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Listed here are the surnames and the precinct where the information is listed. Use your browser's Edit Find function to go quickly to your surname, or browse through the list to check for variant spellings.

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Gardner   Garfield   Gibbon   Grant   Harrison   Logan  

Loup   Odessa Platte   Riverdale   Rusco   Sartoria

Schneider   Scott   Sharon   Shelton  
Thornton   Valley

~ A ~
SURNAME PRECINCT Abel Armada Abels Scott Abels Grant Abrams Beaver Adams Schneider Adelung Armada Adson Schneider Ahrens Gardner Albin Valley Albrecht Armada Albrecht Grant Albrecht Scott Alcorn Gibbon Aldeen Center Aldeen Gibbon Aldred Center Aldred Valley Allen Sharon Allen Riverdale Allen Shelton Altmaier Thornton Ames Gardner Anderson Beaver Anderson Harrison Anderson Rusco Anderson Divide Anderson Riverdale Anderson Center Anderson Gibbon Andreasen Center Andrews Center Annable Elm Cr. Anson Garfield Anthony Divide Applegate Gibbon Arbuckle Center Arbuckle Gibbon Arbuckle Shelton Armstrong Elm Cr. Arnold Garfield Arnold Sharon Asher Beaver Ashton Shelton Axman Rusco Axtell Grant Top of Page
~ B ~
SURNAME PRECINCT Bachkora Garfield Bachkora Valley Backora Gardner Baer Gibbon Baer Thornton Bailey Center Bailey Odessa Bailey Rusco Baird Odessa Baker Armada Ball Riverdale Bannister Sharon Barker Cedar Barney Riverdale Barrett Elm Cr. Barrett Gibbon Barrett Shelton Barron Shelton Bartmann Divide Barton Garfield Bassett Shelton Bateman Beaver Bateman Cedar Bates Valley Bauer Beaver Bauer Sartoria Bauer Schneider Bayers Grant Bayley Shelton Beadle Riverdale Bears Riverdale Beavers Elm Cr. Becker Logan Bedke Schneider Beebe Gibbon Behr Sharon Behrendt Cedar Bell Center Bell Gibbon Bell Loup Bell Sartoria Bendfeldt Gibbon Benisek Beaver Benisek Schneider Bennett Divide Bennett Thornton Bentley Harrison Bentley Sharon Bentzenburg Cherry Cr Berane Cherry Cr Berg Rusco Berger Rusco Bergt Scott Berkheimer Harrison Berkheimer Riverdale Bernack Schneider Bernert Divide Bernet Cherry Cr Berry Sharon Berzins Schneider Betebenner Gibbon Betke Garfield Bezdek Loup Bielke Gardner Bishop Cedar Bishop Divide Bishop Rusco Bissell Beaver Bissell Valley Blair Divide Blanchard Platte Blaschko Schneider Blaschko Valley Block Platte Blois Grant Bloomfield Center Blue Sharon Boardman Odessa Bock Cedar Bogt Garfield Bohn Cherry Cr Bohring Garfield Bolin Center Bombeck Platte Bomeke Beaver Bonsack Sharon Borgmann Gardner Bormann Sharon Bosshammer Grant Bostock Center Bourne Cedar Bouton Shelton Bowen Elm Cr. Bowersox Sartoria Bowle Logan Boyles Odessa Brabham Beaver Branhorse Grant Brannan Riverdale Brayton Cherry Cr Bremser Platte Brennan Elm Cr. Bressler Valley Bretz Loup Bridges Center Broadbent Armada Brodine Elm Cr. Brodine Logan Broe Elm Cr. Brogdens Cherry Cr Brooks Cedar Brooks Divide Brown Cedar Brown Gibbon Brown Harrison Brown Sartoria Brown Shelton Brown Sharon Brown Valley Browne Divide Bruck Center Brucker Rusco Brulla Loup Buck Shelton Buckmann Cedar Buckner Center Budd Cherry Cr Buehler Scott Buettner Elm Cr. Buhmann Armada Bunger Riverdale Burkey Elm Cr. Burman Logan Burt Gibbon Burt Shelton Burton Cedar Burton Divide Burton Gibbon Burton Riverdale Burton Thornton Burton Valley Busch Divide Buske Schneider Buske Valley Butler Garfield Byers Armada Byers Gibbon Top of Page
