Kernan) 01-10-1917 03-16-1986Long Pine, NE
Kernan, James Francis(husband of Mary Adaline) 01-06-1883 07-11-1955Brown Co, NE
Kesselhuth, Albert E.(Dutch)(husband of Neita Mae Beed) 03-18-1897 06-04-1979Long Pine, NE
Kesselhuth, Edward Henry(hus #1 Alma Frazier m. 1909, #2 Myrtle Green m. 1938, #3 Emma Thomsen Beed m. 05-20-1949) 09-13-1881 05-16-1957 O'Neill, NE
Kesselhuth, Emma Thomsen Beed(#3 wife of Edward m. 05-20-1949) 01-03-1900 05-16-1983Valentine, NE
Kesselhuth, Henry E.(father of Edward, William and Albert) 11-10-1840 02-03-1922
Kesselhuth, Myrtle B.Green(wife of Edward H. m.1938 in S.D.) 06-29-1881 01-23-1944Iowa
Kesselhuth, Roland Eugene(husband ofJoan)(WW11) 09-25-1926 09-05-1971Long Pine, NE
Kesselhuth, William F.(son of Henry & Mary Caroline Peters Kesselhuth, brother of Edward Henry Kesselhuth) 04-26-1885 05-22-1969Long Pine, NE
Kilgore, Alice M. 09-04-1871 08-04-1896
Kilgore, Christina no dates
Kilgore, Henry L. 05-18-1831 03-17-1909
Kilgore, Malinda A. 05-19-1836 11-04-1908
Kilgore, Squire S. 04-21-1869 11-10-1943
Kilgore, Winfield 08-21-1882 02-18-1936
King, Clarence(husband of Elva Powell)(son of Alfred & Ruth Morgan King) 09-05-1900 09-20-1978Tekamah, NE
King, Elva Powell(wife of Clarence m.02-19-1921) 09-15-1903 10-17-1996 Long Pine, NE
Kinowles, Sabrina 02-19-1838 ????
Kirk, Estes 1896 1986
Kirk, Grace M. 1891 1983
Kirkwood, James M. 01-12-1899 01-25-1970
Kirkwood, James Edward(husband of Ollie Alice Morgan m.11-18-1891)(son of Robert & Mary Muir Kirkwood) 10-04-1861 01-24-1946 Crescent,Pottawattami Co., Iowa
Kirkwood, Dr. Mary Inez(dau of James & Ollie) 12-15-1893 12-14-1960 Missouri Valley, Iowa
Kirkwood, Nellie L.(dau of James & Ollie Morgan) 09-01-1892 03-28-1979Creston, Iowa
Kirkwood, Ollie Alice Morgan(wife of James)(dau of Seth Harrison Morgan & Martha Jane Roland Morgan) 02-07-1866 05-04-1949 Missouri Valley,Harrison Co., Iowa
Knowles, William B.(Civil War)02-19-1839 03-13-1899 Indiana
Krause, Edna B. King 01-15-1902 03-20-1953
Krause, Orland C. (hus of Marilyn F. Hawks m. 02-10-1948)(son of Richard John & Edna Belle King Krause)03-25-92709-27-2014Long Pine, NE
Krause, Richard A.(husband of Muriel Woods) (WW11) 10-15-1924 10-22-1977Long Pine, NE
Krause, Richard John(husband of Edna Belle King m.09-07-1921) 08-28-1899 03-17-1974West Point, NE
Krause, Steven (infant son of Marilyn&Orland) 01-04-1949
Kruger, Beryl Lavonne Magill(dau of Lee Magill) 1911 1977
Kruger, Bruno Henry (WW11) 09-20-1898 08-13-1980
Kummer, Earnest W.(son of Jacob &Amp; Marie) 11-01-1885 11-12-1972Columbus, NE
Kummer, Maria Marty (wife of Jack) 05-56-1863 10-12-1926 Switzerland
Kurtz, Berth Francisca Carolette Miller(wife of Lester Welcome Kurtz) 01-14-1895 07-19-1979Crawford, NE
Kurtz, Dorothy Frances 08-21-1918 04-20-1920
Kurtz, James Sr.(husband of Selma) 02-21-1894 09-12-1959Long Pine, NE
