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Any original unpublished biography, or any biography published before 1923, is copyright free and may be included here. Please submit any Buffalo County biographies that you would like to share. Tips for writing a biography about your ancestor.

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Arendt, John P.

Davenport, Charles W.

Fitch, Alva R. Off site. Click "Back" to return here. Wikipedia article

Jones, W. R.

Luth, Henry, Sr.

Luth, Margaretha Ohde

Michie, John Charles

Pflaum, Lawrence and Jane

Stierlen Familiy

Tyler family

Reserved for your contribution

See 1890 Biographical Souvenir for these and many others
Allen, Homer J.

Clayton, Joseph

Forney, Samuel M.

Higgins, Samuel

McLellan, William

Miller, George

Young, Mason Alexander

From Bassett's Buffalo County and Its People
Merryman, Freeman

Miller, E. A.

Also see Biographical Souvenir of 1890

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