~ C ~
SURNAME PRECINCT Cagler Gibbon Caldwell Grant Calvin Schneider Campbell Divide Campbell Riverdale Campell Cherry Cr Capellen Loup Caps Armada Carlson Center Carlson Schneider Carman Armada Carman Elm Cr. Carman Loup Carmichael Logan Carpenter Odessa Carter Elm Cr. Carter Riverdale Casey Shelton Casteel Elm Cr. Casteel Logan Caswell Loup Cederquist Loup Chabal Valley Challman Elm Cr. Chamberlain Center Chaney Valley Chapman Gibbon Cheney Center Cherry Sartoria Chittenden Elm Cr. Chizek Schneider Chop Garfield Chop Schneider Chramosta Schneider Chrosmasta Valley Churchill Divide Cizek Schneider Clark Armada Clark Gibbon Clark Gardner Clark Platte Clark Thornton Clarke Elm Cr. Clayton Cedar Cleland Center Cleland Riverdale Cline Elm Cr. Cline Gardner Codner Valley Coffelt Odessa Colgan Odessa Conner Cherry Cr Conner Valley Cook Gibbon Cook Grant Cook Platte Cook Shelton Cool Rusco Cool Sartoria Coombs Armada Coon Sharon Coons Sharon Copeland Shelton Corey Beaver Corlis Divide Cornelius Divide Cornell Divide Cousins Platte Covert Valley Cowdery Elm Cr. Cowell Gardner Cowle Sharon Cox Shelton Crawford Odessa Criffield Loup Croissant Divide Crowell Odessa Cruise Riverdale Cruise Rusco Cruit Center Crumley Sharon Cudabach Divide Culver Cedar Cummings Odessa Cunningham Divide Cupit Garfield Curd Logan Czenkusch Scott Top of Page
~ D ~
SURNAME PRECINCT Daake Divide Dahlke Rusco Dailey Cedar Danly Center Dannull Armada Daul Elm Cr. David Logan Davis Gibbon Davis Grant Dawson Shelton Dawson Schneider Day Center Day Elm Cr. Day Gibbon Day Harrison Day Rusco Day Valley Dean Sharon Deaver Gibbon DeBaits Gibbon DeBrie Valley Decker Cedar Deets Gibbon Deets Grant Deets Riverdale Deetz Center DeGroot Cedar Dehm Sartoria Dehn Loup DeLaet Divide DeLeate Rusco Demuth Elm Cr. Dengler Valley Denman Platte Denning Odessa Dennis Divide Dennis Riverdale Dickman Sartoria Dillon Shelton Dixon Logan Dobbins Logan Domandl Cedar Donald Thornton Donaldson Shelton Donnell Center Doremus Sharon Dosek Cedar Douglas Gibbon Dow Center Dowd Center Dowe Thornton Downey Loup Doxon Rusco Drown Beaver Drown Cedar Dugdale Shelton Duncan Beaver Duncan Logan Duncan Thornton Dunker Sharon Dusek Beaver Dusek Loup Dworak Elm Cr. Top of Page
~ E ~
SURNAME PRECINCT Eagale Riverdale Eagelston Riverdale Eastabrook Gibbon Eberhart Center Eberle Scott Eckhout Sartoria Edson Beaver Edson Cedar Edwards Grant Edwards Loup Edwards Sharon Eggering Schneider Egle Riverdale Egly Armada Ehresman Harrison Eickmeier Riverdale Eifert Center Einspahr Scott Eisele Divide Eldridge Scott Elliot Center Elliot Odessa Elliott Divide Elliott Valley Ellis Shelton Else Elm Cr. Emmitt Harrison English Loup Erazim Garfield Erickson Odessa Erickson Riverdale Erpelding Gibbon Estermann Divide Estermann Center Evans Center Evers Gardner Ewell Divide Ewer Cedar Top of Page
~ F ~