Kurtz, John H. 06-23-1859 11-17-1905
Kurtz, John Jr.(husband of Particia M. Eddy)(WW11) 08-13-1917 08-25-1999Long Pine, NE
Kurtz, Katie A. 02-14-1867 11-30-1922
Kurtz, Lester Welcome(husband of Bertha Miller m.02-02-1915) 10-26-1887 03-02-1957Rock CO.,NE
Kurtz, Selma J. Claus(wifeof Jim S.Kurtz) 08-11-1894 06-05-1985Battle Creek, NE
Kurzenburger, Elsie M.Steward(wife of Kermit) 04-16-1919 12-24-1972Brown Co., NE
Kurzenburger, Kermit(husband of Elsie Steward) 08-06-1909 03-02-1997
Kyner, Infant No dates
Kyner, Jeanne E.(dau of Lloyd & Violet) No Dates
Kyner, Lizzie McKim(wife of Stephen) 1855 1918
Kyner, Lloyd McKim (husband of #1 Violet Vern Henderson-10-01-1921, #2 Nellie Henderson, #3 Lorena Mundorf Fernau,) 08-03-1900 03-11-1969
Kyner, Lorena M.(wife of Lloyd) 1913 1998
Kyner, Loris M.(child of Stephen & Lizzie) 08-12-1887 02-27-1898
Kyner, Nellie A.(dau of Stephen & Lizzie) 1896 08-25-1906
Kyner, Stephen H.(husband of Lizzie C. McKim) 1853 1932
Lackaff, J.P. 09-01-1852 09-05-1915
Lackaff, Lizzie 03-10-1860 11-15-1926
Lackaff, Mickle 01-25-1893 05-29-1913
Lamb, Christine E. 1885 1961
Lamb, Emma Florence Thomas(Granny)(wife of George W.) 11-11-1859 09-25-1961Manmouth, ILL
Lamb, George Jacob(husband of Hazel Graver) 01-21-1886 08-27-1970Malvern, Iowa
Lamb, George W. 1849 1935
Lamb, Hazel(wife of George) 1892 1985
Lamb, Ida (wife of William) 1864 1907
Lamb, Roy 1888 1935
Lamb, William D. 1857 1928
Lammers, Agnes M. 1861 1926
Lammers, Infant 1922
Lammers, Fredrick Jacob(husband of Marjorie May)(veteran) 07-28-1895 04-12-1948Donophin, NE
Lammers, Marjorie Mary Baker(dau of Geo. Link Baker & Margaret Smith) 07-22-1901 10-17-1965Long Pine, NE
Lammers,Ottomar 188801-31-1945Ne
Lammers, William 1859 1924
Lane, Christina Elizabeth Lamers(dau of WM. & Agnes Beckman) 07-02-1885 08-24-1961Doniphan, NE
Lantis, Martin 10-30-1887
Langer, Lillie 1912 1936
Laning, Minnie 1865 1918
Langer, Norma Matha Bohm(wife of Walter A.) 05-02-1896 02-10-1938Richman, Ill.
Lavelle, Roy 08-08-1887 03-16-1891 (3 yr 7 mo 8 day)
Lavelle,Verna Marie 12-02-1890 06-25-1891 (6Mo, 23 day)
Lavelle, Wenna Laura 11-28-1889 09-24-1890 (mo. 24 day)
Law, Dr. A. J. (dentist) 08-01-1854 01-07-1902
Law, Almar J. (son of Almar) 02-24-1881 03-13-1961 Elkhorn, NE
Leach, Daniel 1911 1939
Leach, Sarah 1839 1923
Leach, William S. 1861 1914
Lee, Andrew (son of Kristian&Martine Sukke)(Korea) 02-05-1891 03-27-1979Oslo, NE
Lee, Ardith L. Ross(wife of M.C.)(m. 09-30-1932) 11-14-1904 02-16-1989
Lee, Charles William(Husband of Laura) 12-15-1871 08-03-1955Shawnee Mission, KS
Lee, Eval L. 1902 1930
Lee, John 02-05-1891 07-02-1951
Lee, Laura VanTreese McDowell(wife of Charles) 08-11-1877 01-10-1959Kansas
Lee, Leslie 11-02-1899 03-106-1985
Lee, Martin Skinner(WW1) 02-05-1891 12-27-1973
Lee, Maurice C.190310-04-2001
Lee, Raymond C.(Korea) 02-14-1929 08-21-1981
