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Buffalo County, Nebraska, and Its People, Volume II


Ashburn, D. P.
Ashburn, Mrs. D. P.
Barney, Walter W.
Barr, Mrs. Eva C.
Barrett, Hon. George W.
Bassett, S. C.
Bassett, Mrs. S. C.
Bayley, Mrs. John M.
Bayley, John, L. W., H. J, and L. A.
Beeman, Frank E.
Bell, Dr. Henry S.
Bishop, Charles
Bolan, T. W. and Family
Cary, Lyman
Cass, Carlton B.
Clapp, Wyman S
Clark, Charles E.
Crossley, William F.
Crumley, Oran H.
Donnell, Junius S.
Dryden, John N.
Farris, Swan
Fiala, Frank
Fiala, Mrs. Frank
Fieldgrove, Mrs. Margaret
Fines, Mrs. Mary L
Haines, Robert
Hamer, Francis G.
Hamer, Rebecca A.
Haug, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick
Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. Dallas
Herbst, Henry
Highland, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F.
Hogg, John A. and Family
Hostetler, Max A.
Kahle, Mr. and Mrs. Herman
Knox, Oscar G.
Larimer, John A.
Maurer, William H.
Maurer, Mrs. William H.
McCartney, J. D.
McKee, Stephen J.
Merryman, Freeman
Miller, Edwin A.
Miller, J. W. and Family
Miner, Charles
Morris, Dan
Nichols, Arthur R.
Nutter, John N.
Oliver, Mr. and Mrs. Ephraim
Oliver, Four Generation Photo
Olson, Mr. and Mrs. O. O.
Penn, Dr. J. H.
Pierson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A.
Ravenna Creamery
Reddy, John
Reddy, Mrs. John
Redington, F. H.
Salsbury, Mr. and Mrs. John S.
Saylor, J. C.
Shahan, Charles W.
Shahan, John W.
Shrader, C. H. and Family
Smith, Hon. George N. and Family
Southworth, L. P.
Steele, H. S. and Family
Swenson, John
Walker, Mr. and Mrs. J. F.
Wyman, Emory


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