SURNAME PRECINCT Feldman Loup Feldmayer Cherry Cr Feldmayer Garfield Fellows Grant Fenstermacher Grant Ferry Garfield Fester Thornton Fiedler Cedar Fieldgrove Cherry Cr Finck Gardner Fines Gardner Fines Sharon Finke Divide Firkins Gibbon Fish Valley Fisher Cherry Cr Fisher Garfield Fisher Gardner Fisher Grant Fisher Schneider Fisher Thornton Fitz Elm Cr. Fitzgerald Center Fitzgerald Elm Cr. Fitzgerald Valley Fleharty Odessa Fleming Center Fletcher Garfield Flickinger Logan Florang Divide Flory Gibbon Flury Garfield Forney Center Forshey Shelton Foster Riverdale Fowler Center Fox Armada Fox Elm Cr. Fox Riverdale Fox Thornton Francis Gibbon Frank Center Frank Elm Cr. Frank Gibbon Frank Thornton Franke Rusco Franklin Beaver Fread Sartoria Frederick Center Frederick Valley Fredericks Riverdale Fredrick Odessa Fredrick Thornton Freeman Center Freeze Logan Freeze Odessa Frideen Logan Fritz Cedar Fuestman Grant Fuller Valley Furgason Shelton Top of Page
~ G ~
SURNAME PRECINCT Gadway Harrison Galvin Riverdale Gamble Gibbon Gann Riverdale Gardner Odessa Gass Thornton Gates Divide Gehle Gardner Geiger Divide Geiger Grant Geisert Thornton Geisler Rusco Geist Platte Gellming Grant Gerdes Divide Gerdts Divide Gibbons Grant Gibbons Logan Gibbons Scott Gibreal Riverdale Gibson Gibbon Giddings Divide Gideon Elm Cr. Giffin Valley Gillespie Riverdale Gilliland Elm Cr. Gillming Schneider Gillming Thornton Gilson Beaver Giltz Gibbon Glantz Center Glazier Valley Goehring Schneider Goley Riverdale Goodell Riverdale Goodwin Beaver Gornley Cedar Gosda Gardner Gosda Schneider Gotoged Center Gould Elm Cr. Graham Sharon Graham Valley Grassmeyer Divide Green Grant Green Odessa Greutman Armada Griffen Sharon Griffen Valley Griffin Gibbon Grimes Grant Gross Gibbon Gross Gardner Grow Gibbon Grudle Elm Cr. Gruhn Cedar Gruhn Thornton Gueck Riverdale Guistian Riverdale Gumprecht Sharon Gunst Sartoria Gunter Elm Cr. Gustafson Harrison Top of Page
~ H ~
SURNAME PRECINCT Haaheim Divide Haase Armada Hadenfeldt Gardner Hadwiger Grant Hadwiger Rusco Hadwiger Loup Hageman Divide Haggard Odessa Haire Beaver Hakel Sartoria Hale Divide Hale Grant Halkyard Valley Hall Center Hall Loup Haller Riverdale Hamilton Center Hammans Gibbon Handrickson Cedar Hankins Cherry Cr Hankins Garfield Hanneman Armada Hanousek Cedar Hanousek Gardner Hansberger Schneider Hanschild Cherry Cr Hansen Beaver Hardeman Sharon Harden Divide Harding Divide Harding Elm Cr. Hardon Platte Hardy Gibbon Harmoney Grant Harmoney Logan Harmoney Odessa Harnagel Harrison Harrington Garfield Harrington Harrison Harrington Schneider Top of Page
Harris       Cherry Cr
Harris       Gardner
Harris       Harrison
Harris       Logan
Harris       Sharon
Harrold      Center
Harse        Harrison
Hart         Riverdale
Hartman      Odessa
Hartman      Sartoria
Hartman      Scott
Harvey       Beaver
Harvey       Gibbon
Hastings     Center
Hatter       Logan
Haug         Shelton
Haughton     Elm Cr.
Havlik       Cherry Cr
Hayes        Elm Cr.
Hazelrigg    Garfield
Hazzard      Armada
Heaberlein   Divide
Heaton       Elm Cr.
Hebb         Rusco
Hehner       Gardner
Heider       Cedar
Hein         Divide
Hejay        Loup
Helbrich     Elm Cr.
Hellrigel    Riverdale
Helser       Platte
Helser       Sharon
Hemmann      Grant
Henderson    Center
Henderson    Platte
Henderson    Sharon
Hendrickson  Gardner
Hendrickson  Riverdale
Hendrickson  Rusco
Hendrickson  Sharon
Henline      Center
Henning      Riverdale
Henning      Thornton
Hermanni     Loup
Hermeier     Sartoria
Herrich      Elm Cr.
Herrman      Grant
Herrmann     Rusco
Hervert      Schneider
Hervert      Valley
Heusel       Gardner
Hibberd      Gibbon
Hibberd      Sharon
Hibberd      Valley
Hickman      Elm Cr.