Leland, James (Civil War) 07-14-1827 06-15-1907
Leland, Margaret 10-20-1835 02-14-1911
Lentz, Eva Mae Williams(wife of John Thomas Lentz)(dau of Walter Eugene Williams & Mary Josphine Graham Williams) 03-07-1887 10-13-1969Meadville, NE
Lentz, Hazel (infant of John Thomas(Tom) & Eva) 06-14-1916 06-14-1916Long Pine, NE
Lentz, John Thomas(Tom)(husband of Eva May Williams m.10-03-1905) 03-21-1886 02-16-1960North Liberty, Johnson Co.,Iowa
Lentz, John Riley(husband of Margaret Elizabeth Fitzsimmons m.08-29-1883)(son of Enos & Nancy Jane Geary Lentz) 05-06- 1857 09-13-1936North Liberty, Johnson Co., Iowa
Lentz, Margaret Elizabeth Fitzsimmons(wife of John R.) 03-15-1861 11-24-1946New York Harbor, NY
Lentz, Elmer Thomas(Bud) Sr.(husband of Viola Esther Hakes m.08-24-1930)(son of John Thomas & Eva May Wiliams Lentz) 03-31-1909 02-191968Long Pine, Ne
Lentz, Ralph L.( Hus of Sirley Jewell m. 03-17-1956)(son of Elmer &l Viola Lentz Sr.)08-04-193502-01-2013Ainsworth, NE
Lentz, Ricky Dean(son of Elmer &: Eiko Lentz)(hus of Kris Wiley m. 11-14-1987)08-23-195710-24-2015Madison, WI
Lentz, Shirley J. Jewell(dau of Richard & Selma Jewell)(wife of Ralph Lentz m. 03-17-1956)01-12-193807-03-2014Long Pine, NE
Lentz, Viola Esther Hakes(wife of Elmer)(dau of John & Maude Kimball Hakes) 11-09-1913 03-09-1978Warren Co, Iowa
Leonard, Vivian Duncan(wife of Lynn)(dau of Leberten& Inez) 1913 09-20-1948Long Pine, NE
Libby, Betty Mae 1922 1930
Libby, Marcie Ellen Lampitt(wife of Walter m.04-11-1926)09-02-1902 01-16-1985Meadville, Ne
Libby, Walter Russell(husbnd of Marcie)( WW1) 05-15-1895 08-29-1987Grand City, Ind
Link, Gustav 03-08-1857 06-02-1937
Link, Katherine 08-28-1861 03-18-1937
Little, Dorothy Marie Staal(wife of Wm.) 08-26-1922 09-24-1975Long Pine, NE
Londer, Mary Martha Harscheld(Marie Magdalena Harscheld, (German name)(dau of Hans & Katharine Harscheld)(wife of Fred Willaim Londer(Gredrick Andreas Wilheim Londer(German name) m. 05-11-1889)(Fred was the son of Jurgen & Christina Londer) 02-11-1869 08-30-1942 Holstein, Germany
Lord, Carrie L. Enders(wife of Charles) 03-30-1883 09-04-1968Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Lord, Charles(husband of Carrie) 11-22-1880 10-22-1967Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Lucy, Edward Graham(WW11) 07-26-1900 03-05-1960
Lucy, Emma G.(wife of Ira) 1882 1956
Lucy, Eliza (mother of Ira) 1841 1931
Lucy, Eshter 03-16-1899 02-27-1915
Lucy, Ira 1876 1957
Lucy, Ira Karl(WW11) 10-23-1915 11-09-1952
Luehrs, Charles Henry(husband of Alma) 02-09-1899 07-05-1962 NE
Lutz, ArLou E.(wife of Michael Lutz m.08-1971)(dau of Harold & GenevaKirk Davis)12-19-195103-18-2008
Lutz, Manda Ann (dau of Mike) 1975 05-15-1975
Lutz, Ruth M. Beutner(dau of Gustav & Viola Minor Beutner)(wife of Tom Lutz m. 06-09-19470 01-17-192906-18-2016White Lake, SD
Lydick, Glenn W.(Slim)(WW1) 02-03-1889 12-05-1928Burt Co., Ne.