Hicks        Riverdale
Higgins      Thornton
Highland     Beaver
Hile         Cherry Cr
Hill         Valley
Himmelright  Armada
Himming      Logan
Hinote       Scott
Hinz         Cedar
Hirsch       Valley
Hoback       Riverdale
Hock         Valley
Hodweiger    Loup
Hofbauer     Schneider
Hoffbauer    Schneider
Hoffman      Loup
Hoffman      Schneider
Hoffman      Valley
Hogg         Gardner
Holliday     Harrison
Holliday     Scott
Hollinger    Grant
Hollingshead Garfield
Hollingsworth Center
Hollingsworth Thornton
Holloway    Beaver
Holmes      Elm Cr.
Holmes      Loup
Holowbecker Odessa
Holt        Center
Holthusen   Center
Holthusen   Rusco
Holtz       Gardner
Hones       Rusco
Hongsermeier Gardner
Hoops       Divide
Hopper      Sartoria
Hopwood     Divide
Hoss        Rusco
Houston     Cedar
Howard      Cherry Cr
Howarth     Odessa
Howe        Center
Howe        Gibbon
Hubbert     Odessa
Huff        Gardner
Hughes      Cedar
Hughes      Loup
Hughes      Loup
Hughs       Rusco
Hull        Riverdale
Hulse       Divide
Humbert     Divide
Humphrey    Thornton
Hunsberger  Gardner
Hunt        Thornton
Hunter      Loup
Hunter      Rusco
Hurt        Center
Huryta      Schneider

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~ I -J ~
SURNAME PRECINCT Ice Gibbon Jacobs Center Jacobson Cedar Jacobson Divide Jacobson Odessa Jacobson Riverdale Jacox Logan James Divide Jameson Grant Janitscheck Loup Jasper Sartoria Jeffrey Armada Jelinek Rusco Jenkins Cherry Cr Jenkins Grant Jennings Cedar Jensen Gibbon Jergensen Beaver Jilg Sartoria Jochens Gardner Jockem Cedar John Loup Johns Armada Johnson Center Johnson Elm Cr. Johnson Gibbon Johnson Garfield Johnson Grant Johnson Loup Johnson Riverdale Johnson Rusco Johnson Scott Johnson Shelton Johnston Gibbon Johnston Sharon Jones Armada Jones Logan Jones Loup Jones Sartoria Jones Scott Jones Thornton Jordan Odessa Jovett Rusco Judy Center Judy Harrison Juhl Divide Juhl Rusco Jungles Beaver Jungles Garfield Top of Page
~ K ~
SURNAME PRECINCT Kahler Garfield Kapac Garfield Kappler Sharon Kaps Harrison Kaps Sartoria Karner Odessa Kasal Schneider Kast Schneider Kauffroath Rusco Kaup Gibbon Keaschall Schneider Keep Elm Cr. Kegley Thornton Keiffe Center Keiffer Center Keilig Schneider Keilig Valley Keiss Thornton Keiss Thornton Keldson Beaver Keller Schneider Kennedy Odessa Kenney Riverdale Kenney Odessa Kentner Riverdale Kenton Thornton Kephart Platte Kesterson Sharon Keyser Harrison Kieske Scott Killion Center Killip Divide Kincaid Divide Kindt Center King Armada King Divide King Grant Kinne Valley Kirk Gibbon Kirschner Loup Klein Beaver Klein Cedar Klein Center Klein Loup Kleine Gardner Klinghoefer Grant Klinkacek Cherry Cr Klinkacek Gardner Klinkacek Schneider Kluge Garfield Klunder Scott Knajdl Scott Knapp Elm Cr. Knapp Odessa Knerl Cherry Cr Knerl Garfield Knher Sharon Knight Harrison Knobel Odessa Knoll Odessa Knoll Riverdale Knott Gibbon Knox Odessa Knox Riverdale Koch Cherry Cr Kohlscheen Loup Kohnk Gardner Kozel Garfield Krause Beaver Krause Loup Kreck Sartoria Kreitzer Rusco Krejci Rusco Kreopoik Grant Kreutzer Logan Kreutzer Rusco Kreutzer Sartoria Kriha Shelton Kriha Schneider Kriha Valley Krotz Loup Krown Odessa Krumback Divide Kubik Schneider Kucera Thornton Kuchera Schneider Kuebler Armada Kunes Beaver Kunstman Logan Kuntsman Elm Cr. Kuster Gardner Kuticka Garfield Kutsch Armada Kutsch Thornton Top of Page
~ L ~
SURNAME PRECINCT LaBarr Logan Labs Scott Labs/Tabs Grant Lade Center Lammers Loup Lammers Rusco Lancaster Riverdale Landmichel Beaver Landrigen Garfield Lane Rusco Lantz Riverdale Lanzener Center Larson Riverdale Lasich Shelton Latzke Loup Laue Center Laughlin Grant Lavena Schneider Lavington Sharon Lawson Platte Layman Logan Lea Loup Leamon Riverdale Leas Gibbon Lecrone Gibbon Lee Scott Lee Shelton Lee Sharon LeGate Loup Lent Sharon Leskey Center Leslie Center Lewis Armada Lewis Gibbon Lewis Riverdale Liesinger Platte Ligestrom Sharon Linden Sartoria Lindenstein Center Lindholm Riverdale Lindner Sartoria Lindstrom Armada Line Riverdale Linholm Odessa Link Gardner Lippincott Platte Lisy Garfield Livingston Sharon Lockhart Platte Lockwood Platte Loewenstein Center Long Center Long Grant Long Logan Long Valley Looney Sharon Lowell Platte Lowell Thornton Luce Cedar Ludwig Grant Lukenbill Gibbon Lund Platte Lunger Valley Luth Scott Luth Schneider Luther Valley Top of Page
~ M ~
SURNAME PRECINCT Maas Harrison Maccauley Center Macek Garfield Macek Schneider Macek Schneider Mackey Shelton Magill Gibbon Majer Beaver Manfull Platte Mansfield Riverdale Mapes Elm Cr. Margritz Garfield Margritz Schneider Markus Center Marlatt Riverdale Marsh Gibbon Marsh Grant Marshall Loup Marshall Valley Martin Rusco Mathews Shelton Matson Riverdale Matzner Rusco Maul Scott Mauler Loup Mauler Rusco Maurer Platte Maurer Shelton Mayfield Gardner Mayfield Shelton Mayfield Sharon Mays Elm Cr. McAbee Harrison McBride Center McBride Platte McCan Riverdale McCartney Logan McCletland Riverdale McClure Riverdale McConmaughy Gibbon McConnell Cedar McConnell Shelton McConnell Thornton McCormick Divide McCredle Loup McCune Loup McCurry Sartoria McDonald Shelton McDonald Schneider McElhinny Riverdale McFarren Shelton McKean Center McKee Sharon McKinnell Logan McKinney Garfield McLuroy Thornton McMullen Sharon McMullin Sharon McNeal Sartoria McTavish Valley McVaney Rusco Melin Riverdale Meline Riverdale Menke Sartoria Mercer Armada Mercer Gibbon Merryman Center Metz Cedar Meyer Armada Meyer Cherry Cr Meyer Gardner Meyers Cedar Micholson Gibbon Mickelsen Center Mickman Loup Miigerl Valley Milbourn Elm Cr. Miller Cedar Miller Cherry Cr Miller Elm Cr. Miller Logan Miller Odessa Miller Riverdale Miller Gibbon Miller Gardner Miner Garfield Mingus Beaver Minor Valley Missner Gardner Mitchell Thornton Mitsche Loup Moberg Loup Moffett Sharon Mohring Cedar Moler Garfield Mollard Grant Mommssen Garfield Monahan Elm Cr. Moore Divide Morris Center Morrisons Sharon Morrow Gibbon Morrow Logan Moss Armada Moss Gibbon Moss Gardner Mott Center Mowrey Harrison Muegerl Schneider Mueller Odessa Mueller Rusco Mueller Thornton Mugert Thornton Muhlbach Gardner Muhlbach Schneider Muller Armada Munster Beaver Murrish Center Murrish Gibbon Musil Divide Musil Rusco Musil Schneider Musselman Grant Myer Riverdale Top of Page
~ N ~
SURNAME PRECINCT Nash Center Nau Rusco Neal Odessa Neal Riverdale Needham Gibbon Neff Center Neimock Gardner Nelson Divide Nelson Platte Nelson Riverdale Nelson Thornton Nessar Center Newquist Divide Nichol Cedar Nichols Gibbon Nichols Odessa Nickerson Elm Cr. Nickman Rusco Niderkorn Valley Niederschmidt Gardner Nixon Gibbon Noack Gardner Nober Cedar Noble Harrison Norlin Divide Notz Center Novotne Valley Novotni Schneider Nuhlback Beaver Nusbaum Divide Nuttelman Thornton Nutter Shelton Top of Page