Lydick, Mary Williams (wife of Samuel) 11-30-1867 07-14-1919
Lydick, Mary 1890 1938
Lydick, Samuel E. 12-23-1858 12-25-1917
Lyman, Dawson William(husband of Myrtle) 03-29-1880 03-24-1954Clarion, Iowa
Lyman, Myrtle 1882 10-18-1968
McAndrew, Effie E. 1888 1970
McAndrew, Dr. Florence Helton(dau of Frank & Effie E.) 09-22-1909 01-15-1999 Ainsworth, NE
McAndrew, Frank H. 1886 1963
McAndrew, Garneta(dau of F.H.& E.E.) 11-29-1913 07-07-1918
McCray, Madeline K. Oxner (dau of Clarence E. Oxner & Phyllis B. Libby Oxner)(wife of Melvin L.)01-20-194607-2014Stuart, NE
McClurg, Anna Lefler 1885 1956
McClurg, Lewis Edmond(WW1)(wife#1 Anne Lefler m.03-26-1918, #2 Ethel Sharp m.08-03-1960) 10-25-1894 10-01-1983Springfield, MO
McCollum, Allen (WW1) 11-11-1893 11-14-1955
McCollum, Pauline Hatten Sokel Beed(husband #1 William Beed)(#2 Allen McCullum m. 10-30-1953) 03-02-1877 01-11-1973
McCoy, Odessa L. May Kyner Bates(wife of#1 Bates,#2 Geo. McCoy) 08-22-1881 08-29-1949Sterling, ILL
McCray, Madeline K. (Wife of Alex Liberato)?07-09-2014?
McCullough, Cecil Glen(hus of Elva I. Grant m.06-12-1943)(son of James Henry & Mary Mill McCullough)12-22-190712-01-2004Bassett, NE
McCumber, Jay J.(husband of Naomi) 10-09-1903 10-26-1957Boyd Co., NE
McCumber, Naomi C. Reber(wife of Jay) 04-15-1906 05-01-1972Naper, Ne
McElroy, Harvey C. 08-1919 10-02-1932
McGee, Mary Ann 05-25-1818 07-19-1889
McGill, Francis W.(Frank) (Civil War)1845 11-09-1915
McGinness, Harriett E.(wife of Newton Humphrey) 02-07-1855 02-21-1928
McKelver, James 1860 1929
McKnight, infant (son of H.P.& M.GH.) 06-21-1885
McKnight, Infant 1913
McKnight, Malah P. Wales(wife of Wm.) 03-03-1890 08-09-1985Lakeland, NE
McKnight, William(Bill) 1879 1950
McMonagle, Edna B. 1893 1934
McMonagle, Frankie (5 mo 6 day) 11-01-1892
McMonagle, Maggie 1855 1926
McMonagle, W.A.(Bill) Jr. 1888 1954
McMonagle, W.W. Sr. 1846 1916
McNally, Charles E. 1897 1968
McNally, Edna Pearl Baxter(wife of Charlie) 04-10-1898 01-31-1977Johnstown, NE
McNally, Edwin J. 03-26-1918 03-05-1968
McNally, Morrie E. 1825 1947
McNally, Wilbur "Web" LeRoy(son of Charley & Edna McNally)(hus of Hazel Burkinshaw m.08-27-1950) 03-25-193002-18-2017Long Pine, NE
McNess, George(son of A.G.& M.A.)(9 mo 11 day) 1897
Mallory, Sally (Civil War) 03-15-1789 04-10-1889
Mandeloko, Harriet J. Langner(wife of Richard m.09-07-1940)11-06-192011-05-2001Milwaukee, Wisc.
Mandelko, Lynn John (husband of Freda Kaiser m.03-24-1934)(son of Charles August &Martha Ann Retzlaff Mandelko) 1903 1934
Mandelko, Richard Carl(husband of Harriet Langner m.09-07-1940)(son of Charles & Martha) 07-15-1919 06-27-1999Long Pine, NE
Mann, Royal C. 10-06-1898 11-06-1918
Mapes, Clinton Eli(son of Dale & Dorothy Warnke Mapes) 03-01-1981 03-24-2001 Ainsworth, NE
Mapes, Dorothy Ann (Wife of Dale Mapes Jr.)195506-23-2013
Martin, Amanda Chadwick Jewell(wife of #1 John Jewell, #2 Homer Martin m.1905) 03-10-1870 11-16-1950Unionville, Putnam Co.,MO
Marts, Rev. A. W. 12-23-1880 08-11-1972
Marts, Zelza Grace Mekemmson(wife of Arthur Wm. ) 11-14-1883 09-08-1952Biggsville, ILL
Mason, Annie 1847 1924
Mason, William G. 1847 1919
Masters, Alton Vera (husband of Olive) 07-27-1904 12-28-1966Walthill, NE