~ O ~
SURNAME PRECINCT O'Conner Cherry Cr Oertle Odessa Oertwig Divide Oertwig Grant Oertwig Odessa Ohlmann Gardner Oliver Platte Oliver Shelton Olson Beaver Olson Platte Olson Riverdale O'Neill Loup Ortman Riverdale Osborn Armada Osgood Platte Ostermeyer Gardner Owen Grant Owen Logan Owens Shelton Top of Page
~ P ~
SURNAME PRECINCT Pabian Garfield Paitz Thornton Palmer Gibbon Pangalseky Schneider Pape Schneider Parish Harrison Parker Grant Parks Shelton Parks Sharon Parks Thornton Parrish Sartoria Patterson Riverdale Patterson Rusco Patterson Valley Paul Odessa Payton Cedar Pearson Cedar Pearson Rusco Peck Platte Peck Sharon Pemberton Center Perkins Beaver Perkins Cedar Pesek Cedar Pesek Rusco Pesek Schneider Pesek Valley Peters Cherry Cr Peters Loup Peters Rusco Petersen Platte Petersen Shelton Peterson Center Peterson Riverdale Pettett Elm Cr. Pfeiffer Sartoria Pflaum Elm Cr. Phillips Cedar Pierce Shelton Plischke Elm Cr. Plischke Grant Pokorny Schneider Pokorney Valley Polka Schneider Pool Sharon Pope Gardner Pope Sharon Porterfield Divide Portlock Rusco Post Center Posusta Scott Top of Page
Potts       Elm Cr.
Power       Logan
Powers      Harrison
Powers      Odessa
Prascher    Riverdale
Pratt       Divide
Pratt       Riverdale
Prichert    Gardner
Prindle     Divide
Pritchard   Loup
Prochaska   Garfield
Prochaska   Schneider
Prochaska   Sharon
Putterfill  Valley

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~ Q ~
SURNAME PRECINCT Quail Armada Quaring Gardner Top of Page
~ R ~
SURNAME PRECINCT Raasch Scott Rall Elm Cr. Randall Gibbon Randecker Shelton Randolph Center Ransdell Center Ransdell Valley Rasmussen Beaver Rasmussen Loup Rasmusson Beaver Rauert Center Ray Cherry Cr Ray Elm Cr. Rayback Platte Rayburn Gibbon Razey Garfield Razey Loup Redington Sharon Reeder Sharon Reeh Armada Reeh Grant Reeh Scott Reese Cedar Reese Gardner Reese Loup Reeves Elm Cr. Reeves Gibbon Reeves Odessa Reier Armada Reinertson Beaver Reinold Sartoria Reiter Divide Reiter Thornton Reynolds Beaver Reynolds Cedar Reynolds Center Reynolds Gibbon Ribary Grant Rice Gibbon Rice Grant Rice Logan Richards Elm Cr. Richards Odessa Richards Thornton Richardson Gibbon Richeson Divide Richmond Harrison Richter Thornton Ridgeway Center Riedy Cherry Cr Riessland Scott Rife Center Riley Gibbon Riley Sharon Rinkel Gardner Ripp Divide Ripp Odessa Ripp Thornton Ritter Cedar Ritter Rusco Rizer Valley Roach Gibbon Robb Gibbon Robbins Armada Robbins Center Roberson Divide Roberts Beaver Roberts Divide Roberts Sartoria Robertson Sharon Robinson Cedar Robinson Cherry Cr Robinson Divide Robinson Gardner Robinson Schneider Roderhorst Divide Rodgers Gibbon Roehrick Sartoria Roelle Sartoria Roger Loup Rogers Gibbon Rogers Thornton Rohde Harrison Rohde Schneider Rohrbach Gardner Rohrich Rusco Roller Schneider Rose Divide Rose Thornton Ross Sharon Roth Cherry Cr Rowedder Schneider Royle Beaver Royle Sartoria Rubart Loup Rudolph Divide Rudolph Riverdale Ruff Valley Rumbeck Logan Runge Cherry Cr Runge Rusco Rusch Scott Ruzicka Cherry Cr Ruzicka Gardner Rydlund Riverdale Top of Page
~ S ~
SURNAME PRECINCT Saathoff Armada Sabata Grant Sack Elm Cr. Sailor Center Salomonson Loup Sammons Riverdale Sander Thornton Sanderson Armada Scabler Armada Schaaf Riverdale Schake Rusco Schauda Riverdale Scheihing Divide Scherzveit Cedar Schinkel Schneider Schipper Armada Schirneker Rusco Schlattman Center Schlattmann Riverdale Schlund Cherry Cr Schmidt Cedar Schmidt Gardner Schmidt Schneider Schmieg Scott Schmitz Divide Schneider Beaver Schneider Cedar Schneider Schneider Schneller Valley Scholtz Center Schonaw Odessa Schram Thornton Schramm Divide Schroder Thornton Schroer Center Schroer Thornton Schukar Armada Schuller Cedar Schuller Schneider Schuller Valley Schulte Cedar Schumann Loup Schwab Divide Schwab Sartoria Schwartz Cherry Cr Schwasinger Cedar Scott Gibbon Scott Garfield Scott Riverdale Scott Shelton Scott Sharon Sea Armada Sea Riverdale Sear Odessa Sear Thornton Seckora Garfield Seeber Beaver Seery Cherry Cr Seifert Loup Shada Center Shafta Riverdale Shafto Center Shafto Divide Shafto Sartoria Shambaugh Gibbon Shambaugh Valley Shannon Elm Cr. Shannon Odessa Shanon Sharon Sheckler Loup Sheen Riverdale Sheen Valley Shepherdson Cedar Sherard Sharon Shields Gibbon Shormann Sharon Shovlain Thornton Shrader Garfield Shrader Thornton Shrever Center Shubert Elm Cr. Shuck Elm Cr. Siebenaler Elm Cr. Siebke Scott Sielaff Cherry Cr Sielaff Garfield Sigler Shelton Silbernall Platte Simmerman Rusco Simmons Harrison Simon Center Simons Sharon Simshauser Armada Sistek Cherry Cr Sitz Cedar Sitz Riverdale Sitz Thornton Skala Valley Skals Schneider Slater Center Slater Grant Slater Sharon Slatter Center Slaughter Center Slay Odessa Smallcomb Gibbon Smidtz Thornton Smikle Center Smith Armada Smith Center Smith Elm Cr. Smith Gibbon Smith Gardner Smith Loup Smith Platte Smith Riverdale Smith Shelton Smith Sharon Snedeker Center Snedeker Riverdale Snider Center Snoo_ (k?) Logan Snowden Sharon Snyder Center Sobotka Valley Sohrweid Logan Sohrweid Scott Sorensen Odessa Southworth Rusco Spahr Gardner Spait Loup Speith Grant Spence Sharon Spencer Gibbon Spencer Shelton Spergin Riverdale Spohr Schneider Sprague Valley Springer Center Springer Thornton Stach Sharon Stade Platte Stamm Logan Standage Cedar Standage Schneider Standish Cedar Stange Grant Stark Beaver Stark Garfield Staton Odessa Stearley Shelton Stearley Valley Steele Elm Cr. Steinhauser Scott Steinhouser Sartoria Steinke Gardner Stenzel (Stengel) Thornton Stephens Logan Stevens Armada Stevens Logan Stewart Logan Stierley Platte Stiles Thornton Stittle Schneider Stoeger Cherry Cr Stotts Harrison Strand Center Strong Valley Stroud Sharon Stubblefield Shelton Stubblefield Sharon Stubbs Armada Stubbs Divide Stubbs Scott Stuber Cherry Cr Suffa Thornton Sullivan Beaver Sullivan Cedar Sullwald Odessa Sumner Riverdale Suntken Loup Suntken Rusco Supanchick Sartoria Swanson Gibbon Swanson Riverdale Swartsley Riverdale Swartz Center Swartz Grant Swearingen Rusco Swenson Sartoria Swift Armada Symmonds Center Top of Page
~ T ~