Masters, Olive Frye 1909 1987
Mayfield, Infant dau of James& Blanche 07-16-1918
Mead, Charles (Civil War) no dates
Mead, Lois Isabell Hill(wife of J.M.) 10-13-1850 06-13-1934
Mead, J.M.(Civil War) 05-15-1845 11-10-1911
Merritt, Mary Catherine 03-09-1909 01-28-1911
Millard, Edger Bert( Ashes under one of the family stones) 1898 1937
Millard, Earl L.(husband of Mary Madeline) (ashes under Edgar B.Millard Stone) 11-04-1902 12-04-1985
Millard, Mary Madeline(ashes buried) 1911 02-1997
Millard, Minnie(ashes with Edgars under stone) 08-25-???? 1986
Miller, Andrew Jackson 05-26-187406-27-1922
Miller, Barbara E. (wife of H.G.) 04-01-1843 06-03-1894
Miller, Clarence Wesley(husband of Esther)(WW1) 03-28-1898 04-21-1956Peru, NE
Miller, Donald Andrew 09-03-1912 09-28-1912
Miller, Elletha C. Rickaard(wife of Frank m.06-01-1936) 03-13-1908 05-19-1997Keya Paha, NE
Miller, Elizabeth 1847 1926
Miller, Elwood (Woody) 06-041-1907 09-22-1990
Miller, Esther DeElla Stephens(wife of Clarence m. 08-15-1922) 10-13-1900 06-30-1988Terra Haute, IND
Miller, Ethel 1888 1964
Miller, Evelyn C.(wif of Seth Fritzler) 1910 10-01-1991
Miller, Frank W.(husband of Elletha Rickard)(son of A.B. & Dora VanMeter Miller) 10-04-1904 07-02-1996Chambers, NE
Miller, Horace Greeligh 1864 1915
Miller, Luzene Jane(Jennie) Pardew(wife of A.B.) 05-28-1864 03-24-1951West Virginia
Miller, John 1844 1924
Miller, Kenneth(son of Esther& Clarence) 1936 1937
Miller, Lawrence E. 1857 1924
Miller, Minerva J. 1859 1911
Miller, Rosalie Doyle (wife of Ulysses) 02-14-1876 04-06-1959IND
Miller, Ulysses S. 1867 1933
Miller, Winfred Scott 10-09-1861 12-10-1953Union Co.,Ind
Miller, William Grant(husband of FLorence) 06-19-1865 07-17-1942Shidler, Ind.
Miller, Mrs. W.G. 10-18-1920
Miller, William H. 1882 1962
Mills, A.J. 1874 1922
Mills, Cecil E.(WW1)(Ashes scatterd on ranch) 05-05-1891 03-15-1974
Mills, Francis Willard Lydich(wife #1 of Cecil Mills) 0-07-1894 04-09-1928Nickerson, Ne.
Mills, Leona Mae Pasek(wife of Cecil E. Mills)(ashes scattered on parents grave) 01-20-1906 03-04-1992 Bristow, NE
Mlton, Florence 01-02-1870 08-06-1922
Milton, John P. 07-25-1888 05-14-1963
Milton, Merle J. 06-10-1896 03-03-1959Friend, NE
Milton, Nellie J. 1895 02-04-1943
Minshall, Edna Myrtle Merril(wife of Raymond) 12-21-1888 12-31-1991Marshall, Tx
Minshall, Raymond Joseph(husband of Edna) 03-29-1888 09-26-1974Falls City, NE
Mockbee, Jessie P.(wife of Ernest H.) 1900 07-22-1949
Moore, Baby 07-23-1919
Moore Twins(Jean& Joyce)(DAU Of Ira & Avis Sawyer Moore) 10-17-1958 10-18-1958
Moore, Augusta Mae Ashley(wife of Ira m.03-15-195) 07-20-1892 09-30-1957Bowling Green, Ohio
Moore, Harriett Eva Cessna 1839 1925
Moore, Ida J.(hus of Avis Moore)?03-13-2009Long Pine, NE
Moore, Ira Junior(son of Herbert & Augusta Mae Ashley Moore)(hus of Avis Sawyer m. 06-22-1947) 04-27-192103-13-2009Long PIne, NE
Moore, Ira Herbert(wife #1 Clara Taylor)(#2 Augusta Mae Ashley) 05-27-1880 12-18-1972Dunlop, Iowa
Moore, Ira Mendenhall 1845 08-27-1906
Moore, Joan Kay(dau of Ira & Avis Sawyers)08-17-1960 08-17-1960Ainsworth, NE
Moore, Lois Jean Doty(dau of Arthur & Harta Singleman)(wife of Lynn Eldon Moore m. 10-25-1853)04-06-193412-08-2010O'Neill, NE