SURNAME PRECINCT Tabs (Labs) Grant Talbot Loup Talbot Valley Talbott Center Tatem Cedar Tatum Rusco Taubenheim Rusco Taubenheim Scott Taylor Armada Taylor Divide Taylor Logan Terry Beaver Thaden Harrison Thatcher Shelton Theis Valley Theodore Beaver Thiede Armada Thom Schneider Thomas Gibbon Thompson Cedar Thompson Center Thompson Elm Cr. Thomson Gardner Thornton Gibbon Thornton Thornton Thorton Divide Tilson Beaver Timm Cherry Cr Tisdale Beaver Tisdale Loup Tobiasson Gibbon Tomlinson Cherry Cr Tool Elm Cr. Tottersman Elm Cr. Tracy Thornton Trampe Scott Traxler Valley Trennt Sartoria Trimble Sharon Triplett Armada Troeger Logan Trott Gibbon Trubey Platte Trubl Cedar Tschida Thornton Tuchel Cedar Tucker Platte Turley Center Turley Sharon Turnell Odessa Turner Gibbon Turner Thornton Top of Page
~ U ~
SURNAME PRECINCT Ulrich Elm Cr. Unger Cherry Cr Unick Loup Ures Schneider Urwiller Gardner Urwiller Cherry Cr Top of Page
~ V ~
SURNAME PRECINCT Vacek Garfield Vacek Rusco Vacek Schneider Vacek Valley Valentine Cedar Valentine Cherry Cr Vanbevoorde Elm Cr. Vance Platte Vance Shelton Vanderberg Riverdale VanMeter Center Vavra Grant Vavrina Gardner Veal Armada Veit Garfield Veit Schneider Vermeulen Divide Vermeulen Grant Vest Divide Vest Grant Vest Rusco Vest Thornton Vierk Gardner Vlach Cherry Cr Vogt Odessa Vogt Schneider Vohland Shelton Vohland Valley Vokoun Schneider Voorhees Beaver Voss Cedar Voss Garfield Voss Schneider Top of Page
~ W ~
SURNAME PRECINCT Waddington Sharon Wagenknecht Gardner Wagner Gardner Wagner Logan Walker Gibbon Walker Odessa Walker Valley Wallice Valley Ward Sartoria Ware Elm Cr. Warren Shelton Watson Harrison Weast Riverdale Weaver Elm Cr. Webb Odessa Webben Sharon Weber Schneider Webster Center Webster Gibbon Webster Valley Weddle Harrison Wedemeyer Garfield Wedemeyer Schneider Weidner Garfield Weidner Schneider Weinbrandt Armada Weinbrandt Sartoria Welch Gardner Weliver Center Welker Sharon Weller Gibbon Weller Shelton Wells Harrison Wells Odessa Wells Sharon Wempen Armada Wendt Divide Wendt Thornton Wensel Shelton Wenzlick Thornton Weston Sharon Whistler Sartoria Whitaker Cedar Whitaker Rusco Whitcher Divide Whitcomb Beaver Whitcomb Garfield White Armada White Sharon Whitesal Logan Whitesel Armada Whiting Shelton Whitney Divide Whittacker Odessa Whittaker Cedar Wick Divide Widdowson Shelton Wiemers Cedar Wiesen Cedar Wiest Sharon Wietjes Cedar Wietjes Thornton Wight Gibbon Wikens Cherry Cr Wilcox Shelton Wild Logan Wild Scott Wiley Thornton Wilke Beaver Wilke Center Wilkens Cherry Cr Wilkie Shelton Wilkins Logan Wilks Gardner Willard Armada Willard Logan Williams Center Williams Divide Williams Logan Williams Riverdale Williams Valley Wilson Center Wilson Logan Wilson Riverdale Wilson Rusco Wimberley Grant Winchester Platte Wing Sartoria Wink Thornton Winkle Schneider Winkler Cedar Winslow Center Wise Loup Witte Garfield Wolf Thornton Wolford Center Wood Riverdale Wood Shelton Wood Sharon Woodburn Gardner Woods Sartoria Wooley Center Worden Center Wortman Elm Cr. Wright Gibbon Wright Logan Wright Odessa Wuehle Scott Wuehler Scott Wylie Armada Wyman Shelton Top of Page
~ Y ~
SURNAME PRECINCT Yanda Garfield Yendra Valley Young Cedar Young Odessa Top of Page
~ Z ~
SURNAME PRECINCT Zbinden Loup Zehr Center Zehr Scott Zeller Schneider Zimmer Loup Zimmerman Divide Zimmerman Rusco Zimmerman Shelton Zinnel Beaver Zitting Elm Cr. Zollars Riverdale Zulauf Garfield Zwiener Rusco Top of Page

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