Moore, Lynn Eldon(son of Shelley T. Ted & Minnie Moore)(hus of #1 Lois Jean Doty m. 10-25-1953, #2 Mary Ann Anderson Burns M. 02-02-2012)12-27-193304-08-2016
Moore, Minnie M. West(wife of Shelly T.(Ted)Moore m.05-29-1928)11-11-1904 02-06-1995 Neligh, NE
Moore, Shelley Theodore(husband of Minnie) 12-15-1904 12-06-1979Lincoln, NE
Morford, Mary A. 10-18-1837 10-25-1886
Morgan, Arch (buried NW corner) no dates
Morgan, Elizabeth (dau of I.J.& L.M.) no dates
Morgan, Helen D.(wife of James Morgan)(dau of Pearl Brown & Berger Hallgrimson)05-03-192001-06-2013Long Pine, Ne
Morgan, Ollie 02-07-1866 05-04-1949
Morrison, William R. (Bill)(husband of Teresa Stec m. 05-29-1965)(son of William E. & Helen Roller Morrison)03-26-194005-11-2002Hot Springs, Fall River, SD
Mosher, Alma A. 1855 1938
Mosher, David W. 1845 1914
Mosher, Edna P.1885 1940
Moss, Celia Esther Barr(wife of Peter) 02-14-1897 01-27-1955Castana, Iowa
Moss, Pete(husband of Celia Esther) 09-13-1883 10-11-1946Minona Co., Iowa
Mounts, Edward A. 1888 1930
Mounts, Minnie Franz 1889 1917
Munddorf, Dale Eugen(son of James D.& Lorena M. Fernau Mundorf)(hus of Donne Lee Luerhas m. 06-03-1966)03-12-194601-2017Ainsworth, NE
Mundorf, Lawrence Elroy Shorty(son of Quincy Earl & Lillian Myrtle Lawrence Mundorf)(hus of Ione)08-17-192303-27-2011Sparks, NE
Munns, Grace(daughter of O.E. & Mary) 10-27-1901 10-25-1918
Munns, Brice R.(son of O.E.& M.M.) 03-27-1907 03-08-1909
Munns, Mary Maude 1878 1957
Munns, William G. 1847 1919
Munns, O.E.??
Munt, Lowell 05-20-1900 03-04-1927
Murer, Blanche Davis 01-22-1906 10-02-1978
Murer, Julius S. 10-15-1911 10-25-1976
Musfelt, Eliza Edith Bennett 03-17-1863 09-29-1944 Boone Co., Ill
Nachtman, Bernard J.(hus of #1 Patricia Fontaine, #2 Jarolyn Boer, #3 Donna Dillon) (son of Fred & Bessie Blake Nachtman)10-26-193706-15-2004Burwell, NE
Nachtman, Daniel 1981 1981
Nachtman, Jerolyn J. 1947 1984
Nay, J.A.(Lt.Civil War) no dates
Naylor, Emma R.Farer (wife of William) 06-27-1892 01-28-1951 West Point, NE
Naylor, Lucille 08-17-1916 11-17-1916
Naylor, William B.(Red)(Husband of Emma Farer) 02-19-1891 08-20-1978Havanna, ILL
Nelson, August Peter(son of Isaac) 02-21-1872 05-17-1953Smoland, Sweden
Newcomber, Doris M. Cottet(dau of Albert & Evelyn Cottet)(wife of Ralph Afton Newcomer m. 03-09-1935)07-03-191708-22-2011Crookston, MN
Newcomber, Ernest C.(husband of Maude Thompson) 04-30-1886 08-14-1974Guilford, MO
Newcomber, Maude E. Thompson(wife of Ernest) 10-29-1890 01-05-1984Holt Co., MO
Newcomber, Ralph Afton(husband of Doris Cottet m.03-09-1935) 11-20-1910 07-29-2000 Guilford, Mo.
Nichols, George A.(Civil War-Co F. 5th Wis Vol.) 1842 1924
Nightser, Mary E.(dau of Jeptha & Rosa Ritz Nightser) 11-19-1895 02-11-1968
Nitz, Sophie Marie Orr(husband #1 Ray Orr)(#2 William Nitz) 07-01-1903 07-05-1999
Newburn, Franklin age 4 yrs1906/07
North, Dale Edward (son of Robert C & Vessie L. Pearson North) (hus of #1 Vera M. Ritter m. 1951, #2 Ethel A. Nelson m. 10-22-1962)07-12-192004-30-2016Plainview, NE
We apologize for any errors in reading or transcribing of information. For corrections, please contact the Brown County Coordinator.

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